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Ch. 13 - Wood Part 1

Going to work on Saturday plus all my video games ended up making this chapter way shorter than I would have liked. I spliced the chapter since I wouldn't have a good stopping point later. It's a cliffhanger to boot, sorry! 

Hope you can still enjoy it. I'll hopefully get the rest written up in time for my next post.


Alyssa leaves her room and slams the door shut behind her. "I can't take it anymore."


Caitlyn calms down and they return to their tea party. "Sorry about that."

"It's fine. I understand the feeling." Samantha replies.

"True. We were like that before too." Aurelia adds.

"Really? You don't seem as tense at Caitlyn." Rose asks.

"Because we've been here longer." Aurelia answers. Samantha nods.

The four of them talk about various topics. They eventually come around to magic.

"It's a shame we can't learn anything to help you out." Samantha comments.

"Yeah. I want to help out with something. I hate watching on the side like this." Caitlyn adds.

"It's fine." Rose replies taking a sip of tea. "I don't want to get anyone involved in such a dangerous thing anyways."

"You shouldn't say that!" Caitlyn grabs Rose's shoulders. "We're here! We want to help!"

Rose grips Caitlyn's hands and makes Caitlyn release her grip. "I would never be able to forgive myself if you girls got hurt because of me. This situation isn't something that can easily be turned around after all."

"You don't sound confident." Aurelia comments.

"I'm not." Rose replies bluntly. "An amateur versus a master is a high wall to climb. They have so much more experience than me."

Caitlyn immediately grabs Rose's shoulders again. "You're not giving up are you?!  You're just going to give yourself up to them?!"

Rose gives Caitlyn a light cuff to the head. "Of course not, stupid. That's just my realistic opinion. It doesn't mean I won't fight for my life with everything I have."

"That means you don't think you can survive?" Aurelia asks.

"Right now. If they seriously went after me would mean an instant loss." Rose replies. "I have to learn the material, do practical study and figure out how to apply it all in a way to give me an advantage against them." She shrugs her shoulders. "It's a lot of ground to cover. The key thing is can I learn enough to get myself through this situation. My chances are near zero, so I have to raise it as high as possible. That's why I'm worried. I don't know..." Rose trails off attracting their gaze.

Her face is a complete sleet white. Rose quickly stands up and tries to leave the room. In an instant, thick roots encompass the walls of the room. Every portion of the walls, floor and ceiling are covered in thick brown roots. The roots start  to wrap around Rose's right hand resting on the door knob. Rose pulls her hand back, but the roots firmly wrap around her hand. "Shit!" Rose immediately reaches her left hand into her hair and pulls out her hidden katana. She swings it quickly tossing the sheath to the side. Rose pours her magic in the blade and quickly swings downward. The blade easily slices through the roots releasing Rose's hand. Rose backs away from the door as she shakes her right hand shaking off the rest of the roots.

"Pretty good, but you're still letting your guard down too much." A voice comments. Rose turns around to see Alyssa behind her with a stern expression. Rose points the katana at her calmly returning the stern gaze. "You sure you want to do that?" Alyssa points to the side. Rose looks to the side to see the others bound by various roots protruding from the ground. Pointed roots dangles in front of each of their necks.

Caitlyn, Samantha and Aurelia are all deathly pale, but sweating profusely. None of them open their mouths in fear of touching the sharp root. They look at Rose pleading with their eyes for help.


In the hallway, Solara appears and instantly tries to destroy the roots to enter the room. She forcibly extracts the water from
 the roots causing them to dry up and easily break apart. However, more roots quickly replace the broken roots. "Damn!"

Xa passes through the roof and lands next to Solara. "Can't get in from above too."

"Shit! What the hell is Alyssa doing?!" Solara punches the roots cracking a few of them, but more roots simply replace it. Solara takes a deep breath. "Anyways we need to get in there."

Xa nods.


Rose bites her lower lip. "Tch." She stabs the katana into the ground letting her grip go. Rose raises her hands in the air showing her surrender.

"Giving up already? I figured you would give more of a fight." Alyssa replies sneering.

Caitlyn lets out a whimper. "R…"

"Hold still!" Rose yells out. A strong wind kicks up around Caitlyn and the others. It quickly becomes a strong whirlwind completely surrounding Caitlyn and the others. The roots become cut up in the wind disintegrating to powder. The girls look at Rose amazed.

"Naïve!" Alyssa cries out. Sharp roots shoot towards Rose, but most of them shatter against the layer of magic enveloping Rose's body. One of the roots last long enough to pierce into Rose's stomach.

Rose cuts the root piercing her body and separates it from her wound. She tosses the root to the side. The wind surrounding the girls continues to strongly blow protecting them. "I'm not gong to buckle from something like that. And you've lost your hostages." Alyssa sneers at Rose. Rose grabs the katana and pours magic into it once again making it shine a bright white. She stands sideways with her right foot behind her and her left in front. Rose holds the katana with her arms raised to the right side at the same height as the top of her head. The blade is mostly level, but is tilted slightly downward.

The girls watch uneasily at the tense atmosphere. Rose taps on the ground with her back foot. A blast occurs behind Alyssa as the roots blast away from the wall and shoot a magical bullet. Rose charges at Alyssa right after the blast.

Alyssa smiles and positions her arm behind her and swings upward in a full circular arc. The magical bullet lifts into the air in a similar to Alyssa's motion and returns to a straight line in front of Rose charging directly at her. Rose's eyes widen in shock as she quickly dodges to the left side. Pain shoots through her left leg causing it to buckle. Rose loses her balance and crashes onto the ground. She stills holds onto to the katana as she looks at her left leg. A large splinter of wood protrudes from her leg.

Rose tries to sit herself up, but her hand buckles from her body weight. Her vision starts to spin. "What?" Rose places her hand on the ground and tries to push herself upward, but her arm buckles from her weight and she falls back to the ground. "Poi…son?" Rose voice slurs as she tries to ask the question. Rose's vision blurs out preventing her from seeing clearly. Her body and mind feel incredibly heavy.

"That's righttt." Alyssa tauntingly sings. "It's special too. Made from incredibly rare and magical plants."

"Rose!" Caitlyn cries out, but the surrounding whirlwind prevents her from moving.

Rose roughly pulls out the root stuck in her leg with her right hand. She quickly reaches into her hair with her left hand and pulls out a hypodermic needle filled with a yellow solution and tries to stab it into her injured leg. A root grabs onto Rose's left wrist preventing her from injecting her needle. It squeezes Rose's wrist painfully. Rose lets out a cry as she's forced to release the needle. Another freely moving root hits the needle smashing it into the wall as the glass from the needle shatters.

 The pain from her wrist rings throughout her body. Rose tries to sit herself upward, but is barely able to lift her limbs. The heaviness in her body fills her body as her vision blacks out. All the strength leaves her body as Rose passes out. Rose limply lies on the ground as the whirlwinds surrounding the girls disappear.

"Gotcha." Alyssa licks her lips.

"Rose…" Caitlyn weakly cries out. Alyssa touches the unconscious Rose and disappears from the room. The roots disappear with Alyssa's departure returning the room back to normal. Aurelia and Samantha pass out as all the tension leaves their bodies. Only Caitlyn remains conscious.

The girls quietly stare at the place Rose disappeared unsure of what to say. Solara and Xa break through the door in the next moment. "Shit! She's gone already."

"Ah." Caitlyn lets out a whimper as she pales at the sight of them.

"What now?" Xa asks Solara completely ignoring Caitlyn and the others.

"We…" Solara stops talking as she looks at the door.

"Wait right there!" Tanya charges into the room screaming. She stands in front of Caitlyn and the others. "Don't you dare hurt them. You're breaking the rules if you hurt humans."

"And the idiot's here." Solara sighs and moves her gaze downwards. A compressed ball of magic appears and quickly crashes into Tanya's head knocking her to the ground unconscious. "No point staying here." Solara and Xa start to walk away.

"Wait!" Caitlyn weakly yells. They stop and look at her. "Why…why did you kidnap Rose?" Caitlyn asks close to tears.

Solara scoffs. "You're not good at reading the situation are you." Caitlyn gulps at Solara's condescending tone. "Alyssa did that on her own. We're not involved in whatever she has planned."

"She has something else planned?" Xa asks. "I just thought she wants to use Rose for the plan by herself."

Solara covers her face with her palm. "We're already behind with me handling multiple parts. How is she supposed to do everything by herself?"

"Ohh!!" Xa replies in astonishment. "That's true."

"Let's go. There's not many places where Alyssa can go, but getting through all her barriers is going to be a damn pain in the ass." Solara groans. They leave the room leaving Caitlyn and others.

Caitlyn holds her hands and begins to pray. "Please make it back safely."


Rose sits blankly on a bed. Her body is completely naked, but her hands lie in front of her and are bound in handcuffs made from thick roots. Alyssa approaches the bed with a cup filled with a steaming drink. "Are you ready?" Alyssa asks with a broad grin. Rose nods as Alyssa feeds the drink to her.

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