Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 13 – Rose’s Q and A

Hi! I have to say "Thank you!!" to all the visitors. The site just hit 10,000 views, Wooooo!! I never thought my blog would have so many visits. I will do my best to continue to release chapters regularly on the 5-7 day range. No promises though, IRL interferes at times.

Anyways enough talk. Enjoy Chapter 13!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 12 - Leaving Elemental Haven

Chapter 12 is finished. My writing has so many flaws, but I doubt I would ever finish if I tried to completely satisfy myself with what I wrote. Rose is way overpowered, but my habit tends to badly skew making her that way. Next chapter, I plan to answer various aspects of her background that I've purposely left up in the air.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the chapter!

Edit: Updated Character Information with background for Slyph and Erutie. Also Happy Lunar New Year!
Edit 2: I just noticed that the bar for different pages got moved to the bottom when I changed the blog template a while ago. Sorry about that, fixed it now.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 11 - Partners

Here's the next chapter. I somehow got it out before the day was over. I'll have more time to work on the next chapter at this rate. Some new characters and a bit of character development too. Sadly, the background I gave on Yuki isn't as deep. I'll have to work on that. I'll add to the character bios tomorrow, too sleepy at this point.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day to whoever celebrates it. 

Edit: Updated Character information for Yuki and Tsubaki with details from this chapter. Will update again for the newer characters after Chapter 12 is out.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 10 - Elemental Haven

Here's Chapter 10. Apologies if I missed any grammatical errors. Currently suffering from some food poisoning, I think, at the moment and feel terrible. Chapter 11 might be delayed a day or two from my normal schedule since my mind is having trouble focusing in my current state. It really sucks to suffer so much on my long awaited weekend. I'll try and get Chapter 11 out when I can.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 9 - Rose at Night

Chapter 9! Short one since I wanted to transition the chapters properly. And no it's Not sexual, I used the innuendo on purpose for fun. The focus of the chapter is pretty much out of nowhere, but I wanted to reveal more about Rose before it's properly explained.

This chapter ended up being quite hard for me to write. I hope you'll enjoy it though. My gaming habit is kicking up a bit, but I'll try to get chapters out in a timely fashion.