Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Work: The Cursed White Rose Chapter 1 - White Rose

After a long hiatus, I've finally decided to post something. Unfortunately, this isn't a new chapter of the Purchase. I haven't touched that since my hiatus sadly. I've been focused on a new work for the last three months. The Title is "The Cursed White Rose". The story for this new work is initially set in Japan so there's some Japanese references here and there but they're generally pretty minor since I can't give much justice to the Japanese speaking style. I regretfully made myself keep it to the style I'm used to. It might be a bit messy with the mix of Western and Japanese style, but should iron itself out as I get more into the later chapters.

Edit: Fixed several parts of the chapter to adhere to the Japanese reference style I use in the later chapters. Also made a few grammar corrections. Not major changes missed if you've already read this chapter.