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Ch. 14 - Wood Part 2

Hi all, Back from my Hiatus. Work's calming down again and back from my trip to Hawaii. Unfortunately I don't have a mass release since I didn't do that much writing during my Hiatus. Oddly, I got a lot of this chapter done while I was in Hawii. XD. I made some use out of the italics to represent thoughts during this chapter. Haven't been applying it much recently.

Anyways, Enjoy! Hopefully I can back onto a normal writing schedule again, now that things are a bit calmer. I just need to suppress my video gaming urges more. 

Solara and Xa return to the meeting room. "Valeria!!" Solara yells. Silence rings out through the room. "Not here. Damn. Just when we need her most."

"Looks like we need to do it by ourselves." Xa replies.

Solara sighs. "Let's go then. It's going to take a while to destroy her barrier when she's serious." Xa nods and they leave the room.

Valeria appears in her chair after they leave. She sits there smiling.


Alyssa drops Rose onto her bed. Rose's white hair floats slightly into the air scattering all over the bed. Alyssa's room resembles her abilities with the entire room being encompassed with roots on every discernible spots. The roots covering the furniture makes it seems as if the furniture is purely made from the furniture. Flowers and various other plants grow between and within the roots filling the room with numerous types of flora on the top of the desk, dresser, and other root covered furniture. A cloud of pollen flies into the air after Rose is placed on the bed.

"Now what should I use?" Alyssa turns away from Rose and opens a cupboard with various liquid filled glasses. She searches through the cupboard trying to find the correct glass.

As Alyssa searches through the cupboard, Rose's left leg makes a slight motion as a needle pierces her skin and buries itself into her flesh. Rose continues to remain unconscious as the needle disappears under he skin. Alyssa finds the glass and sits on the bed. She sits Rose up and opens her mouth feeding her the contents of the glass bottle. Alyssa pinches Rose's nose forcing her to swallow the liquid in order to breathe. Once the bottle is empty, Alyssa puts the bottle on the night stand. Alyssa sits on Rose's waist straddling her body. "Time to wake up." Alyssa says as she rubs Rose's face.

Rose scrunches her face as her eyes open. "Uughhh." Rose's body shifts slightly as she wakes. Her vision focuses on Alyssa. "Huh? I…" Rose tries to sit up.

"Don't move." Alyssa simply orders.

Rose's body freezes up in mid motion as she falls back down onto the bed. "I can't move at all. Why?!"

Rose stares at Alyssa wide eyed. "You're allowed to talk." Alyssa orders.

"Hahhh." Rose lets out a breath of air. "What did you do?!" Rose tries to struggle, but her body does not move an inch.

"Just a little medicine. You're my toy now. So I need you to cooperate." Alyssa replies.

"Toy?!" Rose cries out.

Alyssa puts her finger over Rose's lips. "That's enough talking." Rose's mouth stays closed as she stares hatefully at Alyssa. "Why don't you strip for me."

Rose's expression turns to shock as her body begins to move automatically. She reaches behind her unzipping her dress. She places her arms in front of her allowing the top of the dress to slide down her hands. Rose stands on the bed kicking up more pollen and she lets the dress fall completely off of her body letting it fall onto the bed with a hard clink. She moves one leg out of the dress and uses the other leg to throw the dress off of the bed. Rose's white dress falls to the ground with a hard metallic thunk. Rose moves to unclasp her bra.

"Stop. Sit." Alyssa orders. Rose freezes and sits on the bed kneeling. Alyssa quickly shucks off her clothes. Her light brown hair falls down her back slightly past her shoulders. Rose's eyes dilate when she sees the penis growing in between her legs. "Surprised. I'm a hermaphrodite. I only have a penis though. It's troublesome since I'm only halfway between things, but at least I get to enjoy the body of someone like you. Now then." She sits at the edge of the bed and points at her penis. "Get on your knees and use your mouth, while you use one hand to stimulate your vagina."

"Damn it. I can't resist her orders at all." She thinks as she struggles to disobey Alyssa's orders. Rose moves off of the bed sits on her knees as she begins licking her penis using her left hand to move it around. Her right hand moves down to her vagina as she stimulates herself. Rose's mouth moves up and down the shaft of the penis ardently licking every spot. Rose begins to such on the tip of the penis causing Alyssa to grab Rose's head.

Alyssa grips Rose's head tightly as she shoves her penis deeper down Rose's throat as she climaxes into Rose's mouth. Alyssa finally lets go as her orgasm subsides. The shaft of her penis is covered in semen. Semen also drips from Rose's mouth. "Swallow it and clean the rest of it off my penis." Rose swallows it and coughs as she forces it down and licks Alyssa's penis once again. When Rose finishes it, Alyssa orders her again. "Get on the bed and spread your legs."

Rose moves submissively as she lies down with her back on the bed. She spreads her legs to the sides obediently following Alyssa's orders. "Good. Tell me are you enjoying yourself?" Alyssa asks with an order.

Rose  finally opens her mouth as she regains some control over her face.  "Of course not. You're really twisted if you think that I can enjoy myself."

"That's enough!" Alyssa orders forcing Rose to close her mouth again. "That's no good. You should be enjoying yourself." Alyssa sneers sending chills down Rose's spine. "I order you to enjoy having sex with me."

"Crap. My body feels weird now." Fear briefly flashes across Rose's face before her expression relaxes. "Yes, please go ahead." Rose answers blankly. Alyssa sets her penis against Rose's vagina licking her lips. "Here I go." Alyssa plunges into Rose's body. An odd sensation slowly fills her body spreading from her left leg. "What is that?" Rose blankly thinks in the back of her mind.

"Ahh!!" Rose cries out as Alyssa enters her. Alyssa violently thrusts her penis in and out of Rose's vagina. Rose simply accepts the fast movement as she moves in time with Alyssa. "Harder, harder!" Alyssa grabs onto Rose's breasts as she forces her penis even deeper into Rose. "Ahh! Just like that you're hitting my womb." Rose cries out with even greater pleasure. Her mind does not even register the pain and simply enjoys the ecstasy of Alyssa plunging into the depths of her body.

Alyssa shows some pain as she holds back her semen. "Coming!"

"Inside me! Fill me with your seed!" Rose cries out as Alyssa ejaculates into Rose's womb. "Ahh!!..." Rose's body tenses as she orgasms from Alyssa's semen spreading out inside her body. Rose grips Alyssa's arms as her body convulses before relaxing back on the bed. Rose breathes heavily as she lies on the bed.

"Get on your hands and knees. I'm not done." Alyssa orders. Rose gives a light nod as she sits up and turns around waiting in the doggy position. Alyssa grips onto Rose's hips as she resumes having intense sex. Rose reaches her orgasm first as her body shakes. Her arms lose strength as her upper body lies on the bed. Alyssa continues to thrust into Rose's lower body holding Rose's hips up. "Cumming!" Alyssa ejaculates into Rose again. The excess semen squirts out of Rose's vagina dripping onto the bed.

Rose lies limply on the bed panting. Alyssa gives Rose another order. "Clean off my penis with your mouth." Rose forces herself up as she licks Alyssa's penis clean.

The odd sensation completely flows through her entire body. Alyssa's voice gradually holds less force through over her body. Rose struggles to orient herself between prioritizing Alyssa's orders and her own thoughts.

"Say, 'Master I love serving you.'" Alyssa orders giving a large sneer.

"I can't say that. I can't…" Rose's eyes begin to severely dialate. "M…m…ma…ma…" Rose stutters oddly as she struggles to say anything. "It's working? I regaining control!" Her eyes stop dilating as her body starts to relax.

"Call me Master! That's an order!" Alyssa yells out. Rose opens her mouth. A potted plant on a dresser explodes loudly drowning out Rose's voice. Alyssa sharply turns her head away from Rose. She stares in shock at the broken pot signifying a flaw in her barrier enclosure.

"Now!" Rose's eyes regain their clarity as she also regains control of her body. Rose softly touches Alyssa's stomach with the palm of her hand. "Bind!!"

Alyssa's face registers even further shock as she staggers from seeing Rose broke her control. Lights gather on Alyssa's stomach in reaction to Rose's magical spell. Alyssa shakes off her surprise as she pushes Rose away jumping backwards landing on the other side of the room. The bed separating the two of them.

"Damn. So close." Rose curses as she stands up breathing heavily.

"How?...How the hell did you break through my control?!" Alyssa screams. "Not even your poison resistance should be able to handle my special pollen mixture!!"

Rose takes a deep breath. "Like I'll tell you." Rose does a charging leap at Alyssa. A magical orb appears behind Alyssa's head and quickly fires. Alyssa smiles as she lets a large amount of magic leak from her body forming a strong barrier. The shot bursts as it hits the magical barrier surrounding Alyssa's body. Rose lands in front of Alyssa. Two more shots fire from the left and right of Rose. They shatter just as quickly as the first shot. Another magical shot in the form of a needle attacks Alyssa. As it hits the barrier the needle continues to dig even further without breaking apart. It pierces even further and causes Alyssa's entire magical barrier to disappear. Alyssa's eyes widen in shock as Rose presses her palm against Alyssa's stomach again.


The barrier impeding Solara and Xa's path shatters. Chunks of wood fly into the air before falling to the ground lifelessly. They look at each other. "What happened?" Xa asks.

"Don't know." Solara answers.

"You think it's a trap?" Xa asks.

Solara doesn't answer right away as she looks at the unsealed door. She takes a breath. "Doesn't matter. Let's just bust through whatever traps she has prepared and teach her not to underestimate us." Xa nods in agreement as they burst through the door.


"Please work." Rose prays as she concentrates her magic into her hand. "Bind and seal!!" Rose uses her free hand to press a chunk of unrefined emerald near Alyssa's heart. Concentric circles of magic form around Alyssa as it tightly wraps around her body. Alyssa's body and the emerald begin glow brightly in sync with one another. The emerald creates a strong vacuum of wind as it sucks Alyssa into the gem.

"No way!" Alyssa cries out as her body completely disappears. The emerald stops shining as it falls down onto the ground.

"Hahh…" Rose lets out a sigh of relief as she relaxes falling down to her knees. "It worked." The door is kicked open forcing it from its hinges and slams down onto the ground. Solara jumps into the room and lands on top of Rose pinning her to the ground. Xa follows after landing on the bed.

Solara wields a staff with a blue sapphire set onto the top while the bottom has a sharp point. Xa wields her large red claymore. They look around the room in confusion. Rose sighs loudly. "If it's not one thing, it's another."

"Oi. Where's Alyssa?" Solara asks looking down at Rose.

"Sealed in that emerald there." Rose motions with her head. They glance at the gem recognizing Alyssa's magical energy hidden in the core of the gem.

"You actually beat Alyssa?" Xa asks in shock.

"I got lucky." Rose replies immediately. Solara stares at Rose before releasing Rose from the ground.

"Well that's good. We didn't have to get our hands dirty." Solara replies nonchalantly.

"What now?" Rose asks. They look at Rose without answering. "I took down your important ally. Are you going to release her from the seal or maybe capture me to rape me yourselves?"

"No. We'll just bring you back. You're not to the point that you're useful to us yet." Solara replies seriously. Xa nods in agreement.

"Then what are you going to do about Alyssa?" Rose asks.

"Punish her obviously." Solara and Xa respond in unison.

"After that?" Rose asks. They look at each other and shrug their shoulders. "Then do you mind if I hang onto her? I want to question her. I can't rest easy if I don't get some answers."

Solara looks at Xa who nods in response. "Fine. We want some answers too. She's not one that should have betrayed us like that so easily." Solara teleports Rose out of the room with Xa following behind.


Rose puts her dress back on. Solara puts her hand on Rose's shoulder and teleports the three of them out of the room. They reappear in the dining room where everyone is sitting. "Wahh!!" They cry out in surprise. The girls quickly surround Rose. "You're safe!!"

Rose hugs them. "Yeah. Glad to be back."

*Ahem.* Solara clears her throat interrupting them. "Hate to interrupt your moment, but mind speeding things up."

The girls hide behind Rose. "They're not…" Caitlyn starts to ask, but closes her mouth scared of angering them.

"It's fine. Just relax. Wait here okay? I want to wrap things up too." Rose replies calmly assuring them. Rose starts to leave the room before Xa stops her.

"Wait. How are you planning to question Alyssa? Letting her out?" Xa asks.

"No. Of course not. That's too dangerous." Rose replies. "I'll bring it down now." Rose goes upstairs and brings down a brown haired rag doll. The eyes are made from black beads and the mouth is stitched on. It wears a polka dot red dress. The arms and legs are blunt ends without any fingers or toes.

Solara's jaw drops as she hits her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Seriously! You think a simple doll can restrain Alyssa!" She yells at Rose for the ridiculous idea.

"I adjusted it to hold a gem. It's just an idea since I made it for fun. At least take a better look before you judge it." Rose places the doll on the table next to Alyssa's gem.

Solara and Xa takes a better look. "I think this will work." Xa comments looking at the doll.

"Yeah. The insides are adjusted to make use of gems and crystals for a simple puppet." Rose replies.

"Fine. We'll deal with it if your toy fails to hold Alyssa." Solara replies bluntly.

"That's part of the plan too." Rose smiles. Rose inserts the Alyssa's gem into the doll and sews the doll shut. It shines lightly as the doll raises its hands. Alyssa pushes herself up in the doll's form. "How is it?"

Alyssa looks at her doll hands. Her voice comes out as audible as normal. "I can't believe this thing works. But do you think it would seriously be able to suppress me in this?" The doll begins to glow as Alyssa tries to release large amounts of magic as she tries to force herself out of the doll. The magic collects and disappears into the doll. The doll expands tremendously as the magic collects inside before reabsorbing back into the gem. Alyssa crashes down onto the table.

Everyone stares at Alyssa. "I didn't build the doll for high magic output." Rose explains calmly. "It's meant to return any excess magic that the doll can't handle."

"That's impressive. It worked a lot better than expected. Especially compared to the cheap appearance of the doll." Xa comments.

Rose shrugs. "I made it as a toy. I wanted to look like that."

"Enough chit chat. Let's get down to business." Solara interrupts them annoyed. She grabs Alyssa by the collar of the doll's dress. "How long have you been planning to betray us?"

"Sorry." Alyssa apologizes. "I don't know what came over me."

"Don't give me that kind of stupid excuse!!" Solara screams at Alyssa.

"Maybe it was a bad idea to let her interrogate Alyssa." Rose comments from the side eliciting a nod from Xa.

"I'm serious though. My lust just took over and I couldn't stop myself from raping Rose." Alyssa explains.

A visible vein begins to throb on Solara's forehead. "Stop! You're going to break her!" Rose tries to calm Solara down.

"Enough." A hand comes down giving Solara a cuff forcing her to release Alyssa. Everyone turns to see Demia with her hand poised over Solara's head. "Valeria has a message. Ahem. 'Just leave Alyssa with our specimen. We can let the idiot stew over her mistakes while we finish up the preparations ourselves.'"

"Fine." Solara scoffs and shoves Alyssa into Rose's hands. Solara leans against the wall annoyed.

Rose sighs and looks at Alyssa. "I've been wondering on something. Your specialization is barriers isn't it?" Alyssa nods. "Then all those plants means you specialize is nature like stuff. There's a classification in the elemental class of Astrology, I guess that means you specialize in Wood type magic?"

"That's wrong. My main classification is Earth type magic. The Wood type aspect you're talking about is just a subset of Earth. I can do a lot more than what you've seen." Alyssa replies waving her doll hand back and forth.

"Does that mean everyone has a niche specialization like yours?" Rose asks.

"What the hell does this have to do with what Alyssa did?!" Solara yells out at Rose. Demia holds Solara back and nods to Rose. Rose returns her attention to Alyssa.

"Just because I specialize in Earth type magic and barriers. It doesn't mean I can't use other types of magic. The others are the same. We are overwhelming in our specialization to the point we can just use only our specialties to deal with most situations." Alyssa explains.

"Idiot. You're telling them too much info." Solara yells trying to fire off a magic shot at Alyssa. Demia interferes again dispersing the magic.

"Stop it idiot." Demia gives Solara a strong slap on the head. Demia motions for Rose to continue.

Rose sighs. "Did you really kidnap me just to sate your lust?"

"Yeah. I can't explain it better than that." Alyssa replies. "And if that was a attempt to trick me into answering wrongly, then you're really really bad at it."

"Idiot. How is that supposed to get any answers from her?!" Solara shouts out forcing Demia to hold her back again.

"Huh?" Rose tilts her head. "Did I make you think that was what I was trying to do?" Everyone in the room nods in response to Rose's question. "That's a strange conclusion considering how little experience I have with people. I was never trying to trick Alyssa into confessing."

"Then what was that series of questions?" Caitlyn asks.

"Trying to gauge her responses based on how her magic moves around. Just wanted to experiment with it. I don't think she's lying though. So let's just drop it for now." Rose replies. Solara opens her mouth to yell again, but Demia cuffs her on the head stopping her.

"Then I have a question." Alyssa interrupts. "How did you break through the influence of my pollen mixture? That was a high potency mixture. You should have obeyed my every word. Why did you wait do long if you could break it so easily?"

Rose laughs. "It's weird for us to be in such similar situations. I have no idea. That's all I can say."

"Is this supposed to be payback?" Alyssa asks staring at Rose.

"Nope." Rose smiles. "I'm totally serious. Like you said beforehand. My poison resistance, which you knew about beforehand, can't break down something of the caliber of your special concoction. Same thing about breaking your defensive barrier before you ask."

"Freaking idiots playing games…" Solara mutters grinding her teeth.

Rose takes a breath before turning to face Solara. "Think about it." Rose asks calmly bending towards Solara. "Your honest assessment about my ability to use magic to attack someone. Would I be able to easy shatter Alyssa's barriers with my own skills?"

"No." Solara answers immediately.

"Even in a weakened state?" Rose shows an image of the failed seal that she performed on Alyssa.

"Still no." Solara responds. Rose looks at the Xa and Demia. They nod in agreement with Solara's response.

"So there you have it. I don't know myself. So I don't know. I just broke out from your control somehow. That's all I know." Rose explains.

"…I'm not satisfied with that answer. But I guess I can't do much about it." Alyssa responds.

"I guess that means we're done with the questioning." Rose says. The room fills with silence.

"What now?" Caitlyn asks cautiously.

Rose looks at Demia. "You said 'Leave Alyssa with Rose', but do you want to take her back now or later on?"

"Later." Demia responds. "We'll just work without Alyssa for now and get her when we need her." The three of them leave the room.

Everyone in the room lets out a sigh of relief. "They're gone!" Caitlyn cries out.

"That was so stressful!" Samantha adds.

"What happens now though?" Aurelia asks. They all look at Alyssa.

"Uh…" Alyssa starts topanic because of their stares.

"We'll watch over her for now." Rose responds.

"You're not mad that she raped you." Caitlyn asks.

"No. No point in holding a grudge." Rose replies. She points at Alyssa. "The second she gets out of that binding, she can pay me back tenfold. No point making my situation worse." The girls gives a mutter of agreement.

"Then let's leave it at that for today. I want to go to bed after all that." Rose replies.

"What about Alyssa?" Samantha asks.

"Can you watch over her? She's harmless in that state cause she's bound right now." Rose asks in response.

"If you're sure it will be okay." Aurelia replies.

"I'll behave. I can't do anything like this." Alyssa adds.

"Please refrain from doing anything to them even if you do get out." Rose replies leaving the room. Rose crashes onto the bed when she reaches Conner's room. Rose sighs as the tension leaves her body and she falls alseep.

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