Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ch. 6 - Crystals

Sorry!! It's late I know. I barely made my weekly deadline. I've been playing my iPhone game (Ayakashi Ghost Guild) all week to get the prizes for the in game event. 

Anyways, I present you with Chapter 6.


"How's she coming along?" The second person asks.

"Very well. We'll see some development very soon." The sixth person responds.

"She won't break though right? Her body reacted pretty badly to the sudden exposure." The second person asks.

"I made sure to be careful. It will be fine." The sixth person responds.


Rose clings to Conner feeling his body warmth after finishing having intercourse. Conner rests his nose in Rose's hair enjoying her scent. "Rose."

"Yes, Master." Rose answers clinging tighter to him.

"You were lying about being bored of all your software work right?" Conner asks.

Rose sighs and sits herself up pulling the blanket close to cover her breasts. "Am I really that easy to read?"

"No, you just made it really obvious you still loved working on the computer." Conner replies.

"Well it wasn't a total truth either. The programming stuff  was only a side thing to earn money. That's the truth. I mastered it to use for my own projects. My computer was one of them to make it incredibly fast, but with a strong durability in an extremely compact size. Just a second." Rose slides off the bed and searches through her backpack. She moves a chair to the side of the bed  before getting in bed with a semi-transparent card. Rose sits it on the base of the chair and gives a quick click before retracting her hand. "This card is one of my most difficult half complete projects." She raises her hand behind her and gives a light knock to an invisible surface.

Conner sits up completely. "What is that?" Conner moves closer touching the invisible wall.

"A barrier. I made this to be able to defend against gunfire. It's very effective and can take a storm of bullets. But the battery life is too short since it burns out in two minutes. I haven't figured out the best way to extend the batteries just yet." Rose smiles. "This is the stuff I like. Being able to make unique and strange things never made before. I mostly focus on things to help people safe or fight back though."

"Wow." Conner replies feeling the invisible wall. "Why don't you continue working on it then? I'm fine with it."

"But I'm not." Rose clings to his back. "This is the closest I've ever gotten to someone. The stuff I make can be dangerous in various ways. The last thing I want to do is make myself be hated and feared by everyone."

"Stupid. I could never hate you. And there's no way I'd let you run from me that easily. So just do what you want." Conner hugs her.

"I'll think about it. First I have to learn how to act more like a girl." Rose answers.

"You don't have to push yourself. Pushing you to change your personality would just make problems." Conner tells her.

"I know. I just want to make the right impression if I ever need to go out in public with you. I just want to do it, so let me do it." Rose answers.

"If you're sure. Let's start another round then." Conner pushes Rose back down onto the bed.

Rose smiles and nods. "Sure."

The next morning, Rose walks around the property with Conner and Caitlyn. "This place is way too big." Caitlyn complains.

"Well I do need to keep up appearances with other people." Conner laughs, but Caitlyn gives a 'hmph' avoiding eye contact with him. Conner sighs and whispers to Caitlyn. "She really hates me doesn't she."

"Yeah. I'm sorry." Rose awkwardly smiles.

"No, it's fine." Conner replies. They see the dense collection of trees near the front of the property. The garage building for Conner's collection of cars. The pass by the mansion and Conner's home to the back of the property. A large storehouse sits near a corner of the property. The right corner has two tennis courts and a small white building for changing and showering. Most of the property has various decorative plants and trees, but is mostly covered in flat, even grass.

"It feels kind of bare because of how large this place is. I'm surprised you don't have a pool." Rose comments.

"The pool is in the mansion. It's easier to keep clean that way." Conner points to the mansion.

Rose giggles. "I guess you have more focus on the mansion than the surrounding property. That's fine too, everyone has their own style."

"Rose!" Samantha comes running up to them. "Morgan says he's all ready for you."

"Great! Let's get started." She replies cheerfully. They head into the mansion, through the hallway into an empty exercise room. The floor is covered with blue mats and the filled wall is covered in large mirrors. Many of the maids stand near the walls as spectators. "Wow. Everyone has lots of free time."

"I think it's more of 'because it's a unique sight'. You don't see a man and woman practice martial arts often." Samantha comments.

Rose goes up to Morgan. He passes her a simple martial arts uniform to change into. Rose takes it and immediately strips. A wave of gasps fill the room. Morgan blushes and turns around closing his eyes. Conner calls out to her. "Rose, what the heck do you think you're doing?"

"Changing. Is there a problem?" Rose finishes changing completely unfazed. "I'm done."

"Right. You should use the changing room next time." Morgan comments.

"Oh that. I'll use it later then." Rose replies nonchalantly.

"What do you want to learn then?" Morgan asks.

"Huh?" Rose shows some confusion before realizing the situation. "Oh. I'm not interested in learning. I wanted to spar and test some things. Is that fine?"

"Spar? Do you have much experience?" Morgan asks.

"Mmm… Two weeks in a formal class. Everything else was self study from books." Rose answers simply.

"There's no way you can handle a fight then." Morgan replies.

"No?" Rose shows a mischievous smile. "But if you don't seriously face me, then one of us will get hurt right? I'm going to come at you whether you like it or not." Conner and Morgan sighs. Caitlyn face palms.

"Sir, is it okay not to stop her?" One of the maids asks Conner.

"No, she's too stubborn. If I try to stop her she'll be seriously angry." Conner answers feeling exhausted.

"I hope you're ready. I'm going to start after a 3 count." Rose informs him smiling.

"You should considering practicing before doing this." Morgan answers tensing up his body.

"No. 3…2…1!" Rose dashes straight at Morgan. Morgan tries to grab her, but Rose slides on the ground sticking out her left leg to try to sweep him off his feet. Morgan tightens his legs to prevent being knocked over and starts to reach down to grab her. Rose smiles and grabs the edge of the mat to stop her slide stopping her leg right in front of Morgan. She uses her right leg to kick her body back and uses her hands gripping the mat to rotate her body performing a backwards leg sweep to knock Morgan off his feet. The crowd gasps at the surprise. Rose jumps back to take some distance. "I'm not crazy enough to try to match strength with a strong guy like you." Rose smiles.

"Looks like you're more experienced than you said." Morgan replies standing back up.

"Formally teaching was the truth. The rest was self practice with dummies based on what I read. I spent a lot of time studying that type of stuff too. Feel free to start this time." Rose smiles.

Morgan charges at her and performs a right straight punch with his left leg forward to Rose's shoulder. Rose tilts her body to the side dodging his attack and grabs his arm with both hands. Morgan smiles as he puts his weight on his left and performs a right kick towards Rose's waist. Rose pushes herself away from his arm jumping into his kick. Her right leg clings to his right leg from the side using Morgan's kick to ride the momentum. She uses both hands to grab his left leg and lift it off the ground. Morgan starts to fall. Rose uses the chance to twist her body upward. Her right leg plants on the ground first followed by her left leg. She uses her arm to throw Morgan forward causing him to fly for a second before falling to the ground landing on his back. Morgan performed a roll to recover from the fall.

"Oops. Sorry. I went too far." Rose apologizes.

He breathes heavily looking as Rose. Morgan tries to stand, but his legs become unsteady as he falls onto his bottom. He laughs, "You're really amazing." Aurelia runs up to him and starts checking if he's okay.

"Thanks for the hard work." Rose bows. "I appreciate it. I got a better idea of my body's balance now. Now I should try a bit on strength. "Master, I'm going next door to use the punching bag!" Rose runs out of the room.  Conner and Caitlyn follow her as well as the other maids.

Rose goes to the next room and starts practicing her kicks on a pedestal punching bag. In the corner, of the room a person's outline is barely noticeable. It points at Rose while everyone in the room remains oblivious at this figure. Rose pauses for a bit. "I think my strength is pretty fair even with the change. Might as well try a stronger hit." Rose takes a deep breath as she does a strong right kick. Her kick digs through the cushioning into the center. A loud crack is heard. Rose's kick continues breaking off the top of the punching bag and sending it flying to the other side of the room. "Crap. I broke it."

Conner and Caitlyn run up to her. "Rose, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Sorry about the punching bag. I didn't think I'd end up breaking it. I shouldn't be strong enough to do such a thing."

""It's fine. More importantly that crack. Did you hurt your leg?!" Conner asks panicking.

"Huh?" Rose lifts her leg feeling her foot. "No. It's fine. The crack was from the bag. I'm perfectly fine." Rose smiles, but it falters when she feels a pang of pain in her chest. The pain quickly expands making her whole body feel incredible pain. She clutches her chest as her face pales visibly. "Ugh." Rose begins gasping for air.

"Rose, what's wrong?" "Rose, are you okay?" Conner and Caitlyn panic seeing the color of her face start to match the color of her hair. Rose's vision blurs as her feet begin to lose strength. Rose falls forward and catches a glimpse of the figure in the corner. Conner catches her before she hits the ground. Her upper body is held by Conner, her knees dangle in the air, while her feet lightly touch the ground unable to support her body. "Let's take her to the medical room!" Conner shouts as he carries her in his arms.

They carry her to another room filled with various types of medicines and drugs in the gray drawers and cabinets found on the walls of the rooms. Two reclining chairs sit in the middle of the room similar to ones found in a doctor's office. A thick white curtain hangs idly in the middle acting as a partition to the two chairs. Conner puts her on one of the empty chairs. Caitlyn waits worriedly on the other side of the chair. The others stand near the doorway try to avoid getting in the way. "Call the doctor! Let's get…" Conner's voice trails out as he and everyone in the room gets a blank look in their eye. Everyone disperses leaving the room. Conner being the last one out quietly shuts the door.

The curtain draws to the side revealing a girl of 15. She wears thick navy blue vest and thick navy blue pants over a black skin tight body suit and wears a navy blue top hat. Her hair is short and a deep black extending just below her chin except for a small sky blue colored ponytail extending to her shoulders on her left side. Her eyes are an uncommon light gray color. Her body and limbs are fairly petite and her height barely reaches five feet. She approaches Rose and strokes Rose's cheek with the back of her index finger. "Looks like I'm not too late. But this room is too small to use." She snaps her finger and the two of them disappear from the room, reappearing in Conner's bedroom. "We won't be disturbed here and this bed will definitely work better."

The girl puts her hand on Rose's forehead and removes it after a few moments. She waves her hand causing Rose's clothes to disappear and various pieces of cloth also appear tightly strapping the naked Rose down to the bed. Rose's arms, legs, stomach, head and chin are completely bound by the cloth. "Sorry. I have to focus, so I have to do things the old fashioned way." The girl sticks a cloth into Rose's mouth gagging her. "Now then." The girl pulls out a large crystal cut into the shape of a diamond with the pointed end downward and places it directly over Rose's heart. She begins pushing on the crystal stabbing it into Rose's body.

Rose convulses from the action letting out a muffled scream. Rose continues to remains unconscious as the girl continues to stab the crystal deeper into her body. Rose's body tries to thrash from the pain, but the tight bindings continue to hold her down fast onto the bed preventing the slightest movement. The crystal continues to push further into Rose's body, but does not puncture her skin causing her to bleed. Instead the crystal slowly is absorbed into her body slowly sinking into her skin. After an excruciating hour, the crystal is completely absorbed into Rose's body. Rose's body is covered in a thick layer of sweat completely drenching the sheets around her.

"As expected, one isn't enough." The girl pulls out a second crystal that is unrefined and covered in rough edges. She places it over Rose's head and pushes it into Rose's body. Rose continues to unconsciously struggle and scream at the girl's actions. The girl continues to ignore Rose's resistance completely focused on pushing the crystals into her body. After some time, the crystal is  completely absorbed into Rose's head.

"Almost done, now for the most painful one." She sprinkles crystal shards over every inch of Rose's body. The girl uses her arms to press down on Rose's heart and stomach as the shards slowly sink into Rose's body. Rose thrashes even harder than before. The entire bed is drenched in Rose's sweat after all of the shards are absorbed into her body. The girl wipes the sweat from her forehead. She waves her head removing all the sheets binding Rose. She mutters something under her breath and places her left hand over Rose's heart. For a brief moment, Rose's body glows a bright white before dimming and disappearing. "Finally done." Her pocket vibrates and she answers her cell phone. "Yes. Yes. I'm done. I've contained the situation. No I couldn't bring her back to normal. Yes, I know. Understood, I'll head back immediately." The girl closes her phone. "Goood luck." She waves goodbye to Rose and turns away disappearing from the room.

Rose wakes up shortly afterwards. "Ugh. My  head is pounding." She rubs her forehead with her right hand. She registers the wet feeling on her skin. "I'm on the bed right?" Rose turns her head to the side seeing the sheets and blanket and hearing the wet squish from her movements. She panics as she jumps off the bed, her leg slips and she lands on her bottom. "Ouch. Wait more importantly!" Rose stands up immediately and looks at the bed seeing the soaked sheets. "Oh my god! Please tell me I didn't wet the bed." She sees the clear stain and notices all the sweat on her body. She lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank god!" Rose pulls out all the wet sheets and wraps them in a ball before showering. "The bed's a little wet, but not horribly soaked."

After her shower, she picks up the bundled sheets. "Why was I even sleeping? What time is it?" Rose pales upon seeing the clock display 7:14pm. Rose runs downstairs and finds everyone eating dinner at the table. "I'm so sorry! I overslept!" Rose bows apologetically with the sheets still in hand.

"You don't have to panic so much. It's not a big deal. Are you feeling better though?" Conner asks. Rose tilts her head in confusion.

"You weren't feeling well, so you went back to bed. You shouldn't work yourself so hard if you're not doing well." Caitlyn explains.

"Sorry. I don't remember saying anything like that." Rose tilts her head in the other direction as she looks at the ceiling. "I remember breaking the sandbag. Mmm… but I can't remember anything after that."

"Are you still not feeling well? You should lay down if you aren't better yet." Samantha asks.

"I'm okay. I slept too long anyways." Rose replies.

"By the way, what's with the sheets?" Aurelia interrupts them.

"Ah. Sorry. They're soaked in my sweat. Not sure why I sweated that much, but I can't deny how wet these things are. I took them out to make sure the bed doesn't get soaked too." Rose answers holding out the sheets.

Samantha drops her fork and stands up. "You didn't have to do that. You could have just told us. Here I'll take them." Samantha grabs the bed sheets from Rose and goes to the laundry room. Aurelia stands up too.

"Thanks. I just wanted to help since I seem to cause a lot of problems." Rose replies taking her seat at the table.

Aurelia puts down a glass of water and some juice. She plates some of the food onto Rose's plate. "You shouldn't worry about such things. It's our job to care for Conner as well as you." Samantha also returns after starting the washing machine.

"I don't really mind either way, but I guess I wouldn't like it if I interfered with your job." Rose mutters as she drink the juice finishing the cup in one go. She takes a breath before finishing the water too.

"Fast!" Caitlyn comments.

"Do you want more?" Aurelia asks taking Rose's cups.

"Just water." Rose replies before fiercely eating her food at a quick pace.

"Calm down. There's plenty of food." Conner putting his hand on her shoulder.

Rose stops for a moment to reply. "Sorry. I'm so hungry. It feels like its been days since I last ate."

"It hasn't even been eight hours. You only missed lunch, so you can't possibly be that hungry." Caitlyn comments.

Rose laughs. "I wonder why."

After dinner, Conner makes Rose get into bed and rest. Rose reluctantly lays down and eventually falls asleep. Later that night, Rose suddenly wakes up. "Huh?" Rose looks around confused. She sees Conner still asleep and quietly slips off the bed and into the bathroom shutting the door behind her. "What's this feeling?" Rose grips her arms shaking. "I'm scared. No, I'm concerned. Why though?" Rose looks around the room. "I guess I should try and see why I'm feeling like this." Rose goes back into the bedroom and quietly changes her clothes. Rose slips out of the room and goes downstairs into the kitchen. "I guess I should ask someone to come with me." Rose glances at the clock. "2am…" Rose frowns at the time.

Morgan comes out of the laundry room. "Rose, what are you doing up?"

"Ah, perfect. Morgan, do you mean escorting me somewhere, right now?" Rose runs up to him and bows.

"Now? It can't wait until morning?" Morgan asks.

Rose shakes her head. "No, it has to be now."

"Okay. Where to?" Morgan responds.

"Um…That way towards the mansion." Rose points.

"Okay. Let's go." Morgan replies walking towards the basement stairs.

"Wait. I said I wanted to go in that direction, I don't know if it’s the mansion or not." Rose responds.

"Where do you even want to go?" Morgan asks.

Rose shrugs. "Not sure. I'm just curious about a weird feeling I have."

Morgan sighs. "Let's just go then."

"Wait. Dressed like that." Rose stops him before he reaches the front door.

"Why? What else do I need?" Morgan asks confused.

"A gun or some weapon that you normally carry." Rose answers seriously.

He stares at Rose's eyes and ends up sighing. "Fine. But if you're planning to steal something from Conner, I'm going stop you instead." He returns wearing his black suit.

"Sure." Rose smiles returning the joke. "If I do that, feel free to stop me." Morgan sighs as he heads upstairs. They leave the house and walk towards the mansion with Rose in the lead. Rose and Morgan enter through the back door. "Weird. The security system didn't turn on." Morgan comments.

"Maybe they turned it off for tonight." Rose comments.

"Do you know something?" Morgan asks.

"Maybe. No way to prove it. Just following my instinct anyways." Rose answers. She leads him down the first floor hallway and abruptly stops. "That room." Rose points at the room on her right.

"Let's go then." Morgan starts to walk by her, but Rose grabs his arm and pulls him away from the room.

"You can't feel it?" Rose asks making the two of them crouch on the ground.

"Feel what?"

"That going in there is dangerous." Rose whispers.

"That room is the library. There isn't anything dangerous about it." Morgan replies.

"But there's something valuable in there right?" Rose asks. Morgan reluctantly nods. "Then it's probably thieves."

"Nonsense. The security here is one of the best. People can't break in that easily." Morgan answers.

"But if they had inside help." Rose responds with a knowing tone in her voice. "Then they can get in easily."

"You're either very informed or very paranoid." Morgan states.

"I think five people are in there, all with guns." Rose stands up. "What do you want to do? I'm going in there regardless. Will you follow or maybe go in first?"

"Let's call for back up first." Morgan replies pulling out his phone.

Rose grabs his hand. "If they have inside help, wouldn't calling alert them?"

Morgan sighs. "Fine. I'll just leave Nathan a message. I'll go in first." Morgan responds taking out his gun. "Hopefully, no one is in there."

"Okay. Then take this." Rose responds slipping a clear card into Morgan's front coat pocket. "A gadget of mine. Full protection from bullets and everything up to getting hit by a speeding car." Rose rests her hand over his pocket. "But the time limit is two minutes. Longer than that and it will catch fire. I will follow two seconds after the first gun fire."

"Will this thing work?" Morgan looks at the card.

"I promise." Rose smiles.

"Impressive. To have so many of these."

"No. I only have that one. I'll rely on my other inventions." Rose shows him a bracelet. "Don't worry about me, just make sure you stay safe." Rose puts on some leather gloves.

"That's my line." Morgan responds. He stands in front of the door, while Rose presses herself against the wall. Morgan takes a deep breath before opening the door. He steps inside and flips on the light switch. The library is incredibly large with the walls covered in bookcases  over 14 feet tall reaching to the ceiling. Several sets of chairs surrounding a table are within the room. Desks are collected in the middle of the room and a few on each end of the room. Hanging lights brighten the room. Morgan sees five people in the room. Two of them dressed in suits, while three others are dressed completely in black wearing ski masks and armed with guns. Two in the far back right corner stand, one in the front left corner, and two directly in front of Morgan. All of them are around an opened safe stuffing the valuables into a bag.

"Shit. The head of security came." One of them yells. The five of them start opening fire on him. Morgan jumps to the right hiding behind a chair that is back to back with another chair.

"Shit. She was right." Morgan quickly looks at himself smiling at being completely unwounded.

As he tries to think about what to do, Rose rushes into the room and takes a quick glance at the room before diving behind a chair to the left swinging her left arm forward throwing a small metal ball before she drops out of sight. The gunfire stops momentarily upon seeing Rose. Rose yells. "Handle the two close to you! I can deal with the other three!"

"Are you crazy?! You want to deal with three people?!" Morgan yells back.

The thieves laugh. "Haha. What can a puny woman do?"

"You're the one that's crazy! I'm not handling three!" Rose yells back. The metal ball lands in the far corner and cracks open releasing a surge of electricity causing the two guys in the far corner to scream and pass out. "There's only one left for me." Rose responds charging at the lone guy on her end.

"Die bitch!" The guy fires at Rose. Rose pulls out a thick piece of metal around five feet long and releases it forming a large metal fan. She puts her hand on the center of the fan using her momentum to push it. The guy shows his surprise as a large metal wall charges at him. He dives to his left. Rose crashes the fan full force into the wall and uses the rebound to spin her body and charge at the guy again. He fires at Rose, but the bullet suddenly turns 100 degree downwards crashing into the floor. Rose smiles as she knocks his gun hand upwards and grabs his arm. Rose's smile turns evil as her bracelet lets loose a strong electric shock. The electricity leaves Rose unfazed, but caused the guy to scream and convulse eventually passing out.

Morgan laughs as he sees Rose charge at the guy and starts returning fire at the two men. The thieves return fire at Morgan, but the bullets crash into the barrier in front of him crushing the bullets. Morgan fires his gun through his barrier without problems. He hits the thieves in the shoulder causing them to drop their guns. He charges forward and punches the one of them in the stomach making him pass out. The other guy takes out a knife and tries to stab Morgan. Morgan moves forward. The knife hits the invisible barrier causing the knife to shatter. The thief stares wide eyed as Morgan connects a punch to his stomach.

Rose quickly dislocates the first guy's arms from the shoulder socket, from the elbow socket and the hand socket painlessly. She does the same to the leg, knee, and foot sockets. She rushes at the two guys she first electrocuted. The first guy she quickly dislocates, but the other one starts regaining consciousness. She grins evilly as she dislocates his limbs painfully making him pass out again. Rose rushes to where Morgan is. "Good job." She smiles before crouching down to dislocate the last two guy's limbs.

"Isn't that pretty painful? Do you need to go that far?" Morgan asks.

"I'm being nice and doing it in a painless way." Rose responds. "Besides, I doubt you have handcuffs for the five of them. Plus it's better to be thorough, so they don't try anything again."

"True." Morgan replies. He takes out the card and passes it to Rose. "Thanks. It helped a lot."

"No problem. And we finished before it burned out, so that's even better." Rose replies.

Nathan as well as four other men burst into the room. "Nobody move!" Nathan yells as they all point their guns at Morgan and Rose. Nathan puts his gun down upon seeing them. "What happened here?"

Rose stands up. "You're late to the party. We've already finished." She motions to the other three guys. "Also." Rose pulls out a hidden gun from her arm and fires it in Nathan's direction. The guys shut their eyes on instinct at the unexpected action. "You should be more careful."

Three of the guys with Nathan point their gun at Rose again. "What was that for?"

Rose drops the gun as she points at them. "Helping you." They look at the direction of her finger and see the fourth guy with Nathan. His hands are trembling. His handgun was knocked to the ground when Rose fired and hit his gun.

"Shit. How did you know?!" The guy yells.

"Bingo." Rose throws a metal ball that hits the guy and explodes on contact. Bundles of thick metal wires come out quickly binding around the guy. "You're desire to kill everyone is way too obvious." The other guys lower their guns. "That should be the last one. I hope."

"You mind explaining what's going on?" Nathan asks.

"We found thieves. We stopped them. They had inside help two there and that guy there." Rose responds pointing to the three thieves in suits.

"Rose found out about it somehow and convinced me to help stop them." Morgan adds.

"I see. Well let's get them prepared for the police to take them. And you can fill in all the little details." Nathan responds.

"How long will it take for the police to come here?" Rose asks suddenly.

"Half an hour. We'll take them to the guard station and keep them restrained until then." Morgan responds.

"Then before that. You mind leaving me alone with them for a while." The guys are stare at Rose. Rose smiles darkly. "This is a good chance for practicing torture skills. I can find out if there is any more inside help too." Rose turns around showing her bracelet. "Time to wake up!" She gives a strong electrical shock to the five unconscious guys shocking them awake.

"Um, is that wise?" One guy asks uneasily.

"Yes." Rose's smile becomes even darker. "I can let them see a bit of hell on Earth." Her comment and demeanor makes the men shiver in fear.

Nathan turns to leave. "Right. We'll leave it to you then." Nathan passes her some handcuffs for the six men and leave the room with the rest of the men.

"Will the master's woman really be okay be herself like that?" One of the men ask Nathan. A man's scream sounds from the library.

"Yeah. Looks like she'll handle it." Nathan responds. "We can leave the door open in case something happens." Screams and begs for mercy continually resound from the room. The guys wait uneasily listening to the constant screaming.

Conner and the others arrives several minutes later. "What's happened? I heard talks about gunfire."

Aurelia and Samantha hug their men asking them if they're okay. Nathan and Morgan fill them in on what happened. "And Rose?"

The guys point towards the library door. "Making them suffer." Nathan responds.

Conner and the girls open the door and walk into the library. Rose sees them. "Oh hi, what's wrong?" They see the six guys writhing in pain on the floor. Two of them frothing at the mouth with their eyes rolled back. They show an uneasy and awkward smile at the scene.

The four conscious men see Conner and the others and start to beg. "Help us please!" "She's crazy!" "Someone call her off!!"

Rose kicks one of the men on the sole of his foot forcefully reconnecting his ankle socket making him scream in pain. "Now that's harsh. You haven't told me everything, so it's only fair I know everything." She picks up one of the men near Conner and throws him near his unconscious comrades.

"We told you there's no one else. The driver probably ran away already since it's past the appointed time." One of the thieves scream.

"Um, Rose. I think that's enough. They seem to have regretted their actions." Conner tries to interrupt.

"If I let them off too easily, then they'll strike again." Rose replies cracking her knuckles.

"The police will be here soon though." Morgan comments.

"Ah right. I should stop soon." Rose replies. The conscious guys heave a sigh of relief. "Then five more minutes, I'll stop being nice and increase the techniques to increase the pain by five fold." The guys scream in response. "You shouldn't watch, this will be very extreme." Rose shoos them out of the room and shuts the door. Intense screams resound for the next five minutes. Rose opens the door and throws the six of them into the hallway. "Five minutes as promised."

The men are all conscious and trembling severely. Tears and snot run from their face. Their limb sockets are all placed back to normal and they are only bound by handcuffs. "I hope you didn't go too far." Nathan comments.

"Of course. I held back so that there isn't a single scar and didn't do anything that would make them stain their pants." Rose replies stretching as she lays against the library door.

"Looks like they're completely traumatized though." Caitlyn comments. Morgan, Nathan and some of the other men bring the thieves to their feet and start to take them away.

"Oh. Let me leave them with a parting remark." Rose interrupts smiling evilly. "Feel free to try again. Next time, I won't hold back. Everything I did today will seem like heaven compared to what I have planned for next time." The thieves start to cry as they're taken away.

"Were you serious about that?" Conner asks.

"I would love to attempt it." Rose sighs. "But if I push them to the point that they become vegetables, then it would cause problems for you. So I can't."

"That's scary." Samantha replies causing the others to nod.

"Let's get back to the house. We're not dressed for this." Aurelia comments. Everyone agrees.

Back at the house, Aurelia and Samantha prepare some coffee for everyone at the dinner table. Morgan and Nathan return shortly afterwards. "Good job." Samantha places some coffee for Nathan. Aurelia does the same for Morgan

"Thanks." Nathan drinks the coffee.

"Were there a lot of problems?" Aurelia asks.

"No. They admitted their crime easily and Rose didn't leave any marks so there were no problems." Morgan replies.

"Haha. Sorry. I got to excited about this rare chance to practice." Rose apologizes.

"What would you even use such skills for?" Caitlyn asks.

"Events like today." Rose quickly replies. Conner laughs awkwardly.

"Can you explain what you did to those guys?" Morgan asks.

"Ah. I dislocated all their arms and legs." Rose stands up and demonstrates with her own arm. "I studied a lot about the human body." Rose pops her arm back in. "I can do it painlessly and painfully. So I kept popping their limbs in and out in the most painful way. I made sure to hit their nerves to make it even more painful."

"And the electricity?" Morgan asks.

Rose shows her bracelet. "This? It can change gravity in front of me to make bullets miss me. It also releases electricity like a Taser. I controlled how the electricity went to shock them."

"Doesn't it shock you if you wear it like that?" Nathan asks.

Rose laughs dryly. "After a lot of adjustments from shocking myself, I completed the design for this one so that it doesn't shock me no matter what happens."

"What I want to know is why you knew about those thieves?" Conner asks.

"Ah that." Rose shrugs. "Instinct. I just went there based on instinct. I don't really have another way to explain it or know why."

"You're really one surprise after another." Caitlyn comments eliciting a nod from everyone else. "I have to ask though. Why would you charge in knowing those guys had guns? Weren't you scared?"

Rose smiles. "I have absolute confidence in my inventions."

Everyone except Conner snicker at this comment. Conner asks. "Is that honestly how you feel? You weren't scared at being shot at?"

"No." Rose responds clearly. "I have layers of methods to defend against guns and explosives, so I can charge in with the least amount of fear."

Conner sighs. "Then for my peace of mind please try to avoid being in such a situation. It's still late, so let's head back to bed."

"Okay. Good night." Everyone disperses for the night.


  1. You've done a great job so far! I've enjoyed the story up to this current despite any mixed feelings I have regarding the sex scenes. Mixed feelings aside, the story's been well written so far and I like the concept so I'll continue reading.

    Also, you play Ayakashi Ghost Guild too!? I just got back to playing recently since Zynga finally got their act together and fixed the issue where I couldn't log in using Facebook after getting a new phone.

    If you want to send a request, my nickname on there is Danté, just make sure to pick the one with the 4 star Divina Nyx as the main card.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The Purchase I have to rework a bit since the story is fairly flawed. Eventually I plan to work on it once I get the Cursed White Rose out of the way.

    Ayakashi Ghost Guild I used to play. But I made myself stop since I was spending too much to do well in events. That and other players attacked me so often that I'd pretty much be completely broke.