Sunday, December 21, 2014

White Rose Synopsis

Here's the synopsis for "The Cursed White Rose". Forgot to post it up earlier.

Sara Sato stumbles across an unknown book as she struggles to live normally while escaping from her parents' grasp. Unknowingly, she releases a woman named Rose from the book and is told she can make as many wishes as she wants. But only if she can pay the price?! Their meeting establishes their master/servant relationship as Sara takes her first step into the world of magic. Sara meets new friends as well as many new troubles tied to Rose. Will she be able to manage it all as she attempts to learn magic for the very first time?

Genres: Magic, fighting, powerful teacher, main all female cast, yuri, minor +18 content, friends, magical world, normal world.


  1. >yuri, minor +18 content
    Oh my, I wonder what I am gonna get here

  2. I will admit that I'm only here because I was reminded of this work in particular while watching MR ROBOT. It's been quite a while too, I was sure I would have forgotten this by now.

    1. Lol. I'm glad it stuck in your memory. Sorry to say I'm not planning to return to this story anytime soon.