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White Rose Character List

Character List (Work in Progress) 
(Will gradually add details and covered spoilers from time to time as story progresses)

Main Characters

Akari Sara: 16 years old. Formerly known as Satou Sara. She has chestnut brown hair that extends slightly past her shoulders and brown eyes. She escaped from her home to avoid being married off for money. In the process of running away, she forms a contract with Rose after finding the Cursed Tome of the White Rose. Sara has a strong sense of duty towards Rose. In addition to being helped by Rose, she feels she has to take action towards the curse that binds Rose. While calm at times, when her feeling of duty rises, she moves to help others without thinking about her own personal safety.

(Akari) Rose: A girl sealed with a book known as the Cursed Tome of the White Rose. She is an extremely beautiful girl with pale white skin. Her hair is a pure snow white extending all the way down to her knees. Rose has an interesting form of Heterochromia iridium. Her left eye is a bright ruby red, while her right eye is a light sapphire blue. She takes on the appearance of an 18 year old, while showing off an identification of being 24 to normal people. The family name Akari is something she randomly chose. Rose’s true family name has long been lost over time. In public, she freely adjusts her appearance to conform more to the average Japanese woman. Rose is incredibly vague about her past and changes the subject whenever she’s asked about it.

First appears in Chapter 3

Awai Yuki: 15 years old. She has short blonde hair extending just past her chin and bright sky blue eyes. Despite being of 7/8 Japanese and 1/8 American, her American bloodline, from her grandmother’s side, appeared quite strongly in her. She is friends with Sara and Tsubaki and is in the same class as Sara. She lives at a Shinto shrine with her grandmother and little brother. Yuki has a strong interest in magic and was extremely excited when offered to be taught magic.

Spoilers: (up to Chapter 11)

Because of her foreign blood, her hair and eye color made Yuki stand out frequently among her peers. It also made her more difficult to approach even though she was of Japanese descent, resulting in her in having few friends aside from Tsubaki and Sara.

Tsubaki: 16 years old. She has long black hair that extends midway down her back and has dark brown eyes. Tsubaki's father is the head of a yazuka group. Tsubaki has a strong desire to become the strongest. Rose's strength greatly nabbed her attention and decided to pursue the world of magic.

Spoilers: (up to Chapter 11)

She experienced several kidnapping attempts in her childhood. Her father became seriously injured on one occasion. This sparked Tsubaki’s desire to become strong enough to protect herself.

Moonglitter Slyph: First appears in Chapter 10.

A wind elemental belonging to the fairy race. 64 years old in human years, but a teenager based on the lifespan of a fairy. She is 15 cm tall which is fairly average for her race. Slyph has emerald green hair and bright blue eyes. She normally wears a one piece dress with specially cut holes for her wings. C ranked because of her hard working efforts and young age. Forty years ago, her hometown was destroyed beyond recognition by an unknown source. She hopes to one day reunite with her family and other friends and villages in the future. Lived with a nearby pixie tribe after losing her home, but did not connect well because of her serious personality.

Steelhammer Erutie: First appears in Chapter 11.

An earth elemental belonging to the gnome race. 16 years old in human years, but only around 6 years old appearance wise. D rank. She is still quite young and looks similar to a human child. She has short light brown hair and emerald green eyes. Her skin is fairly tanned from constantly training outside on the mountainside. She speaks childishly referring to herself in a 3rd person point of view. Five years ago, supposedly, Erutie’s parents damaged the gnome race’s shrine collapsing the tunnels and killing many people. As a result, Erutie is ostracized by her race for her parents supposed actions. Erutie trains hard to hopefully find her family once again and obtain answers about that day.

Iris: First appears in Chapter 13.

Rose’s little sister. SSS rank, one of the most powerful individuals in Celestria. Obtained the nickname, Black Whirlwind of Destruction. She is unable to meet Rose face to face because of the contents of Rose’s curse.

Minor Characters

Tamura Genzo: First appears in Chapter 8. Tsubaki's father. Raised Tsubaki on his own after his wife passed away. He ended up exposing Tsubaki to the underground world of the yakuza more than he would have liked. He's overprotective of Tsubaki, but wishes the best for her. He fully supports Tsubaki's desire to become stronger by learning Kendo, but was furious when she stopped.

Yuki’s Grandmother: First appears in Chapter 8. Yuki’s grandmother. She raises her grandchildren on her own. She is a strict grandmother who always works their children hard to learn to be humble and hard working. She has a sixth sense for the supernatural, but is unable to do much about them even though she practices exorcism.

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