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Ch. 2 - Home and Introduction

Chapter 2 is now up. Chapter 3 is still in the works. I'm hoping to get it up this weekend if I don't get too busy. Enjoy!


"What now?" The second person asks. The group meets again in the darkened room.

"Preparations are all complete. Now we just need to decide when to do it." The third person states.

"Already handled." The sixth person answers. She brings up an image. "We'll use them to make things proceed smoothly."


Riley arrives home and carries her to his apartment. He rests her down on his bed. The bedroom is furnished based on necessities and completely devoid of decorations. On the left side of the room sits the bed, nightstand, lamp, closet, and dresser. On the right side sits the bookshelf, desk and desktop computer. Riley takes a better look at the girl's body. Her hair is a dark chestnut brown extending slightly past her shoulders. Contrary to her display of strength, her arms and legs do not seem as muscular to be as muscular as expected. Her skin seems to be a nice color under the dirt and soot on her body. "Not much choice." He retrieves a chair and book, removes his glasses, and sits by the bed reading. After some time, the girl finally stirs. She groans before slowly opening her eyes. "Awake now?" Riley asks closing his book.

She looks at him blankly before her eyes snap open. She looks at him and then down at the bed. "Shit!" She yells as she jumps of the bed, but her legs give way and she fall over. Riley crouches down extending his hand to help her. She glares at him and punches him landing a direct hit to his left cheek. The girl twists her body to kick his balls.

Riley grabs her leg before she reaches her target. "Sorry. You made it obvious you like to kick down there, so it's easy to catch your leg that way." She tries to punch his face again, but he grabs her arm and flips her onto her back. Riley pins her to the ground using his body weight to hold down her lower body and legs. The girl continues to struggle with all her might, but can't break free from Riley. "Calm down. It's not like I'm going to do anything to you." She stops struggling and simply glares at him. "Look. If you run again, you're eventually going to be caught and sold again by someone else. You can't run forever. Plus it's late already. You haven't eaten. A warm meal and bed sounds nice doesn't it?" The girl's stomach growls immediately after Riley's question. She looks away annoyed at her stomach's timing. "I promise, I won't do anything to you, so just stay the night. If I can't convince you to stay, then you're free to leave." She turns to look at him and stares at his eyes. Riley lets her go and stands up.

"You're not even going to wait for my answer?" The girls asks sitting up.

"You didn't resent the idea of food and a bed. And that look you gave me confirmed that you agree. That's good enough." Riley replies nonchalantly. He opens his dresser and puts a set of pajamas on the bed. "I wouldn't know what size you wear, so just endure a night with my pajamas. The bathroom is on your left, right next to this room. It's open, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it. Feel free to take a shower while I start preparing dinner." Riley leaves the room and begins preparations for dinner. The girl sits there dumbfounded at Riley's carefree attitude.

She looks at the pajamas and sighs. "Why not?" The girl picks up the pajama clothes and heads to the bathroom. She locks the door behind her and proceeds to strip off her clothing. Thirty minutes later, she exits the shower feeling completely refreshed. "It's been too long since I last had a nice, hot shower." She gets dressed and exits the bathroom. "Um." She stops when she realizes she doesn't know his name. "I'm done."

"That's good. They're appetizers on the table. Ravioli filled with cheese and chicken. I'm still working on dinner." Riley uses the knife in his hand to point behind him to plate of food on the kitchen table. "Oh right. And my name is Riley." Riley continues cutting ingredients on the chopping board. The kitchen is keep in a very clean condition. The cabinets are a deep mahogany and have very few marks of damages. The countertop is covered in bags and plates of various ingredients. Riley even has a few boiling pots on the white electric stovetop.

"Caitlyn...You really don't have any worries about me running. Do you?" Caitlyn asks.

Riley pauses from cutting. "Of course I do. I did spend almost half of my life savings to bring you here. But I'm hoping I can make you feel comfortable here, so that you do not end up running away."

Caitlyn makes an uncomfortable groan looking uneasily at the food as she struggles to restrain herself from eating. She looks around the apartment to distract herself. Around the corner from the bathroom is a small library. Bookshelves, taller than either of them, line the three walls of the area. A lounge chair and reclining chair sit in the middle with a small table. Behind her sits the living room, the only marker between the kitchen and the living room is the change in the floor from tile to carpeting. A ceiling fan resides in the ceiling of the living room. On one wall sits a desk with a laptop computer on it. Next to it is a tall lamp. Another desk sits on the opposite side of the room with various broken pieces of metal. Six large cardboard boxes sit at various points around the living room. Three of them open and overflowing with broken electronics and scrap metals.

The quiet atmosphere makes Riley turns to look at Caitlyn. "I haven't poisoned it if that's what your thinking." Caitlyn looks shocked as if her mind has been read. "Well I doubt you'll believe me even if I say so." Riley wipes his hands on a cloth. He puts two pieces of ravioli on an empty plate and uses a dinner knife to cut both of them. He then eats a half from each of the two pieces. He returns to food preparations after that.

Caitlyn shows confusion as she looks between him and the food. "I don't understand. What that was supposed to be?"

"Showing you the food is safe by eating it first. Well I have no idea if you'll believe. I can't think of much else besides letting you watch me cook to know its safe." Riley answers. "At the very least, you should eat those leftover pieces I cut. I ate them first so you shouldn't have a reason to be concerned about poisoning or drugging you."

Caitlyn looks uneasily at the food. She forces herself to eat some. "It's delicious." After eating the first piece, her restrain completely leaves her as she starts eating as fast as possible.

Riley sighs and gives her a cup of water. "Calm down. You're going to choke if you keep eating like that. And you're not going to have any room for the rest of dinner."

She drains most of the water. "Sorry. It tastes so good!" Caitlyn finishes eating the entire plate of food.

"Probably because you were so hungry. Will you even be hungry for more with how much you just ate?" Riley asks calmly.

Caitlyn smiles cheerfully, her previous unease is completely gone. "Of course! It tastes so good. I'll eat nonstop."

Riley laughs when his laptop beeps and the screen turns on. He drops everything and rushes to the laptop. It displays the green clad auctioneer and several of the bouncers from the auction house walking through the entrance of the apartment building.. "Crap! They came here even when I gave a fake address."

"What's going on?" Caitlyn looks over his shoulder and sees the image. Riley grabs Caitlyn's shoulder. "Wha…what are you doing?" Caitlyn flinches at his stern expression.

"They might be coming to raid this place. Let's take precautions. Put the dishes you used in the sink. I need to grab a few things." Riley declares grabbing things from his room.

"Aren't you panicking too much? You don't even know if they're coming here." Caitlyn asks trying to make sense of the situation.

"Doesn't matter. Either that or risk getting taken and sold by them again." Riley answers.

Caitlyn shivers at the thought. "Okay!" She puts the dishes in the sink. "Is there something else I can do to help?"

"Follow me." Riley grabs Caitlyn's hand and guides her to the bookshelf furthest from the kitchen. He pulls out one book, opens it, closes it, and quickly puts it back. He does the same for another book before tapping a few times on the bookshelf. Caitlyn looks at him wondering what he is doing. The bookshelf slides inward and to the side revealing a hidden room.

"Waaaa…" Caitlyn stares in amazement as Riley guides her in. The hidden room though smaller has all the features of the apartment. A kitchen on the left, a bed on the right with a television at the foot of the bed. A bathroom further inside. The entire area has extremely low lighting.

"I paid extra to the manager to do this. We're going to hide out here." Riley guides her to sit on the bed. "The doors lock for about two hours. They can't open until then. The instructions on the kitchen counter there." Riley points to the small booklet.

"Why are you talking like that? You're only giving me directions... I thought you said 'we were hiding'." Caitlyn stammers.

"Sorry." Riley takes a breath before groping her breasts. Caitlyn screams and punches him with all her might making him fly back and slam into the kitchen countertop. "Ouch. You really are stronger than you look." Riley stands up clutching his stomach a bit.

"It's your fault. Don't just grope me like that." Caitlyn replies covering her chest.

"The effect was what I wanted though." Riley takes a deep breath. "I'll get them to leave, so just wait."

Caitlyn looks at him wide eyed. "Wait a second, what do you…" Riley exits the hidden room and closes it. The television turns on once the door locks displaying Riley's entire apartment.

Riley puts a large bandage on himself and turns off his laptop. Someone begins banging at the door. "They really did come here." Riley readies himself and opens the door. One of the bouncers immediately shoves Riley pushing him to the ground. "What was that for?!"

The four bouncers clad in green vests and pants storm into the apartment followed by the auctioneer. “What a dirty place.” The auctioneer says bringing a cloth to his nose while walking up to Riley. The auctioneer wears the same flashy puke green suit that he wore earlier at the auction house. His dyed green hair converges to form a horn to cover his receding hairline. His green mustache extends outward and even points upwards. “Where is the girl you bought today?” Three of the bouncers search through the apartment, while the last one stayed near Riley.

"Gone." Riley answers.

The auctioneer makes a motion and the bouncer kicks Riley in the stomach. "Answer the question. Trash!"

"I told you she's gone. You just missed her." Riley answers heavily breathing. He receives another kick. Riley takes off the bandage revealing the blood collected on the bandage. "I fed her, but she beat me up when I tried to get closer to have sex with her. She left barely five minutes ago." The auctioneer makes another motion causing the bouncer to step on Riley's hand. Riley represses his scream only letting out a groan.

The other bouncers come back. The first bouncer reports. "Boss! There's no one in the bedroom." The second bouncer reports, "Nothing but a bunch of books over there." The last bouncer reports, "No one in the bathroom. Lots of food in the kitchen and two used plates." The auctioneer looks at Riley.

"Bought a bunch of food to celebrate. Still have to use it even if she runs away right?" Riley answers panting heavily.

The auctioneer clicks his tongue. He motions the bouncers. The four of them kick Riley at the same time making him fly up and pass out from the pain. Riley hits the ceiling and crashes back down. The auctioneer looks down at Riley. "Damn idiot. Wasted our time and money. Carry him, we can use him for our experiments." The auctioneer leaves the room. A bouncer carries Riley and they follow the auctioneer. One of them takes the time to steal Riley's laptop before leaving. The apartment is ajar after they left, with Riley's possessions completely scattered everywhere.

Caitlyn watched the whole scene from the TV and shuts it off after everyone left. "Stupid idiot. Why'd you go so far to protect me? I'm not even worth it." Caitlyn curls up on the bed and begins to cry.

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