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Ch. 3 - Transformation

Chapter 3 is now up. Weekend is almost over and I only just started chapter 4, so I don't know when I'll get it done. I'm thinking about making some floor plans to provide a visual about the different homes since my descriptions only go so far.

Edit: Blueprints aren't happening.


"Everything is in place. With this the first phase will be complete."


The auctioneers and bouncers arrive at the auction house carrying the unconscious Riley with them. They pass through the back employee entrance and open a locked door going further down into the basement. In the cellar lies the furnace as well as boxes of unused items and spare supplies including a large amount of handcuffs. They open a thick metal door concealed from view underneath the staircase. Hidden farther underneath they arrive at a secret laboratory. The laboratory is about half of the size of the auction house, so there is still a large amount of space even with all of the industrial sized computers lining the walls. The bouncer drops Riley onto an empty metal table in the center of the room.

"Here's another unnecessary person." The auctioneer points at Riley. "I've spent time and money on your research and I want results. Soon! The only thing you've had to show for your experiments are a pile of charred bodies." The auctioneer motions to the side room where a pile of bodies lie burnt beyond recognition. The auctioneer begins to yell in a squeaky voice. "I'm funding all your research and I want more money for the money I spent."

"Patience. You need to have patience. I've almost completed my research and you will be a very rich man once it is completed." The scientist appears from behind a computer. The scientist is quite short compared to the auctioneer and overweight. His hair is completely white. He wears a worn yellowed lab coat and oil stained brown pants and shoes.

"I don't want claims. I want real physical money." The auctioneer yells in an even higher pitch. He points at the unconscious Riley. "Get some results with this one! Do you know how hard it is to capture worthless trash like him?"

"Then please assist me, so we can get some results." The scientist replies grinning. The auctioneer snaps his fingers while  mumbling complaints. The bouncers turn Riley onto his back and strap him down to the table. The auctioneer knocks over a tray of tools causing them to scatter onto the floor. At the same time a small metal plate drops from Riley's hand amongst the commotion. The sound is masked amongst the noise from the tools and goes unnoticed as a bouncer kicks it under one of the giant computer mainframes. They finish strapping Riley to the table and cleaning up the tools.

The scientist activates a machine making a thick metal encasing come down enclosing Riley inside. A thick glass layer comes down over the metal creating a sealed encasement. The scientist inputs various commands starting up the program. The sound of the machine starts up as the metal encasing begins to quickly heat up. The lights begin to flicker, but is ignored because of the electrical load of the process in front of them. A breeze passes through and the lights black out. In response to the blackout, the breeze acquire strength becoming gale force winds.

"What the hell's happening?!" The auctioneer yells. The wind picks up even more force blowing not only papers, but also heavy metal tools around the room. The tools fly around the room striking everyone, in the room, on the head knocking them out. An hour later, they wake up in severe pain. The lights had turned back on while they were unconscious and the wind had died down. Their wounds were light enough that they only received small cuts and bruises and nothing severe. The glass encasing had shattered in several places with a tool sticking out of each of the six holes.

"Looks like that storm caused a failure." The scientist says as he inputs the commands to raise the encasing.

"Shit! What the hell was with that storm?! Where'd it come from?!" The auctioneer begins ranting in his squeaky voice.

"It will cost time and money to fix the damages." The scientist says to the auctioneer. The scientist looks around at the damage to the encasing as well as many of the computers lining the walls.

"Damn it. It's your fault that…" The auctioneer directs his anger at the scientist.

"Whoa!!!!" The bouncers cry out.

"Don't inter…rupt." The auctioneer starts to scold them, but his voice trails off when he sees the same sight. Everyone in the room stares wide-eyed at the same spectacle. In place of Riley sits a naked and beautiful young lady. Her skin is a pale white that has a sheen making her resemble a pearl. Her arms and legs are shapely and thin, but not to the point of making her seem scrawny. Her breasts have a fair size that is noticeable without being excessive. Her most eye catching feature is the long snow white hair that extends from her head off of the table stopping short of touching the floor. The amazing beauty of the now female Riley makes her seem ethereal. The steady rise and fall of her stomach shows that she is still very much alive.

"It worked!!" The scientist and auctioneer cheer and begin to dance.

When the bouncers get closer to Riley to touch her, the auctioneer immediately stops dancing. "Don't touch her!" He shatters the cheerful atmosphere in a second. "Don't dirty her with your grubby mitts. Put on gloves. We're going to immediately put her up for sale." The bouncers let out a sad groan as they find gloves.

"You can't just sell her! We need to examine her, cut her open and find out why she is different, so we can make more girls." The scientist tries to convince the auctioneer.

"Cut her open? Are you insane?! We can't cut open such a valuable money tree. I'm going to sell her and milk it for all its worth." The auctioneer replies. He motions for the bouncers to carry her. "Delicately, any damage on her and it will be your head." The scientist falls to his knees in distress. The auctioneer makes a parting remark before leaving. "You're the smart one, you figure out why she changed by yourself."

They carry Riley to a preparation room. They cover her with a simple, oversized white T-shirt for men. The T-shirt easily covers her lower body. They chain her to a large wooden panel to allow everyone to get a good view of her while she is still unconscious. They also pad the cuffs to avoid leaving any marks. The bouncers lightly bind her head to prevent her head from excessive swaying. They gather her hair and drape it in front of her allowing it to dangle over her chest. The length of Riley's hair extends all the way down to her hips almost reaching the end of the T-shirt. "She's ready! Move her carefully!!" The auctioneer yells enthusiastically. The bouncers sighs at how many excited he acts when he did not do anything other than bark orders.

The auctioneer makes an enthusiastic announcement over the auction house intercom system. "Good evening, gentlemen!! We will be auctioning off a rare high class beauty in the central hall. Come one, come all to bid on this rarity."

In the central hall, the green clad auctioneer gets ready to go on stage when another auctioneer approaches him. "What the hell was that announcement? I had to interrupt selling someone because of the storm of people that came into the auction hall. It's not even your shift, why are you?" The green auctioneer motions to the female Riley stunning the other auctioneer. "Holy crap…" The green auctioneer goes on stage with the bouncers carrying Riley, while the other auctioneer is left staring with his mouth hanging. The audience begins to cheer as Riley is brought onto stage.

"Good evening gentlemen. As per our announcement, we have this freshly caught rare beauty fresh from the streets. She's so newly caught she's still unconscious. As you can see she's incredibly special due to her rare white hair and incredible body to boot." The auctioneer says as he lifts the T-shirt to show off her breasts and body. The audience's cheers roar through the halls. "Let's start the bidding at $200,000!" A wave of groans echoes through the room as many men kneel on the ground in despair unable to participate in the bidding. One of the wealthy men in the bar instantly raises the bid to one million dollars causing the majority of the men to wail as they're chance of winning the female Riley slip through their grasps.

A bidding war begins with the four wealthiest men in the room. The bids rise so quickly that the auctioneer is unable to say anything to the audience. The audience talks amongst themselves at the amazing amount of money being used to try to purchase her. The bids quickly rise to $20 million with two of the bidders dropping out of the race. The auctioneer begins to drool and shake in giddiness at the money he's going to earn. One of the men an incredibly obese rich man bids $25 million causing the other man to drop out. "Hahaha! I win! That delicious treat is all mine."

"$25 million. Going once! Going twice! So…" Before the auctioneer can finish, a bid for $45 million appears on the screen by bidder number 55. The crowd screams in amazement.

"Bastard!! Don't interfere with my bid!! That girl is mine!!" The obese man yells at the person standing in the doorway. A young man in his late twenties stands in the doorway with two other men. The young man has a head of dark brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a dark black suit and a dark blue dress shirt. The two men behind him wear black suits, black tie, and white dress shirt. One of them has a more rugged, older appearance and his height easily exceeds six feet. The other man is the shortest of the three with a kind looking face, but a scar mars his right cheek.

"$45 million. Once! Twice! Sold to bidder 55!" The auctioneer forcibly ends the bid while everyone is still distracted. The man turns and leaves upon hearing his victory with the other two men following behind. The obese rich man yells curses at him as he leaves.

One of the two men whisper  to the rich man. "Conner, is it okay to leave things like that?"

Conner nods. "He hates me anyways. Staying will just make things worse."

The other man joins in. "Did you have to bid that high? You know that $28 million is the maximum that guy will even go."

Conner stops walking. The other two double back upon realizing Conner fell behind. Conner scratches his cheek. "I feel in love with that girl. I didn't want any risk in losing my chance to get her."

The two men stare at Conner wide eyed. They look at each other and laugh whole heartedly. "Great! Great! Our boss has finally found a woman he likes." They both happily slap his back. "Then let's go get your queen then!" They quickly pay for the female Riley and drive off in a black car. The back windows are darkly tinted preventing anyone from seeing Conner and Riley in the back. "We're lucky you decided to stay so late. Isn't that right Nathan?" The rugged man driving asks the other man.

"Haha. We finally see the day where our boss finds the love of his life." Nathan, the younger scarred man, laughs.

"It was a good day, so I'll leave your joking alone." Conner sighs looking at Riley seating horizontally with her head resting on his lap.

"Morgan." Nathan stops laughing as his eyes motions to the streets.

"Pursuers, huh? Let's do the usually then." Morgan replies. He drives quickly through some dense highway traffic and create some distance when they are forced to stop at a toll booth. They turn off the freeway and go into a long tunnel. Nathan hits the remote near the rearview mirror. They speed through four forks and make a sharp turn at the fifth fork. Nathan hits the remote again causing the one passage to the fifth fork to shut completely blending with the rest of the tunnel. "And done." Morgan parks the car at an underground parking lot. They change to another black car with a different license plate number. "Which exit should we take?" Morgan asks at the nine different tunnels the passageway splits into.

"Number 8. I want to get home sooner." Conner replies.

"Got it." Morgan drives down the tunnel marked 8. Ten minutes later, they arrive at Conner's mansion. The area is incredibly large reaching a mile from one corner of the property to another. Due to the large distance in the property, a guarded gate is situated in the center of each side of the property. They greet the guards at the gate, who are animatedly excited after learning about Conner being in love. One portion of the property has a grove of trees while another has a flat bed of grass. Closer to the mansion is a mixture of grass and other plants that are much more decorative. They drive to the mansion parking in front of the mansion. The mansion is incredibly large with around 30 windows seen from the front. The entire building is painted a light tan color.

Morgan and Nathan open the door for Conner as he carries the female Riley like a princess in his arms. The maids and butlers in the mansion greet Conner upon his arrival. They animatedly question Conner about Riley upon hearing the news from the guards. Morgan and Nathan stops them. "Calm down. Calm down. Let's leave the questioning for another day, Conner wants to have some private time with his new love." There is a mixture of understanding and disappointment as everyone disperses. The inside of the mansion is painted in a slightly deeper tan color compared to the outside. The living room is found on their right. The dining room is situated directly in front of them with the kitchen further inside. The stairway to the second floor and basement is found to the right of the entrance.

They head downstairs to the basement. Morgan unlocks a door and they head further downstairs where a large network of tunnels is found. The tunnels are covered in white tiling and brightly lit. Conveyor belts extends throughout each tunnel. Foldable chairs rest against the right wall. "Do you want to put her down and rest?" Nathan asks pointing to the chairs.

"No, let's just walk back quickly." Conner replies causing Nathan and Morgan to shrug. They walk straight across to a set of stairs. They head upstairs into another home where they are greeted by three others, two maids and a much older butler. The house is smaller than the mansion, but still fairly large on its own. The dining room sits in front of them with an open kitchen directly to the left separated by the kitchen countertop.

"Welcome back sir." The three of them greet Conner. One girl has short chestnut brown hair and forest green colored eyes. She is dressed in a blue uniform with a frilly white apron and brown shoes. The other girl has long black hair, extending midway to her back, and brown eyes. She wears a similar uniform as the other girl, but has no frills on her apron. Both girls are fairly young in their twenties. The man is in his 60s and has gray-white hair and a thick mustache. He wears a gray suit.

The chestnut haired girl approaches the female Riley. "Wow. So pretty. This is the Conner's first love."

"Samantha, don't bother them. The others told us Conner wants time alone remember." The black haired girl stops Samantha from being too invasive. She kisses Morgan. "Welcome back."

"Geez, Aurelia. I know that, I just wanted to get a better look. Welcome back." Samantha replies pouting and kissing Nathan.

Conner walks away with a slight redness to his face carrying her upstairs. The butler follows Conner upstairs. In the master bedroom, Conner places Riley on the bed and strips off the T-shirt. He tosses it to the butler waiting by the door. "The usual, Lewis."

"Right. I'll burn this right away. Do you need anything else, sir?" Lewis asks.

"No. I'll be fine. Have a good evening." Conner replies. He covers Riley with the blanket and sits on the other side of the bed. The master bedroom has a king sized bed in the center of the room. Two nightstands sit on each side of the bed with lamps on each stand and a clock sits on the right nightstand. The master bathroom is to the left of the entrance with a large closet next to it with sliding mirrors for its doors. On the right side of the room sit the dresser and desk. Next to the door hangs an intercom system.

Conner picks up the book on the nightstand and tries to read, but he keeps glancing at the her face. He is unable to resist as he kisses her on the lips. "When are you going to wake up?"

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