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Ch. 7 - Notices and Ultimatums

Sorry for the delays! Here's Chapter 7. I ended pushing back the next detailed sex scene to put in a random addition. I don't want to use too many sex scenes and make it boring, so apologies to those waiting for it. 

I might need to rethink this chapter a week deadline. I spent the last 7 days writing, and still barely make posting it before the weekend's over. I'm not sure what I plan to do yet. For now I'll relax and play games for today and tomorrow and get back to writing Tuesday. If I can make my Sunday deadline, I'll tell you. If not, I'll be sure to post it.

"Where is she? We need to get started." The third person complains.

"Patience. She'll be here soon." The sixth person replies.

"I'm back." The fifth person voices sounds as the door opens to the darkened room showing the young girl dressed in navy blue.

"About time." The third person complains.

"Let's get started then." The sixth person responds. A light turns on as they focus their gaze on the first person chained down to a chair. An older woman with brown hair with bright yellow eyes dressed in a black robe with a bright yellow trim. "You went ahead of our plans and jeopardized our precious subject's life."

"It was just a bit. She should be able to handle that much. You guys are overreacting." The first person pouts.

"No, it isn't. When I arrived, she was suffering from acute poisoning. She had too much exposure, a little longer and she would have been permanently damaged." The fifth person responds. The others glare at the first person.

"It's not my fault she's so weak." The first person complains looking away.

"It is. We haven't given her enough time to develop." The second person answers.

"For risking our operation, you will be banished from our group and be sealed to prevent further risks to our plan." The sixth person declares.

The first person pales. "You can't do that!! I'm necessary for the plan!!"

"Her skills should be more than sufficient to cover her part." The sixth person points to the fifth. "We have enough time to make sure she covers your part."

"Is that okay?" The fifth person asks. "We split the parts to reduce the risk of failure."

"I agree though. If we let her off, she might damage our precious material." The second person agrees.

"We'll just have to provide support to make sure everything goes well." The fourth person adds.

"Then everyone consents to the punishment?" The sixth person asks. The four of them agree.

"You bitches!! I'll make you pay for this!!" The first person yells. The sixth person snaps his fingers making the first person disappear returning the room to darkness.

"Now then, please report on how are precious specimen is doing." The sixth person says sitting down. The other three sit down as well while the blue haired girl remains standing.

"As I mentioned earlier, she suffered from poisoning because of excessive exposure to excessive magical energy. I arrived too late and it could no longer be extracted from her body, so I force fed her body some crystals to store the excess energy." The girl reports.

"That forces us to speed up our plan." The second person comments.

"There shouldn't be any problems, so long as we make sure her body meshes well with the crystals." The fourth person replies.

"True." The others agree.

"The problem is that we have to make sure that we inform her of  the changes that the crystals will do to her body. She's going to break down if she doesn't know about the adjustments." The fifth person comments.

"That's going to be a problem too. A logical type like her is going to be hard to convince." The third person sighs.

"I'll handle it. I was the one that forcibly changed her body." The fifth person volunteers.

"Okay. Do it in an indirect way first." The sixth person replies.

"Understood." The fifth person replies. Everyone in the room disappears except for the fourth and fifth. The fifth person sighs.

"Good job convincing them." The fourth person speaks up.

"Thanks. I'm glad they didn't try to fix things. So far things are going well." The fifth person replies. "Well I'm off to go tell her." 


Conner and Rose return to their room. He punishes her for the concern she caused him. Conner continues to attack her weak points as he thrusts into her body ravaging her throughout the night until they both fall asleep from exhaustion.


The splashing of water is heard all water. Moans and cries of pleasure resound throughout the room. Rose opens her eyes quickly upon realizing what those sounds are. In a pure white wall room, the entire room is filled with men and women engaged in a mass orgy. Her arms and legs are bound together with her legs further chained to the ground. Rose bites her lip looking around the room. "There isn't anyone I recognize from the mansion. Shit!"

The black haired, blue ponytail girl, the fifth person, walks up to Rose completely naked. "You're finally up." Her body frame is extremely petite. Her skin is extremely pale almost white in color. Her body resembles a young teenager still in the early stages of puberty. "That's not a very happy face."

"How can I be happy when I've been kidnapped?" Rose grumbles.

One of the men approaches her. "Don't say that. Join us. You'll enjoy it." He puts his hand on her shoulder. Rose trembles in disgust swinging both hands upward aiming to hit his testicles. Both of her arms pass through the man's body like air.

Rose shows her surprise as she brings her arms back towards her grabbing a chain link bracelet hidden in her hair. She grips it as she turns it on letting out an electrical shock to her immediate area. The electricity passes through the man, while the girl steps back dodging the electricity. Rose bites her lip as she turns a dial on the bracelet changing the settings to shock herself too. It shocks her, but passes harmlessly through the guy still holding onto her shoulder.

"There's no point in aiming at him. You can't do anything to him." The girl comments.

"Damn it." Rose directs at the girl instead.

The girl smiles and slaps the electricity knocking it away before it reaches her. Rose's hand drops in astonishment. "That's no good." She smiles. "You shouldn't rampage around in your own dream."

"Dream?" Rose asks.

"It didn't hurt right even though you attacked yourself?" The girl responds with a question.

"Then I just have to wake up." Rose responds.

The girl soundlessly approaches giving Rose a strong cuff to the head causing her head to almost slam into the ground. "Sorry. I can't allow that. I need you around. I wouldn't hijack your dream without a good reason."

"Hijack?" Rose stares at her. Her hands rest on her shoulder quietly trying to pull out something else from her hair.

"I've already confiscated everything else you have hidden. I'll keep interrupting you until you listen to what I have to say." The girl responds. "You wouldn't like it if you were in a coma forever right?" Rose's hands drop to the ground while she bites her lips in frustration. "Good. I'll let you go quietly, you just have to listen to my message." Rose glares at her. The girl snaps her fingers. "You should remember collapsing after your exercise right?"

Rose nods reluctantly surprised at the appearance of the sudden memory. "Good. I cleared out your memory because of the rule, but the situation changed so I need you to be able to cope. Questions?"

Rose shakes off her shock. "No. I doubt you would answer my questions as to why anyways."

"Correct." The girl smiles. "Now then, you developed some poisoning that advanced pretty far. That's why you collapsed. I fixed you up, so that you didn't die. However, your body is experiencing some changes because of the treatment. Now you can no longer eat normal food."

"My diet is going to change? To what?" Rose asks calmly.

"What do you think?" The girl spreads her hands out. "I went to the trouble of prepping this scenery, so I'm sure someone as smart as you can figure it out." Before Rose realized it, all the people in the room stand frozen in mid motion during their orgy.

Rose stares wide eyed at the girl. "You mean through sex?" The girl smiles keeping silent. Rose sighs. "I don't get it."

"Oh, I thought you would have figured it out by now." The girl replies surprised.

"No, why are you doing all this? I don't understand what merit there is in all of this?" Rose asks staring at her.

The girl walks up to Rose lifting Rose's chin up until they make eye contact. "Simple." The girl smiles. "You're important and need to be kept alive. That's why." The girl lets go of Rose's chin. "Now then…" The place begins to shake. "Looks like times up…" The girl claps her hands and the entire space blacks out.


Rose wakes up with a start. "What was that?" Rose rubs her face wiping out all the sweat built up on her face. "Ugh. What a way to wake up in the morning." She looks and notices Conner's no longer in bed. She glances at the clock and notices that breakfast should have started already. Rose takes a quick shower before getting dressed and heading downstairs. She sees everyone already at the table.

"Morning, sleepy head." Conner comments.

"Sorry." Rose smiles giving Conner a kiss.

Caitlyn scowls gritting her teeth. "Just keep those displays to yourself." She mutters to herself.

Rose looks at Caitlyn surprised. "That was pretty harsh. Are you not feeling well?" Rose feels Caitlyn's forehead.

Caitlyn knocks away Rose's hand. "I'm fine! Leave me alone!" Caitlyn turns away from Rose.

Rose grabs Caitlyn's face and brings it close enough for their noses to touch. "Not with that kind of attitude you're not. Tell me what's wrong."

"Calm down you two. No need to fight." Conner tries to mediate.

Caitlyn scowls glancing at him. Rose catches the movement and sighs. "Darn. I thought you accepted it since you've been so calm. No choice." Rose turns to Conner. "Master, what are you planning to do today?"

"Planning? I have work." Conner replies confused.

"Do you think you can skip? I think it's best if you're here, so that the three of us can work things out." Rose smiles pointing to Caitlyn.

"Wait. What are you saying?!" Caitlyn stands up yelling.

"No. You're obviously mad at both of us. So we need to work it out since ignoring it hasn't helped." Rose sternly replies.

"I have nothing to say! You two are the ones that are being so disgusting being all over each other like that! You're the ones that…" Caitlyn hysterically yells.

Rose interrupts her giving her a strong slap to Caitlyn's right cheek. The sound echoes through the room making the men wince at the sudden action. Caitlyn looks at Rose shocked and ready to cry. "You shouldn't say things you don't mean. No point waiting, let's start now." Rose grabs Caitlyn arm and holds it behind her forcing Caitlyn to walk. "Master, do you wish to be a part of this?"

"Yeah. Looks like I should." Conner gets up leaving the table. Rose forces Caitlyn upstairs and into Caitlyn's room. Rose lets Caitlyn go after Conner enters the room. Caitlyn sits on her bed, while Conner sits on the desk chair.  She locks the door and sits down on the floor in front of the door. Caitlyn's room is completely devoid of personal belongings. The bed sits on the left side of the room with the desk at the bottom left corner nearby the door and a bookshelf rests on the wall directly across from the bed. The floor is covered in a lush carpet. The sliding closet doors are directly across from the door with a vanity mirror stand next to the closet and the nearby window. The green striped bed sheets are slightly ruffled from use and the closet is left open with only a few pieces of clothing hanging. The rest is completely bare of any personal belongings.

"Then let's start." Rose declares.

"I told you I don't have anything to say!" Caitlyn says turning her head away.

Rose sighs. "Then I'll start." Rose kneels on all fours. "I'm very sorry that I've caused you such hell."

"What?! Why are you?!" Caitlyn whips her head back looking at her shocked. Conner simply watches the argument unsure of what to do.

"It's all my fault your in this odd situation. " Rose continues.

Caitlyn stands up. "I told you it's not your fault!! I'm not even mad at you, so why are you even acting like this?!"

Rose stands up. "You have to hate me at least a little bit! Even if I was barely able to provide you with a safe place, your life was thrown upside down because you came in contact with me."

"I don't hate you!" Caitlyn yells. "I don't have to run anymore because of you. I've actually slept well the last few days. That's because of you. How can I hate you!"

"Then you hate that I'm Master's toy then." Rose changes the subject. Conner looks up surprised at suddenly being dragged into the argument.

Caitlyn blushes furiously. "How can I not hate him?! He's a man! They're the ones causing so much hell for us!"

"Hey, wait a second." Conner tries to interrupt, but is ignored.

"You say you hate him, but you've been able to rest because of him." Rose replies.

"Uh…uuu…" Caitlyn tries to respond, but only makes a few sounds. She finds a retort glaring at Rose. "You don't understand!!"

There is a knock on the door. "I brought something to drink." Samantha says nonchalantly. Rose opens the door letting her in. Samantha comes in with the cups and Aurelia follows with the pitcher of iced tea. "We thought you'd be thirsty with all the screaming."

"Thank you." The three of them reply.

Rose drinks the tea quickly and puts the glass down before turning to Caitlyn. "What don't I understand then?! I won't know if you don't tell me, I'm not a mind reader."

Caitlyn averts her gaze blushing. "That's…"

Rose stares at her. "It's that then?" Caitlyn looks at Rose shocked as her face immediately turns to a bright cherry red.

"Yep. It's that." Samantha replies.

"Definitely that." Aurelia agrees.

Rose sighs. "I was hoping I was wrong. Especially with circumstances."

"Well since Caitlyn's such a big man hater, that would be normal right?" Samantha replies knowingly. Rose sighs again.

"Um…What is that? I have no idea what's happening?" Conner interrupts them. Caitlyn loses her blush as she glares hatefully at Conner. Samantha and Aurelia also glare at him. "Sorry. Was it something I said?" Conner asks frightened.

"You don't need to know!" Caitlyn declares angrily.

"Conner, you should leave." Samantha sternly answers.

"You're in the way." Aurelia adds.

"Sorry. I misread the reason." Rose grabs Conner's arm and guides him to the door. "Just go to work, so we can work this out easier." Conner stares astonished at Rose unable to keep up with the situation. Rose shuts the door locking Conner out. Rose waits until Conner is gone before turning around. "So it's really that you have romantic feelings for me." Caitlyn avoids eye contact blushing fiercely. "You're blushing pretty hard. I guess I'm right. I was hoping that I just made a mistake."

"I'm surprised you noticed. If you were originally a guy, they would miss it since she was working on hiding it." Samantha comments. The four of them sit in a circle with Caitlyn staying on the bed and the others sitting on the floor around her.

"Ah. To stay safe, I have to be prepared for anything so I think of different possibilities for everything." Rose replies. "It was pretty obvious how Caitlyn was acting." Caitlyn blushes fiercely once again. "I was pretending not to notice because I thought that I was mistaken. Especially since I'm a woman now."

"It's because you're a woman now." Caitlyn finally speaks up. "I thought you were a good person since you didn't reveal me to those thugs. I wanted to protect you once you became like that. My feelings have been all jumbled since I met you. I only recently figured out that I like you."

"Then I'll be frank. I belong to Master, so I can't return your feelings. I've…" Rose blushes furiously. "I've gotten accustomed to being a woman and belonging to Conner. It isn't possible for me to ever return to my previous life..."

"I know that!!" Caitlyn yells. "I can tell that much just by looking at you two!!"

"Sorry." Rose replies.

Caitlyn starts to cry. She begins to sob as she wipes her face. Samantha holds Caitlyn to her chest. Caitlyn's sob develops into a wait as she starts crying with all her might into Samantha's chest. Aurelia drinks tea calmly waiting, while Rose cringes tensely sitting unable to look at Caitlyn. After some time, Caitlyn calms down after crying herself out.

Rose passes her a cup of iced tea. "Do you mind if I ask then? Why you were so angry today?"

Caitlyn picks up the cup and drains most of the tea. "I had a dream…about my past. Being raped… living in the streets… doing everything I could to survive… A lot of things came up that I don't want to remember about. That's why I was irritated." The three of them don't respond. They all sit still with their eyes closed as they recollect their past. "You don't have to worry about it. I've woken up now. I'll... be more careful about my attitude."

"Mmm. That we should probably head down." Rose's stomach growls.

"That's true. You haven't eaten yet." Samantha giggles.

The four of them stand up, but Rose falters and falls back to the ground kneeling on one knee. Rose starts to pant heavily. "Rose, are you okay?!" Caitlyn supports Rose.

"Maybe not." Rose pants.

"We'll call the guys. You just…" Samantha starts to leave when Rose's stomach growls heavily. The tension quickly leaves the room. Everyone except for Rose sighs. "Don't scare us like that!" Aurelia picks up the pitcher and cups.

"If you were that hungry, you should have eaten something first." Caitlyn scolds Rose.

"We'll get some food.  Wait here." Samantha starts walking towards the door.

"Ah! Wait." Aurelia calls out to Samantha.

Samantha starts to turn her head towards Aurelia as she's walking and crashes. She falls to the ground. Samantha rubs her bottom as she looks up and sees a woman standing in the doorway. The woman is quiet tall reaching almost six feet. The muscles on her arms and legs are quiet toned. She has flame red hair and eyes. She wears a bright red soldier's uniform (coat, pants, and boots) that is visibly destroyed in some parts revealing a hard leather type armor underneath. The armor points out in front of her chest area covering that portion of her body. Her face has a large scar around the vicinity of her right eye. On her back sits a large claymore sword with a blade spanning one and a half feet wide.

"I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention." Samantha apologizes.

The woman enters the room. "That's no good, you idiot. What are you doing? Solara told you about the changes. I'm not going to let you die for such a stupid reason."

"What Solara?" "What are you talking about?" Caitlyn and Samantha asks.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" Aurelia asks.

Rose steadies herself as she simply looks at the newcomer. The girls look at Rose's lack of a response.

"Solara told you already right? You have to deal with the adjustments on your body or you'll starve. She went through the trouble of taking over your dream." The woman continues to talk ignoring the others. The girls talk to themselves trying to understand the conversation.

"I remember. It's been so hectic that I haven't thought about if that was real or just my imagination." Rose responds tensely.

"Then why haven't you had sex with anyone?" The woman asks annoyed. "I'll even give you the chance to use my wonderful body."

"Rose, what is…?" Caitlyn starts to ask. Samantha and Aurelia also stare at Rose.

"Shh... Not now. Too dangerous." Rose whispers to them. She looks at the woman. "I refuse! I'm not going to take advantage of just anyone to keep myself alive."

The woman becomes visibly annoyed. "Then that girl there. I heard all of your conversation. You can return that girl's feeling." She points at Caitlyn. "Take advantage of her. She likes you anyways. What better option is there?"

"That's even worse! I'd just be playing with her feelings that way!" Rose yells out. The woman disappears from their sight. Rose turns around on instinct and sees the woman behind her. The woman grabs Rose's right shoulder and slams her body downward. The impact gives an incredible sound as the entire room shakes. As the room stops shaking a small thud is heard. They look towards the sound to see Rose's arm sitting on the floor blood dripping onto the carpet. Their attention snaps back to Rose, vigorous bleeding without her right arm amidst the cracked floor.

"You're really annoying." The woman mutters. The woman throws Rose to the side slamming her into the wall causing it to crack significantly. Blood drips from Rose's right eye and the top of her head as she coughs up some blood from her mouth. Her right shoulder continues to gush out blood. The girls remain where they are unable to keep up with the situation and trembling from the sudden destruction. The woman picks up Rose by the throat with one hand. Rose tries to move her left hand, but can't exert the strength to do so. The woman kisses Rose strongly. The woman ends the kiss and drops Rose to the ground. Rose coughs more blood as she tries to stand up. "Do something about those damn morals before this happens again. You're my prey. I won't allow you to die that easily." The woman complains as she starts to walk out of the room.

"Wait!" Caitlyn calls out. The woman stops walking and turns her head towards Caitlyn. Caitlyn freezes up, but tries to gather her courage.

"Caitlyn… Don't…" Rose struggles to talk as more blood comes out.

"Ummm….Aa…" Caitlyn stutters unsure of what to do.

"Who are you?" Aurelia interrupts.

"Xa." The woman responds. Xa disappears before she reaches the doorway. The girls breathe a sigh of relief as the tension in the room drops.

Lewis, Nathan, and Morgan rush into the room. "What happened?!" Nathan yells.

"A woman broke in. She started talking about weird stuff. Rose got smashed in." Samantha starts to babble as she tries to recount things.

"More importantly, Rose needs treatment." Aurelia interrupts resting her hand on Samantha's shoulder calming her down.

They all turn towards Rose and find her resting against the wall completely unhurt. The girls' eyes widen at this unexpected turn of events. The walls and floors are unmarred. The only remaining proof of the event is the stains of blood across the carpet floor. "I know you were arguing, but you didn't have to spill blood." Lewis replies taking a closer look at a pool of blood.

"No! We didn't do that!" Caitlyn recounts the events for them.

"We should look for her then." Morgan replies.

"How did she get past security? This is the second time." Nathan comments annoyed. The two of them walk towards the door.

"Don't." Rose coughs trying to clear her throat. "Leave it alone."

"What are you saying? Look at all this blood! How can we leave it alone?" Nathan replies.

"Because you'll die." Rose answers quickly. Her serious tone silences the entire room. "She's probably a hundred times stronger than me physically. She was holding back her strength significantly. I doubt the entire staff could deal with her even all together. So just leave it alone. I'm in pain, but I'm not dying. So let's just drop it."

"But…" Caitlyn protests, but is unable to find a counter argument.

"Rose, do you know who that was?" Aurelia asks.

"Not really. I had a weird dream where some strange girl talked with me. That woman was most likely a friend of that girl. I don't have enough information about what they want though." Rose responds breathing quickly.

"Wait! Before that are you okay?! You were so beat up earlier." Samantha interrupts.

"Don't know. I don't feel like I'm bleeding anymore. My body is still throbbing though." Rose answers breathing heavily.

"Let's call a doctor and get you checked out." Lewis comments.

"There's a better way." Rose stops him. "I have supplies to check my condition after situations like this. In Conner's room, the desk, the bottom right set of drawers, inside is a silver attaché case. Please bring that here. I don't think I should move around yet." Morgan nods and leaves the room.

"Are you sure you don't want a doctor?" Lewis asks.

"I'm sure. I'm used to situations like this. I can check out my condition a lot faster than any doctor can. Plus trying to explain things to him will be problematic." Rose replies.

"Aaaahhh…" The others answer in unison trying to imagine how they would explain things to a third party.

"I'm glad you're okay. I was worried." Caitlyn says as she starts to tear up. She goes to hug Rose, but stops herself remembering Rose is still hurt. Morgan returns and puts the attaché case next to Rose.

Rose uses her left hand to dial in the lock combination and pops the case open. On the bottom half of the case, three devices sit, each a different color. Blue, red, and white in order from smallest to largest respectively. Rose pulls out the white device with her left hand and pulls the case closer to her to access the top half of the case. Sealed and sterilized double ended tubes and syringes of various sizes sit in the case each with an electrical port connected to each item. Gauzes, patches, and bandages sit in a small first aid kit on the side.  "Ah." Rose picks up a small bag with a small hypodermic needle with a sealed test tube inside with a wire connected to an electrical port. "Anyone experienced with using a needle? It's impossible for me to do it myself right now." Rose tries to raise her right hand, but it vibrates significantly after leaving the ground.

"I'll do it." Aurelia volunteers. She opens the bag and sets the needle against Rose's arm. "Just draw out some blood."

Rose nods. "Three-fourths of the way should be enough." Aurelia sticks the needle in and draws the blood before pulling the needle out.

"Now what?" Aurelia asks.

Rose motions towards the first aid kit. "The top left gauze set." Aurelia opens the box and pulls out a gauze with two wires connected to it and electrical ports on the other end. "Right. Use that over the needle wound and some of the tape to hold it." Aurelia follows Rose directions. "Hand the needle to me please."

Rose takes the needle and removes the test tube from it. She takes the other end of the port and connects it to the device on the left side. She does the same with the connected gauze connecting it to the terminal on the right side. Rose turns on the device. Rose hands Aurelia the rest of the needle. "Place that in the opened bag. I'll clean and sterilize later." Rose manipulates the controls of the device causing it to display a large amount of scrolling data. Rose stares at the information while the others turn their heads away. The device gives a beep causing the others to look at Rose.

Rose scrolls through the result. "No bleeding, internal or external. No concussion. No signs of any damage. The soreness is pretty short lived too. How strange."

"Rose, are you sure all that is accurate?" Caitlyn asks.

"Very." Rose answers immediately. "I made sure that they are 100% accurate in case I ever have serious injuries. It works for other people too." Rose disconnects the white terminal and connects it to the small blue terminal. She uses the armband to hang it on her arm.

"Hi! Sorry, for the trouble Xa caused." A voice rings in Rose's head. "This is a private channel, so no one else can hear me. I fixed up your body, so you should be okay now. Bye!" Solara's voice disappears before Rose can think of a way to respond.

Rose sighs and tries pushing herself to her feet. She stands up shakily. The girls rush to Rose. "Wait. Don't stand up yet!" Caitlyn tries to stop Rose.

Rose finishes standing. "I'm okay." She exhales as she tries moving her limbs. "Really, this situation is so crazy." She faces the guys. "Sorry for the trouble. For now let's just pretend this didn't happen. At least until dinner when Master gets back."

"Are you okay though?" Nathan asks.

"Yeah. Looks like they fixed up my body after beating it up." Rose replies. She bends over and shuts the case. "I'm going to find a spot outside to work."

"Uh…are you sure you don't want to stay in bed?" Samantha asks. Rose shakes her head.

"What about breakfast?" Aurelia interrupts.

"Ah." Rose stops to think. "Can you prep a sandwich? I'm fairly certain they weren't lying though since they went through all that trouble. That means food doesn't fill my stomach anymore."

"Then shouldn't you…?" Samantha starts to talk, but Rose glares at her.

"That's why I need to figure things out." Rose points at the blue device. "I don't want to just play along with their rules." Rose walks out of the room.

"Sigh. What do we do?" Samantha sighs.

"She's not going to stop. So Caitlyn." Aurelia looks at Caitlyn as she points out the door. "Watch over her in case she doesn't feel well."

"Sure." Caitlyn nods.

"Try to convince her about having sex too." Samantha adds. Caitlyn nods again.

"You two are serious about that?" Nathan asks.

"Rose believes it. For now we'll just go with it and see what happens." Samantha replies seriously. Caitlyn leaves the room while the others head downstairs.

Caitlyn finds Rose in Conner's room packing her backpack. "Ah Rose. Um…"

"You're probably coming with me right?" Rose responds before Caitlyn finishes. "I figured as much. I don't mind. If you want to come feel free. I have to do research, so you would probably be bored."

"I don't mind. I'm worried if you collapse by yourself." Caitlyn retorts.

Rose shrugs. "Suit yourself." Rose finishes packing and heads downstairs with Caitlyn in tow. She receives a lunch bag from Aurelia and they outside.

"Hey Rose. I have to ask. If you're going to work on the computer, wouldn't you be more comfortable in Conner's room or at a desk?" Caitlyn asks as they walk.

Rose shakes her head. "After that incident, I want to stay outside… Imagine for a moment if that woman comes back." Caitlyn shudders. Rose glances at Caitlyn before returning her view forward. "That wasn't my point. If she really tried to kill me. She was holding back her strength before. What about next time though? I'm almost certain that she could make the entire house collapse." Caitlyn pales at the thought. "I would hate it if the house crushed the others because of my involvement. Honestly, this scale is way too crazy."

Caitlyn doesn't respond pondering the magnitude of things. Rose continues walking until she reaches the back of the mansion. She stops when she sees two of the maids hanging laundry. They look like identical twins, both have short blonde hair that barely reaches their neck and blue eyes wearing the white and black maid uniform. The only difference is half a foot height difference between the two.

The shorter maid notices Rose. "Oh, Mistress."

Rose shudders. "Please don't call me Mistress. I find it disturbing."

"Then Madam?" The other maid suggests.

Rose scowls. "That's even worse. Just calling me Rose is fine. I don't need any special titles."

"Then Rose. What are you up to?" The first maid asks.

"Ah. I wanted to find a nice tree to sit under while I worked on some stuff." Rose responds looking around the property.

The maids pale. The taller one responds distraught. "We can't allow Rose to sit on the floor. Let's go get a table and chairs set up."

"Right. Let's go." The sister agrees.

"Wait, I don't need special treatment like a table." Rose yells at them as they run into the mansion.

"We can't allow that." "You're getting a table." The sisters yell back as they rush into the mansion. Rose face palms.

"This place can be so strange sometimes." Caitlyn comments.

A few minutes later, a table and chairs are set up in front of Rose. She sighs with no choice but to sit down. "Do you want anything?" The taller sister asks.

"No, I'm okay." Rose pulls out her computer and connects it to the terminal on her arm. She then pulls out the sandwich from the lunch bag. She starts typing with her left hand at a quick pace as she eats with her right hand.

"Wouldn't it be better to finish eating and work after?" Caitlyn comments sitting in the seat next to her. She waits for a response, but doesn't receive one. "Can't hear me huh?"

"Is she okay?" The shorter sister asks.

"Yeah. She's just focused." Caitlyn replies. "Come to think of it. What are your names? I'm Caitlyn."

"I'm Milena." The taller sister answers.

"Madeline. Nice to meet you." The shorter sister replies. "Oh. Also, we look alike, but we're not twins. Milena's my older sister."

"Wow. I didn't expect that. You look exactly like twins." Caitlyn responds. The sisters return to work, while Caitlyn watches Rose work. After some time, Caitlyn calls out to the girls. "By the way, where is the kitchen? I need something to drink."

"I'll go get something." Madeline responds.

"You don't have to. I'm just a maid like you two." Caitlyn replies.

"Not at all. I want to get it." Madeline smiles and heads inside. Milena finishes hanging the laundry during that time. Madeline returns with some lemonade and pours a glass for Caitlyn. "Will Rose want some?"

"Ah, she probably can't hear you." Caitlyn answers instead.

"I'll have some." Rose replies.

"Whoa." Caitlyn twitches at the unexpected response. "You were listening?"

"Yeah. I can't afford to zone out right now. I just didn't want to respond unless it was necessary." Rose answers stretching.

"Are you done then?" Caitlyn asks.

"Hardly." Rose shuts her laptop. "I'm taking a break. This type of thing is complicated because I don't have enough information."

"Don't work too hard. If you don't feel well you should lay down." Caitlyn replies.

"Is Rose not feeling well?" Madeline asks.

Rose glares at Caitlyn. "I'm fine. Caitlyn's just overly worried. I was just a bit shaky this morning. If I wasn't feeling well, I would have noticed already especially with this." Rose points to the device on her arm.

"What is that?" Milena asks.

"A scanner for medical purposes. If I wasn't feeling well, it tells me about what's wrong with my body and what I can do to fix it." Rose explains.

"How interesting." Madeline responds.

"Maddy. You haven't been feeling well recently right? Why not have Rose use that to check you out?" Milena suggests.

"Huh?! I can't do something like that! It's nothing special!" Madeline tries explaining to Rose. "I've just been feeling under the weather for a while. Please don't worry about it."

Rose raises her eyebrow hearing this. "That's fine. It would be good practice for me. Sit down." Rose motions to the chairs across from them. Madeline and Milena both sit down at the table. Madeline shows a visibly uneasy face. "Tell me about your symptoms while I set things up." Rose starts digging through her bag.

"You don't have to do this. It's not a big thing." Madeline tries to protest.

Rose stops pulling items out of her bag. "It's fine. It looks interesting, so I want to do it. But I should probably ask. Wouldn't asking a professional doctor be more reliable?"

"No way! I'm not going to offer up my body to a doctor as payment." Madeline retorts.

"I would never allow it either. That's why we're stuck in this situation." Milena turns to Madeline. "This is our best chance for you to get checked out, so resign yourself!"

"Mmmm." Madeline frowns, but doesn't argue back.

"Right now she's been suffering from pain in her chest area, especially her breasts. She's been getting a lot of fevers too. She's almost spending the same amount of time sick in bed as she is out of bed." Milena answers.

"I see." Rose sets up the white scanner and connects the tubing to it. "I'm going to pull some blood." Madeline reluctantly offers her arm. Rose draws some blood before covering the wound with the wired gauze. Rose sits down as she finishes setting up the white scanner. She quietly watches the data flow by.

"Well?" Milena urges.

"I'm not done yet, but it looks like I have to deliver bad news. You have guys you belong to right? I recommend calling them so that they hear this." Rose replies without moving her eyes away from the screen. The sisters cringe at her response. Rose pulls out a notebook and begins writing something quickly.

"Rose, is a strange person, but very accurate. You should call them." Caitlyn informs them. Milena reluctantly calls their men.

Rose blinks and stands up. "I'm going to check you out too." Rose pulls out a new syringe and draws some blood. She disconnects the blue scanner on her arm and connects it to the test tube holding Milena's blood.

Two men arrive shortly afterwards. One dressed as a gardener in a long white T-shirt, blue overalls and a straw sunhat. The other dressed as a mechanic in gray work overalls stained with oil  on his clothes and face. "What happened? You called us in such a rush." The mechanic asks.

"Ah, Gary." Milena responds. She goes over a gives him a kiss on the cheek. "We had Rose find out why Maddy's been so sick recently."

"That's unexpected." The gardener replies. "Will it be accurate though?"

"It looks like it." Madeline smiles uneasily. "I'm a bit worried about this bad news though."

"Don't worry, Max! It's for the best if she doesn't get sick anymore." Gary slaps Max the gardening on the back. The four of them sit down at the table.

Rose closes her laptop. "Then let's begin. I'll tell you about my diagnosis before moving on to other details. Any numbers I say are estimates and not one hundred percent determining. In regards to that, I'll start with the faster piece of news. Milena is perfectly healthy and has no problems."

"You got checked out too?" Gary asks her.

Milena nods. "Yeah. She asked for it after seeing Maddy's results."

"Then for Madeline's condition." Rose sighs and takes a deep breath. The four of them tense up at Rose's tone. "She has breast cancer." The four of them freeze up. The sister's cover their faces.

Milena starts to cry. "Oh my god."

Rose continues to talk. "The cancer has advanced through a lot of her body." Rose turns the notebook to them showing a detailed sketch of a woman's upper body. It also has a network of growth spreading from the breast to the area around the heart. "It's spread enough to the point that it's affecting the lungs and other organs. Normal breast cancer treatment would be to remove the breasts, but Madeline's cancer has spread too much, so it would still spread even if her breasts were to be removed. My estimate would be that she has two years to live with those last six months restrain to a bed living in constant pain." Rose continues to calmly explain things as the sisters hysterically cry while their men comfort them.

"Rose, you should cut the explanations short and explain how you're going to treat her." Caitlyn interrupts scolding Rose.

The girls immediately stop crying looking at Rose. They compose themselves before Milena speaks up. "You can treat Maddy?!"

Rose nods. "I wanted to explain everything first before discussing if you wanted me to be the one to treat her." Madeline and Milena sit back waiting. "Then I'll continue. I checked if Milena has the same problem, but she's perfectly fine like I said, so the cancer only exists in Madeline. As for treatment options. Physically removing it won't help in this case. Other options would be..."

"Chemotherapy right?" Max answers first.

"Right. But I quickly ruled out that option seeing Madeline's information." Rose points at her computer. "Based on what I saw. Madeline is someone that constantly gets sick catching colds, the flu, and other ailments. Am I correct?" Madeline blushes nodding. "Chemotherapy gets rid of cancer, but also weakens the body. Even if the cancer was cured, the chances are high that she'll die from catching a cold in her weakened state. So that option is out. That leaves medicine."

"There's no such thing as cancer medicine though." Gary retorts.

"Well the entire thing is pretty difficult because people's bodies react differently. I should be able to make it by tomorrow once I have the necessary supplies." Rose replies nonchalantly. They stare at her easygoing attitude.

"You can make such a thing?" Gary asks. Rose nods.

"Will it be safe though?" Max questions.

"I wouldn't give it to her unless I'm sure it's safe. Anyways, my treatment plan is split into two stages." Rose turns the page of her notebook. The same picture of the chest is shown, but only a small seed like object is shown. "Use one medicine to contain the cancer, and compress it so that it is easier to target. Then use another medicine to target that compressed cancer to destroy it from her body. That way it doesn't create problems and it's easier to deal with so that the cancer can't return." Rose stands up putting her leg onto the chair as she pulls up her dress.

Caitlyn stands up. "Rose, what are you doing?"

"Getting something." Rose pulls out a silver case bound to her upper leg. She opens it to show three tubes with three different colored liquids: red, blue, and yellow. She takes out the yellow tube and places it on the table. "This would be phase 1. Madeline drinks this and once I make the second medicine that should get rid of any cancer."

"It's that easy?" Milena asks unable to hold back her tears knowing that her sister can be saved.

"I would need to get some stands of her hair and other material to make the other medicine though." Rose holds down the medicine leaning towards them. "Take your time and think about what you want to do. If you don't trust my diagnosis, then we can leave things as is. I can't force you to do anything anyways." Rose sits down putting the tube back in the case sitting it in front of her.

"Will it really go so smoothly?" Madeline finally speaks up.

"Yeah. I've done a lot of work in medicine. I'm confident in my work." Rose flashes a smile as she opens her laptop and begins working again.

"The medicine isn't dangerous at all?" Max asks again.

"I'm sure. I would never give anything unsafe to someone asking for help." Rose pulls out the yellow vial again. "Because of the odd use for the first stage. This panacea will make you be unable to move for an hour while it works on the cancer, so it would best for you to be comfortable beforehand."

"What do you think Maddy?" Milena asks.

Madeline doesn't respond. "Don't worry about rushing. You can take your time to think about it." Rose replies.

"It's just I'm having trouble believing this. Everything's happening so fast. It seems a bit ridiculous when I think about it." Madeline replies holding her head. The guys and Milena nod their head.

Caitlyn laughs. They give her a strange look because of the unexpected laugh. "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be rude. This kind of situation is Rose's pace. The situation becomes completely ridiculous, but she deals with it so easily and as if it were completely normal. We've been seeing it a lot since we met her."

Aurelia and Samantha appear from the mansion. "There you all are. What are you doing out here?" Samantha calls out.

"I'm doing a health check for Madeline." Rose answers.

"That's good. She's been getting sick pretty often. Did you find anything?" Samantha replies.

Rose motions towards Madeline for her to tell them. "I have breast cancer." Madeline reluctantly answers.

Samantha gasps. "Oh no." She hugs Madeline.

Aurelia asks Rose with a frown. "Can you do anything Rose?"

Rose gives a brief glance at Aurelia before answering. "Yeah. I've told them my treatment plan. I'm just waiting for them to give me the okay. They're thinking over if they can believe my diagnosis."

Samantha stops hugging Madeline and looks at her seriously. "You should do it. If Rose says she can do it, then she can definitely do it." Aurelia nods at the statement.

"That's a fast response. You trust her that much?" Gary asks.

Samantha and Aurelia nod. "Sure. She's proven to be very skilled in a lot of things and is very honest." Samantha replies confidently.

"You heard about it didn't you? How she dealt with three of the thieves yesterday and tortured them? She knows what she's doing." Aurelia adds. The guys shiver at the comment.

Madeline takes a deep breath. "I'll do it. I don't want to keep getting sick."

"If she's prepared, then I'll support it." Max adds.

"Then you won't need a second opinion from someone then?" Rose replies. They nod. "Okay." Rose stands up and puts on some gloves. "I'll pluck some hairs first." Rose carefully plucks two strands of Madeline's hair with the root attached and drops it into a sterilized bottle. "Okay. Open your mouth." Madeline obediently opens her mouth. Rose opens up a bag with a sterilized cotton swab and obtains some cheek cells from her mouth before storing it in another sterilized container. Rose pulls out a sterilized sticky patch and places it on Madeline's arm before slowly peeling it off. "Okay. That should do it."

"Um…What was all that for?" Madeline questions Rose.

"Samples. To test and make sure the medicine I make doesn't end up creating any problems. I have to thoroughly go over what is safe and dangerous for your body." Rose replies. She stores the samples in her bag and hands the yellow medicine to Madeline. "You should lie down while you drink this."

"Let's bring a long chair then." Max replies as he and Gary goes and retrieves a long sun chair. They place it near the table and place a pillow down.. Madeline rests on the chair and leans upward as she drinks the medicine before laying down.

"I don't feel anything." Madeline comments as she looks at her body. "Eep!" She feels a strange tingling sensation in her skin.

"Something happen?" Max holding Madeline's hand.

"Just a weird feeling. I…" Madeline replies.

Rose pushes Madeline's head onto the pillow with her index finger. "Rest your head down." Madeline makes an uneasy face as the tingling sensation fills her chest. "By now you shouldn't be able to move anything from your neck down to your waist. What you're feeling is the medicine spread as it works on containing and compressing the cancerous parts. It's uncomfortable, but you'll have to endure it for the hour." Rose sits back down working on her laptop.

"Rose, shouldn't you be watching her if her condition changes?" Caitlyn asks.

"If it's visual, I'm sure one of you will notice it quickly. Madeline's still connected to the scanner, so I'm watching her internal health as I work." Rose replies hammering away at the keyboard.

Aurelia and Samantha takes the drinks and goes back inside to bring a fresh batch. Gary and Milena holding one another while they watch over Madeline. Max holds Madeline's hand as he watches over her. Caitlyn also watches Madeline as she occasionally glances over at Rose.

Right before an hour passes, Rose stands up and removes the wired patch from Madeline's arm. "Looks like it went well."

Madeline sits up and stretches. "I can finally move!"

Milena hugs her. "I'm glad you're alright." The men hug the sisters in a large group hug.

"Then tomorrow I'll give you the medicine to remove the cancer from her body." Rose smiles returning to her laptop.

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