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The Cursed White Rose Chapter 2 - Distortion

White Rose Chapter 2. I gave up trying to westernize the text. It's been too long since I read a Western style story with a school setting so I can't accurately portray some details much to my chagrin. Though I expect more than 80% of it is because I just don't want to use a Western style of talking when the setting is supposed to be in Japan. So I kept it in a style with Japanese references. I'll go back when I have the chance and fix Chapter 1 to be in the same format.

There's a small portion of this chapter that is sexual. I kept it to a bare minimum since I'm terrible at writing it. I marked where it starts and end if you want to skip it.

The next day, Sara wakes and goes downstairs where Rose prepares her a filling breakfast as well as a lunchbox for school. Rose escorts her as the two of them walk to school. When they reach the school building, Rose gives a bow as she heads for the staff room.

Sara enters her classroom and sits down. The day proceeds as normal without much interaction from her classmates. After school though, she finds Rose waiting for her in front of the shoe lockers.[1]

Rose: “Shall we go?”

Sara: “Eh!? Is it okay? Don’t you still have work to do since you’re a teacher?”

Rose: “No problem. I’ve finished already.”

Sara: “Ok then.” The two of them leave the school eliciting some stares, but the two of them fully ignore the looks. They head downtown as explore various shops with Rose buying various clothes for Sara. They stop by a café and rest at one of the outdoor tables. “Haaa. I bought so much stuff.” Sara sighs as she looks at all her bags.

“It’s no problem.” Rose replies. She snaps her fingers as all the bags disappear. “There. I’ve sent them home, so there’s no need to worry. I have money covered too, so it’s not something you need to worry about.”

Sara: “Ah ok… Um… is it okay for you to use magic so freely in public like that?”

“Yes, it’s just a bit and…” Rose responds but quickly stops talking as she looks behind Sara.

A hand grabs onto Sara’s shoulder. “We’ve found you Ojou-sama[2]!” A man’s voice calls out. Sara looks behind her to find 4 men in suits behind her, the closest one gripping onto her shoulder. “Please stop running away. You need to come home.”

Sara: “No! I refuse!” Sara cries out struggling drawing the attention of nearby customers.

Man in suit: “Ojou-sama! Your parents are worried! Now come with me! I have been told to use force if you keep resisting!”

Sara: “No!”

Rose: “If she doesn’t want to go with you, then give up. I won’t allow you to take her by force.”

Man in suit: “Stay out of this! This is a family matter!”

“And I’m her teacher and friend and I say she stays with me.” Rose responds getting up. She knocks the man’s hand away pulling Sara closer to her. Rose whispers into Sara’s ear. “Since they’re related to you, I assume you want me to avoid hurting them.” Sara nods. “Ok then.”

Man in suit: “You don’t know who you’re dealing with?!”

Rose gives a simple snap of her fingers. “Light.” A bright light flashes in front of Rose temporarily blinding the men. However, Rose makes no effort to run. When the light dies down, the men regain their vision.

“Rose, what are you…” Sara starts to question, but Rose covers her mouth.

Man in suit: “What?! Where did they go?! Find them!!” The four men scatter in all directions attempting to find Sara and Rose. Sara looks in surprise as they scatter without a passing glance to her.

Rose lets go of Sara and pulls back her chair motioning her to sit back down. Sara sits down in confusion.

Sara: “Rose, what did you do?” Rose drinks her coffee calmly as she looks at Sara. “Why did they just leave like that? I was right here.”

Rose: “It’s simple. I just did what I have been doing.” Rose replies with a smile. “I used a simple magic so that people don’t notice the two of us. Look.” Rose points at the other people in the café. Sara looks at them. Some people comment on the men and how dangerous they seem, but none of their attention falls on Sara or Rose. “When I use some magic, I do the same thing. So that whatever I do completely passes by the attention of nearby people.”

Sara: “But there are cameras here.” Sara asks looking at a camera on the corner of the shop. “Would your magic work on machines?”

Rose: “No, but I have a different spell for cameras to ignore us. So don’t worry about it.”

Sara: “Okay. If you’re sure.” Sara hangs her head looking slightly depressed. After paying their bill, the two of them walk back to Rose’s place. Sara sits on the living room couch, still melancholic.

Rose: “What’s wrong?” Rose takes a seat next to Sara

Sara: “You’re not going to ask about that?”

Rose: “No I won’t. I said it yesterday, I won’t ask unless you bring it up yourself. Until then, it’s none of my business.”

Sara grimaces in response and sighs. “Okay. Okay. I’ll talk. I’ve been running away from home for several weeks now. I’ve been using my bank money to survive without going home. Eating out and sleeping in net cafes, anything to avoid going home.” Rose mumbles an assent as she listens to Sara’s story. Sara uncomfortably looks at the expressionless Rose. “Mmm. You probably want to hear why. My father is the head of the Sato Steel conglomerate. They’ve been having financial problems recently and his company is at risk of being bankrupt. To avoid bankruptcy, both of my parents want me to marry another company’s son as part of a merger deal between their companies. I don’t want to marry him, so I ran away. Those men were part of my father’s firm, and they were telling the truth that they want to take me home.”

Rose: “Do you not like him? Or is it because your family is using you for this marriage to help their own lifestyle?”

Sara: “Both. He’s only a stranger to me. I’ve only met him one time. I want to actually marry someone that I love. Not out of obligation to my parents so that they can live a luxurious lifestyle.”

Rose: “Ok. I understand the situation. Then what do you wish to do? Do you wish to keep staying with me?” Sara nods immediately. Rose sighs in response. “I don’t mind, but remember that time limit of one week I have. I won’t be here permanently after all. Running away forever won’t solve all your problems. I doubt you can live such a lifestyle forever.”

Sara: “I know... But what am I supposed to do?”

Rose: “Unfortunately, I’m bound to the book, so I can only grant wishes you make. There are some suggestions I can make in terms of wishes to change your situation. What you wish to do is your call though.”

Sara: “Really!? Like what?”

Rose: “Well you can make a wish to have your family and those around them forget you exist. Essentially cut all ties to them so that they won’t pursue you. Then you could just run off somewhere else and try and start a new life for yourself.”

Sara: “Rejected! I’m not pleased with my parents right now, but I don’t want to go as far as cutting all ties with them.”

Rose: “Okay. Then another option would be to wish for money to fund your parent’s debt.”

Sara: “Would it be that easy?”

Rose: “Though I expect it would take around thirty years off your lifespan for such a wish.”

Sara: “Expensive!”

Rose: “Well it is the second wish and a somewhat big one. So that kind of price is expected.” Sara smiles uneasily. “It’s not like you have to decide now. But I do think that you should speak to your parents about your feelings.”

Sara: “I have… But they didn’t listen to me at all.”

Rose: “You should keep trying until they do. If you want, I’ll go with you to speak with them”

Sara: “Are you sure?”

Rose: “I can at least do that much without taking it as a wish. Then should we go now?”

Sara: “No! I’m not ready for such a thing.”

Rose: “Then tomorrow?” Sara hesitates, but nods after a moment. “Then I’ll accompany you tomorrow.”

Sara: “Thank you.”

Rose: “It’s no problem. It’s the least I can do.”

Rose pats Sara’s head before beginning preparations for dinner while Sara works on her homework. Rose happily waits on Sara as they go about their day.

The next day at school, Sara’s day progresses quietly. The students remain ignorant of Sara and Rose’s interactions because of the attention diverting spell that Rose had continually used. The bell rings and Rose enters the room along with their regular homeroom teacher.

Rose: “Okay. Everyone quiet down it’s time for class.”

Class president: “Stand. Bow.” The class stands and bows in response to the class president.

Rose: “Okay. Go ahead and sit. Let’s get started. Please send your homework to the front.” Rose collects their homework and begins teaching their next lesson. Halfway through the class, Rose stops abruptly. “Ah.” She pauses the lesson and focuses on her computer. Rose sighs and signals to the homeroom teacher observing Rose’s lesson. “Sorry. I need to pause the class. Can you take over?”

Teacher: “What happened?”

Rose: “Just a little something… Sara Sato.” She looks at Sara and motions for her to come forward. Sara shows some confusion as she comes to the front of the classroom. The teacher does the same. “Take a look.” Rose points to her computer screen. The two of them take a look at her computer only to see the news article. “Sato family double suicide to escape bankruptcy.” Sara tears up as she looks at the article. She only reads a couple of sentences before running out of the room in distraught. “Then I leave it to you.” Rose quickly states to the teacher. The teacher nods as Rose chases after Sara. The second Rose moves out of sight, she disappears from the hallway and reappears in front of Sara intercepting her in front of the rooftop entrance. “Where do you think you’re going?” Rose grips Sara’s wrists seeing tears drip down her face.

Sara: “Let me go!” Sara struggles with Rose twisting her body, but is unable to break through Rose’s grip. She still continues to struggle as tears stream down her face. “Let me go!”

Rose: “I’m not letting you go that easily when you’re hysterical like this.” Rose hugs Sara as she forcibly teleports them back home. They reappear in the master bedroom. Rose forces her to sit down on the bed. “Okay. Try and calm down.”

Sara: “How can I calm down?! It’s my fault!! I ran away from home and didn’t help them at all.” Sara yells as tears continue to stream down her face. “Now they’re dead!!” Sara slams her hand hard enough against the bedframe. Before she can slam her hand again, Rose grips Sara’s shoulders restraining her arms.

Rose: “Stop! It’s not your fault! There’s no way you could have known!”

Sara: “No! It is my fault! I should have listened to them!”

Rose: “You’re a child! You’re not responsible for your parents’ mistakes!”

Sara: “Shut up! Just shut up!”

Rose stops speaking and sighs. She just holds Sara tight burying Sara’s face in her buxom. After some time Sara calms down slightly. Rose releases Sara and takes out a handkerchief as she starts cleaning Sara’s face. Sara looks at Rose before putting on a serious face.

Sara: “Eat me.”

Rose: “……What?” Rose face goes pale at Sara’s demand.

Sara: “Eat me. Eat my soul. That’s what you do right. I don’t want to live anymore.”

Rose: “You idiot! Do you know what you’re saying?! Are you just going to run?!”

Sara: “Shut up! Don’t argue! I’ve made my decision. So eat me! That’s an order!”

Rose’s entire body freezes up for a moment. Her hair hangs down over her face hiding her expression. Without looking up, Rose pushes Sara down and starts straddling her. Sara sees Rose’s flushed face with a look of a predator that’s found its prey.

Rose: “I’m really going to devour you at this point. You can’t turn back after that... I hope you understand that.”

Sara: “I don’t care! Do it!”

Rose kisses Sara while placing her right hand in the center of Sara’s chest. Her hand glows brightly as it releases a shockwave into Sara’s body dislodging her soul. Sara’s vision goes dim as her body limply falls onto the bed. In contrast, her soul floats upward out of her body. Rose touches her quickly absorbing Sara’s soul without leaving a trace. A large of magical energy is released from Rose as she digests Sara’s soul making Rose falls unconscious too. Rose’s book the Tome of the White Rose floats into the air shining. Magic spills out of the book forming a barrier that continually increases in size until it completely surrounds the home. A large distortion starts to occur outside of the barrier as Sara’s existence is erased. The barrier though deflects the distortion protecting the home.

The book shines once more directing its light onto the bodies of Rose and Sara causing both of them to shine. The light eventually dies down as the book’s light fades and falls onto the nightstand table quietly closing itself. After some time Sara starts to groan. She reluctantly opens her eyes and sits up looking around her. As she blankly stares at Rose and her book, her brain starts up as she remembers what happened.

Sara: “Eh? Why? I’m supposed to be dead?” Sara looks at the sleeping Rose on top of her. “Rose, wake up.” Rose wakes up immediately to Sara’s voice. She looks at Sara before pushing herself off the bed. She stretches and takes a better look at Sara.

Rose: “How come you’re still alive and conscious?” Rose asks groggily.

Sara: “That’s my question. What’s happening?”

Rose: “I’m not sure. Give me a second.” Rose grabs her book and places it on her lap. The book opens and quickly flips through the pages. Rose watches carefully as the text flies by. “Ahh... That’s unexpected.”

Sara: “What happened?”

Rose: “Let me gather some more information first.” She makes a keyboard appears her lap as a clear monitor floats in front of her. She taps away on the keyboard as various images pass by at an extremely fast pace. “And done.”

Sara: “So…? Why am I still alive?”

Rose: “Before that, I think you will like to hear that your parents are still alive.”

Sara: “What?! That’s a lie! You showed me the article that they committed suicide.”

Rose: “It’s true. Look.” Rose shows the image on the monitor to Sara. “They’ve very rich and happy right now with their son.”

Sara pales as she looks at the article. “But I don’t have a brother.”

Rose: “Technically, you don’t.”

Sara: “…What do you mean?”

Rose: “First, you should wash your face. You look like you need to freshen up.” Rose points to the bathroom.

Sara opens her mouth, but closes it again as she reluctantly trudges to the bathroom. Sara repeatedly splashes her face with water. After some time, she returns to the bedroom and sits on the bed.

Sara: “Please tell me what’s going on.”

Rose: “Just about your family? Or should I start from the beginning?”

Sara: “…Start from the beginning. I want to hear about my family, but just start from the beginning so I can understand what’s happening.”

Rose: “Okay!” Rose gets off the bed and stands in front of Sara. She holds the book in front Sara. “Your wish to be devoured ended up triggering a secret spell that was hidden in my book. It was hidden to the point that even I didn’t know of its existence!”

Sara: “And what did it do?”

Rose: “Basically, your desperate wish has made you the permanent owner of my book. Now you can make as many wishes as you like without paying a price. There are some other rules attached, but I can cover that later. Ahem. Because you have a new special ownership over me, it cancelled your wish to be killed. That’s why you’re still alive… However, I technically did devour your soul, so your existence was erased from everyone’s memory.” Rose brings up an image of a birth certificate and family picture on her floating monitor. “Since to your parents, you were never born. They had a son the year after that, who is currently engaged to the daughter of another steel conglomerate. Your parents are currently happily living their life of luxury as a result.”

Sara just stares down at the floor in silence. Rose coughs and crouches in front of Sara.

Rose: “Ahem. Now let me say this. I know you feel guilty for what happened. But an adult’s problem should not be forced onto a child for them to take responsibility. Plus your family is currently happy now, so it evens things out.” Rose attempts to console Sara, but only receives a blank stare. Rose stands up. “Lastly, your actions have helped me in various ways. Is that not enough?” Rose finishes speaking before leaving the room and heading downstairs.

Sara hesitates as she sits in silence processing Rose’s explanation. After a few minutes, she leaves the room and run downstairs. She finds Rose calmly cleaning the kitchen.

Sara: “What do you mean?”

Rose: “Hmm?” Rose stops cleaning as she looks at Sara.

Sara: “What do you mean that I’ve helped you?”

Rose: “It’s been a long time since I had fun spending time with a friend. That’s what I mean.”  Rose smiles. “It’s not something you need to be concerned about though. Tell me when you’re ready to hear the new rules for my ownership. There are various things to consider, so we need to see if you are comfortable with the conditions.”

Sara takes a deep breath. “I’m ready now. Please go ahead.”

Rose: “Then let’s sit on the couch.” Rose points to the living room. Sara sits down, while Rose sits next to her. “I mentioned that you can make any number of wishes you desire. But you still have to keep me fed so I can grant those wishes.”

Sara: “You mean you’ll still take my life span?”

Rose smiles. “No. That rule no longer applies for you. It’s more on the level of basic life energy.”

Sara: “How is that different?”

Rose: “Well... You have to feed me through intimate contact. Namely sex.”

Sara becomes a bright red. “Wha…wha…what are you saying?!”

Rose: “For your information, I’m totally serious. Instead of feeding on your life span, I would be fed through a sexual relationship between the two of us.”

Sara’s face becomes a deeper tomato red. “You can’t be serious!!”

“Here. Water.” Rose hands her a glass of water. “I’ll wait.”

Sara quickly drinks the water as she attempts to calm down. She takes a couple of deep breaths though her face remains a bright red. “Ok. I think I’ll be okay. Please continue.” Sara says somewhat weakly.

Rose: “Well that is the condition if you wish to continue this relationship. The phrase for discarding me and moving to another owner still holds.”

Sara: “Even the life span and killing them aspects?” Rose nods causing Sara to go into deep thought. “…It’s not possible without the sex?”

Rose: “I could probably withhold for a day or two, but I would probably attack you at some point. That… or be forced to kill someone to fill my energy.”

Sara: “So there’s no other real option.” Sara mutters to herself.

Rose puts her hand on Sara and rubs her head. “It’s fine to take a bit of time to think about it. I don’t mind whatever you choose.”

Sara: “…………………….I’m okay with it.”

Rose: “…………………….Really?”

“Un.” Sara nods blushing furiously. “Both of us don’t have anywhere to go at this point. So… I’ll take responsibility for it.”

Rose stares blankly at Sara for a couple of seconds before tackling Sara knocking the sofa over in the process. She kisses Sara deeply making Sara blush even harder. Rose ends the kiss while straddling her. “This would be your last chance to change your mind before I take advantage of you.”

Sara: “I…I made my decision so I’m fine with it. Just slow down. I’m not mentally prepared.”

Rose: “Can’t… I’m at my limit.” She teleports the two of them back into the master bedroom completely naked. Their clothes appear a moment later landing on the floor. The lights go out immediately after darkening the room. Rose proceeds to ravish Sara without listening to a single one of her protests.

Sometime later, Rose flicks on the lights. “Thanks for the meal.” Rose mutters licking her lips before heading into the bathroom. Sara lies passed out on the bed. Her body covered in sweat, while her face has a bitter expression of ecstasy. Rose quickly finishes showering and getting dressed. She extends her hand towards Sara giving a quick snap of her fingers. A layer of water forms surrounding Sara circling around her body before disappearing. Rose snaps her fingers multiple times making warm air dry Sara’s body and clothes appear on her before a blanket covers the sleeping Sara.

Rose: “Mmm. It works much better now that I have an actual master.” Rose quietly mutters leaving the room.

[1] In Japan, shoe lockers are used to switch between the school’s indoor shoes and a student’s personal shoes.
[2] Ojou-sama: Formal term for addressing a wealthy young lady. Frequently used by servants

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