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Ch. 10 - Assistance

It actually took me three weeks to post this chapter. Much to my dismay, but not much I can do about it since I wasn't feeling well last week. I started trying out different writing techniques, so that the story is not always simple and straightforward. With that said, I apologize for using one of the techniques I absolutely hate when I'm reading, the cliffhanger. Sorry! Hope you can still enjoy the chapter.

I'll work to try and get the next chapter out soon. I don't know if I can make it by next weekend, but I'll give it my best shot. If not, I'll just stick to posting it in two weeks.


Rose and Caitlyn return to the grove of trees the next morning. "Are you really okay?" Caitlyn asks.

"I told you I'm fine. Stop worrying." Rose replies. She pulls out a broken sensor attached to the tree.

"How can I not worry? You made such a fuss yesterday. You attacked that magical wall Alyssa made until you couldn't be move and had to be carried back to Conner's room. Alyssa even passed out afterwards because of how many times she had to repair that wall after you broke it. Afterwards, you begged us to take advantage of you until you passed out."

"That's why I'm fine." Rose smiles. "My energy is refilled, so I'm perfectly fine now." Rose continues to pull broken sensors from the tree. Afterwards, she climbs up the tree. She carefully balances on the tree branch as she untangles her bag and jumps out of the tree. "Okay. All done cleaning up. Let's head back. Hmm…" Rose turns her gaze to the side. "This feeling is… Xa?"

"What?" Caitlyn pales as she looks in the same direction.

"Looks like you're finally making some progress." Xa appears from behind a tree sporting a set of red armor while carrying her claymore sword on her back.

Rose frowns tightening her fists, while Caitlyn takes cover behind Rose. "And... are you here to beat me into submission again?" Rose asks carefully.

"Of course not." Xa smiles. "I got into enough trouble doing that the first time around."

"I'd expect so." Rose replies still tensely clutching her fist.

"I wanted to make sure you're not doing the same thing and making some progress with your magical studies." Xa answers walking up to Rose and holding Rose's chin admiring her face. Caitlyn flashes some jealousy, but stops herself from speaking out.

"I'm doing what I can with the intervention you guys did. I still have to figure out the basics though or I won't get anywhere." Rose replies glaring at Xa.

"Ah that." Xa lets go of Rose's face and turns around giving some distance between them. "No need to glare at me like that. It wasn't my idea to do that. Valeria gave the orders for that, not me. She's the final decision maker and leader of our group. We don't even know what she wants sometimes." Xa turns back around to face Rose. "But if you're interested in learning something why not ask someone from our group? Alyssa and Solara both seem to favor you."

"Ha!" Rose scoffs. "I'm not really one to learn from the people interested in manipulating every aspect of my life." Xa smiles, but does not respond. The three of them stand still in uncomfortable silence for a couple of minutes before Rose speaks up again. Xa stares off into the distance waiting for Rose to say something. "By the way…" Xa refocuses her attention on Rose. "Your group has someone to watch me every second, correct?"

"Yes, and?" Xa raises her eyebrow unsure of where the conversation is going.

Rose points to the mansion. "I feel a signal in the mansion too. Is there a need to watch an area I'm only going to occasionally?"

"Ah?" Xa looks at the mansion. "Ahh… her. That girl is not apart of our group. She's just a glory seeking hog that's in over her head. She's all knowledge and no practical experience."

"I see." Rose replies. "And since you've let her run around. That one is not vying to capture me for her own uses."

"Right." Xa smiles at Rose's deduction. "She's after us, not you. Plus, she's the honorable type, so there's no concern that she'll exploit you to get to us."

"I see. Then if I were to have her teach me the basics, would you're group interfere?" Rose proposes.

Xa breaks out into a broad grin flashing her white teeth. "That's a nice idea. You'll even get stronger through it. I like it very much."

"So you won't interfere and the others?" Rose asks.

"There's no concern. They don't care about her, so it's most likely been factored it in when they chose to ignore her." Xa waves off the idea.

"Good." Rose nods.

"Um… I have a question." Caitlyn raises her hand cautiously peeking out from Rose. They turn their attention to her. "Why does everyone that can use magic seem to be a woman?"

Xa laughs before responding. "Because the male body doesn't have any compatibility with magic. So they have no aptitude for it."

"That explains a lot." Rose comments.

"And anything else?" Xa asks staring at Caitlyn. Caitlyn shakes her head in fear. "Okay." Xa walks away disappearing as she leaves.

"Okay. Let's check in with Conner so he doesn't worry, then we can go check out that girl." Rose smiles walking towards the house.

Caitlyn follows after her. "Is it okay to just approach her if we don't know what she wants?"

"Sure. If she was dangerous, then they would have eliminated her without letting her get close." Rose confidently replies.

Caitlyn stares at Rose and sighs. "Okay. You're as headstrong as ever."

They return to the house. Rose gives Conner a quick kiss before heading off to the mansion through the underground passage. Rose walks in the lead while Caitlyn follows her through the mansion. Rose stops as a girl in her early 20s steps out of her room. She wears the same maid outfit as all the other girls. She has black hair extending just past her shoulders and light blue colored eyes. The length of her legs stand out making her almost a head taller than Rose and Caitlyn. The girl notices Rose and Caitlyn and bows. "Hello."

"Hi. Good timing." Rose replies. She points into the girl's room. "I was looking for someone to fulfill a personal request of mine. Do you mind if we speak in private?"

The girl hesitates before nodding. "Sure. Come in." She opens the door to her room.

The three of them head into the room. The room is as bare as Caitlyn's. Only simple furniture line the room. A queen sized bed, a nightstand, and a dresser sit rest against the right wall. The window resides on the wall directly in front of them. The desk rests on the right wall. The bookshelves catch their eye the most. Four large bookshelves sit in the room, one on either side of the window and another set on each side of the desk. The shelves are packed full of books and papers. Some books and papers even spill out onto the floor scattered around the room. "Sorry about the mess." The girl directs Rose and Caitlyn to sit on the her bed. The girl sits on her desk chair. She crosses her leg giving her an elegant appearance despite the messy room. "So what did you want to ask?"

"Right. First off, nice to meet you I'm Rose." Rose replies.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Caitlyn." Caitlyn joins in.

"Likewise. I'm Tanya." Tanya answers.

"So I wanted to ask what you're after." Rose bluntly replies. Caitlyn and Tanya falter staring incredulously at Rose.

"Rose, what the heck are you saying out of the blue?!" Caitlyn yells shaking Rose back and forth.

"Sorry." Tanya uneasily smiles at them. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"You're a skilled magic user right? You came here to spy on me?" Rose bluntly asks again.

"Like I said!! What the heck are you admitting?" Caitlyn yells continuing to shake Rose.

"Please calm down." Tanya interrupts. Caitlyn stops shaking Rose. "I think there's been some mistake. I don't really understand what you're talking about." Tanya's face twitches involuntarily while her voice shakes as she speaks.

Caitlyn looks at her and sighs. "Look. We heard all about you already. Rose has already messed up the order of things, but let's just move the conversation along."

Tanya's body shakes making her stutter significantly. "You…You…You must be mistaken…I…I have... no idea what you're talking about."

Caitlyn looks at Rose unsure of what she plans to do. Rose scratches her head. "What should we do? Did I get the wrong person?"

Caitlyn almost falls off the bed in shock. "What are you saying!? Look at how unnatural she is. She's obviously the right person!!" Tanya tensely gulps.

"Yes. But look at her." Rose starts to reply. "We were told the person that's hidden here is an idiot that doesn't know what they're doing." Tanya grips her uniform in anger.

Caitlyn stares at Rose and notices the slight smirk on Rose. She realizes Rose's plan and decides to follow her lead. "Ah... That's true! That person is supposed to be inexperienced with no fighting skills." Tanya grips her uniform even tighter her hands redden from the tight grip.

Rose giggles. "I wonder if that means she couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag."

The restraint in Tanya's mind snaps. "Hey! I graduated at the top of my class in because of my magical abilities. Just who do you think you are calling me pathetic?!" Tanya stands up yelling at them. She returns to her senses when she sees Rose and Caitlyn staring at her smiling. "You tricked me!" She yells as small balls of fire emerges around her.

Caitlyn backs away from the edge of the bed hiding behind Rose. "Well we wanted to get the conversation going." Rose replies. "Well what are you going to do? Attack us?" She asks glaring at Tanya.

Tanya relaxes from Rose's glare and sighs the balls of fire fade away as quickly as they came. Tanya sits back down in her chair. She glares at Rose. "What do you want?"

"First to find out what you're after, your goal." Rose repeats herself.

Tanya looks out the window before returning her gaze to Rose. "I'm sorry, but I can't answer that."

Caitlyn frowns and complains. "Why not?"

Rose stares into her eyes before relaxing. "Fine. No point in pressing it. Then a different question. Are you planning to kill me or have me killed?"

"No." Tanya replies instantly. "Where'd you get that idea from?"

"Do you plan to take advantage of anyone on this property for whatever it is you need to do?" Rose continues.

"No." Tanya replies again. "What's with these questions?"

"Well I want a general idea of what you're doing here." Rose explains. She stands up and walks to the window and leans with her back to the window while both her hands rest on the windowsill. Rose's white hair flutters next to her lightly next to the open window. "Because I came here hoping to ask you to teach me everything you know about magic."

The sunlight from the window shines on Rose's hair making it glow a bright white. Caitlyn stares at Rose awe-struck causing her to gulp loudly. Tanya looks at her slightly impressed. "Sorry, but that's impossible."

"Why?!" Caitlyn stands up yelling at Tanya. "Tell us why?! You keep being so vague about why you won't help Rose?!"

"Caitlyn, calm down." Rose calmly interrupts.

"But?!" Caitlyn protests.

"She's afraid of revealing herself to Xa and the others. That's why she doesn't want to help me. If she draws too much attention, then she'll blow her cover." Rose explains.

They stare at Rose. "But Xa's the one that told us the details about Tanya." Caitlyn looks at Tanya. "Isn't it pointless then?"

Rose giggles. "Pretty much."

"Wait! What are you talking about?" Tanya interrupts them with a look  of concern on her face.

"What? About Xa and the others? They know all about you and don't consider a threat. I asked them if it was okay to approach you before I came here." Rose replies calmly.

"Th…Th…There's…there's no way that's true!!" Tanya screams jumping to her feet. "My preparations were perfect!! There's no way I should have been discovered that easily!!"

Rose and Caitlyn look at each other. Rose scratches her head. "Well… You say that, but I was able to feel your magical energy from afar and I'm a complete amateur in this field."

"Plus you pretty much gave yourself away when we questioned you." Caitlyn adds.

"You're wrong!! I can't be found that easily!!" Tanya yells stomping her left foot on the ground. More balls of fire form around her.

Rose sighs. "I don't think she's going to listen to us now. Let's come back another time."

Caitlyn looks at Tanya's tantrum. "Sure. Let's go."

"Honestly, shouldn't you be more convincing." Solara appears leaning against the wall across from Rose.

Rose sighs even harder. "What now? I checked with Xa it was okay to ask for training. Are you here because you guys don't agree?"

Caitlyn jumps off the bed and hides behind Rose afraid of getting caught up in a fight. Tanya stares blankly at Solara's appearance. Solara just smiles. "No, I'm just interrupting because of that terrible method you used of convincing her to help you. Here." Solara swings her hand down making a pile of books drop down in front of Rose. "You're good at self-study right? This is much better than listening to some unskilled amateur."

"Hey! I was the best in my class!" Tanya protests.

"Experience in practice is different from experience in actual battles." Solara replies. Rose nods. Caitlyn continues to watch from behind Rose.

"I've had plenty of practice!" Tanya yells. Sweat begins to form on her brow. She fails to suppress the trembling in her hands drawing their gaze at her shaking.

Solara looks up and down sizing Tanya up. "I don't see any real experience. The safe confines of a school's practice doesn't count as actual battle experience."

"You're saying all that, but you expect me to purely learn off a book too." Rose interrupts their confrontation.

Solara grins broadly at Rose. "You're not really the type to sit without practicing what you learned." Rose smiles back. "We'll gladly be a practice partner if you need it."

"Maybe as a last resort. I'm not that desperate to reveal everything to you guys." Rose replies.

"As if we don't know everything already." Solara scoffs. They both continue to smile, but glare hatefully at one another. Caitlyn and Tanya watch the tense atmosphere afraid of interfering. Solara eventually turns away bored. "I've given you the books. No point in staying here anymore." Solara walks away and disappears.

Tanya and Caitlyn fall to their knees as all the tension leaves their bodies. "That scared me!" Caitlyn cries out. Tanya pants heavily.

Rose sighs and crouches on the ground looking at Tanya. "Sorry, I guess I forgot how dangerous they can be. I shouldn't be dragging you into my mess anyways." Rose picks up the stack of books. "Let's go Caitlyn."

"Okay." Caitlyn nods as she follows Rose out the room. "Goodbye." Caitlyn gives a small bow as they leave. Rose makes a small nod because of the books she's carrying. Tanya just watches as the two of them leave.

Caitlyn opens the door and finds Madeline and Milena eavesdropping. They barely stop themselves from falling when the door opens. They laugh nervously. "Hi!"

"Eavesdropping isn't really a good habit." Caitlyn comments.

"Sorry." Madeline replies.

"It doesn't matter. Just be careful on who you decide to eavesdrop." Rose comments walking quickly.

"Sorry! Let us help." Milena stands up and takes some of the books that Rose is carrying. Madeline follows suit. "To your place then?" They turn towards the underground passageway.

Rose glances to the left. "No, let's go out the front. We have a visitor."

"Again?" Caitlyn sighs. "They keep popping up today." Madeline and Milena look at the two of them confused.

"Um, who is?" Madeline asks.

"Better not to ask." Rose simply replies. They start walking towards the main entrance.

"So? How much did you hear?" Caitlyn asks.

The sisters look at the floor. Milena answers. "Nothing really. We heard the screaming from afar and came over. But you started talking normally at that point so we couldn't hear anything else."

"Hmm." Caitlyn replies.

They walk out the front and spots Alyssa standing next to a table slightly away from the mansion. They head to the table and drop their books there. "So? What is it now?" Rose asks.

"Actually. I came with a message for Caitlyn today." Alyssa replies. Madeline and Milena stand to the side quietly unsure of the situation.

"Me?" Caitlyn points at herself.

"Yes." Alyssa clears her throat glancing at the sisters. "You cannot learn what is in these books."

"I wasn't planning on letting her learn this stuff anyways." Rose replies quickly. "It's too dangerous."

"Would she really accept something like that?" Alyssa asks staring at Caitlyn.

"Good point." Rose answers glancing at Caitlyn.

"Why am I being excluded?" Caitlyn asks irritated.

Alyssa returns her attention to Caitlyn. "Rose is a special case. If you or anyone else tries to learn this material. They could die because of the negative effects. It's kind of like introducing a poison into your body. Rose isn't affected because of us, but that doesn't apply to you or them." Alyssa explains pointing to Milena and Madeline.

"Understood." Rose replies.

"Hmph." Caitlyn turns away pouting.

"Um…" Milena interrupts. "Who is this? What are you guys talking about?"

Alyssa smiles at them. "A pleasure. I'm Alyssa."

"Nice to meet you. Milena." Milena answers.

"Madeline." Madeline answers. "Um… What are you two talking about?"

Rose sighs. "I'd prefer you didn't know."

"It's better not to ask. It's pretty complicated." Caitlyn whispers to them.

"But…" Milena and Madeline comment with a look  of curiosity in their eyes.

"Why not tell them?" Alyssa suggests.

"I'd rather not." Rose sighs. "Since being involved with you guys is dangerous. And is there any other details I should know?"

"Hmm…" Alyssa thinks as she presses her index finger against her chin. "Practice in moderation. If you overwork yourself, you could kill yourself. That or drain out Caitlyn and Conner who are filling you up."

"Okay." Rose replies walking away from Alyssa. Alyssa smiles and disappears leaving Milena and Madeline with more questions. The sisters catch up with Rose and try to get some answers.

"Rose, please tell us what's going on we want some answers." Madeline pleads.

Rose sighs. "Get permission from Master. I'm not the one that should be deciding such an important thing." They arrive back at the house. Rose takes the books from them adding the books to her stack and heading upstairs. Rose places the books down on the floor and pushes Caitlyn out of the room. "Sorry. You heard Alyssa."

Caitlyn pouts visibly as the door closes in front of her. Rose sits at the foot of the bed spreading the books in a semi-circle around her. "Now where to begin?" Rose glances to the side and sighs. "If you have something to say, then do it now before I start focusing.

"Do you want help?" Demia's voice barely reaches Rose's ears.

"No. I want to see this material visually first before I jump into actual practice. I don't have enough basic information." Rose replies calmly.

"Okay." Demia's voice replies before remaining silent.

Rose sits against the bed as she picks up the first book titled The Basics of Magic. It covers how magic is a mixture of energy from the soul and the surroundings. It cautions how over using magic is dangerous to the human body and can be life threatening. The early parts of the books covers exercises like mediation that is used to first draw out magic from the body. Extensive training is needed to simply produce enough energy to bring it to a visible level. Rose pauses her reading to look at her hand. She repeatedly clenches her fingers before releasing them several times.  Rose speaks up without removing her gaze from her hand. "Question."

"Yes?" Demia's voice replies lightly. Her figure remains invisible to Rose's eyes.

"The techniques in the book for moving around magical energy is very different from what I seem to use. Should I try and conform more to what this basics book says?" Rose asks.

Demia pauses before replying. "…No. The book acts as a guideline and is good for building a base. But you've already found what's best for you, so there's no need to conform yourself when you've found a more advanced technique."

"Is that so?" Rose mutters to herself. She returns to her reading quickly reading through the stack of books. By dinner time, Rose has completely read through the stack of fifteen books. "Hahh." Rose lets out a deep sigh. "Wow. So much material. Becoming skilled in all of this is going to be a challenge." She washes her face before heading downstairs. She sees Caitlyn at the foot of the stairs.

"Oh. I was just coming to call you for dinner." Caitlyn says slightly surprised.

"Don't worry. I kept track of the time." Rose responds descending the staircase.

"Made much progress?" Caitlyn asks.

Rose nods. "I understand it, still have to practice all of it though." The doorbell rings when Rose reaches the bottom of the stairs.

"Who could that be?" Caitlyn mutters to herself. She opens the door and sees Tanya. "Hello. What do you need?"

Tanya looks at Rose. "I wanted to reconsider your request."

Rose frowns at the sudden topic. "You don't have to you know. It's pretty dangerous to consider going against them."

"No!" Tanya holds her left hand against her chest. "That's why I came here anyways."

Caitlyn says with surprise. "You're certainly more talkative now."

"Because I saw how naïve I was." Tanya awkwardly mutters.

"Well let's discuss this with the others first." Rose responds motioning to the kitchen.

"Everyone? Should we be discussing this so openly?" Tanya asks concerned.

"Sure. They're involved so they should know the situation." Rose responds walking into the kitchen. She walks up to Conner and gives him a kiss. "Welcome back, Master."

"Mmm." Conner kisses her back. "I heard about your day."

"Is that so?" Rose responds sitting down. Caitlyn and Tanya walk into the room. Caitlyn takes a seat, but Tanya remains standing. "Speaking of which. We have a visitor."

They look at Tanya. "Well at least it's someone that works here." Aurelia comments.

"That's true." Samantha adds. "We've been having too many dangerous people crashing into the room."

"Actually since she's a spy. It's not unrelated." Rose calmly declares. Everyone at the table except for Rose and Caitlyn immediately turns their attention to Tanya.

"Wait a minute! Don't make it sound like I'm someone dangerous!" Tanya yells at Rose. "I'm only after that group of six."

"Now. Now. Please calm down. Caitlyn already told us about you, so relax." Samantha interrupts.

"Well we can't help, but be surprised most of the time. Rose knows a lot more than she tells us sometimes." Nathan comments.

"True. She's the only one that can do anything too. We're completely useless against them." Morgan adds.

"Well back on topic." Rose stops their conversation. "Are you sure you want to train me in magic? If you anger them, their wrath may come down on you."

"I just faltered suddenly coming face to face with one of them." Tanya tensely answers. "I came here because I wanted to stop their actions."

Rose almost knocks her chair over as she stands up drawing everyone's attention. "Do you know what they're trying to do?"

"N…no." Tanya's voice stutters at the sudden action. "I just want to stop them because they broke the rules about interfering with human lives."

Rose's shoulders drop significantly. She sighs as she gets back in her seat. "Is that so?"

"Sorry. I've only started watching them recently. I don't know enough to tell you what they're after." Tanya replies.

"That's too bad." Caitlyn replies patting Rose's shoulder. "It'd be nice to know what they want."

"Yeah…" Rose sits slouching in her chair.

"Rose?" Caitlyn looks closer at Rose. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just got my hopes up there for a moment." Rose replies depressed.

"Is it that big a shock?" Conner asks.

"At the very least. I would like to know why my life has been thrown into disarray so much. I can at least be more accepting of my current situation." Rose responds.

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you willing to fight against them?" Caitlyn asks looking at Tanya. Everyone turns their gaze towards Tanya.

"Well…" Tanya fidgets awkwardly avoiding eye contact. "…it's for my own sense of justice." She replies looking downward. "I dislike the fact that they disrupt human beings for their own gain. There's an unwritten rule that the dead should not disrupt the lives of the living for their own gain."

"Doesn't that mean you're technically breaking that rule too?" Aurelia asks.

Tanya nods immediately. "I came here secretly, so once I head back. I'll probably receive a harsh punishment."

"How dedicated." Rose comments.

"By the way." Samantha comments. "We never asked if their group has a name. It'd be easier to refer to them if we knew that."

"Anima." Xa replies appearing behind Samantha. Everyone except for Rose jumps in surprise at Xa's sudden appearance. "That's the name Valera decided for our group. She was strangely insistent on it. She would never tell us the reason why." Xa stops speaking and looks at everyone and notices the mixed reactions around the room. Tanya and the men show an obvious uneasy face. Rose drinks some tea completely calm. The other girls jump out of their seats. Samantha and Aurelia hide behind their men while Caitlyn hides behind Rose again. "You don't need to fear me that much."

"Master. You haven't had the pleasure I believe." Rose speaks calmly. "This is Xa. She's the one that ripped my arm off the first time we met."

Conner pales at Rose's explanation. "R…right. Nice to meet you."

"And? Did you need something from us?" Rose asks Xa.

"I came for a fight." Xa declares.

Rose pales as she sprays out the tea in her mouth and starts coughing. She speaks once she catches her breath. "What crazy thing are you saying?! I just started reading about this stuff. You can't seriously expect me to do anything against you."

"Of course not. That's why I'm going to spar with you under a serious handicap." Xa replies calmly.

Rose shakes her head violently. "Nonononono!! There's no way!! I wouldn't be a good opponent when I haven't even practiced anything!!" She has none of her usual composure.

"I know that." Xa smiles scaring Rose even more.

"Enough!" A voice rings out and a hand drops downward hitting Xa on the head. They look to notice Solara next to Xa. She looks angrily at Xa. "You need to head back. Valeria wants a word with you."

"About wanting to battle Rose?" Xa asks calmly.

Solara nods. "If you want to fight Rose, then you'll need Valeria's permission first."

Xa clicks her tongue. "How troublesome. Fine. I'm going." She quickly disappears from the room.

Solara walks over to Rose and puts her hands on Rose's shoulders. "By the way, you're coming too."

"Huh?!" Rose cries out. "Hey, wait a min…"Rose tries to protest, but her voice is cut off as both of them disappear.

Caitlyn and Conner face palms and sighs with everyone else in the room from relief and exhaustion. Conner mutters out loud. "Now what do we do?" He looks around the room, but everyone is at a loss as to anything helpful.

Caitlyn looks at Tanya. "Any way you could follow them?"

Tanya shakes her head. "Don't know where they're going, so that's impossible." Caitlyn and Conner sigh again. "You're awfully calm considering she was just taken."

"Because it happens all the time." They reply in unison.

"We can't do anything to help as much as we want to either." Conner adds. "Plus, she's incredibly capable of taking care of herself."

"Hey, Tanya. Is it really impossible for me to learn any magic to help Rose?" Caitlyn asks.

Tanya nods immediately. "Living people can't learn it normally. I'm surprised that Rose is able to do it. They probably adjusted her body to be able to do it."

"You mean kill her?" Aurelia asks.

Tanya shrugs. "I can't answer that since I'm not sure if that's what they did."

Everyone sighs as a tense atmosphere fills the room.


"Aaaagghhhh!!!" A voice screams throughout the darkened room. The naked person sits kneeling on the ground with both arms hanging above them in the air as if bound by invisible chains. The figure has long white hair flowing down the back exactly like Rose's, but a patch of short black hair sits on the back of the head. The left side of the chest has an ample sized breast, but the right side is flat and clearly resembles a man's body. Odd mixed spots of contrasting gender are found all over the person who is completely drenched in their own sweat.

Rose sits a few feet away from the person completely unconscious. She sits kneeling in the same position with her arms bound in the air. She sits there completely naked, her body drenched in sweat with blood dripping down her left side due to the large gash extending across her entire left arm.

"Aggghhhhh!!!" The other person screams in pain echoing throughout the entire room. 

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