Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ch. 4 - Awakening

Chapter 4 now. I ended up wanting to progress my writing more than create those blueprints. I have a lot of blank spots for rooms that I haven't decided a use for too since I'm not sure what to do about that yet. Well I'll try and get it done when I can. I don't know when I'll decide to post Chapter 5.

Edit: Blueprints aren't happening. Too many flaws when I try making them since I'm not skilled in design, so yeah.


"Congratulations. Our target is finally meeting the second condition." The sixth person raises a glass in celebration.

"What now?" The second person asks.

"Now we give her a small push, so that she can develop and become strong enough for our uses." The sixth person replies.

"More waiting." The first person complains. "Can't we just push her development, so we execute our plans."

"Are you crazy?!" The third person argues. "What if she breaks? It will be hell trying to find a new person. We've waited this long, we can wait a bit longer." The other four agree, but the first person falls back into their chair in displeasure.

"Damn it. There's no point in waiting more." The first person mumbles.


Nathan and Samantha sits outside of the master bedroom with her eye to the door intently listening in on Conner. "So quiet! I can't believe he hasn't done anything." Nathan quietly exclaims.

"Maybe he's waiting for her to wake up. That seems like the kind of thing he would do." Samantha replies.

"You saw how drop dead gorgeous she was. A normal guy wouldn't be able to sit calmly next to a naked beauty like that." Nathan answers.

"Hmm. So you want to try and get a turn with her then?" Samantha replies with a bit of annoyance.

"No! No! I'm just saying that she's really pretty. I have you after all. I'd never do it with someone else." Nathan urgently denies.

"What are you two doing?" Aurelia appears with Morgan right behind her. "I can't believe you two are eavesdropping on them."

"We just want to hear what's going on. Conner's never been with a woman after all." Samantha nervously replies.

"Right. Where's the harm?" Nathan answers nervously too.

Aurelia and Morgan look at each other and cuff Samantha and Nathan on the head, respectively. Aurelia drags Samantha away Conner's room taking her downstairs, while Morgan does the same to Nathan.


The now female Riley finally stirs. She opens her eyes and stares blankly at the ceiling. "Ugh." She starts to sit herself up when she catches sight of Conner smiling at her. She recoils and jumps backwards off the bed landing on her feet and one hand to keep her balance. "Shit! Of all the things to be in bed with a freaking pervert!" She nastily hisses at him.

"I haven't done anything you know. I was waiting for you to…" Conner slides off the bed and approaches her.

"Stop! Don't get any closer you pervert!" Riley grabs a book nearby ready to throw it at him when her white hair sways in front of her face. "What?" The book slips from her grasp. She grabs some of her hair and lightly tugs it feeling her head pulled simultaneously. She sees her small wrist and her gaze moves downward catching sight of her breasts. "What?! What the hell is this?!" She yells at the top of her lungs. Riley gropes her breast with one hand and moves her hand downward with the other detecting the absence of a penis. "Oh my god… This really is…" She turns her head backwards to get a better look at her hair. Her eyes lock onto her reflection from the mirror of the closet doors. She turns in shock at her new appearance. Any traces of her male body is completely gone, every part of her body is now completely changed. Even her eyes have shifted colors, her left eye a bright ruby red, while her right eye a deep sapphire blue. "How…did this happen?"

"You're probably pretty scared, but don't worry…" Conner tries to calm her down. Riley remembers his existence looking at his reflection in mirror. She remembers her nude appearance causing even more shock for her. She glares at him and catches sight of the bed. Conner continues talking. "I haven't…" Riley turns and runs at him giving him a scare. Conner gets ready to catch her, but she shoots right past him. She jumps onto the bed grabbing the blanket as she rolls on the bed and off the other side of the bed wrapping the blanket around her at the same time.

"Fast. Wow." Conner turns around in surprise.

"Asshole." Riley glares even more at him.

"Calm down. I haven't done anything yet! I was waiting for you to wake up." Conner approaches her to try and calm her down.

"I'll wait in the car then." Morgan replies. "In case, something happens."

"Don't get any closer!" She yells at him making him stop. "Just stay there." Riley glances at the bed analyzing the situation in her mind. "No blood. Maybe he's telling the truth. No, I'm not originally a girl. Would I bleed?" She rubs her head with both of her hands in frustration. "Damn it! I can't believe I got kidnapped by those guys in the auction house. I thought I could just take a beating and have dinner with Caitlyn." Her eyes widen. "Oh no!" She stands up and starts to move towards the door, but stops when she sees him. She curses sitting back down. "Calm down. Let's sort out everything first. I left Caitlyn in the hidden room. She might be there, but she most likely left already. What else? I was kidnapped, changed into a girl and sold to this guy." Riley glances at Conner. "Don't think about him for now. I'm missing something important." She clenches her left hand tightly. Her eyes dawn in realization when she opens her hand and looks closely at it. "Right. My hand was broken and I had a bunch of other broken bones. Did it get fixed when I got changed? It shouldn't have been that thorough though. Then I've been knocked out for a long time?" Her eyes shake in fear. She directs her attention to Conner. "What's today? What time is it?" Her tone is more calm and less hostile, but she continues to glare at him.

"Huh?" Conner shows some surprise at finally being addressed.

"The date and time." Riley repeats in annoyance.

"June 25, 2020. The time is…" Conner glances at the clock on the wall. "10:30pm."

"Ok." Riley looks back down at the floor as she returns to her thoughts. "Not much time. I thought it would be much worse. What now? I can't just run out of here. He's probably made preparations so that I can't leave easily. I don't have the kind of physical strength to run that far. I don't even know where I am. That means I have to ask him for help. Can I trust him though? ……… No choice I can only gamble on it if I want to check on Caitlyn." Riley coughs. "Hey you. Um…"

"Conner. My name is Conner. Have you calmed down?" Conner replies nervously.

"Right. Yes, I've calmed down a bit. I'm sorry for how I acted. I have something important to ask. Can you sit down?" She asks bluntly with some annoyance still in her voice.

"Alright." Conner sits down.

Riley approaches and sits down two feet in front of him. "Did you…" She starts to talk, but immediately closes her mouth in realization. She turns her head away from him. "Wait, no I can't say that. No matter what I'd sound crazy. What do I say then? …" She focuses her gaze back on Conner. "Sorry." She takes a deep breath. "Were you the one that arranged for me to be kidnapped?"

"Huh? No! No! No! I only saw you for the first time on stage at the auction house. I didn't arrange for you to be kidnapped or anything like that." Conner waves his right hand in front of him denying it.

Riley stares at him calmly. "Please say that again when you're looking at me. Being frantic is just annoying and suspicious."

Conner calms down and looks directly at her. "No. I did not arrange for you to be kidnapped."

She quietly looks into his eyes assessing his answer. She sighs. "Okay, I believe you." Conner gives a sigh of relief. "Then about my request. Before I was kidnapped, I hid… a family member at the place I was staying. I'm worried if she's safe. More than likely I think she's left and gone on the run, but I won't be able to calm down unless I go back there and confirm that she's no longer there." Riley unravels the blanket slightly to allow more movement. "Can you take me there?" She sits on her knees bowing deeply on all fours.

"Sure. That's no problem. That was a lot smaller request than I expected." Conner replies easily.

"I'm not done." Riley replies sitting up. "If she's still there I want her to come with us, but I want your promise that no one is allowed to use her for anything sexual without her consent."

Conner looks at her in surprise. "Wow. That's…"

"I know. That's an expensive promise." Riley stands up and takes a deep breath and exhales. "In exchange…" Her hands tremble a bit before she completely unravels the blanket and letting it drop to the floor revealing her naked body. "…I will promise... to follow whatever orders you give me. No matter what. Use my body how you please, just give her a place to stay and be safe." She blushes fiercely and barely able to hold eye contact.

Conner gulps loudly at the sight before him. He holds back his instinct to tackle her down. "Okay. I promise you I can take her in and make her stay safe."

"Great." Riley nods continuing to blush fiercely. and notices Conner's erect penis. She represses the urge to shiver. "May we go find her immediately, or do I have to provide service to your lower body there?" She asks pointing to his penis.

Conner blushes and uses his hands to cover his penis. "Sorry. I can't help it. You're too beautiful." He stands up and uses the intercom. "Samantha, Aurelia. Is one of you still awake?" Riley decides to wrap herself in the blanket again.

"Yes. Both of us are still up. What do you need?" Samantha's voice rings from the intercom.

"I need some clothes for… my new girl. Can you bring some up right away? And tell Morgan, Nathan, and Lewis to prepare to leave." Conner requests.

"Okayy. You're done already? That didn't last very long." Samantha answers teasing him.

"Geez." Conner blushes awkwardly from the joke. "They'll be up in a bit."

"Right. Thank you very much for all this." Riley bows her head to the ground again. "Um…Sorry I forgot your name already." She raises her head.

"Conner. Conner Orthmann. Come to think of it, I haven't gotten your name either." Conner replies sitting on the ground.

"Conner Orthmann… Where have I heard that name before?" Riley asks ignoring Conner's question.

"I'm the richest multi billionaire in the area. That's probably where."

She rests her forehead against her index finger. "No, I don't pay attention to the names of the rich people. Plus I believe it was an insult towards you…Hmmm… Ah I got it!" She raises her head and opens her mouth, but stops herself. "Right. Sorry. I shouldn't be throwing insults at my owner."

"No. It's fine. You've gotten me curious. Please tell me." Conner urges her.

"If you're sure. It was at the auction house. I heard two guys complaining about you. They called you 'The rich bastard that goes through women left and right like water.'" Riley answers.

"Haha." Conner laughs dully becoming visibly depressed at the revelation. "Is that so?"

"I apologize."

"No, it's fine. I guess I can understand where they're coming from." Conner replies. "But…"

"Excuse me!" Samantha bursts into the room.

Aurelia gives her a strong cuff to the head. "Idiot. We interrupted them."

"But Conner told us he was done." Samantha rubs her head. The two of them are carrying a number of clothes in their hands.

"No, it's fine." Conner replies. "Please let get her dressed quickly. We're going to go out."

"Ooo. Outdoor sex or maybe some exhibition play?" Samantha asks curiously.

Aurelia gives her another cuff to the head. "Don't be rude." She motions to Riley. "Come on." They walk into the bathroom. Riley follows, reluctantly leaving behind the blanket.

"Oh my god! You're so hot!" Samantha stares closely at Riley's body. Riley leans on the sink trying to back away to little avail in the limited space of the bathroom. "I can see what Nathan meant. Any guy would happily eat you up in a second." Samantha gropes Riley's breasts. "Can I touch them? Wow! They're so soft."

"Nnmmm. I didn't say yes." Riley replies uncomfortably and blushing fiercely.

Aurelia gives Samantha yet another cuff to the head. "Stop playing around. We were told to hurry." Aurelia looks at Riley. "Sorry. She means well, but she can take jokes too far. Not to mention how she loves to talk about sex. Anyways, putting her aside. What's your size? Your breasts are definitely bigger than mine, so Samantha's tops would fit better than mine."

"Sorry. I don't know." Riley replies still blushing. "I…I never had the luxury of finding out what my size was."

The two of them take on a somber tone. "I see." "That must have been hard."

Samantha pulls Riley away from the sink and measures her bust size. "My shirts should be okay. But my bras definitely won't fit. You're much bigger than me."

"We got her size. We can make sure they're bought tomorrow." Aurelia replies measuring Riley's waist. Aurelia passes Samantha some cloth bandages.

"Then for the time being, we'll just use these to prevent them from drawing too much attention." Samantha begins wrapping them around Riley's chest. The two of them work quickly as they dress Riley with Aurelia's long skirt, Samantha's shirt and jacket. "I'm really jealous of your body, You have a bigger chest and a thinner waist. Plus your hair is so long, but it's not too thin and there are no split ends." Samantha tassels a bit of her hair. "I can't have long hair at all. My hair frays too easily because of how thin it gets. How did you get such a wonderful body?"

Riley laughs awkwardly. "Haha…I have no idea…It just kind of happened."

"Still. I'm surprised  you didn't try to cut it." Aurelia replies tying Riley's hair into a ponytail. "Isn't it difficult on your neck with all the weight from your hair?"

"I actually haven't noticed it too much." Riley replies holding her ponytail trying to feel its weight.

"Okay. Last thing is make up then." Samantha pulls out her makeup kit.

"Wait! I don't need such a thing." Riley replies nervously.

"Don't be silly. We're just going to put some light makeup to make you look prettier."

"But…but if I try anymore attention, wouldn't that make it more dangerous for Conner if people try to kidnap me." Riley quickly makes up a plausible lie.

Samantha freezes up. She looks at Aurelia, who realized the same thing. "That's true…Should we cover up her face then?"

"That might make her more suspicious. Let's just keep it simple and trust in our guys to deal with any problems that come up." Aurelia answers.

Samantha nods. "Right." They finish up dressing Riley and present her to Conner. "Ta-dah. Well, how does she look?" Conner stares blankly at Riley. Riley blushes and fidgets from the clothing. "Don't like it or maybe you're that captivated." Samantha teases Conner.

"Yeah. It's entrancing in a entirely different way." Conner replies.

Samantha grins widely. "Wow. You really are in love." 

Aurelia sighs ignoring them. "Come to think of it. We dressed you so quickly, we didn't ask if you like these types of clothes."

Riley stops fidgeting. "Hmm. I'm not really in a position to complain. I'm not used to these clothes, but I'm more worried about other things than just how I look. Conner, are you ready to leave?"

Conner stops talking with Samantha. "Right. Let's go." Riley nods and follows him.

"Where are you two going so late anyways?" Samantha asks. Riley recites the address and area.

"Not too far. We'll be back within the hour then. We'll be back with another person." Conner answers.

Riley stops to think for a moment. "If she's still there, we'll probably take two hours I think."

"Huh?" Conner stops to ask.

"We'll end up arguing a lot when we get there I expect." Riley replies calmly. Conner looks surprised, but accepts this answer. Downstairs, Lewis, Morgan, and Nathan are waiting for the two of them.

"I didn't expect you would need to go out so quick considering how love struck you were earlier." Nathan makes a comment.

"Sorry. She needs to check that her family is safe since her house was raided and bring her family back here." Conner replies.

"I see. That is a concerning thing. But you're probably the only person that would readily agree to such a thing so easily." Lewis answers.

They lead the way with Riley following close behind Conner. She glances left and right constantly taking in her surroundings. Her right hand grips her left arm tightly to repress the shaking. She's visibly surprised when they arrive at the system of underground tunnels and conveyor belts.

"Do you want a chair while we pass through here? Um…" Nathan stops. "I'm sorry I haven't gotten your name."

"Come to think of it. You haven't told me yet either." Conner joins in.

"I don't need a chair." Riley steps onto the conveyor belt. "A name, huh? What would be good?" They follow her confused by her lack of an answer. "Ah!" Riley turns to Conner. "Do you need me to have a name?"

"Huh? Of course. Your name is important." Conner answers quickly.

"Then do you want to give me a name?" Riley answers calmly.

"Give you a name? You don't know your name? You have amnesia?" Conner grips her shoulders in concern.

Riley knocks his hands away from her. "I have one. No, I'm not suffering from amnesia. It's not appropriate for me to use my old name anymore. That's all." She brushes her hair behind her ear. "I just wanted to ask if you prefer to name me rather than naming myself. It doesn't matter, but I'll think about a name ad tell you." The two of them stare at one another with Riley's gaze being more hateful.

"I have to say. Watching you two is very entertaining. You don't see girls this strong nowadays." Nathan comments from the side.

"Hmph." Riley turns her head away from them. She stays silent at they head through a different tunnel to their garage. They get into a white car. They drive to their hidden parking garage and switch to driving a gray colored van. Nathan inputs the address that Riley recites as Morgan drives again. In the back seat, Riley sits on the left, Conner sits in the center, and Lewis sits on the right. She finally speaks as they drive. "Rose. Let's go with Rose for my name."

"Rose?" Conner asks.

"Yeah. I think it works well enough, unless you don't like it." Rose replies.

"No. It's very beautiful. So that's going to be your name." Conner replies silently carving the name into his brain.

"Sir, is it just me or is she hiding something? Do you think she's trying to trap you for your money?" Lewis whispers in Conner's ear.

"No way." Conner whispers back. "I'll ask her." Conner turns to Rose. "Rose, are you hiding anything important from me?"

Rose looks at him. "Yes, I am." Everyone except Morgan looks at her in surprise waiting for her to say something. "There's no need to look at me like that. I'm not planning anything. It's just a unique circumstance about me that makes me different from other girls. I expect those two girls that dressed me would like to hear about it too, so I wanted to leave it for later because it's so long and complicated. That's all."

They stay silent thinking about Rose's comment. After some time, Nathan speaks up. "The place we're going. Is it safe?"

"It's pretty fair. Not too dangerous, it's not perfect though, but you can't find perfect places that easily." Rose comments.

"I don't think you need to go that far. It's not like we're going to be attacked. Right, Rose?" Conner asks trying to get reassurance.

"Mmm… If the timing is bad and we need to run, then waiting by the car is best." Rose answers calmly. They stare at Rose. "It's not like crimes happen all the time. The owner of the apartment I was staying at. He drew attention from other guys as an easy punching bag, so every once and a while they follow him and attack him. That's what I mean. I was told it hasn't happened recently, so it should be fine." They arrive at Rose's apartment. Morgan waits behind as they go up to Rose's apartment on the third floor.  "Here we are, 305."

The guys stare at the metal shutter in front of Rose's apartment. Nathan glances at the other doors and back at the metal shutter. "Why the heck is this one metal?! The others are wood!" He exclaims.

"Because the door was busted. So the emergency shutter came down." Rose answers calmly, speaking as if it was common sense. She tries to reach the top of the door frame, but is unable to reach the top. "Shoot. I'm too short. Sorry, can one of you find the button up there." She gloomily asks. Conner nods and reaches up feeling around for the button. "From the center, you want to move slightly to the left. You'll feel your hand cross a line. That's the hidden button. Just hold that for about three seconds."

"Here it is." Conner holds the button and releases it. Rose opens up a part of the door frame revealing an electronic keypad.

She types in the code opening the shutter. "Okay." She quickly goes inside. They start to follow her. "Stop! Don't come in yet." Rose stops them before they pass through the door.

"What now?" Nathan asks.

"It's just a little thing. Give me a second." Rose moves to the left and moves some junk and unplugs something. "Okay. You can come in now." Before anyone can ask Rose, she answers ahead of them. "A trap that gives off an electromagnetic field. When you pass through the door it kills any electronics you have on you. Cell phones, computers, stuff like that. I'm not carrying anything so it didn't matter much." She brings down the shutter once everyone comes in.

"You're certainly well prepared." Conner replies.

"Wow. This place is a mess." Nathan answers looking around the apartment.

"Not surprised." Rose says lightly scratching her head. "The kitchen table and chairs are still okay, just wait there for a second." Rose goes into her bedroom.

"She certainly is a strange person." Lewis mutters. The three of them sit down at the table.

"She's not dangerous though. She's too blunt and obvious about everything." Nathan answers.

"I agree. She's safe." Conner joins in.

Rose returns from the bedroom. "Here I figured you would want to see this." She places a tablet computer on the table. "I've set it to play the footage of when the apartment was raided. Just start it when you're ready to watch. You can watch that while I explain things to Caitlyn." Rose starts to walk towards the bookshelves. "Oh. And please stay where you are. She's a giant man hater. If you try to help, it will make it harder to talk to her."

They look at her uncomprehending her words. They don't turn on the footage focusing more on what she is doing. Rose releases the lock opening the bookcase to the hidden room. "Wow. This place is really advanced." Nathan comments.

Rose steps slowly into the room letting her eyes adjust to the light. "Caitlyn. Are you still here? It's me." Rose is knocked backwards back into the main apartment as Caitlyn barrels into her.

"You're okay!!! I was so worried!!" Caitlyn hugs Rose tightly rubbing her head against Rose's chest. "I can't believe…" Caitlyn's voice trails off as she registers the feeling of Rose's ample breasts. She immediately lets go sitting herself up still straddling Rose's body. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry. The door opened and I thought you were…" She looks up seeing Conner and the others. "Shit! More of them!" Caitlyn hisses.

"Wait." Rose grabs one of Caitlyn's hands.

"Damn it. You're with them too." Caitlyn hisses angrily. She tries to punch Rose's stomach, but Rose catches the other arm and turns over flipping Caitlyn onto her back.

"As always, you're quick to attack before asking questions." Rose answers calmly. "A body weight pin. Just calm down and listen to me." Caitlyn spits at Rose. Rose takes it unfazed. "Look it's the same as last time. Just listen what I have to say, if you don't like it you can leave. The guys won't do anything. I only asked to come check on you after all." Caitlyn looks wide-eyed at Rose.

Rose quickly lets go of Caitlyn and stands up. She looks at Conner. "Thanks for not interfering."

"It's okay. I'm surprised you're so skilled." Conner replies. Rose merely shrugs.

"Is it okay? You let her go so quickly." Nathan interrupts.

"Yep. Caitlyn's already figured it out based on the look in her eye." Rose turns to Caitlyn. Caitlyn has only sat up staring wide-eyed at Rose. "Are you hungry? I can't cook that feast I planned anymore, but there should be something dry to eat to fill your stomach besides the ravioli."

"No way. Is it really like that?" Caitlyn stands up in shock. "Are you really Riley? Are you really the guy that bought me and was kidnapped only a few hours ago?"

"WHAATTT??!!" The three guys scream out in unison. "YOU'RE A MAN?!?!"

Rose covered her ears right before their scream. She sighs. "I was Riley before, but as you can see that doesn't hold true anymore. Besides…" She looks at Conner. "Master, that's a stupid question from you. You saw me completely naked. There wasn't any signs of a male body, right?"

"Right… But then…" Conner trails off unable to keep up. "Wait, Master?"

"Right, Master." Rose answers. "You filled your promise to bring me here, so I'll start upholding my end."

"Wait! Riley don't ignore me!!" Caitlyn runs to Rose and grabs her arms. "What happened!? Why are you a woman now!?"

Rose rests her hands on Caitlyn's arms. "Calm down. I can't give you the answer you want anyways. I can only say I don't know."

"Huh?" Caitlyn replies quickly.

"I got kidnapped by those guys from the auction house. The footage on the tablet should be what you saw from the TV in there I expect." Rose continues pointing to the tablet computer and the hidden room. "They somehow changed me into a woman. I don't know how. Master, here bought me. I convinced him to come here because I was worried if you were safe or not."

Caitlyn releases the grip on Rose. "Seriously… But then what about?"

Before Caitlyn finishes speaking, Rose raises her hand to stop her. "I already considered the possibility that Master paid the auctioneer to kidnap me, but I asked him and he said 'No.' So I believed him."

Caitlyn sighs greatly hunching over. "Well you're definitely Riley if you can blindly believe someone like that. So what happens now?"

"That's what I want to ask you. I've already made an arrangement with Master that you can stay at his home and that no one will touch you or anything like that without your permission." Rose answers calmly pointing at Conner.

"And you believe him? And what's with always calling him Master?" Caitlyn grips Rose's arms again questioning her.

"It's part of the deal of coming here and letting you stay at his place in exchange for my complete obedience." Rose answers bluntly. Caitlyn's releases her grip in shock as her mouth hangs open. She turns looking between Rose and Conner. Rose turns to Conner. "Unless you have a change a heart now? I understand if you'd feel disgusted with someone formerly a man. Though I have no way to prove it, so whether you believe me or not is your call. I don't have much of a sense of femininity and more of a masculine attitude. If you're okay with that. I have every intention of keeping my promise."

"I'm okay with it... I think. More I find it hard to believe you were a man with that kind of body." Conner replies.

Rose shrugs. "Expected. I have nothing simple I can do to prove it except for this apartment. I don't care enough to try since it wouldn't help my situation."

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!!" Caitlyn gets over her initial shock and starts yelling at her. "YOU PROMISED TO DO WHATEVER HE WANTS?!?!"

"Calm down." Rose tries to reassure Caitlyn.


"It can't be helped. I've accepted the situation. I wouldn't last running away forever. Besides, I cared more that you were safe than about what may or may not happen to me." Rose answers. Caitlyn looks at her wanting to cry. "Look go wash up your face. I can see you've been crying a lot with how red your eyes are. Unfortunately, we can't wait forever. So please decide if you want to run away or live a safe lifestyle at Master's place." Rose strokes her cheek. "I promise, I'll make sure you stay safe." Rose gives her a kiss on the forehead before turning her around and pushing her. "Now go." Caitlyn goes reluctantly to the bathroom. Rose turns to the guys. "Sorry about all of this."

"No, it's fine." Conner replies.

"It's pretty hard to believe that you were a man." Nathan answers. Lewis agrees with Nathan.

Rose shrugs. "It's fine. Like I said it doesn't matter anymore. More importantly, do you mind if I bring back some of my most important things?"

"That's no problem. If you don't bring too much." Conner replies.

"I know. I don't want to cause too much trouble. Give me a few minutes. Why don't you watch the kidnapping footage in the meantime?" Rose nods.

"I'm done." Caitlyn comes out from the bathroom.

"Here." Rose tosses her a snack bar. "Not much, but just get some food in your stomach for now. I'll be back in a bit." Rose goes into her bedroom. They decide to watch the video ignoring the glaring Caitlyn. Caitlyn eats the food while continuing to glare at them. Rose returns in a few minutes. "Done." She answers carrying a backpack. "Made your decision?"

Caitlyn nods. "I'm coming. I'm not going to let you be abused."

Rose blankly flicks her forehead. "Stupid. That would be breaking my deal. If that's what you decided I can't stop you, but don't interfere with things between me and Master. K?" Caitlyn reluctantly nods biting her lip. "Good. If you're ready, we can leave quickly."

"I'm ready." Caitlyn nods.

"We're ready to leave if you are, Master." Rose replies.

"Uh right." Conner answers. The three of them stand up uneasily. "That was horrible."

"Haha. I know right." Rose says awkwardly. "Especially that ending kick. You would think that could kill someone with that kind of force."

"Yet if what you say is true, you're laughing it off really easily." Lewis mentions. Rose merely laughs in response. They leave the apartment leaving the tablet on the table. Rose shuts the shutter behind her.

"We can come back another time if you want to get more of your stuff." Conner tells her.

Rose shakes her head. "I got what I want. I don't plan to come back here. Oh right, Caitlyn." She turns to Caitlyn. "Since I'm a woman now, I'm going to be called Rose now."

"Ok. Rose, Rose." Caitlyn nods muttering to herself. They leave the apartment and get back into the car.

"Welcome back. Anything happen?" Morgan asks.

"Nothing bad. Rose claimed she was originally a man." Nathan replies. Morgan looks back at her. "I'm not sure if I believe her."

"At the very least, I am crass enough to say I'm a guy mentally." Rose answers simply.

"I see." Morgan turns back around and starts the car.

As they're driving. Nathan turns around. "So I have to ask two things." He lifts two fingers.

Rose nods. "Go ahead."

"First, if that video and what you say is true. How come you don't have any broken bones?" Nathan asks.

"Don't know. Something related to my transformation to a girl. When I first woke up, I was worried I had been asleep for a couple of months because I had no broken bones."

"Hmm." Nathan shows he doesn't accept that answer, but moves on. "Then second question. In that video, why didn't you fight back? Besides it being a 5 to 1 fight, you didn't struggle at all."

"That's true." "I wanted to ask about that too." Conner and Caitlyn answer in unison.

“Ah that... Well I'll give you a shortened version.” Rose answers. “I have had a lot of bad experiences with the police. They easily believed some lies that got me arrested on more than one occasion. In high school, three brothers ambushed me while I was going home and beat me up for the fun of it. Police came to break up the fight. Those guys told the police that I had touched one of their women and was being punished for it. I ended up being arrested for it. The police didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t do it. When I got out of jail, my father took the chance to disown me because I failed too many times in trying to meet his standards of manliness.” Rose takes a breath. “I had another occasion where some guys followed me into my apartment and attacked me. They gave the police a similar lie causing me to get arrested again. Those guys took the chance to rob my apartment after I was taken to jail. I had a few other occasions like that, but you get the idea. I’d rather take a beating and get them to leave before the police come rather than fight and make it worse with the police.”

The mood becomes extremely somber. Rose sighs. “You don’t have to be so depressed. It’s in the past. I didn’t die from it, so I consider it more than enough.”

“That you can say it like that so easily is scary in its own way.” Caitlyn replies.

Conner gives Rose a big hug. Rose shivers significantly. “Can you let me go? I’m having trouble breathing.” Conner lets her go.

“Hah.” Rose breathes in. "I need to get used to that."

They arrive at the hidden parking garage where they change to driving a large red truck. “Is this really necessary? Changing cars like this in a secret parking lot.”

"Yes. We have less dangerous people learning where Conner lives." Nathan replies. "This method helps shake off a lot of people."

"Are the underground tunnels and conveyor belts for the same purpose?" Rose asks.

"No. That's to easily get around the property without using cars and having them build up in one area." Lewis explains.

"Tunnels?" Caitlyn asks Rose.

"Yeah. Underneath their place. You'll see when we get there." Rose replies.

"He must be pretty rich if he can afford all these security measures." Caitlyn comments.

"Conner Orthmann, you probably heard of our boss." Nathan replies.

"Hmm…" Caitlyn searches her memory. "Ah. I got it! Conner the rich womanizer." Everyone except Conner snickers at the name. Conner himself becomes visibly depressed.

"Well you can't blame normal people. You did buy a lot of girls for your staff." Nathan replies.

"Hmm." Caitlyn and Rose glare at Conner.

"Don't misunderstand." Conner replies panicking. "He means I bought women, so that my workers could find someone they love."

"So you play with them and pass them off to your staff when you're bored." Caitlyn replies angrily.

"No! No! No!" Conner denies it even faster waving his hands back and forth.

 "See Rose, how evil he is. You shouldn't trust him." Caitlyn says to Rose ignoring Conner.

Rose gives a light knock to Caitlyn's forehead. "That's enough teasing him. Besides, it doesn't matter. He's my master now. So I just have to accept what happens." Caitlyn sits pouting, while Conner gives a heavy sigh.

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