Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ch. 9 - Rage

Here's chapter 9. I've been anticipating writing this chapter so much that I might have inadvertently skimped on the quality in places I didn't notice during my editing. I still hope you can enjoy it though.

Right now is the end of the business quarter, so things are kind of hectic at work. If I get called in to work on Saturday, it will be harder for me to make it in time to release chapter 10 in two weeks. I'll give it my best shot, if I can't it will have to wait. I won't post another delays post, so this will be the only notice.

The next morning, Rose meets with Madeline and Milena in Madeline's room. "Here you go." Rose hands her a test tube with a thick purple solution. "This will fix up your body and is guaranteed to be safe."

"It looks…" Madeline uneasily comments taking the vial.

"…so dark." Milena finishes her sentence.

"Sorry. But this was the only way I could make sure it fixed you up with hurting your body." Rose replies setting up the Medical scanner. "I'll monitor you're condition too. I want to make sure it's completely gone."

Madeline nods and sits on the bed next to Milena. She opens the vial and drinks it in one gulp. "Ugh. It tastes horrible."

"Can't help that." Rose replies.

"What now?" Milena asks gripping Madeline's hand.

"We wait. It takes some time for the medicine to travel to where the cancer is. It will probably take about an hour." Rose explains.

"I'll go prepare a drink then." Milena says as she leaves the room.

An hour later, Rose pulls out the connector from Madeline's arm. "Okay. It's gone. Your health should be a lot better after this."

Milena hugs her sister. "That's great."

"I can't believe it was that easy." Madeline replies looking at Rose. "Thank you so much."

Rose nods. "No problem. I'm going to check your condition once a day to make sure nothing else crops up." She replies holding up the scanner. "It never hurts to be careful."

"Okay." Madeline replies.

Over the course of the next week, Rose continues to check Madeline's condition each day. She also wanders around the mansion property with Caitlyn working in various locations. Each night she alternates between sleeping with Caitlyn and Conner to allow them time to rest. At the end of the week, Rose determines that she doesn't need to check Madeline's condition any more.


"That idiot!!" Three voices ring throughout the darkened room. Demia, Xa, and Solara all hold their heads while their elbows rest on the meeting room table.

"I can't believe she hasn't made a single ounce of progress since then." Solara complains.

"She's supposed to be smart. Why hasn't she figure it out!?" Xa adds.

"We should just forcefully accelerate her growth." Demia suggests.

"Now, now. Everyone calm down. It can't be helped because she's such a logical thinker. Magic's more obscure for them after all." Alyssa attempts to reason with them.

"I'm going to have a talk with her." Solara stands up and starts to leave.

"Sit down." Valeria commands.

Solara stops walking and quickly sits back down in her seat. Solara nervously comments. "But we need to deal with her lack of progress."

"I already have." Valeria replies. "She already has the potential to use magic, so we simply need to force out her latent powers."

"How do you want us to do that?" Demia asks.

Valeria snaps her fingers revealing the fat billionaire that failed to purchase Rose at the auction house. "The pieces are already in place. All we have to do is wait and Rose will take care of our problem by herself."

"You do realize she's going to be even more hostile once she finds out that we set up such a situation for her?" Alyssa asks.

"It can't be helped. It's necessary if she's going to be an idiot." Solara complains evoking agreement from Demia and Xa.

"Enough. What's done is done. We will deal with the changes as they occur." Valeria interrupts their argument. "Ali. You seem to be fond of her, so you can deal with the clean up."

Alyssa gulps. "Okay."

"That girl's going to do more than that. I'll go too." Solara volunteers.

"Fine." Valeria replies. Everyone splits off as Alyssa and Solara leave together.


Rose and Caitlyn sit peacefully next to one another in the forest-like portion of the mansion. The two of them hold hands as Rose's free hand pounds away at her computer. Rose's long white hair drapes over Caitlyn's shoulder collecting around her lap. "How is your body doing today, Rose?"

I'm fine. I haven't had too many problems since then." Rose replies still typing away at her computer.

"Then. Us having sex really does help?" Caitlyn asks.

"Yeah. I haven't figure out the secondary method Solara mentioned though. Why ask now? It's been a week since we started." Rose replies.

Caitlyn grips Rose's hand. "I've been afraid to ask in case I end up disrupting our situation, but my curiosity won out."

"Yes. It has. I've been able to maintain my body so far. I doubt I could maintain things without both of your help." Rose stops typing and pats Caitlyn's head.

Caitlyn curls up closer to Rose like a kitten enjoying the gratitude when her stomach growls. Caitlyn clutches her stomach blushing furiously.

"Sorry. I forgot it's lunch time." Rose looks to her side seeing nothing there. She looks around in confusion. "Huh? That's strange. I swore I took the lunch basket with me."

"It's okay. I'll go get something quick to eat and come right back." Caitlyn shifts Rose's long white hair onto Rose's lap and dashes off towards the mansion.

"How weird." Rose mutters to herself. "I swore I took lunch with me. Why is it not here?" Rose lets out a large yawn. "I suddenly feel so tired." Rose closes her computer and places it in her bag and tosses it upwards. The bag hooks onto a branch and wraps itself around the tree. Rose relaxes her body falling asleep in an instant. A darkened figure stands on the branches in the tree above Rose. The leaves rustle as the figure disappears out of sight.

A few minutes later a man dressed in a suit cautiously sneaks up to Rose. "She's asleep. How lucky." He nervously looks around as he spreads a large carpet on the floor. He places her on the carpet and rolls it up hiding Rose away from sight. He picks up the carpet moves quickly towards the east guard station trying  to look as natural as possible.

The guards notice him the man as he approaches. "You got her?" One guard asks. The man nods as they let him through. The other guard whispers to him. "Remember, we want a cut of the take."

"I'll get it to you don't worry." The man replies as he gets into his car. He drives to an open plain with several large trees at the valley of a plain. Two black cars wait at both ends of the valley. A limousine sits at the bottom of the valley. The man stops behind the limousine and  gets out of the car. He knocks on the limousine window.

The window rolls down revealing the fat rich man from the auction house. "You're late!"

"Calm down." The guy nervously replies. "That I could even bring her here is beyond lucky."

"Well. Where is she?" The fat man demands.

"In the car, Mr. Kar." The guy nervously bows pointing to his car.

"Don't just stand there! Bring her here!" Kar demands. The guy and Kar's men go to the car and bring Rose over unwrapping her from the carpet. "Beautiful. She will make an excellent toy."

"You should be careful. She can be extremely dangerous." The guy comments.

"Bah!" Kar shrugs off the warning. "What can a little bitch do?"

"Mr. Kar. About my payment?" The guy nervously asks.

"Yes, yes. You will be employed in my mansion and given a large bonus for your work." Kar replies distracted by Rose's beauty. They put Rose in the limousine and drive off. Kar laughs as he stares at Rose while licking his lips. "I'm going to enjoy this so very much. I've taken that bastard's woman and can thoroughly train her. There's no better revenge than this."

They arrive back at Kar's home. The area is ever larger than Conner's property. There are several more buildings than Conner's property. The back side of the mansion features a golf course. The main mansion is just as large and forms an L-shape. Lights and fountains in front of the mansion accentuate the tan colored mansion.

 Rose is immediately taken up to the bedroom. He has her stripped. They use a thick set of handcuffs to bind her arms. The men also inject a potent muscle relaxant into her body. Kar forces his men to leave as he strips off his clothes. His body is extremely obese with his stomach alone having two visible ripples of fat. His head is pointed accentuating his bald head. He wastes no time in pressing his penis against her vagina. His fat covering most of Rose's abdomen. As soon as he sticks his penis in Rose finally begins to stir.

Rose lifts her head slightly trying to focus her vision. Her eyes focus on the fat man's body. Her gaze moves downward as she sees him naked and feels his penis inside of her. "Hehehe. Finally awake my little bitch." Kar taunts. A snapping sound rings throughout her mind. Rose twists her upper body slightly to the left. "Don't even bother. You can't escape." Rose twists her body back to the right quickly using the momentum to swing both of her arms slamming them into Kar's stomach. They sink into the flab of his abdomen before the force of the impact reaches the center of his body and causes him to fly off of the bed. He lands in front of the double doors connecting to the next room. Kar coughs trying to catch his breath, his stomach throbbing in pain. "You bitch…How dare you…"

"How dare me? How dare you!!" Rose yells at him. "How dare you kidnap me and take advantage of me!!"

"You have no idea who you're dealing with. Be good and spread those legs." Kar responds wheezing.

"That's my line, you bastard!!" Rose holds up her hands and forcibly rips the handcuffs apart breaking the connecting chain. Rose moves in the blink of an eye jumping off of the bed and landing in front of him. Rose lifts her right leg as she winds up her body and throws a kick connecting with Kar's upper body. Kar crashes into the door. The impact from the kick cause the door to crack and burst from the hinges making both Kar and the doors fly into the room landing in center.

The connecting room shows an extremely long room with ten sets of beds, five on the left and right lining the room. Four of the beds are occupied with a man and two women each. They all stop and stare at Kar as he lands on his stomach in the center of the room. "What the hell?" One of the men approach Kar. Kar tries to sit up as he coughs up some blood.

The room violently shakes as Rose stomps into the room still completely naked. "I…am going to give you HELL!!" Rose reaches into her hair drawing a katana hidden in her hair.

"Wait! Just calm down a second!" The men start to panic upon seeing the hidden weapon. The girls stare blankly at Rose barely realizing the situation due to the influence of the drugs given to them.

"Why should I give any MERCY!?" Rose's anger continues to rise as electricity begins to emanate from her body. She grips the katana with both hands pointing it at Kar. The electricity collects within the blade as Rose swings it down. The electricity easily travels the fifteen feet between Rose and Kar. The air pressure makes a large cut on Kar's shoulder as the electricity strongly shocks him. Kar screams as pain racks his body. Some blood bursts from the wound, but the intense electrical shock burns the wound shut preventing more blood from leaking out.

Guards rush into both rooms. "What happened?!" They see the situation and immediately draw their guns. The guy from Conner's mansion holds his head muttering "Oh crap" to himself. The naked friends of Kar try to run out of the room. Rose reacts quickly swinging her katana at the doorway. A deep diagonal gash is made into the top of the door frame causing the doorway to collapse. The guards open fire at Rose.

Rose turns around and dashes into Kar's bedroom. The bullets from the other room fly harmlessly past Rose burying into the opposite wall. Rose charges at the three guards in the room. She swings her katana up and quickly downward with her left hand cutting two bullets. She intercepts the bullets with her right hand grabbing them from below. Rose easily closes the distances between them as she bends low sliding into them. She holds the katana above her with the tip pointing downward past her right side. She supports the back of the blade with her right forearm. Rose makes a large sideways cut pushing with her right arm to provide more acceleration to the blade. In addition to the collected electricity in the blade, the katana slices through the barrels of their guns as if she was cutting butter. The contact between the gun and katana allows the electricity to discharge thoroughly shocking the three of them. Rose points her free right hand at the lone unarmed guy as she discharges electricity to shock him too.

The men writhe from the electricity unable to control theirs limbs as they thrash about. Rose kicks the four of them one by one into the other room. She quickly grabs her clothes throwing them on before returning to the other room. She cuts the doorway in Kar's bedroom causing it to collapse before fully leaving the room. The other guards continue to point their guns at her. The three of them had approached the connecting doorway collecting all in the right corner.

Rose smiles as she pulls out a metal cylinder with a thinner needle pointed shaft. She throws it against the wall next to her as it turns on. Once grounded into the wall, it becomes a strong electromagnet. The magnet rips the gun from the guards hands as well as their belt and pants. Rose turns it off as it starts to drag the beds towards her. "And you're unarmed. Want to keep trying?"

One of the guards Rose kicked pulls out a knife. She dashes at him appearing it front of him. Rose pulls the knife from his hands and kicks the four men into the corner forcing all the guards into the same area. "I'm being nice and avoiding giving you any serious injury. You should quit while you're ahead." Rose's shoulders relax slightly. The men relax feeling less killing intent from Rose. "Now I have to figure out how to get back home."

"You're not going anywhere you're mine, bitch!" Kar yells at Rose.

Rose's anger flares back up again. Her blood thirst leaks out of her body. "Shut the hell up!!" Rose seemingly vanishes and reappears as she closes the distance to Kar. "YOU FUCKING…" Rose uses her right leg to lift Kar's body off of the ground while using her left leg as a balance. Her body tilts back slightly. "…PINBALL!!" Rose performs a backwards somersault as she launches Kar off of the ground. Kar spins like a ball as he crashes into the ceiling. His fat body becomes buried into the ceiling, only his head protrudes out of the ceiling. "Anyone else?" Rose looks around angrily at the other men. They all violently shake their heads fearing the same treatment. The eight women clutch one another fearing what will happen to them. Their minds much clearer than before.

"Oi, you." Rose points at the guy that kidnapped her. "Call Conner and get him here. I'll even forgive you for kidnapping me." Her voice stays completely calm, but her gaze causes the guards to tense up.

"I…" The guy flaps his mouth unable to find his voice. Rose stomps on the floor  causing the room to shake. The guy squirms back as he quickly responds. "I can't. I don't have a phone."

"Useless." Rose lifts her right leg and pulls out a headset from under her thick white dress. She turns it on. "Call Conner."


Conner, Lewis, and the girls wait anxiously at the house for news on Rose. Nathan rush into the house. "The entire property has been checked. There's no sign of Rose." The others groan at the news. Morgan arrives shortly after Nathan. "I checked with all the cameras and noticed something odd. I interrogated the guards at the east station. They were paid off to help kidnap Rose." Conner and Caitlyn gasp.

"Where was she taken?" Conner asks quickly.

"Don't know. They only helped get her off the property." Morgan answers. They slump at the news.

Conner's phone rings. He picks it up quickly without checking who's on the phone. "Hello, Conner speaking."

"Hi!" Rose replies.

"Rose!" Conner stands up quickly. The others get closer trying to listen in. "Where are you?! Are you okay?!" Caitlyn tugs on Conner's arm trying to listen in. Conner turns on the speaker phone for everyone to hear.

"I got kidnapped by some fat ass. I'm currently causing hell for everyone here." Rose cheerfully replies. Everyone sighs on reflex upon hearing this. "Just a moment, I'll get the address from someone."

Kar's voice sounds from the phone. "You bitch. You're not going anywhere! You're mine!"

"Just a second." Rose replies calmly. "SHUT IT, YOU PIG!!" Conner head moves away from the phone as a large amount of static rings from the phone. "OI, YOU. Address now or you get the same treatment." One of the guards voice nervously recites the address. "So that's where I am. Plus come quickly. I can only refrain from trying to kill them for so long. Byee." Rose ends the call.

Everyone sighs with relief. "We should have expected that." Samantha comments.

"True." Conner replies. He stands up. "Let's go get her. Lewis, girls please wait here." The men leave the mansion.


"Now then." Rose puts away the headset. One of the guards pulls out a stun grenade hidden inside his coat. "The second you throw that explosive. I'll return that grenade right back at you. After that, I'm going to make each and every one of you into a wall ornament like him." Rose calmly speaks without looking in their direction as she points to Kar. The guard gulps as he quickly puts the grenade away. Rose bends down onto one knee. She takes a deep breath as she looks at the floor. Rose strongly punches the floor. The entire building shakes as the floor cracks and completely separates from the wall. The entire room falls downward.

"Aaghhh!!" All the men screams as they fall. Rose releases electricity into the ground magnetizing the ground. The floor grinds against the wall as electricity continues to flow through the building. The floor grinds to a halt providing a rough landing to everyone in the room.

"Not bad!" Rose stands up calmly shaking her wrist.

"Are you fucking crazy?! You almost killed us!!" The men all scream at Rose.

Rose smiles at them letting electricity flow off of her body. "And? Why should I care if you die?" The men shut their mouths as Rose glares at them.

The guy that kidnapped Rose speaks up. "Why are you moving?.. You were… given muscle relaxant."

"Hah?" Rose looks at him angrily. "Is that what you did? How stupid. It's drug resistance, plain and simple. I even boiled it out of my body." Rose answers as numerous arcs of electricity flows out of her body. Rose returns her gaze at Kar still buried in the ceiling. She pulls a leather strap from inside the arm of her dress. She pulls out two large purple needles with a diamond shaped center. Rose throws it straight up causing them to pierce the ceiling next to Kar. The needles explode releasing Kar from the ceiling as he plummets to the ground floor. Kar screams at the top of his lungs.

As Kar passes through the second floor of the house, he becomes caught in layers of wire. Kar continues to slow down as he passes through the layers of wire Rose had rigged as the second floor fell through. He stops falling as his body becomes intertwined in wires. His arms and legs completely bound in wires.

Rose throws two needles above both groups of men and the terrified women. "Stay still or I'll make sure those go off." Everyone trembles completely terrified of Rose. Rose electrifies her katana as she aims at Kar and swings her blade. She swings her katana quickly one after another creating gash after gash into his body. Spilling fresh blood while the electricity seals it shut. After over 100 strokes, Rose jumps up and kicks Kar to the side. He swings around like a tethered ball as Rose lands and continues to inflict fresh wounds.

Rose eventually stops attacking Kar. His entire body covered in numerous cuts. His face is barely visible under the layer of dried blood and fresh scars. She lets out a large burst of electricity from her body shocking all the men in the room until they pass out. Rose glances at the women still terrified holding one another. Rose pulls out a large bag and divides the contents into eight smaller bags. She places them in the larger bag before throwing it at the girls. It lands in front of them spilling the smaller bags out. "Those needles should have purged out any drugs and toxins in your body. That's money for you to take if you want to try to escape. Do what you want."

Rose approaches the wall near the men and gives it a strong punch. The wall completely crumbles along with the rest of the building behind the wall. Rose jumps atop the rubble swiftly leaving the mansion. She looks around outside and starts running forward in her desired direction. Rose stops as she notices a guard station at the edge of the property. She approaches quietly noticing the commotion.

"Like I said! I need to get through!" Conner yells at the guard. The guard stands near a guard station situated in between a large metal gate with doors connecting to either side of the gate.

"I'm sorry, but you don't have an appointment. Please come back another time." The guard replies.

Rose approaches the large metal gate. "Good you're here." She waves cheerfully.

"Rose!!" Conner calls out. The guard looks at her surprised. Rose grabs the large gate and rips the entire gate off its track before tossing it to the side.

"Hey…" The guard approaches her, but Rose grabs his collar and slams him against the property wall.

"I'm not in a good mood, so I don't plan to play with you guys anymore. So listen and listen well." Rose glares at the guard. The guard tries to get Rose to release her grip, but she holds firm to his collar raising him up from the ground even more. "Tell your boss this. I was nice enough to avoid killing you this time. Next time, I'll make sure I burn you like the pig that you are." Rose spits out her words with the utmost hate making the guard tremble in fear. Rose lifts him in the air away from the wall as she performs a quick kick completely demolishing the guard station. "This one is for everyone else working here. If you dare lay a hand on any of us again. I will personally make sure that you will thoroughly regret the day you were born." Rose tosses him onto the ground. "Understand?" Rose smiles at him, but her tone only frightens him even further.

The guard nods frantically unable to keep up with the situation. "Good." Rose drops her smile as sees the west and east gates in the distance. Rose slams into the ground looking at the west gate. The ground shakes as if an earthquake was occurring. The earth gives way as a large crevice forms passing just off to the side of the west gate. The crevice spreads creating a large gap of twenty feet near the guard gate with a black depth that seems to stretch much farther than twenty feet in the moonlit night. Rose hits the ground again at the east gate. After the second crevice fully forms, she glances at the cowering guard relishing his expression. "My threat will be the same if you decide to try and follow us. Honestly, I'm really itching to kill someone right now." The guard buckles under the pressure as he faints foaming at the mouth. Rose turns and walks towards the awe-struck Conner. "Let's go. I don't want to stay in this place a second longer."

They stop staring at the mass destruction as they prepare the car and leave. The guys glance at Rose occasionally, but don't say a word afraid of her stern expression. After completely losing sight of Kar's mansion, Rose falls into Conner's lap completely surprising Conner. "Whoa!"

"Sorry, just let me stay like this for a while." Rose mutters.

"Are you really okay?" Conner asks as he brushes some of Rose's white hair to the side to better see her face.

"I'm fine. Just tired." Rose replies.

"You really destroyed their place though. Could you always do that much destruction?" Nathan comments. Rose sighs as the atmosphere in the car becomes visibly gloomier.

Tears begin to form on Rose's eyes. She turns her face downward. "Sorry. I'm not ready to talk about it yet."

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Conner asks.

"I'm just frustrated that I was violated by someone else." Rose's muffled voice replies. She starts to cry in Conner's lap. A different tension fills the car  as they silently wait unsure of what to do. When they arrive back home, Rose sits herself up wiping away her tears. "Just to be clear. Not a word of me crying to the others." Rose gives an unsteady smile, but her serious tone makes the men nod their head on reflex. "Good."

"I'm backk!" Rose calls out when she steps into the mansion. The girls rush into the room. Caitlyn jumps into Rose's arms immediately hugging her.

"You're safe! I was so worried!" Caitlyn cries out with tears in her eyes. Aurelia and Samantha join in the hug. After the initial commotion, everyone sits down as Samantha and Aurelia prepare a late night snack.

"So what should we do?" Conner asks. "Should we leave what happened until tomorrow?"

Rose sighs and finishes her drink before standing up. "No, let's get it done and out of the way. The less I have to think about it the better. Let me get a few things first." Rose goes upstairs and grabs a second computer of hers. She sets up the computer and sets up a projection screen. "So the biggest thing to know is that I was kidnapped and raped." The girls gasp at the news. "I paid them back in full, but I'm not in a particular mood to describe everything in detail. So I'll let the camera footage relay things. I'll skip some of the slow footage though. We can talk about it afterwards. Alright?"

"Sure." Conner replies receiving a nod from the others. Rose starts the footage as she stands against the wall resting. The girls look away when the footage of Rose being raped is shown. The guys wince when they show Rose punching Kar making him fly through the door. Rose stops the video after she leaves the Kar property.

"Was that real? It seemed like…" Samantha questions.

"It was an edited movie." Aurelia finishes her sentence.

"I kind of wish it was." Rose holds her hands near one another as electricity sparks from her hands. She separate her hands even farther giving everyone an easy view of the electricity. "My bracelet was broken during this time too, so the electricity is coming from my body. Probably this is the magic that Solara was talking about."

"You figured out how to do it?" Caitlyn asks.

Rose shrugs her shoulders. "It burst out when I was beating the crap out of the guy, so I made use of it to torture him better."

"That destruction was very impressive." Morgan comments.

"I'll say. You really beat him down. That mass destruction, was that part of that magic you're doing?" Nathan asks.

Rose shrugs her shoulders again. "Wish I knew. I haven't looked into it too much since I only just found out how to do it."

"Don't you think you overdid it though." Lewis comments. "Once he's better he'll probably come back to pay you back."

Rose opens her mouth, but simply shuts her mouth without a response. She looks away before trying to find the right words. Rose sighs as she looks down before looking back up. She starts talking with her eyes shut. "That was as much as I could hold back. I've told you before haven't I? I'm skilled at pretending to be composed. Scarring him was the very least I could do. Everything else going through my head was the most gruesome ways to kill him. Even now…" Rose's body starts shooting off sparks of electricity as he tone turns harsh. "I'm not the least bit satisfied with that tame kind of torture! I wanted so badly to gut that man like the pig he is!!"

Everyone starts to become concerned as the sparks approach their vicinity making scorch marks on the tablecloth. "Rose, calm down." Caitlyn cries out.

"That's right it's over now. Just relax." Samantha adds.

They all try to calm her down. Rose starts to visibly relax as the electricity from her body begins to disappear. "You made such a huge mess though. It took so long to clean up." A voice calls out through the hallway. Everyone stops to look as Solara enters the kitchen. Rose scowls as a burst of electricity shoots from her body towards Solara. The electricity bursts just before reaching Solara. "All power and no skill as always."

"Hmph. As cruel as always." Rose replies glaring darkly at Solara.

"Now. Now. Please calm down you two. We just want to tell you the news after today's event." Alyssa appears suddenly next to Rose attempting to calm their quarrel.

"Another one?!" Conner and the others cry out.

"This is Alyssa." Rose points out calmly. "At the very least, she has less of an attitude compared to a certain someone." Rose continues glancing at Solara.

Solara grins. "Got a problem with it?"

"Well what do you two want?" Rose asks.

"Just a report of the situation." Alyssa replies. "We thought you would like to be kept in the loop." She clears her throat. "We've cleared up the damage you made to that home and wiped out the memories of the people there. We left that fat man with fear of women with white hair though." Everyone looks at Rose. Rose simply shrugs. "So you don't have to worry about a second kidnapping attempt from them."

"I see. Okay then." Rose replies standing up.

"That's it? You don't have any gratitude for cleaning up your mess." Solara complains glaring at Rose.

"Why?" Rose replies calmly. "You guys were the ones that arranged for me to be kidnapped right?"

The men spit out their drinks in surprise. Solara stands still unfazed, but Alyssa tenses up avoiding eye contact with Rose. Caitlyn speaks up. "Um, Rose, didn't you say it was a bad idea to anger them?"

"This and that are different. Why shouldn't I be angry that they're messing with my life to that extent?" Rose replies tightly clutching her hands.

"So you say but making unjustified claims is completely inappropriate." Solara replies.

Rose scoffs at the comment. "All of the devices hidden on my body blew out because of external interference. I haven't checked yet, but I assume all the ones I hooked up in that forest of trees are the same."

"That doesn't mean anything." Solara counters.

"That's true." Alyssa replies laughing unnaturally.

Everyone at the table stares at Alyssa making her tense up more. Rose ignores it and keeps speaking. "Moreover, you made sure I fell alseep and even took…"

"Look! It's not like we were the ones that took that basket." Alyssa cries out. She immediately clasps her mouth with her hands as they look at her.

Solara holds her head. "Idiot."

"Well that should be enough of a confirmation." Rose replies. "Want to keep pretending?"

Solara sighs. "Yeah. Our group help push for you to be kidnapped." She glares at Rose. "But it's all your fault. We wouldn't have needed to do anything if you heeded our warnings and practiced learning magic!"

Rose stares shocked at Solara. Her face relaxes. "What did you think I was fooling around the whole time? You watch me around the clock don't you. Then you should already know I searched every avenue of information on my computer on how to learn 'magic'. What do you expect me to do when I don't have strong details and only a few shady courses?"

Solara brings her hand down making a block of compressed wind come down hitting Rose on the head. It quickly disperses as it hits Rose's head. Rose falters slightly, but stops herself from falling. She rubs her head. Solara yells at her. "Idiot! What can you learn through a method like that?"

"That's my normal method. You're the ones that keep leaving obscure messages. That leaves me to try and figure everything out when I don't even have a good foundation to learn from." Rose retorts. She turns to Alyssa. "Anyways, why don't you help me out in compensation for your little stunt?"

"Ah. Sure." Alyssa looks at Rose surprised, but replies quickly. "You're taking this way better than I thought you would. We saw how heavily you attacked Solara.

"Mmm. Honestly, I'm tempted to. But my emotions are too high right now. I'd probably only anger you and probably get the same treatment Xa gave me. I'm angry, but have no desire to be gutted like a fish." Rose replies calmly. The others pale at the thought.

"And your request?" Alyssa asks.

"Can you provide me with some type of material that I can attack? I want to go all out on a punching bag, but I can't think of any material that can last if I use all my strength. I want to reduce the recoil on my arms and legs if I attack it too, so material like diamond isn't suitable for this."

"Rather than finding material. Creating a flexible barrier type wall of magic for you to attack would be best." Alyssa suggests.

Rose looks at her in surprise. "That's an interesting idea. I'll have you help me with that then since its outside of my skills."

"Sure." Alyssa nods.

"Wait Rose!" Caitlyn stands up. "You can't really trust them enough to leave with them are you?!"

Rose looks at Caitlyn confused. "We're just going to be outside. It's not like I'll be much use to them when I only just started things anyways. Regardless, I couldn't do anything if they wanted to take me anyways. And no, I don't trust them at all. They're manipulative and after my life. There's no way I'd trust them that easily."

"But…" Caitlyn points at Alyssa.

"Alyssa has a better attitude that I can tolerate much easier than Solara." Rose replies quickly. Solara crosses her arms pouting. "So it's easier to have a conversation, that's all. It's like that saying about keeping your enemies close to you." Rose looks at Alyssa. "Anyways let's go." Alyssa nods. The three of them walk out of the kitchen. The others stare at Rose stunned.

"Argh." Conner roughly scratches his head in frustration. He stands up and quickly follows after Rose. The others stand up and follow him.


  1. It's a fight! Pretty well done, though the pacing seems a bit fast (storywise) overall, but it helps get to the main part of the story, so no real complaints there.

    Also, if I was one of those guys on 4chan I'd probably post something like:
    >gg Kar no rez
    >Rose too op. plz nerf
    But I'm not and the mysterious six are way stronger so whatever.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. It is quite fast. I still need to improve the character developments more. Thanks again for reading.