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Ch. 12 - Tea Party

A character development chapter! I wanted to do some development on the girls to give them more character. Unfortunately, the chapter came out super short. I have a strong outline of the main story, but the development outline is nearly non existent. So I just end up winging the development even more than usual, so it's harder for me to think of the material. I'll be plugging in more character development chapters here and there, hopefully with better quality and length than this one.

Anyways, hope you still enjoy the release!


Alyssa returns to their darkened meeting room. Only Valeria sits in the empty room. "Val, I just heard from Rose." Alyssa stops in front of Valeria.

Valeria raises her hand to stop Alyssa. "I heard it already."

Alyssa waits, but she doesn't elaborate further. She becomes impatient and finally comments. "And? What do you think? Could it be Octavia?"

"No." Valeria replies unconcerned. "We locked her up properly. It's impossible for her to be released with that type of seal restricting her from leaving."

"But Rose said…" Alyssa protests.

Valeria stops her again. "She doesn't know what she saw. It's obviously just a hallucination. The person herself even thinks so."

"We should still look into it. If…" Alyssa continues to protest, but stops when Valeria stands up.

"Instead of worrying about some silly illusion, you should focus on yourself." Valera wraps one arm around Alyssa's waist while the other arm reaches down towards Alyssa's groin. "You had a very passionate kiss with our little piece of meat. Aren't you feeling aroused at all?"

"Mmm…No…" Alyssa fidgets as she protests from Valeria's touch.

Valeria seductively whispers in Alyssa's ear. "You don't have to deny it. I know you're all hot and bothered from that thing. You should have a bit more fun."

"I don't need…" Alyssa starts to twist around trying to push Valeria away from her. Valeria moves first pushing Alyssa out of the room and into the hallway. A flash of white passes in front of Alyssa's eyes as Valeria's hair dances slightly in the air. A small white circular orb explodes causing the hallway to become completely pitch white. Alyssa covers her eyes from the brightness. As the light dies down Alyssa's vision return to normal. She goes to her room locking the door. "I can't believe her."


Rose knocks on the door. Samantha's voice rings out. "Come in!" Rose and Caitlyn enter the room. Upon entering the room, they notice dress form on the opposite side of the room. The upper portion of the partial mannequin is bare, but a medium length, indigo skirt hangs from the dress form. A few books lie around the dress form with pages open to different styles of clothing. The bookshelf on the right wall has even more books about clothes and fashion. On the back left wall sits a sewing machine. The bed sits on the left wall closest to them. Samantha and Aurelia sit in front of them around a small table complete with a white porcelain tea set. "Welcome." Samanatha smiles.

"Impressive." Rose comments.

"Yeah. You're very good." Caitlyn adds.

"Sam, you know you shouldn't welcome people into someone else's room." Aurelia comments.

Samantha pouts. "I was just letting them in. I never said it was mine."

Rose and Caitlyn take a seat around the table. Rose looks at the bookshelf. "You sure have a lot of reading material."

"I'm more surprised in this world dominated by men, there is anything about fashion at all." Caitlyn comments.

Aurelia laughs. "Well even men want to dress up their women pretty from time to time. A lot of it is disturbing or sexual, but there is cute and or fashionable stuff that I can use."

"Tea's ready. Here you go." Samantha holds the tea pot as she fills their tea cups.

"Thanks." Rose and Caitlyn reply taking a sip of their tea.

"This red tea is my personal favorite." Samantha replies smiling.

Rose takes a sip. "It's good." Rose puts her teacup down. "So what did you need us for?" Rose asks innocently.

"Huh?" Aurelia and Samantha ask in unison.

"Well you called us over here, but you didn't specify what. I was wondering what it was?" Rose asks.

"Huh?!" Samantha and Aurelia cry out in unison.

"What?" Rose looks at them confused.

"We told you it was for a tea party." Samantha answers.

"I remember that part." Rose replies. "I mean what do you do at a tea party?" Samantha jaw drops, while Aurelia shows a stunned expression.

"You…" Samantha starts to comment.

"Sorry. I have no clue either." Caitlyn adds.

Samantha and Aurelia's surprised only increases as they stare at the two of them. Aurelia coughs and takes a deep breath. "We just wanted to have some tea and have some girls only talk."

"Ahhh… Is that all?" Rose and Caitlyn reply together. The four of them relax as they enjoy their tea.

"By the way, should we invite whoever's here?" Aurelia asks looking at Rose.

Rose looks at Aurelia confused before understanding the meaning. "Ah. No, it's best not to." Rose points at the roof. "She's on top of the house, so it's fine. Besides, Xa's the one watching right now. I don't think we could feel comfortable with her considering our previous experiences." The others show a awkward face as they remember what happened.

Caitlyn sighs. "We should enjoy it while we can. We're not going to get much time to relax once the next thing comes up."

Aurelia and Samantha show an awkward smile. "That's true. It's been some time since the last tea party we had." Aurelia comments.

"It's been too hectic overall." Samantha adds.

Rose hangs her head. "Sorry."

"We're not blaming you, stupid." Caitlyn gives a light knock to Rose's head.

"I'm surprised you are able to handle it so well. I would have cracked from all the stress." Samantha comments.

"Well I cry it all out when no one is looking, so I can act calm during the day." Rose comments.

"It's fine if you show some more emotions you know. We won't think any less of you if you show when you're sad or scared." Aurelia replies.

"Don't want to. It's embarrassing." Rose answers immediately. The girls stare at Rose's immediate reply. "Can we move away from discussing things about me? I'm not in the mood to think about that right now."

"Sorry. Guess that's true." Caitlyn replies.

"What should we talk about then?" Samantha asks.

"Then. Aurelia's hobby is making clothes. What is your hobby, Sam?" Caitlyn asks.

"Mine. Cooking. I like to try and mix different things and see what tastes good."  Samantha replies.

"That sounds nice." Caitlyn answers.

"That's only the nice end of it." Aurelia retorts. "The failures she makes are completely disgusting."

"You don't have to say that much!" Samantha yells. "I don't fail that much." Caitlyn and Rose smile at their peaceful argument.

Aurelia stares at Samantha with a stern face. "I never knew it was possible to make cookware explode until you did it."

Samantha's face flushes red in embarrassment. "It was just the one time!" Rose lets out a giggle. "Don't laugh! It was just a one time thing!"

Rose starts laughing even harder. "Sorry. Sorry. It's nice to see how close you two are."

Samantha blushes furiously and points at Rose. "Tell us one of your embarrassing stories. It's not fair I'm the only one being teased."

Rose looks at the ceiling. "Hmm…" They sit in silence for several minutes waiting for Rose. Rose returns her gaze to Samantha. "Can't think of anything."

Samantha hits the table in anger. "That's a lie! You just don't want to embarrass yourself."

"No. I'm serious." Rose replies calmly. "I can't think of anything embarrassing. Everything that is popping into my mind is dark and/or depressing. That's not what you asked so I have to say I can't think of anything."

Caitlyn interrupts. "Same for me. I can't think of anything that wouldn't end up killing the mood."
Samantha shows an uneasy face when Aurelia pipes in. "What about a hobby? I haven't seen you do much, but help out and follow Rose around."

Caitlyn shakes her head. "Don't have one. I spent most of my life hiding, so I didn't do any things to have fun."

A dark mood falls over the room from Caitlyn's comment. Rose decides to speak up. "You have more freedom now. You should take your time to find some things you enjoy."

"That's right!" Samantha replies. "We're all friends here. You should find something you like to do." Caitlyn nods her head, but doesn't respond. Her brown hair covers her face. Tears start to stream down her face. "Why are you crying?" Samantha cries out.

"Here." Rose holds out her hands. "Do you want to cover your face?" Caitlyn buries her face in Rose's chest as she starts to cry. Rose lightly strokes Caitlyn's head. Aurelia and Samantha look at each other and patiently wait as they drink their tea.

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