Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ch. 9 - Rage

Here's chapter 9. I've been anticipating writing this chapter so much that I might have inadvertently skimped on the quality in places I didn't notice during my editing. I still hope you can enjoy it though.

Right now is the end of the business quarter, so things are kind of hectic at work. If I get called in to work on Saturday, it will be harder for me to make it in time to release chapter 10 in two weeks. I'll give it my best shot, if I can't it will have to wait. I won't post another delays post, so this will be the only notice.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ch. 8 - Information

Hi! Here's Chapter 8. Besides the delay, I have other things to apologize for. I ended up reverting to the original style of writing sex scenes so it's less interesting. I don't want to commit the time to rewriting the whole thing right now. I also forcefully ended the chapter because I wanted to finish up the sex scene and more on to the following chapters. There's a battle scene I've been eagerly anticipating. I promise I'll come back and clean up the ending when I get the chance.

Good news, I decided to name all six of the hidden people instead of waiting for them to introduce themselves. It's in the chapter, so enjoy!