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Ch. 1 - Auction House

Here is Chapter 1! I will post Chapter 2 sometime tomorrow after I do basic read through and edit. Chapter 3 is still in the works. FYI, "***" is my method for scene changes in a chapter. Enjoy!!


In a certain room, a large table sits in the center. Six people sit around the table. The room is completely darkened except for the table.

"Damn it!! We still can't find anyone?!" One person hits the table.

"What do you expect? Finding someone to meet all four conditions is extremely difficult. Since there are six of us meeting the first condition is that much harder. We can't cut anyone out either since everyone is a necessity to make this plan successful." The second person calmly explains.

"How many times are we going to go through this? Let's stop meeting so often so we spend more time finding the right person." The third one complains.

"Idiot! We need these meetings." The first person argues back.

"I agree with them. I don't even care about finding them. I only joined because I could fight strong people. If we can't even do that, then there's no point in me being here." The fourth person interrupts. The fifth person stays silent watching the argument.

"Stop. Calm down." The sixth person stops them. Everyone quiets down and directs their attention to the sixth person. "I've found a possible remedy to the situation." The sixth person snaps their fingers a displays a three dimensional photograph of a man.

The first person slams the table. "We can't use this person!! That's a man. We need a woman for this. That's the second most important criteria among the people we've been searching for."

"That's true, but this person meets the first and most important criteria and the fourth criteria. He also has potential for the third with the right push." The sixth person explains.

"But if the person doesn't meet the second condition, there's absolutely no point!" The first person argues back.

"Then all we have to do is make preparations so that he meets the remaining conditions." The sixth person smiles.

"Won't we receive lots of unwanted attention that way? I thought we wanted to keep quiet until our plans are well underway." The second person asks.

"I think it's a good chance. Either that or we continue waiting for some newborn to possibly meet all four conditions." The third person points out.

"This is our opportunity. I'm sure we can handle whatever opposition we receive. Don't you all agree?" The sixth person asks. The others four nod. "Then a vote. All for preparing this man to use for our plans."

"Aye!" The first four agree to the proposition.

"Are you against this?" The sixth person asks the fifth person. The fifth shakes they're head. "Then you're abstaining from voting?" The fifth nods. "5 votes for the plan and one undecided. If they are any objections to proceeding, say so now." No one argues. "Meeting adjourned then. Let's start preparing him to meet the second condition then."

The other five leave the room, while the fifth person continues to sit in the chair staring at the three dimensional photo. "Things have finally begun. What do we do now?"


One summer day, Riley walks into the local auction house. His appearance is unremarkable to the people around him. The most attention he draws are jeers and heckles from other guys due to his scrawny appearance. Riley is a young man in his early twenties of Asian descent. His clothes are in one word simple, a plain white polo shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. He also has characteristic black hair and simple glasses.

The auction house Riley entered is the largest one in the city. It hosts products for everyone from poor to rich, as a result it is much more fancy and decorative compared to other auction houses. The entire interior of the entrance is painted a pure white. Decorative pillars line various points along the wall with potted plants at the base of each pillar. Two sets of stairs extend from the entrance on either side to the private rooms that the rich reserve for their private use. The receptionist desk is a lone island in the center of the room. Nine rooms stand side by side on the first floor leading to individual auction rooms. The eight rooms on the left and right have obvious increase in cost from the price range displayed above the door and the cost of decorations in front of each room. The center room is the exception being the most flashy room with red silk curtains at the entrance and lights extending from the room. It is also the only room with a broad price range from cheap to expensive.

Riley lets out a deep breath, "Okay. Let's get this done and over with." He walks up to the front desk.

"Welcom… Oh its you." The well-built and muscular receptionists start to greet him, but notice Riley and speaks with disgust. "Just here to watch again."

"No, I came prepared to buy something." Riley replies ignoring their disgust.

"Hah. That's what you said last time." The receptionist scoffs. "Which room?"

"The main center room to start."

The receptionist gives Riley his number and bidding device. "There. Now get out the way. There's actual customers behind you."

Riley takes the number and calmly heads into the center room. The room is lined with chairs with the many of the seats filled with other customers. The back of the room features a bar and lounge with the richest customers drinking expensive alcohol and surrounded by women. Riley takes an open seat near the middle rows. A woman in hand and leg cuffs slowly walks to the center of the stage guided by two muscular bouncers dressed in green suits. The woman is dressed in a long white shirt. Her tasseled hair and grime on her body shoes she has not showered for several days. When the woman reaches the center of the room, she tries to run off the stage. However, the bouncers quickly grab her arms before she advances even a step. They continue to hold her as the auctioneer starts to talk.

"Here's our next item for bid. Her family sold her off last night for a hefty price." The auctioneer continues to talk describing the woman's features."Let's start the bidding at $10,000!" The auctioneer draws a lot of attention to himself with his sickly green colored suit in addition to his hair and mustache being dyed the same color. He stands next to an electronic display showing both the bid amount and the customer number.

In the past, men outnumbered the women population five to one. To prevent major disputes over women were sold to people with the most money. Now the men to women ratio has become more balanced, but the purchase and selling and women has not changed. The views of the male population has warped over time to view them as mere objects. As a result, women are treated as slaves by most men. Humiliating and beating women in public have been common place. The wealthy constantly flaunt their wealth by owning a number of beautiful women.

On the surface, Riley sits calmly watching the auction trying to make a decision on who to buy. Internally, he's holding back his annoyance at the men nearby abusing a female slave as well as all the rude comments the girls on stage are receiving. "I really hate this place. I want to get out of here fast! I want to find someone I want to live with, but it's not that easy. Plus those rich old men limit the choices on who I want... Huh? It's quieter now." Riley takes a look behind him to see the lounge completely empty. "They left! Is this my chance?"

The next girl comes up onto the stage only wearing handcuffs. The girl has chestnut brown hair and the same white T-shirt as the other girls. Her age is around that of a young teenager. The size of her breast are not immediately obvious, but her arms and legs are slender and shapely. Her head hangs downward as she moves across the stage. She walks much slower than the other girls, which is most likely the reason for not having leg cuffs. The bouncers guide her to walk faster. When they both come closer, she performs a back kick into the left bouncer's testicles causing him to crouch on the ground. She elbows the second one in the stomach before following up with a kick to his testicles too. She faces the crowd and takes a deep breath. The girl grips the chains of her hand cuffs before letting out a large yell. She twists the handcuffs and breaks the chains. It is an amazing feat considering that the chains are about a half an inch thick. She jumps off the stage and starts running towards the entrance. As she approaches the bar area, she gets shot with a taser gun by another bouncer. She convulses from the electrical shock, but remains standing. She attempts to kick the bouncer as he approaches, but passes outs. The bouncer grabs her and carries her back to the stage.

"Well that was certainly an impressive display. Let's start the bid with $7,500." The auctioneer starts the bidding. The men all talk amongst themselves unwilling to bid.

"Making sure she doesn't destroy my place will be difficult, but since they're so unwilling to bid. It's my best chance." Riley calmly enters his bid onto the device. It quickly displays on the screen.

"We have a brave one here. Here's the first bid for $20,000." The auctioneer exclaims. "Do I see $25,000!?"

The other men mutter amongst themselves about how crazy the bidder is for spending so much on such a dangerous girl. Another person makes a bid for $25,000. Riley quickly makes the price jump to $45,000. The audience is even more shocked and appalled making most of them sit out.

"Going once, twice, and sold to bidder 5843." The auctioneer declares the girl sold. Most of the customers look around the room to see the crazy bidder's face as he leaves the room.

Riley makes no motion to move and calmly sits in his chair waiting. Another girl is brought on stage and sold. Following that Riley leaves midway through the bidding for the following girl. "I got lucky I didn't have to use most of my savings. I drew a lot of attention too, wouldn't want anyone to connect me to buying her. There'd be more problems that way." Riley heads to the front desk. "Where do I go to pick up someone?"

The receptionist sneers at him. "Oh. You actually bought someone?"

"Yeah. So you don't have to worry about seeing me again." Riley replies coolly.

"The center room, right? Room number 5 over there." The receptionist points to a door labeled number 5 on the right side. Riley heads through the door. He presents his number and identification.

The clerk has the girl brought in with a new set of handcuffs and leg cuffs on her. "She's still knocked out from before. Do you want help carrying her to your car?"

Riley pauses to consider his answer, but ends up shaking his head. "I'm sure I can handle it. I'll carry her on my back."

The clerk nods. "Here's the keys to the cuffs. We have to charge you extra for that of course." Riley takes the keys and unlocks her cuff and gives them to the clerk. "Are you sure? If she destroys anything after this, you'll have to deal with the cost for the damages."

"Better than having her choke me if she wakes up before I reach my car." Riley pays the clerk, finishes the paper work, and leaves the auction house carrying the girl on his back. He places her in the backseat of his car and drives off.

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