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The Cursed White Rose Chapter 3 – New School Life

In my rough draft, chapter 2 and 3 were one chapter. But I added enough content that I thought I should just split the chapters. The setting changed enough to warrant it, so I'm able to give two chapters at once.

Currently, I'm split between working on the rough draft for Chapter 13 and updating/inserting new content for Chapter 4. Probably I will make more progress with Chapter 13 and 14 before working on Chapter 4. Thankfully, it's the holidays so I have lots of time to write it when I'm the mood to do so.

Sara wakes up slightly before dinner. She groggily washes her face before heading downstairs to once again find Rose preparing a meal.

Sara: “You really like cleaning and cooking don’t you?”

Rose: “Of course. I have to care for my master after all. More importantly, how do you feel?”

Sara: “Still a bit sleepy. I didn’t expect you would force yourself on me like that.”

Rose: “Haha. Sorry about that. I couldn’t help myself. Do you think you can listen to more talk or should I save it for more?”

Sara: “…There’s more?”

Rose: “Just a bit.”

Sara: “…Okay. If I forget I can just ask again anyways.”

Rose: “Ok then, though I say that there isn’t much left. I obtained a lot of energy from you so I’m probably sufficient for three or four days I expect. However, the more wishes you make; the more frequent I will need to approach you to fill my energy. So long as you’re willing, you can make wishes as you please, just remember I’ll be asking for sex more often in that situation.” Rose calmly explains making Sara blush fiercely.

Sara: “A-Ah. I got it.”

Rose: “They won’t be as rigorous as today so long as you keep me fed.”

Sara: “I see.” She blushes and looks away.

Rose: “Now then.” Rose claps her hands. “That’s enough about me. Let’s discuss your situation.”

Sara: “My situation?” Sara tilts her head in confusion.

Rose: “Yes. Your situation. First off, since your existence was erased, no one remembers you anymore. I think as someone underage, you should be going to school. Do you agree with that?” Sara nods. “Then where would you like to go to school? I can make the preparations and arrange for you to go back to your old school?”

Sara: “No!” Sara rejects the suggestion immediately.

Rose: “Then there’s a public school nearby, would you like me to enroll you there? Ok then. I’ll make the preparations. The next point would be if you want to keep or change your name?”

Sara: “My name?”

Rose: “Yes. I need to deal with the paperwork for it. And you don’t technically have ties to your parents anymore. So you’re free to completely change your name if you want.”

Sara goes deep into thought before replying. “…I’m fine with Sara for my given name, but I should change my family name to Akari?”

Rose looks at her in surprise for a moment before smiling. “If that’s what you want. It’s true that I would act as your parent to normal people. So it’s a good idea. Are you fine with that though? Casting off the last tie to your family?”

Sara: “Yes. I’m sure. There’s no point in meeting them again with what’s happened. Plus… we never acted like a real family in the first place… It’s… better this way.”

Rose: “Then I’ll make the preparations.” Rose bows to Sara in response.

Sara: “Mmm. Thank you.”

Rose: “And with that completed. Dinner is ready.” Rose places bowls of salad and rice along with plates of grilled chicken and pan-fried salmon on the table.

Sara drools reflexively upon seeing the food. She looks at Rose who urges her to start first. Sara starts digging into the food immediately after that.

Sara: “Delicious!!!”

Rose: “I’m glad to hear that.” Rose sits down as she starts eating the food too.

Sara stops eating in surprise. “Rose, you can eat food?”

Rose: “Of course I can, though it’s only at the level of tasting it.” Rose smiles bitterly. “Unfortunately, it doesn’t fill my stomach so I’m just eating it for fun really.”

Sara: “That’s a really inconvenient body.”

“Haha… I know right. At least I can enjoy the test of food. So it’s not completely terrible.”

After dinner, Rose scoops some ice cream for the two of them. Once they finish their dessert, they relocate to the bedroom where Rose takes advantage of her again.

The next morning, Rose wakes Sara and urges her to get dressed. Rose prepares a filling breakfast for the two of them.

Rose: “So I’ve finished the transfer preparations for the local school.”

Sara: “That was fast! Didn’t we only discuss this last night?”

Rose: “Unn. I spoke to the principal and donated some money to the school to help move the paperwork along faster.”

Sara: “That’s… Is that okay to waste money like that?”
Rose: “No problem.” Rose pulls out a box and shows a chest of precious gemstones. “These are handmade gems I created. They sell quite well. If we run out, I can always make more.” Rose answers calmly eating her breakfast.

Sara: “Make?” Sara asks looking at the gems.

Rose: “Right. Make. I just use some magic to mimic the natural process of gem creation. The gems that come out are high quality since I influence it a lot.” Rose explains as she demonstrates making a diamond in her hand.

Sara: “Wow! That’s amazing!!”

Rose: “Thank you. Here. I made this for you.” Rose gives her a simple necklace with a silver chain and three small diamonds set adjacent to one another in the center. “Something simple that won’t stand out too heavily in a public school.”

Sara: “Thank you.” Sara takes the necklace and admires the jewels.

Rose: “Anyways, when you’re done eating, get dressed. Your new school uniform is hanging on the wall in the bedroom and I’ll escort you to the school.” Rose stands up and starts washing the dishes.

Sara finishes her breakfast and puts on her new uniform. The uniform is a standard navy blue blazer with a red and blue checkered skirt. She grabs her school bag and leaves with Rose. Rose wears a white long sleeved T-shirt and a long light blue skirt that covers her knees. She also uses magic to change her appearance by coloring her hair black and tinting her eyes brown. Because Rose looks like a teenager herself, the two of them look like sisters walking side by side rather than a parent and child.

Sara: “Rose, about your book. Is it okay that I’m just carrying it in my bag like this?”

Rose: “Yes. There’s no problem.”

Sara: “But if someone tries to take my bag.”

Rose smiles. “You’re my only master, so no one else can use me. Plus my book has a simple homing spell. If it’s separated a certain distance, it will reappear in front of you.”

Sara: “Isn’t that bad if I’m taking classes outside though?

Rose: “Of course I took that into account. If that happens, it will be shrunken to hide in your hair.”

Sara: “I see. You’re really prepared for everything aren’t you?”

Rose wordlessly smiles at Sara’s question. The two of them arrive at the school after a ten minute walk. Rose is stopped by some students wearing armbands.

Boy: “Stop! Where is your uniform?” 

Rose deftly takes out her ID from her purse. “I’m a parent. I’m going to get my daughter enrolled in the school.”

Girl: “No way!” The girl next to him says as they look at her ID, which clearly states 24 years old.

Boy: “…Go ahead.”

Rose: “Thank you.” Rose takes her ID and the two of them continue on.

Sara: “You reacted to that quickly.”

Rose: “Because I like this young appearance so I get stopped a lot. I’m used to it. Speaking of which, I forgot to ask if you want me to make myself look older?”

Sara: “No… that’s ok. If you like it, then I shouldn’t change it. It would look weird if you suddenly looked different.”

Rose: “I could make it that other people always thought I looked older if I changed.”

Sara: “No. I meant for me. It would feel weird to me.”

Rose: “Ah ok.” The two of them arrive at the principal’s office. Rose presents her ID immediately upon meeting him to prove her age. She provides all the paperwork for him. Afterwards, he conducts a simple interview for Sara, which she calmly finishes.

Principal: “You’re accepted. We would love to have a fine student like you.”

Sara: “Thank you, but is that okay? I haven’t done the transfer exam yet.”

Principal: “There’s no problem. Rose has given a more than detailed overview of your grades and work. Frankly speaking, your previous school lessons were of a higher quality than our schools. It’s a shame that you have to experience such things.”

Sara: “I see. There’s no need to be sorry. My living situation has improved greatly with the change, so I’m actually quite grateful for it.” Sara whispers to Rose. “When you did you have to show my grades to them?”

Rose simply grins mischievously without a response. The principal calls Sara’s new homeroom teacher. The teacher greets Rose and Sara and takes Sara to the classroom. Rose excuses herself as she heads home.

Teacher: “You can call me Irie-sensei[1]. Your homeroom teacher. If you have any problems, please feel free to consult with me.”

Sara: “Yes. Thank you Irie-sensei. I think I’ll be okay.”

Irie-sensei: “This is your new classroom. I’ll go in first.” Irie-sensei enters the classroom. After Irie-sensei tells the class to sit. She calls Sara in. Sara takes a deep breath in front of the door and enters the classroom. She bows and writes her name on the board.

Sara” “Pleased to meet you. My name is Akari Sara. I just transferred her so I hope we can get along.” Sara follows Rose’s request from the previous night to attempt to make friends and have a more enjoyable high school life. “Ummm… My hobby is mostly reading. I’m sorry… I don’t have anything more interesting to say.” Sara’s comment elicits a laugh from the class.

Irie-sensei: “Now then, are there any questions?” Sara answers a couple of simple questions about herself. After several questions, one male student speaks up.

Male student: “Why did you transfer in the middle of the term?”

Sara: “Ahh. I was just adopted and moved into a new home. So I had to change schools.” Sara replies following the answers Rose prepared for her last night as a precaution. Her answer brings an uncomfortable silence onto the class.

Irie-sensei: “Ok. Let’s start the class. Let’s see… There’s a seat open by the window next to Awai-san.”  The teacher points to an empty seat for Sara. The girl in front of the empty seat raises her hand to attract Sara’s attention.

Sara sits down at her seat. The student in front of her greets Sara. The girl stands out as a foreigner in Japan. She has short blonde hair reaching partway down her neck and bright aqua blue eyes. Contrary to expectations, she introduces herself in fluent Japanese.

Girl: “Hello I’m Awai Yuki. Let’s get along.”

Sara: “Ah. Akari Sara. Please take care of me.”

The teacher starts their class. After the fourth period ends, the lunch break begins. Sara is immediately surrounded by students.

Guy: “Akari-san[2] what are you doing for lunch?”

Sara: “I brought my lunch.” Sara taking out her lunch.

Girl: “Are you going to be eating in the classroom?”

Sara: “Yes. I don’t know the school very well yet so I was going to take my time later to explore.”

Some of the students become downcast as they hear her response and hurry along to the cafeteria to buy their lunch. Yuki moves her desk in front of Sara’s.

Yuki: “I hope you don’t mind I join you?”

Sara: “Please go ahead. I don’t know anyone anyways.”

Yuki: “Great! If you don’t mind, my friend will also be joining us.”

Sara: “Okay.” Sara nods looking around. “Where is she?”

Yuki: “Ah. There she is.” Yuki stands up and waves to the girl just entering the room. The girl sees Yuki and heads towards them. The girl is taller than some of the boys in the room, her height reaching almost 180cm[3]. Her flowing black hair is tied in a ponytail reaching down her back. A stern light is seen in her dark brown eyes. She moves an empty desk next to Yuki and Sara and sits down.

Girl: “…Sorry, I’m late.”

Yuki: “It’s no problem Tsubaki-chan[4]. Akari-san, let me introduce you. This is Tamura Tsubaki. She’s the best Kendo practitioner in school.

Tsubaki: “Former…I practice Kendo, but I don’t compete anymore.”

Yuki: “Boo…” Yuki pouts at Tsubaki’s curt response. “And it was such a waste too. You were even second in the nationals for the school’s Kendo team.”

Tsubaki: “It doesn’t matter. I want to get stronger, not win competitions.” Yuki pouts even more unable to retort.

Sara: “I’m Akari Sara. I just transferred into school today. It’s a pleasure.”

Sara hesitates to extend her hand, but Tsubaki does so without hesitation. They firmly shake hands with a smile on their faces.

Tsubaki: “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

Yuki: “Good. Now that we know each other. Let’s start eating or lunch will be over.”

Sara takes out her lunch box. When she opens it, steam escapes the container revealing a lunch box with warm rice, a rolled egg omelet, and ginger chicken. A separate container on the side is filled with warm miso soup.

Tsubaki: “Impressive… Everything is still warm.”

Yuki: “Yeah. The box doesn’t look that special, but it kept everything warm. Everything even looks like it was freshly cooked without any signs of being watery.”

Sara: “Thanks. Looks like Rose put a lot of work into this. Hahah…”

Yuki: “Ah. Is Rose-san the girl that you came to school with? There’s a lot of talk throughout about who she is.”

Sara: “Yes. She’s the one that adopted me, so she’s my new mom.”

Yuki: “No way. She looks like she’s the same age as us.”

Tsubaki: “I haven’t seen her. Does she really look that young?”

Sara nods. “Yes. I was really surprise…d” Sara’s voice fades as she looks and sees Rose at the doorway. Rose smiles and signals to Sara to keep quiet. Rose enters the classroom causing Sara to stand up immediately.

Sara: “Please excuse me a second.” Sara runs at Rose, grabbing her arm and pulling her out of the classroom eliciting a stare from Yuki and the other girl. Sara pulls Rose down the hallway and stops at an empty stairwell. “Rose, what are you doing here!?”

Rose lifts up the package in her hand. “I was so wrapped up in my preparations that I forgot to pack your dessert.”

Sara: “You didn’t have to do that. But why are you coming in secretly? Did you cast that spell again?”

Rose: “I didn’t want to disrupt you by drawing too much attention so I made it no one will notice me.”

Sara: “You didn’t have to do that!” Sara sighs with clear exhaustion. “Please just come in normally.”

Rose: “Understood.”

Sara sighs and starts walking back to the classroom and Rose follows her. Rose draws a lot of stares as she follows Sara. Sara reenters the classroom.

Sara: “Sorry about that. I saw Rose come in. Ahahah.” Sara laughs nervously as Rose follows in after her. The classroom’s attention immediately focus on Rose. Sara moves to her desk and sits down.

Rose: “Sorry to intrude.” Rose smiles walking to Sara’s desk and places the package on her desk. “Here’s your dessert.”

“Thanks.” Sara replies. “You really didn’t have to.”

Rose faces Yuki and Tsubaki smiling in response to their stares and bows deeply. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Akari Rose, I’m Sara’s new parent. I hope you’ll get along with her.”

Yuki: “Awai Yuki. Pleased to meet you.”

Tsubaki: “Tamura Tsubaki. Pleased to meet you.”

Rose: “Please don’t mind me. You’re still eating right?” Rose leans against the windowsill.

Sara: “What are you planning to do?”

Rose: “Me? I’ve eaten already. I thought I should wait for you girls to finish the dessert, so I could take it home to clean. It’s less burdensome on you that way.”

Sara: “If you say so.”

Rose: “Don’t worry about me. If you don’t hurry up, you’re not going to have enough time to eat.” Rose motions towards the clock. The girls start to eat quickly since their lunch time is running out. After finishing their lunch, Sara opens the dessert box to find a large vanilla cake. Some of the other students in the room gulp seeing the large cake.

Sara: “Rose, isn’t this is way too much food for dessert?”

Rose: “Well I was planning to have you share it with your classmates. I already cut it and all anyways.” Rose motions to the other people in the room.

Yuki: “That’s true. But I don’t think everyone will end up eating the cake.” 

Rose: “Possibly. But that’s fine too. I’ll just take back what’s left over. Ah yes. It’s a special cake mix that’s low in sugar and fat. I guess you could call it a diet cake.”

“A diet cake?!” The girls in the classroom cry out as they surround the table with a bright glint in their eyes. Rose deftly starts serving all of them starting with Sara. Various complements are given as Rose finishes giving out the cake.

Rose: “Ah!” Rose freezes up as she inadvertently cries out. “This is bad! I left the stove on!” Some of the students laugh at Rose’s sudden comment. “Sara just collect and stuff everything in your bag! It will fit there. I have to go!”

Sara: “Okay.”

Rose: “Then bye!” Rose gives a quick wave before opening the window behind her. She jumps out of the window and quickly drops out of sight.

Yuki: “Wait! We’re on the second floor.” Numerous cries are heard as Rose disappears from view.

Everyone but Sara rushes to the window looking for Rose. However, they can’t see a trace of Rose at all. Yuki and Tsubaki look back to see Sara still sitting in her desk facepalming.

Yuki: “You’re not surprised that she jumped out the window?”

Sara: “A little bit. But she does it all the time. I’m getting used it.”

Yuki: “Wow. Is that so?”

Tsubaki: “She must be quite strong to jump from the second floor so easily.”

Sara: “I’m not sure. I guess she is in a way.”

After the initial commotion, all the plates and utensils are gathered in a plastic bag on Sara’s desk. She pushes it into her bag which bulges slightly before disappearing. When asked, Sara gives only a vague answer when they ask how it fit.

After school, Yuki and Tsubaki give Sara a tour of the school. Afterwards, Sara walks home with Yuki and Tsubaki tagging along.

Yuki: “I know we pushed you into taking us, but is it okay not to tell Rose-san we’re coming? We should at least call?”

Sara: “It’s no problem. I don’t know her phone number anyways and I have no cell phone.”

Tsubaki: “Isn’t it important that you have a cell phone?”

Sara: “Rose recently adopted me, so we’re still adjusting to everything. I think we would be fine without one though.” They arrive at Sara’s home. “I’m back!” They find Rose waiting in front of the entranceway.

Rose: “Welcome back. I made a simple snack if you want something to eat.” Rose giggles as she walks towards the kitchen.

Sara: “Un. Okay.” They take off their shoes and put on indoor slippers as they follow her.

Rose places a plate of sandwiches on the table as they sit down. “Ah yes. Here a cell phone.” Rose places a cell phone box in front of Sara.

Sara: “That was fast! Did you hear our conversation?!” Rose smiles mischievously without answering and brings out a pitcher of iced tea.

Rose: “Anyways, I’ve put my number on your phone so you can easily contact me.” Rose pours drinks for the three of them.

Sara: “Thank you.”

Rose: “For Awai-san and Tamura-san, you should put their numbers down yourself so you learn how to use it.”

Yuki: “Ah. Please call me Yuki.” 

Tsubaki: “The same for me. Tsubaki is fine.”

Sara: “Then please call me Sara.”

Rose: “And Rose for me… I was surprised though. I figured more people were going to force their way to visit."

Sara: "Ahahaha." Sara laughs bitterly reflecting on the thought. "They were, but somehow most of the people were forced not to go since they had club activities and other plans that they had to go to. Many of them were curious about you, especially the boys."

Rose: "I see."

Yuki: “But I didn't expect you would have such a nice house. Rose-san, what do you do to make enough money for something like this at your age?”

Rose: “-san isn’t needed. And I mostly work with stocks and other things I can do at home. I ended up earning a lot of money that way, though a lot of it was me being lucky. I was doing a different job before, but I had to stop for various reasons.” Rose smiles bitterly at her last sentence.

Yuki: “Hee. That’s really nice that you have all the money you need.”

???: “Fuhahah. And now that famous witch is a slave to a normal human. There isn’t a more humorous sight.” A voice cackles out of nowhere. The girls look around while Rose focuses her view behind Sara. A large brawny man, half naked appears suddenly behind Sara. The girls focus their sights on him and immediately notice his purple colored skin. His upper body is completely exposed, while is lower body is covered by a brown loincloth. He lowers his head to take a closer look at Sara. “She’s even more puny than…”

His thought is interrupted as Rose performs a dropkick directly to the man’s face. He tilts backwards from the sudden attack. Instead of flying backwards from the recoil, Rose rotates once in the air before suddenly kicking off the air and performing an aerial axe kick. The man drops to the ground in a lump.

Rose: “Honestly! You’re not allowed up here! So stay out of the way!”

Sara: “Wah! Rose your hair!”  

Rose looks briefly at her hair. Her black hair has completely lost its color changing to a snow white again. Her clothes also transformed in sync changing to her white dress once again. Rose disregards it as she looks towards the basement door.

Rose: “Sorry. Looks like things are getting out of hand down there. I’ll have to go down there to deal with it.” Rose grabs the man by the foot and lifts him high into the air. She walks to the basement door and heads downstairs without another word. “Just make yourselves at home. No need to worry about this guy.”

Sara looks away from Rose as she turns to look at Tsubaki and Yuki both of them are staring at the door Rose left through slack jawed.

Yuki: “What was that?!”

Sara: “Um…” Sara scratches her cheek lightly. “I’m not even totally sure. But I mentioned it right? That’s she’s just like that. Anyways, I’m going to go follow her.” Yuki and Tsubaki also stand.

Yuki: “I’m coming too.”

Tsubaki: “I will too.”

Sara bitterly smiles and sighs. “I doubt I can convince you otherwise… Okay. Let’s go.”

The three of them head downstairs following Rose.

[1] -sensei: Polite suffix when addressing a teacher
[2] -san: Formal way of addressing another person
[3] 180cm- about 5ft 10in.
[4] -chan: Non-formal suffix for addressing others in a cutesy way

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