Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 3 – New School Life

In my rough draft, chapter 2 and 3 were one chapter. But I added enough content that I thought I should just split the chapters. The setting changed enough to warrant it, so I'm able to give two chapters at once.

Currently, I'm split between working on the rough draft for Chapter 13 and updating/inserting new content for Chapter 4. Probably I will make more progress with Chapter 13 and 14 before working on Chapter 4. Thankfully, it's the holidays so I have lots of time to write it when I'm the mood to do so.

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 2 - Distortion

White Rose Chapter 2. I gave up trying to westernize the text. It's been too long since I read a Western style story with a school setting so I can't accurately portray some details much to my chagrin. Though I expect more than 80% of it is because I just don't want to use a Western style of talking when the setting is supposed to be in Japan. So I kept it in a style with Japanese references. I'll go back when I have the chance and fix Chapter 1 to be in the same format.

There's a small portion of this chapter that is sexual. I kept it to a bare minimum since I'm terrible at writing it. I marked where it starts and end if you want to skip it.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

White Rose Synopsis

Here's the synopsis for "The Cursed White Rose". Forgot to post it up earlier.

Sara Sato stumbles across an unknown book as she struggles to live normally while escaping from her parents' grasp. Unknowingly, she releases a woman named Rose from the book and is told she can make as many wishes as she wants. But only if she can pay the price?! Their meeting establishes their master/servant relationship as Sara takes her first step into the world of magic. Sara meets new friends as well as many new troubles tied to Rose. Will she be able to manage it all as she attempts to learn magic for the very first time?

Genres: Magic, fighting, powerful teacher, main all female cast, yuri, minor +18 content, friends, magical world, normal world.