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Ch. 11 - Revisions

Here's chapter 11. This chapter is a bit shorter than the previous ones. Hope you enjoy it. 

Earlier, Solara magically teleported into a completely white hallway along with Rose. Rose knocks away Solara's hand once sees her surroundings. "Where are we?" Rose yells glaring at Rose.

"Our base. I said it didn't I? Valeria wants to speak with you." Solara replies pointing to the end of the hallway. Rose reaches into her dress pocket. Solara sees the movement and starts walking down the hallway. "You can put that toy if you want, but we will definitely notice and disable it quickly.

Rose reluctantly removes her hand from her pocket and follows Solara. She enters the darkened room and is barely able to see the outline of the table in the center of the room. Solara sits down as if the darkness was normal.

Rose's eyes adjust to the darkness just when the lights click on temporarily blinding her. In an instant, her legs are pulls to the ground and her arms become tightly bound. "Wah! What's going on?" Her eyes adjust to the brightness. She sees Alyssa, Xa, and Solara sitting at the table. Some movement catches Rose's eye as she sees a woman dressed in white. The clothing resembles more of a toga than a dress. It connects over both shoulders to the back, but has a low cut that accentuates the women's cleavage. The thickness also makes it seem to be more of a sheet than an actual piece of clothing. The woman also wears white gloves, but what stands out is the black sandals, earrings, and bracelets that contrast the white color. She has long white hair extending down her back similar to Rose. Her appearance shows she's slightly older that Rose giving her more of a mature appearance than a young one.

The woman smiles sending shivers down Rose's spine. "Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Valeria."

"N…nice…to meet you." Rose stutters as her body shakes in fear. Rose glances at the table. "Why…am I strapped down like this? I thought I was called to talk."

"Yes." Valeria smiles, "But that's not all. I suppose I'll get to the point though. You've done a good job in handling your magic for a beginner." Rose trembles even harder. The compliments she receives only creates more fear for her. "If we want you to improve properly, we need to fix up your body more."

Rose starts shaking like a leaf in the wind. "Eep." She lets out a weak squeal after seeing the glint of Valeria's eyes.

"We need to fix all the problems you have with that body." Valeria declares. Rose shuts her eyes and takes a deep breath to stop shaking. She immediately begins to emit larges arcs of electricity from her body. They circle around her like a tornado. Valeria raises her eyebrows in surprise, but simply smiles. "That's an impressive trick for a beginner, but you can't get out of my bindings that easily."

Rose scrunches her face as she forces more electricity out of her body. It spreads out and attacks everyone there, but they all easily deflect the attack. Solara and Xa deflect the electricity by knocking it away with their hands while the others use a simple magical barrier to deflect the electricity from them. The electricity disperses as Rose loses her focus. She pants heavily as she tries catch her breath.

Solara sighs. "That's why you're an amateur if you can't even regulate your own magic."

"That's why we have to improve that body of yours." Valeria smiles increasing Rose's unease. Valeria approaches Rose and reaches her right hand out. Her hand goes straight into Rose's body.

"Gah." Rose cries out with an uncomfortable look on her face. Valeria moves her right hand to the right. "Aaaahhh!!!" Rose starts screaming in pain. Valeria's hand exits Rose's body from side carrying a small white orb. When the orb fully leaves Rose's body, her screaming abruptly stops and her entire body falls limp.

"This is what it amounts too huh?" Valeria scoffs as she drops the orb slightly away from Rose's body. The orb pops and releases a small whirlwind as light begins to gather. It swirls around the area where the orb broke and forms a figure. The form takes a human shape and causes the light to scatter revealing a distorted image of a naked Rose. The majority of her body clearly reveals that her body is Rose. However, patches of her body are clearly different. Spots of short black hair and a flat right part of her chest shows a clear male figure remaining from her time as Riley. Rose lets out a huge breath as she starts panting trying to catch her breath. "I thought so." Valeria comments. "Deal with this thing." She snaps her fingers and walks out the room.

Solara and Demia sigh as they stand up from their seats and walks towards Rose. Rose sees Demia in person for the first time. She clearly has a much more mature appearance than Valeria. She wears a forest green robe with a black cloak over it. Her light brown hair extends down in front of hair stopping around her chest. Her emerald eyes has a unique shine to them.

Rose lets out an uneasy sigh wondering what these beautiful women have planned for her. Solara stops in front of Rose's unconscious body and sticks a small crystal in the shape of a diamond onto Rose's forehead. Rose's body shakes, but it's her separated form that lets out a piercing scream.

"It's interesting how the soul still hasn't fully converted yet." Demia comments crouching in front of the screaming Rose.

"That's why we're doing this." Solara comments.

Demia collects a ball of magic and pushes it into Rose's soul. Rose screams even higher causing her voice to crack. The male parts of Rose's soul start to fade as the female portion takes over. Demia and Solara take a few steps back as they stand and wait watching Rose's change. Xa sits back in her chair bored. Alyssa sits with an uneasy expression unable to watch Rose. After a few minutes Alyssa stops fidgeting and leaves the room. Demia glances at Alyssa's figure as she leaves the room. "Alyssa really gets too emotional about things like this."

"It's nothing new." Solara replies. "She just sympathizes with others too much." Rose's screams dies down as she sits exhausted on the ground.

"Looks like she's done." Demia crouches looking at Rose's face.

"Same here." Solara replies. They push Rose's body and soul together. Rose's body recombines letting out a small popping noise.

"Uuu…" Rose lets out a small groan. Her body tilts forward as gravity takes over. She hits the floor completely unconscious.

"How pathetic." Solara scoffs. She picks up Rose. "I'll go throw her back where she came from." She teleports out of the room and right into Conner's kitchen where everyone is still waiting. "Here you can have her back now." Solara drops Rose roughly onto the floor.

"Rose!" They quickly approach Rose with Conner and Caitlyn leading. Conner holds her upper body. "Are you okay?" He lightly shakes her, but receives no response.

"The idiot passed out after we were finished with her." Solara replies. Conner and Caitlyn glare at Solara. "We'll I'm done here." Solara teleports and disappears out of the room.

"How is she?" Caitlyn asks.

Conner glances at Aurelia. Aurelia holds Rose's wrist as she checks her pulse. "Her pulse is good and she's breathing. I think she'll be alright. I don't know about the things they can do with magic though." They look at Tanya.

Tanya puts her hand on Rose's forehead. "It looks like she just passed out. It looks like they made some serious alterations to her body, but nothing that will harm her health." She answers taking her hand from Rose's forehead.

They let out a sigh of relief. Conner stands up carrying Rose in his arms. "Okay. I'll put her to bed then."

The next day, Rose wakes up normally, but continues to lie in bed even through breakfast time. Rose gave a basic explanation to Conner about what happened and had him pass on the details to the others while Rose rested in bed. Caitlyn and Tanya come into the room  after breakfast. "How are you feeling?" Caitlyn asks.

"Painful. Still can't move at all." Rose grumbles lying flat on the bed unmoving.

"Well that's expected considering what happened to you." Tanya replies. "You should be glad you got through it in one piece."

"Um…Rose. Do you need to?" Caitlyn asks awkwardly staring at Rose's lower body.

"Hmm? Ah. Impossible." Rose replies quickly. "Just trying to move brings up too much pain."

"Do you want me to try healing you?" Tanya asks collecting some energy in her hand.

"Go ahead. I'd be grateful if you could get rid of this pain." Rose replies.

Tanya places her hand on Rose's stomach and releases white light that quickly surrounds Rose. "That should do it." Tanya removes her hand causing the light to fade.

Rose tries to slowly sit up. She checks her body's movement carefully before sliding off the bed. "Thanks. It looks like it helped." Rose goes to the closet and quickly strips. "By the way, are you still willing to train me?"

"Yes. Of course. I need all the help I can get if I want to go against them." Tanya answers smiling.

"Then where should we go to train?" Rose asks.

"One of the studio rooms I suppose. They have a good amount of room and we won't have too many people watching us." Tanya suggests.

"Okay. But they'll be watching us either way." Rose points at Caitlyn and then points upward towards the ceiling.

"I know. Not much we can do about it." Tanya replies. They relocate to one of the empty practice rooms. Contrary to Rose and Tanya's expectations. The entire group follows them to watch. They are barely able to keep the rest of the mansion staff from watching the two of them. "Is this fine?" Tanya asks Rose while pointing at them.

Rose shrugs "They have more authority than me. Besides I'm more worried about." Rose points at Alyssa sitting by herself across the room. "Just watching?" Rose asks.

Alyssa nods. "I just wanted to see that you were okay after yesterday's treatment."

Rose sighs and returns her attention to Tanya. "So what do you want to start with? The very beginning?" Tanya asks.

"Let's start with correction first. I can generate magic already, so I need to know if there's a more efficient method and if I'm doing something wrong." Rose releases some electricity and skillfully manipulates it in the form of a chain. It coils around Tanya's general vicinity without letting a single spark arc towards her. Rose lets the electricity disperse as it coils around in front of her.

"Ohhh!!" Conner and the others clap as they voice their amazement.

"That's very impressive. It's hard to think you only just started learning magic." Tanya replies clapping.

"Thanks." Rose smiles embarrassed. "I'm best at going with the flow. That and electricity has a strong connection with me because of how often I electrocuted myself with my failed tools."

"Hmm?" Tanya mutters. "Well for pointers, I say your control is excellent. But I noticed you were creating the electricity with the magic stored in your body."

"Uh huh. Is that bad?" Rose asks tilting her head in confusion.

"No. It's not bad. That kind of technique is incredibly advanced which makes it more amazing, but it's very inefficient." Tanya declares. "That kind of thing burns out your magic incredibly fast. There's a much more basic method that has the same effect and control." Tanya goes into an explanation of using magic to manipulate basic elements in nature to produce the same effects.


"Ugh. I can't follow their conversation at all." Caitlyn grumbles.

"I know. The technical stuff is pretty boring and we can't make use of any of it, so I can't get motivated to learn." Samantha replies.

"Then how about this?" Aurelia joins in. She waves at Alyssa to come over. Alyssa points at  herself surprised. Aurelia nods.

Alyssa quickly teleports closing the distance between them. "Need something?"

"Yes... I wanted to ask about why you guys kidnapped Rose last night? Rose didn't tell us." Aurelia asks carefully.

"Well yeah. We didn't get a chance to tell her since she passed out." Alyssa replies awkwardly. "How should I explain this? Spirits like us have no form, so our magical skills have no limit for it to stop growing. A living person like Rose is bound because of her body. It can only hold so much since the magic needs to share space with your insides like your heart. That's why most people shouldn't develop magic because it interferes with your normal living. For Rose, we can't kill her because we need her alive, so we added special crystals into her body." Alyssa pulls out from the air and shows them a small crystal. "They substitute as holders for her magical power."

Alyssa pauses for a moment before continuing. "Plus we temporarily separated her soul from her body. Her soul still had parts that remained male. Since magic isn't compatible with men. We forcibly changed the remaining parts from male to female." An uneasy tension spreads throughout the group. "Honestly, I think it was too early to do it, but Valeria's orders can't be ignored. Since we did it already, there shouldn't be any need for further development since we finished everything early on."

"Is that really true?" Caitlyn asks trying to discern the truth from Alyssa's eyes.

"Yes." Alyssa replies staring right back at Caitlyn. "I mean what I said."


"Looks like they're talking about you." Tanya says pointing at the others.

"That's fine. We can find out what the topic is later." Rose replies plainly.

"Well I corrected all the issues you had. What do you want to do now? The basics?" Tanya asks.

"I read up on the basics already and made a summary." Rose hands her a few pieces of paper. "Anything I need to correct?"

Tanya scrolls through the pages. "No. Looks good."

"Then do you know of a method to block them from reading my mind?" Rose asks pointing at Alyssa.

"Okay? But that's an advanced technique. Are you sure you don't want to learn something simpler first?" Tanya asks surprised.

"I'm sure." Rose answers calmly. "I can't fight back with them if I focus on the learning from the ground up. Our levels of experience are too different. I have no choice, but to learn some advanced techniques to create a more specialized style." 

"You have a plan already?" Tanya asks even more surprised.

"Of course not. I just think I need to develop good defenses if I want to find a way out of this difficult situation." Rose replies.

Tanya gives her a simple explanation on developing a strong magical field around the brain to prevent others from reading your thoughts. They practice for a while, before Rose switches to practicing some basics. As Rose continues to practice, her legs buckle as she falls to the ground breathing heavily.

"Rose are you okay?" Conner calls out.

"I'm okay. Just tired." Rose replies breathing heavily.

"Looks like you used up most of the magic in your body." Tanya states looking at Rose.

"That's why you're not supposed to over do it." Alyssa says scolding Rose as she appears by Rose's side.

"Sorry. I got too into the practice." Rose apologizes.

"It can't be helped. I'll fill you up." Alyssa answers surprising everyone in the room.

Rose's eyes widen as her head snaps towards Alyssa. "Wha… No! That's not necessary!" Rose protests.

Alyssa smiles. "I never said you had a choice." She points one finger upward and moves her hand in a circle. Rose falls onto the ground lying on her back. Her arms outstretched and bound together by a current of wind. Rose's white hair scatters in a fan shape under her. Everyone else becomes bound in place unable to move their arms and legs.

"Waahh!!" Everyone tries to struggle, but fail to move their limbs even slightly. Even Tanya is unable to break the bindings with her magic as her body begins to emit a strong white light.

"Now then." Alyssa straddles Rose.

"Stop!" Rose pleads with tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"Relax. I'm not doing it through sex." Alyssa pulls her brown hair back and leans in towards Rose. She kisses Rose softly. Her lips move along the contours of Rose's lips. Rose tries to twist away from Alyssa, but the magical wind holds her body in place preventing her from even twisting her face away. Alyssa picks up the intensity as she starts using her tongue. Her tongue plunges into Rose's mouth wrapping around Rose's tongue. Alyssa's tongue constantly coils around Rose's as Rose still tries to fight back. Alyssa begins to transfer magical energy through their kiss. The energy heats up their lips as it begins filling Rose. The sudden energy fills Rose with a burning sensation. Her body heats up as if on fire. Alyssa finishes the transfer and ends the kiss. "Thanks for the treat." Alyssa says as she licks her lips. She releases some of the bindings around Rose's upper body.

Rose immediately clutches her chest unused to the burning sensation filling her body. The burning starts to ease allowing Rose to open her eyes. Her vision begins to focus on Alyssa who is still straddling Rose. Before her vision completely focuses, everything becomes black. A tinge of yellow hangs over her. It forms a crescent moon shape replicating a smiling mouth. However, the smile sends incredible fear through Rose's body. "Wahh!!" Rose lets out a cry as she swings her hand forward. Her vision goes from black to white as the yellow mouth disappears and Alyssa reappears.

A large wall of magic flies over Rose and directly at Alyssa. She calmly moves her hand slowly upward. A diagonal barrier forms in front of her diverting the wall into the air. It hits another magical barrier causing Rose's attack to burst. "You didn't have to go that far. I just wanted to play a little bit." Alyssa replies annoyed as she gets off Rose.

"Huh? No…sorry." Rose unsteadily replies piecing together what happened. "I saw something strange. I freaked out when it smiled at me. I guess I was just hallucinating. Sorry."

"Oh? What did it look like?" Alyssa asks slightly interested.

"Couldn't tell the entire area was black, all I saw was a yellow smiling mouth." Rose answers calmly.

Alyssa frowns as she starts walking away. "I'll look into it." She teleports out of the room quickly disappearing.

The bindings disappear on everyone. Tanya extends a hand to Rose. "Need a hand?"

"Thanks." Rose grabs Tanya's hand and pushes herself up. The others approach Rose. "I guess we should stop for today." She turns towards Conner and Caitlyn. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to stop her."

"No. It's fine. We couldn't do anything either." Caitlyn replies.

"Yeah. I don't like it. But we can't really stop them at all anyways." Conner adds.

"Thanks." Rose shivers as she recalls the yellow smile. "I hope that was really my imagination." 

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