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Ch. 8 - Information

Hi! Here's Chapter 8. Besides the delay, I have other things to apologize for. I ended up reverting to the original style of writing sex scenes so it's less interesting. I don't want to commit the time to rewriting the whole thing right now. I also forcefully ended the chapter because I wanted to finish up the sex scene and more on to the following chapters. There's a battle scene I've been eagerly anticipating. I promise I'll come back and clean up the ending when I get the chance.

Good news, I decided to name all six of the hidden people instead of waiting for them to introduce themselves. It's in the chapter, so enjoy!


"What the hell was that?!" Solara yells confronting Xa, while her arms grip Xa's shoulders. The two of them stand alone in a different darkened room. "You damn near killed her!!"

"I didn't. I properly held back. She still in tact and I fixed her up properly." Xa knocks Solara's hands away. "I'm not going to kill my first possible opponent in the longest time."

"Still. You didn't need to go that far." Solara retorts.

"Nevertheless, we must deal with the current situation." A voice replies behind them.

"Whoa!" The both of them cry out as they back away turning towards the voice. They see the sixth person standing there before them.

"At least make yourself noticed when you come into the room." Xa complains.

The sixth person smiles. "I did. You two were too focused on your argument. Focusing on the matter at hand, Xa, can you not wait until after our operation to fight our subject to your content?"

"That's impossible." Xa responds quickly. "You know as well as I do that it isn't an option."

"Understood. It cannot be helped then." The sixth person replies calmly. "We shall have to inform her of the dangers of being around Xa."

"Okay. I'll do it." Solara volunteers. "Is doing it directly this time fine? I do not think she'll heed my response through indirect methods."

"Fine. Doing in whatever way is best." The sixth person answers before leaving.

"I'm off then. Please refrain from being so destructive with her." Solara responds as she leaves the room.

"I can't wait." Xa smiles as she laughs to herself in the darkened room.


At dinner, everyone sits around the dinner table eating. "Did the software fix I did help?" Rose asks.

"Very. Things are going smoothly because of your help." Conner replies. "The software engineers were surprised when I told them derritrim did it. They wanted me to convince you to work for the company, so they could compete with you directly."

"Not happening." Rose raises her hand up sideways and waves it quickly. "I'm not interested in that type of work. Moreover, I'm a woman now. Normal work is impossible."

"I know. I told them that's impossible. They were very pretty persistent. You're pretty well respected among computer experts." Conner comments.

"Excuse me." Samantha interrupts. "I hate to interrupt the casual conversation you two are having, but we have important news to discuss."

"About Caitlyn's anger this morning?" Conner questions

"That's been resolved." Rose replies calmly eating her food.

Samantha, Caitlyn, and Aurelia recount the attack this morning leaving Conner shocked. "You're alright?" He asks Rose.

"As you can see." Rose replies quickly. "Don't worry. I'm fine. I've done extensive checks on my body."

Conner gets out of his chair and hugs Rose from behind. "I'm glad you're alright. I would hate to lose you."

Rose shows a flash of sadness because regaining her composure. She kisses him on the cheek. "I would hate to be separated from you too."

"Hey Rose, about what that Xa woman said." Caitlyn interrupts their lovey-dovey moment. "Do you think she was telling the truth about needing to have sex to keep yourself fed?"

Conner returns to his seat at the start of the serious conversation. Rose takes a glance at the blue scanner attached to her arm and sighs. "My guess… Probably an 85% chance she's telling the truth."

"Seriously?" Nathan comments.

"Mmm." Rose uses her fork to point at the scanner. "I've had this attached to me all day. I set it to make noise when I become full. Both at lunch and even now, it hasn't made the slightest beep to show that the food is filling my stomach. Master only just got back, so I haven't confirmed the sex angle yet. If that's the case, it makes things annoying."

"Then do you plan to have…" Samantha starts to ask.

"No!" Rose yells out before she finishes the question. "I really don't want to do such a thing. For now I want to figure out my situation and do what I can from there. I just..." Rose's voice trails off. She puts her fork and knife down and stands up. "Excuse me for a second."

"Where are you going?" Caitlyn and Conner ask.

Rose is stopped just before she reaches the doorway. "You don't have to run." Solara appears with her left arm reaching out behind her gripping onto Rose's shoulder. Solara is wearing a dark blue suit and pants.  "I'm not going to do anything. I'm just going to give you the information you need. Same as last time."

"Whoa!!" Everyone in the room except for Solara and Rose cry out and stand up. "Where did she come from?" The girls whisper amongst one another. Morgan and Nathan pull out their guns. "Freeze! Don't move!"

"Tch." Rose clicks her tongue and turns back around. She looks at Morgan and Nathan. "You should put your guns down. It isn't safe." Morgan and Nathan remain standing, while the others nervously sit down.

"But…" Nathan starts to protest.

"She's as dangerous as Xa, possibly more." Rose points at Solara. "It's best not to provoke her and make the situation worse."

"Don't put me in the same category as her. I'm not that destructive." Solara protests. She turns towards the others. "Don't worry.. I'm not planning to do anything. I just wanted to tell Rose what she needs to know…"

Rose uses the chance to pull a hidden katana from her hair. She quickly pulls it from its sheath and swings it upwards towards Solara's right flank. Solara moves her hand to the side and intercepts the blade. In the blink of an eye, the sound of metal breaking fills the room. Rose stands still in the swinging posture holding the hilt and a small portion of the katana. The rest of the blade sits stuck in the ground after Solara broke it off in an amazing speed. "Tch." Rose jumps back a step as she pulls out a metal knife hidden underneath her belt with her right hand. She throws it quickly at Solara's head, who merely tilts her head to the side to avoid it. The knife becomes stuck into the wall behind Solara. Rose continues swinging her right hand to the left pulling a vial out of her hair.

Solara sees the bottle and immediately disappears and reappears closing the distance between the two of them. She pins Rose to the wall. Her left arm pressed against her stomach. Her right hand gripping Rose's hand and the bottle. The hilt of the knife on the wall opens up soundlessly. It lets out a strong burst of electricity that targets Solara and Rose. The electricity crashes into some invisible wall before it can reach Solara. Instead of dispersing, the electricity collects over Solara's left shoulder. Rose watches wide eyed as she removes her arm from Rose's stomach and grabs the electricity crushing it out of existence. She whispers into Rose's ear. "How aggressive. You should calm down. If you keep going, I'm going to have to restrain you by force. I can't promise the others won't get caught up in it either."

Rose glances at the others, who have been staring in shock at the exchange between the two of them. "Tch. Fine. I won't attack anymore." Solara releases her grip on Rose. Rose glares at Solara before sighing and backing off. She returns to the table and sits down.

"Rose, are you okay?" Caitlyn whispers.

"Yeah. I'm aggravated that I can't do anything to turn the situation around though." Rose crosses her arms pouting.

"Doesn't that mean...?" Aurelia asks as her voice trails off unable to finish the question.

"Yes. We're at her mercy." Rose replies. The men gulp, while the girls tremble.

"You don't have to look at me like that. I told you I'm not planning to do anything." Solara protests putting her hands on her hips. "Can I get started now? I wasted enough time playing around."

"Playing around?" Rose grumbles. "Go ahead. I'm listening."

Solara begins her explanation. "Then I'll just review things from the top. Right now your body's been altered, so it requires you to have sex with other people to satisfy your hunger and function normally."

"Um… why is that?" Samantha nervously asks.

"Because she needs life energy from a living being. As a result, having sex is the easiest method for her. You can't get energy from the food you eat because it has long been dead. If you were eat an animal, while it was still raw and alive, then that would fill your stomach. But I can see from your face, then you would never resort to such an act." Solara continues talking as she stares at Rose.

"Of course! That kind of thing is horrible." Rose retorts.

"So then having sex would be the best choice. Plus if you let your hunger drop too far your survival instincts kick in and you'll rape the nearest person, man or woman." Rose scowls heavily at this comment, but Solara ignores her and continues speaking. "There is a secondary method to delay how often you need to feed, but you're not skilled enough to perform such a feat yet. Also, it does not change the fact then you need to feed on a normal cycle."

"And that other method would be?" Rose asks.

Solara smiles at Rose. "That's for you to find out. Let's see have I covered what I needed to for the review. Oh yes! In your current state, you'll need a lot of energy for this initial fill up. Frankly, it's impossible for one person to sate your hunger to the necessary levels."

"Geh." Rose makes uncomfortable groan.

"Or it would be better to say that trying to fill yourself only on Conner's energy would only end up killing him before you're completely satisfied." Solara points at Conner. Rose shows an extremely uncomfortable smile. "So please deal with any reservations you might still have. Questions?"

Rose rubs her forehand with both hands feeling completely frustrated. "If someone else has a question, please ask them first. I need some time to process all this."

"Sorry, are you serious about all this?" Nathan asks. "It feels like one big hoax."

"Whether you believe it is a hoax or not is completely your choice. Regardless, Rose is completely accepting of the situation. Furthermore, if she dies from her new condition, I doubt anyone would laugh and find it funny." Solara replies seriously.

Rose stands up suddenly. "You told me you're the one that altered my body. So that means you can change it back to normal right?"

"Impossible. The crystals in your body are mixed so deeply that removal is impossible." Solara immediately rejects Rose's claim.

"There has to be a way!" Rose bangs on the table causing all the plates to clatter about.

"Nope." Solara replies immediately.

"Damn it!" Rose starts to walk towards Solara. An electrical pulse courses through Rose's body causing her movements to freeze up as she looks towards the ceiling in pain. The pulse ends and her legs buckle as she falls to her knees.

"Punishment for breaking your promise." Solara points to Rose's right hand at a marked piece of paper wrapped around her wrist. Rose tries to move her body, but is unable to even fully open her mouth. "You have electrical resistance, but an attack to your core is sure to disable you for the time being." Solara looks at the others. "You don't have to look so shocked. I'm just restraining her a bit, so we don't waste time fighting again."

Conner and Caitlyn restrain themselves and sit down afraid of making the situation worse and getting Rose hurt. Samantha raises her hand. "Umm… what is your goal? I don't get why you went through all of this trouble just to explain all of this to Rose." Samantha asks.

"It's the same as Xa. To keep her alive." Solara approaches Rose and tassels the hair on top of her head. "I need her alive, she's important."

"For what?" Aurelia asks.

"Sorry." Solara smiles. "Can't tell you that." Silence ensues for a few moment as they try to make sense of the situation.

"You're related to Xa right?" Caitlyn asks.

"Yes." Solara answers.

"Is it only the two of you or are there more people?" Caitlyn asks again.

"Ahh...  Should I answer that?" Solara tilts her head as she ponders the question. "Well why not? There are six of us in our group. Five, now that the first person has left." Solara raises her fingers in succession. "The former first person, Octavia. The second person, Alyssa. The third is Demia. The fourth is Xa. The fifth is me, Solara. The sixth and last person is Valeria. The order is just based on a random choice we made based on where our chairs were located at our meeting place."

"You're being really generous with the information this time." Rose comments finally starting regaining control of her body.

"Well last time my orders were to be indirect, but I wanted to be clear and understood too. This time I don't have such a restriction." Solara responds. Rose scoffs as she tries to move her hands and legs more.

"Um… Can you tell us about why Xa attacked Rose like that?" Samantha asks.

"That's actually the other reason why I came here." Solara replies. "I wanted to apologize for Xa's harsh actions. She got overexcited. Xa's actually anticipating Rose to become a strong fighter. She's a complete battle freak and desires nothing more than to have a death match with Rose when their skills are near equal."

"Fight? With her? I'm not that strong! Are you crazy?!" Rose argues at Solara's explanation.

"Of course not. You haven't even started to learn the slightest bit of magic since your body is only just starting to adjust to things." Solara replies giving Rose a poke on the forehead.

"Magic? Now's not the time to be making stupid jokes. There's…" Rose's voice trails off s she stares at Solara.

"Right? Doesn't it make sense if that's the case?" Solara replies knowingly.

Rose's eyes widen at the sudden response. "How did she know that? Is it really possible that she's reading my mind?"

"Yes. I am." Solara's voice resounds through Rose's head without actually leaving her mouth.

"I don't even get any privacy in my own mind huh?" Rose clicks her tongue in annoyance. "No point in trying attacks for the time being then." Rose pulls out a semi-spherical device. "Can I try and use this? Or will you interfere?"

Solara looks at it and smiles. "Go ahead. Gather as much information as you want. It'd be faster to ask though."

Rose places the device on the floor and activates it. "Words and proof are completely different. Especially in a situation like this. Perform P scan and E scan for the immediate vicinity." Rose shakily stands up and walks towards the wall. She pulls out a thin tube and sets up a projector screen. The scan results display on the screen. The results are split down the middle with a P and E on the bottom left respectively. The results show the boundaries of the room and circles for the position of each person in the room. Rose stares at the results and looks at Solara hatefully. "Oi, I have to ask. Did you kill someone to come here looking like this?"

"No, I didn't. That's a logical guess, but it's completely off." Solara smiles.

"Then it's yours?" Rose continues to ask.

"Artificial. So in a manner of speaking, Yes." Solara responds. Rose looks at her and sighs.

 "Um… Rose, can you fill us in? I can't follow the situation." Caitlyn interrupts. The others nodding at Caitlyn's comment.

"Right. I know. I was planning to in a moment." Rose points at the screen. "I scanned the room displaying the results of the people in this room. The P represents a physical scan for physical objects of a certain size, i.e. the human body. The E represents an electrical scan based on the electricity of the body's nerves to run the brain and heart. So as long as you have a beating heart, you'll show up on the E scan, while the P scan is more broad. Take and look at where this girl is?" Rose points to Solara and then to her position on the P scan.

"She's…" Smaantha starts to comment.

Rose continues talking. "She's not there right? That means she doesn't have a beating heart"

"But that would mean she's dead." Caitlyn replies. They all look at Solara surprised and confused.

"Hence, my earlier question. I immediately thought she killed someone and was controlling a dead body from afar using some type of trick. Her answer was no, so I'm still figuring out the reasoning." Rose replies pondering her own words.

"Can you trust her words though?" Morgan asks.

"Probably. She would have seriously hurt me already if my answer was correct." Rose nonchalantly replies.

"Ugh. It's one thing after another. I'm having a hard time keeping up." Samantha complains holding her head.

"A question." Caitlyn asks. "About Xa. You and everyone else in your group should be all very strong right? How come Xa doesn't try and fight any of you instead of targeting Rose, who isn't as strong as Xa?" Everyone looks at Caitlyn with a "Why didn't I think of that look?"

"Haha. Good question, but it's impossible." Solara laughs waving Caitlyn's question off. "Xa is a battle freak that loves direct fights that are up close and personal. The five of us are indirect types. We act as support fighting from the back away from the direct line of combat and using traps when enemies get too close. Even if Xa were to fight us and win, she wouldn't be satisfied. Rose is inexperienced in the field of magic, but she likes to charge in like a bull straight into the fray." Everyone nods enthusiastically making Rose face palm at their reaction.

"You don't have to agree that much!" Rose yells at them before turning to Solara. "Besides, I'm only a partial direct type. I rely on traps and deceit when I jump into a fight."

Solara replies quickly. "Better than one of us that never fights directly. Xa also uses strategy, so it's even that way. She's decided she wants to fight you and with that much anticipating bloodlust stopping her is impossible. Hence, there's no choice, but to inform you about this so you can begin your development to stave off Xa and satisfy her desire."

Rose shows a look of realization and looks at Solara. "And if I never develop magical skills, then there is no need for concern."

"Impossible. Even though Xa's desire to fight is a minus. We desire your development as much as she does. We'll force you to develop even if you do not wish to." Solara answers with an intimidating glare.

"You!!" Rose starts to move her arm, but immediately falls to her knees looking up at Solara.

"Let's make this clear. You will learn magic. That's non negotiable." Solara declares. Rose stares at her trying to move, but is unable to move any of her body. "And to demonstrate." Solara snaps her fingers causing Rose's eyes to glaze over. Solara removes one shoe and lifts her exposed left foot near Rose. "Lick it."

"Yes…" Rose replies blankly as she begins to enthusiastically lick Solara's foot clean. She gives no sign of protest or resistance.

"Hey, Rose! What are you…" Caitlyn yells at Rose and tries to stand up. "Huh? I can't move!" Caitlyn tries to move her body, but is unable to lift even a finger. Everything from the neck down stays completely still as if tightly bound to the chair.

"Us too!" Samantha cries out as everyone at the table tries to move their bodies.

Solara smiles at them and chuckles. "Of course, I was thorough enough to make sure you were all bound. This is a demonstration after all. Enough." Solara moves her foot away from Rose. Rose sits in her hands and knees eagerly anticipating her next order. Her drool slowly moves down her mouth dripping from her chin. "Tell me, what am I?"

"My master…" Rose answers.

"And you?" Solara continues.

Rose bows her head down to the ground. "I'm your lowly trash of a slave." Solara smiles as she snaps her fingers again. Rose's eyes regain their luster. Her head shoots as she looks at Solara. Rose remembers what she just did and jumps back distancing herself from Solara. Rose glares hatefully at Solara. "You're twisted."

"Well, I'm glad you understand the jist of things." Solara puts her show back on and walks out of the room immediately disappearing from the house.

"Hahh…" Rose lets out a deep sigh as she falls to her knees.

Caitlyn rushes to her side. "Rose, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. My pride really took a beating though." Rose replies. Conner crouches next to her. "I'm sorry that I did such a shameful thing in front of you."

He hugs Rose. "I'm just glad you're okay."

Rose composes herself and stands up. "I'm going to get some air. I need to clear my head after all that."

"Okay." Conner replies.

Rose leaves the house and climbs up a nearby tree. Tears form in the corner of her eyes. "What a mess I've gotten into." The tree branches rustle slightly making Rose compose herself. She glares at the tree branch before speaking. "You know if you follow me that much, it would be considered stalking."

"Oh, you noticed me. I'm impressed." A young girl walks on a tree branch towards Rose. Her light brown hair shines in the moonlight. Her appearance is that of a teenager that can barely be considered an adult. She wears a brown coat over a light green dress. The girl's frame seems extremely petite, but her presence exudes a significant amount of power. "Well that's to be expected since Solara explained everything to you."

Rose stares at her in shock. "I'm very sorry. I completely thought you were Solara following me around."

The girl leans close to Rose's face. "So you still can't differentiate between people yet? Well you just started, so I'll forgive you. I'm Alyssa. I'm number two in the group."

"Nice to meet you... Did you seriously assign yourself those numbers just because of the chair arrangement?" Rose asks.

"That was part of the reason. It's also based on how often we attended the meetings in reverse order." Alyssa replied.

"So that means you skipped a lot of meetings?" Rose asked.

"When I was too far from the meeting place, I was too lazy to rush back before it started." Alyssa replies. "You're taking our meeting a lot more calmly than I thought. I figured you would attack me like you did with Solara."

"I had enough beatings for the time being. I just want to process everything first." Rose sighs. "Can you leave me alone?"

"Sorry. I can't do that. One of us is always watching you anyways, so you'll have to get use to it." Rose frowns at her reply. "I can stay out of sight at least." Alyssa disappears in the blink of an eye.

"Hah." Rose sighs. She curls up in the fetal position and starts to sob. Tears stream down her face as she cries. She silently cries to avoid being heard. After crying herself out, Rose pulls out a water bottle and towel and cleans hers face before jumping from the tree and returning to the house. She walks in to see everyone talking in the living room. "What's going on?"

"Ah Rose." Samantha cries out. They all look at her in silence. Samantha pulls her into the room. "We talked a lot about what just happened."

"Ah I see... Sorry." Rose bows and apologizes to them.

"No. It's fine." Samantha replies. I didn't mean about that. The sex thing." Rose realizes where the conversation is turning and look at Caitlyn and Conner. They blush and avert their eyes. "We still find it hard to believe about the food thing, but it's better to go along with it since you believe it. So we're prepared that if you want to have…"

Rose claps her hands loudly interrupting Samantha's article. "Ok stop there. It's my turn to talk." Rose sighs. "I was wondering what the discussion was about. Look. Regardless of my condition, there's no need to go that far. I would find it horrible if I end up creating emotional turmoil if I sleep with anyone especially with you girls or your men." Rose points at Samantha and Aurelia. "I do have to take care of the current situation, so currently my plan is to just have sex with Master and Caitlyn. But first I have to hear what you two think about it?"

Caitlyn and Conner sigh. Caitlyn replies first. "I'm fine with. I've been prepared when I first heard about it. But…" She looks at Conner.

"I honestly am not to fond of the idea of sharing you." Conner replies. "But considering the alternative. I think I can accept sharing with Caitlyn." Caitlyn relaxes upon hearing his response. "But. Do you think just the two of us will be enough?"

Rose smiles. "I'll just have to work out the solution to keep things that way. Then we should get started before my body worsens." She pulls them from their seats and pushes them out of the room. "Oh yes. Sorry, Lewis. I can't seem to consider you a possibility of someone I would sleep with."

Lewis shows some surprise, but chuckles. "Don't worry. I was never a part of the conversation. My heart and body belongs to someone else."

"I see." Rose nods and heads upstairs. In Conner's room, Caitlyn sits on the bed feeling extremely uneasy. Rose opens one of the drawers of the desk and pulls out a metal case.

"How do you want to do this Rose?" Conner asks sitting on the other side of the bed from Caitlyn.

"Hmm. Separately, of course." Rose replies quickly. "I start with you, Master. Caitlyn will have to watch, but it should take longer for her to get prepared, so I think it would be okay. When you need a break, I'll switch to Caitlyn. I figured I would just move back and forth between the two of you until one of us hits our limit."

"Is that okay? To do it like that?" Conner asks skeptical.

"More of. I think it's the only choice. Caitlyn, you wouldn't want to have Conner touch you in a sexual way right?" Rose asks Caitlyn in turn.

Caitlyn shakes her head furiously. "No way!"

Rose opens the case and pulls out a vial. "Then for now this is the best method to go with." Rose closes the case and places it back in the drawer. She opens another drawer and pulls out an empty sealed vial. Rose opens both tubes and divides the contents in half.

"Rose, what have you been doing?" Caitlyn asks watching her work.

Rose walks over to them and smiles. "Here, energy drink. If I'm going to burn you out, then you're going to need it."

Conner takes the drink. "That's a confident thing to say after all the times we've had sex. You were always the first to pass out." Conner smiles evilly at Rose.

Rose mischievously returns the smile. "Oh, is that a challenge? I won't hold back."

"You were holding back? Hah!" Conner drinks the vial and gives it Rose. He starts stripping off his clothes. Caitlyn backs away in shock the sitting on desk chair.

Rose puts the vial on the desk before stripping off her own clothes and tossing them on the floor. Caitlyn stares dumbly at Rose seeing her naked body for the first time. She gulps and regains her senses. "Um Rose, what should I do?"

Rose stops approaching Conner. "Your call. You can strip and wait or if its too cold for you. You can just wait there and I'll strip you by force later." Rose smiles before returning her attention to Conner. Rose pushes Conner onto the bed and lays on top of him. "I'll lead okay? You'll waste less energy that way." She kisses him before pushing herself up and moving her body back. She sits with Conner's erect penis in front of her and grips it with one hand. "So tell me. Do you want foreplay or should we just skip it?"

"Foreplay? We've never even done much foreplay. Why now?" Conner replies eagerly anticipating the feeling of Rose's body.

Rose smiles. "Got it." Rose sets her vagina on top of his penis and plunges it straight into her body. Rose trembles as she grips the bed sheets holding back her orgasm.

Conner smiles at her as he sits up. "Hehe. All that big talk doesn't change the fact that you're sensitive." He kisses her before moving his hips.

Rose returns the kiss as her grip tightens on the sheets. Her arms shake heavily as she tries to hold back her orgasm. The heat from Conner's penis encompasses her thoughts. She pushes the thoughts aside as she tightens the grip on the sheets. Rose focuses completely on his penis as she contracts her vagina tightening the grip around his penis. Rose moves her hips in turn with Conner's.

Conner feels the strain on his penis. "Not fair." The feeling of her vagina completely wraps tightly around his penis. The pleasure he feels is much greater than before. He continues to move his hips thrusting into her trying to hold back his own orgasm.

"I can't anymore!" Rose releases the grip on the sheets as she grips his back. The feeling of her orgasm bursts and spreads through her body. She grips tightly to his back as she cries out. "Ahh!" 

The pressure on Conner's penis increases even more with Rose's orgasm. He loses control of himself as he grips Rose's hips and begins thrusting even harder while he moves her body up and down.

Caitlyn watches from the side with her mouth hanging open. She covers her eyes with her hands, but her curiosity gets the better of her as she peeks through the gaps of her fingers. The feeling of the passion from both of them start to affect her as she starts shifting in her seat rubbing her legs together.

Rose grips Conner's shoulders tightly. She moans in time with the movement of her body. Their fluids create wet slopping sounds whenever their bodies make contact. She feels the contractions of Conner's penis as he reaches his orgasm. Conner pushes her down strongly to the base of his penis as his semen spills out into her vagina and into her womb.

As the ecstasy of the orgasm passes, Conner falls back down onto the bed. "I suddenly feel so tired."

"Probably cause of that energy drain they were talking about." Rose replies panting heavily. "Think you can go another round or should I switch off?"

Conner looks at Caitlyn. "Better to switch. Look."

Rose glances over at Caitlyn. Caitlyn is no longer covering her eyes watching the two of them have sex. Her clothes lie on the floor while Caitlyn remains dressed only in her underwear. One hand rests on her breast, while the other on vagina as she masturbates by herself. Her eyes are shut as she focuses on stimulating her body. Her skin lightly glistens with sweat.

Rose slides off the bed and walks up to Caitlyn. Caitlyn is so focused that she doesn't notice Rose's approach. "Caitlyn!"

"Wahh!" Caitlyn jumps in surprise and nearly falls off the chair. She sees Rose and Conner staring at her and blushes. Her face becomes a deep tomato red. "I…I…"

"You don't have to rush." Rose scoops up Caitlyn and carries her to the bed. "You can enjoy yourself thoroughly once I get started." Rose places her on the bed.

"Um…Wait…I'm not mentally prepared." Caitlyn begs.

"Do you want to wait after I have another round with Master then?" Rose asks. Caitlyn looks at Conner and blushes furiously as she stares downward. "Good answer." Rose forcibly strips off Caitlyn's bra and pushes her down on the bed before stripping off her panties and tossing them aside.

"Wait!" Caitlyn tries to protest.

"Not much point in waiting." Rose approaches Caitlyn straddling her body. "More like waiting anymore is impossible." Rose forcibly kisses Caitlyn.

Caitlyn tries to push Rose away, but soft feeling of Rose's lips overwhelms her. Rose's left hand grips Caitlyn's breast. Caitlyn's body rocks upward as the sensation flows through her body. Rose's right hand moves downward and stimulates her clitoris. Caitlyn cries out, her voice muffled by Rose's kiss. Caitlyn's body trembles still sensitive from masturbating. Rose ends the kiss and moves off of Caitlyn. "Huh?" Caitlyn stares at Rose seeking more pleasure. Rose places her face in front of Caitlyn's vagina. Her eyes open wide as she starts to sit upward. "Wait!"

Rose begins to lick her vagina. Caitlyn immediately crashes back down onto the bed shaking violently out of control. Rose inserts her tongue into Caitlyn's vagina and moves it around. The foreign sensation of Rose's tongue gives Caitlyn an odd feeling of pleasure she has never felt before. Every movement of Rose's tongue causes Caitlyn to rock back and forth. Her body feels as if it has caught on fire. "Ahh!" Caitlyn cries out as her body reaches the limit. Her feet rise off the bed in reaction to her orgasm. As her orgasm ends, her legs fall back downward hitting Rose's back.

Rose head falls downward bringing her face into Caitlyn's vagina. Caitlyn's body jumps in surprise and her legs wrap around Rose's head inadvertently bringing her face even closer. Rose brings her hands to Caitlyn's sides and begins to tickle her. Caitlyn laughs as she releases her grip on Rose's head. Rose immediately sits up and mounts Caitlyn in a scissors like position. "Didn't expect you to do that." Rose smiles looking at Caitlyn.

"Wait. I'm still sensitive." Caitlyn pleads. Rose merely grins as she shifts her hips. They vaginas rub together stimulating Caitlyn. "Ahn!" Caitlyn cries out. The feeling of Rose's vagina runs through her whole body. The constant rubbing of their clitoris brings a completely different sensation from earlier. As Rose continues to move her hips, she grabs Caitlyn's breasts with both hands and begins to grope them. Caitlyn cries out even more squirming around in pleasure.

"Is it me or are you more aggressive with Caitlyn?" Conner comments watching them from the side with his penis strongly erect again.

"Because she's not really in a condition to lead." Rose continues to move her hips causing Caitlyn to orgasm. The sudden vibration sends a ripple through Rose's body causing her to reach her own orgasm. Caitlyn collapses onto the bed breathing heavily. Rose trembles as her orgasm ends. "Hah. Okay then. Your turn Master."

"How can you still have energy after all that?" Conner stares at her perplexed at her newfound attitude.

Rose smiles mounting his body. "I guess my switch flipped." Rose attacks moving with a fierce intensity completely draining him out after his second orgasm causing him to pass out. Rose exhales a deep breath before bending over and kissing him.

"Good night." Rose quickly showers cleaning off her built up sweat. "Ok. Enough playing around. Time to get to work." Rose turns on the desk lamp as she takes a seat and begins to work into the night.

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