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The Cursed White Rose Chapter 13 – Rose’s Q and A

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Anyways enough talk. Enjoy Chapter 13!!

The six of them fly back at a fast pace and return back home before the sun sets. They arrive back in the basement with the double doors closing sharply afterwards. Rose stretches and glances at Sara.

Rose: “I’m going to take a nap. Call me if you need me.” Rose turns into a flash of light entering her book.

Slyph: “…Rose really moves at her own pace.”

Yuki: “Haha. Yes she does.”

Sara: “Well she worked really hard to care for everyone. We should let her rest.”

???: “If only she didn’t work so hard all the time, it would be less of a concern.”

Girls: “Huh?!”

The girls turn around and see the doors to the magic world open. Light shines brightly from the door blinding them. They’re vision goes back to normal after the doors close, but the person they see before them makes them doubt their eyes.

The woman in front of them is the spitting image of Rose. Her appearance is slightly different but with Rose's ability to freely change her appearance, it’s hard to say it isn't Rose. She has a slightly older appearance in her early 20's with long, sleek black hair down to her waist and deep brown eyes. She wears a suit of black metallic armor over her entire body. The armor displays the power the woman has, yet somehow does not make her seem too intimidating. Otherwise, her height and size are nearly identical to Rose.

Sara: "Ro... No. who are you?" Sara stops herself from calling her Rose based on pure instinct. The atmosphere the woman gives is completely different from the Rose that Sara knows.

???: “Oh! Impressive, you didn’t confuse me with Rose.” The woman smiles as she closes the distance. She stops in front of Sara.

Yuki: “Eh?! It’s really not Rose?” Sara and the Rose look-a-like stare at one another, but the other girls glance back and forth between the two of them.

Sara: “[Scan]” Sara mutters the skill in a barely audible voice.

Magic Capacity
Magic Attack
Magic Resistance
Magic Control

Sara: “Ehhh?????!!!!!! Why?!” The blank information screen surprises Sara so much that she inadvertently cries out.

???: “Oh, did you want to get my information? Our ranks are too different even with Rose providing rank support for you.”

Sara: “Rank support?” Sara glances at the Rose tome hanging on her belt.

???: “[Scan] has limitations to only be able to read two ranks above your current rank at best and even then it has various pieces of information missing.”

Sara: “R-really?”

???: “Yes. But you’re probably wondering who I am by now. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Iris. I’m Rose’s little sister.”

Sara: “S-sister. R-Really?”

Iris: “Yep. We’re twins. Oh yes, and I’m SSS rank.”

The girls’ eyes bulge as they stare at Iris. Erutie walks up to Iris with her eyes glittering

Erutie: “Is Iris onee-chan, the legendary SSS rank, Black Whirlwind of Destruction?”

Iris: “Oh. You’ve heard of me? That name is quite embarrassing though. I’d like it if you didn’t call me that.” Iris pats Erutie on the head and lightly sticks out her tongue while blushing slightly.

Slyph: “A-are you really a SSS rank?”

Iris: “Of course. Why would I lie to the people caring for my sister?”

Tsubaki: “W-wow. So you’re one of the strongest in the magic world.”

Yuki: “I wonder if Rose was embarrassed to mention that her sister was stronger than her? It would have been interesting to learn.”

Iris stops smiling at Yuki’s comment. She takes a second look at the girls’ expressions of amazement and sighs.

Iris: “Well I expected that response. I shouldn’t be surprised.” Iris’ expression becomes stern as she faces Sara. “Listen I came here to give some much needed advice to Rose’s new master."

Sara: "O-okay."

Iris: "First, Rose is an incredibly stubborn hard worker. Even if you work her to the point of death, she won't utter a single complaint about her health. She will happily do anything that's asked."

Sara: "She does work too hard. I noticed that, but is it really that bad?"

Iris: "Yes, she works too hard and doesn't stop until she collapses. You have to force her to rest so she doesn't breakdown."

Sara: "U-understood. I'll be careful."

Iris: “Second, Rose hates talking about herself. She hasn’t told you much about her past or personal things about herself right?” Sara and the girls all nod. “If you want to know, make her tell you. That’s the only way.”

Sara: “Is that really necessary though? Rose really seems like she doesn’t want to talk about it.”

Iris: “Then she will never talk about it. If you’re fine with never knowing, then you can leave it alone. You’re the Rose’s master, so she will always abide by your orders no matter what.”

Sara: “…Mmmm…” Sara looks at Iris with an unhappy expression.

Iris: “Here’s a question if you don’t know what to ask Rose. What is Rose’s real rank?”

Sara: “Eh? Eh? What do you mean? She said she was an A rank.” Sara looks questioningly at Iris, but Iris wears a mischievous smile similar to Rose’s.

Iris: “That’s after she was sealed though. Think about it. Why was Rose locked away?”

Sara: “…Because she was too strong and others didn’t like that…”

Iris: “Right.” Iris’ smile becomes even wider as she’s enjoying the response. “But you wouldn’t seal a prisoner with their full power. You’d have to weaken them. Or it would be too dangerous for you if they get out, right?”

Sara: “Y-yeah.”

Iris: “Rose is amazingly strong even when she’s sealed. I’m sure you’ve seen that.” The girls nod automatically in response. “So you should ask her. What rank was Rose before she was sealed away?” The girls stare at Rose as they realize her point. The amazing strength of Rose immediately comes to mind. Rose beat two S ranked monsters with little effort, is she really just an A rank?

Iris: “The last thing is a personal request from me.” Iris bows deeply to Sara. “Please take good care of my sister.”

Sara: “Y-yes!! Of course! I’ll do my best!”

Iris: “Good. Then I will take my leave now.” Iris turns around and starts walking away.

Sara: “Eh?! Already?! But you haven’t seen Rose yet.”

Iris stops, but doesn’t turn around. “…We can’t see each other. A part of the curse severely hurts Rose if we were to meet face to face. So I can only stay out of the way.” Iris finishes speaking and quickly leaves the basement returning to the magic world. The girls look blankly as the doors shut behind her. Sara snaps out of her stupor and looks at Rose.

Sara: “Rose, please come out.” The book glows as light shoots out from inside the book and Rose appears. Her appearance is extremely disheveled from normal. She wears pajamas instead of her usual dress and her hair is wrapped around her body. Dark bags hang under her eyes. A large bead clips the very end of Rose’s hair dangling close to the ground.

Rose: “Huaaa…” Rose yawns as she stares blankly at Sara for a moment. Her mind wakes from her stupor. “Ahh!!” Rose realizes she showed her disorganized appearance to Sara. Rose jumps back and kicks the large bead shaped hair clip at the end of her hair. The hair bead swings around like a giant pendulum as Rose’s hair surrounds her like a screen covering her from view. She stops the bead as it swings back behind her. Her normal dress appears with her face all cleaned up making it seem like the disheveled Rose seem like a lie.

Rose: “Y-yes? What did you need?” Rose shows an uneasy smile as the corner of her mouth twitches.

Sara: "Do you always look like that when you're sleeping?" Sara frowns looking at Rose closely.

Rose's smile twitches a bit harder as Rose reluctantly answers. "Y-yes. That's my sleeping clothes. I don't wear this dress all the time."

Sara: "Haa..." Sara sighs thinking about how Rose looks like whenever they sleep in bed. Pajamas were never worn when Rose joined her in bed to sleep. "Your sister was just here. And she said some interesting things."

Rose: "Yes. I know. I was listening."

Sara: "Y-you knew?"

Rose: "Iris' wavelength for her magic power is very unique. Skilled people that meet her can tell right away she’s coming. It's harder to not notice when she comes so openly."

Sara: "Then I want to ask a few things based on what she said."

Rose: "Does it have to be now? I'm still quite exhausted." Rose stifles a yawn.

Sara frowns and grabs Rose's face. They lock lips and kiss. The others give a cry of surprise at the sudden display of affection. The two of them kiss passionately lasting for several minutes until Sara finally breaks off the kiss.

Sara: "There. No excuses." Sara blushes furiously having to perform a display of affection in front of everyone.

Rose: "Understood." Rose opens her computer and manipulates the basement to form two circular sofa forms around a coffee table. The six of them sit down, Rose and Sara on one sofa, the others sit on the other sofa.

Rose: "What do you want to ask?"

Sara: "Start from the beginning." Sara responds sternly, but Rose looks at her with a blank expression.

Rose: "That's too vague. I wouldn't know where to begin. You have to ask a question so I know what to discuss. But my background is too extensive, so let's keep it short for today. Each of you can ask one question, and that person is allowed a follow up question to their first question. Fair?" The girls nod reluctantly. "Then think about what you want to ask carefully."

Slyph: "Will there be a time limit to the questions?"

Rose: "I'm quite tired, so I would like to rest soon. But no I'm not timing you or anything similar. So feel free to discuss what questions you want to ask."

The girls immediately start to whisper to one another debating which question to ask. Rose takes a nap as she waits for them to finish. After agreeing on the questions Sara taps Rose on the shoulder. Rose’s eyes snap open in an instant and wakes up alert.

Sara: "Then can we start asking?"

Rose: "Go ahead. I'm ready anytime."

Tsubaki: "I'll go first. Rose, what's your rank before you were sealed? Iris mentioned you were stronger than that."

Rose's expression contorts from a calm smile to an extreme displeasure. Her mouth twitches severely as she looks at Sara. "Do I have to answer that?"

Sara: "Yes. Of course."

Rose facepalms covering her face. She covers her face for some time before looking at the girls again. The five of them, in exchange, watch Rose and wait for her response, extremely confused about the hesitation to reveal her rank.

Rose: "…………Fine." Rose sighs and pauses hoping for one of them to stop her. "I was SSSS rank before I was sealed. Happy?" The air in the room freezes as everyone looks at Rose. The girls all have their jaws hang wide open. They all stare at her, but she makes no indications of continuing to talk.

Tsubaki: "Are...mmph!" Tsubaki starts talking, but both Erutie and Slyph recover from their shock and prevent her from speaking any further. They whisper to Tsubaki before letting her go. "How did you get to SSSS rank when the highest was only SSS rank before? It's hard to believe you happen to be the strongest person in the magic world."

Rose bitterly laughs. "That's why I didn't want to say it. It's more of a mistake than anything that I obtained that rank. I made up various new and special spells that boosted my rank up from the SSS rank. Obviously I didn't hold that rank for more than a year before I was bound." The girls become uneasy at the sudden change in mood. Rose senses their discomfort and speaks up. "I won't say any more about my rank. It's in the past and I can't regain it anyways. Next question."

Yuki: "Then I have something I want to know. Can you tell me about your dress and the storage space you use? I asked Slyph, but it's unique compared to what she knows."

Rose: "That's fine. I'll talk about the space first. It was made with a combination of science and magic. I use magic to bridge a gap to a parallel dimension where nothing exists. My knowledge in the sciences lets me figure out exactly the place I want to make and find. Then I create a permanent space I can always use. It's a bit complicated, but I hope that was understandable." Yuki nods.

Rose: "Then the next part was the dress. I'm sure you thought my dress was extremely awkward because of how puffed up my skirt it." The girls laugh awkwardly averting their eyes. "It's fine. This type of dress has a big benefit to me, so I don't care about concerns like how silly I look. Basically, this dress is my armory."

Tsubaki: "Armory? As in a place to store weapons?"

Rose nods. "Yep. Nothing is permanent. There are times, where I can't always pull things from my dimensional space. That's where my dress comes in handy.”

Yuki: “Wouldn’t something smaller, like a ring with the same abilities as your space, be better to use though?”

Rose: “Ah…That’s pretty much what I would be giving you girls to use. I have my own reasons though.” Rose smiles mischievously. She makes a platform appear with a display. “Training purposes actually. This is a basic scale, nothing special.” Rose strips off her entire dress revealing her underwear. The girls blush at the sudden action, but their expression quickly turn to shock.

Rose drops her dress on the scale. It lands with loud crash on the scale. The weight on the display climbs rapidly far past the weight of any normal dress. The five of them rub their eyes doubting the number displayed on the scale. The final weight of the dress reached 1543 kilograms.

Sara: “Rose, h…”

Rose: “Is that your question?” Sara stops herself from continuing snapping out of her shock. “I can wear it because I’m me. Let’s leave it at that.” The girls sigh knowing they can’t get an answer out of her.

Sara: “Rose, please tell me everything about the doll race. Even Slyph and Eru haven’t heard about a doll race.”

Rose: “Is it really that confusing? Hmm… I’m literally a doll made from the earth. A clay type soil is compressed until it’s hard enough and gathered to form this shape. I have a crystal core to act as a substitute for both my heart and brain. I used to be human, but I chose to remake my body into this form. So I’m not a human, but a doll made of soil.”

Sara: “Why would you do that though? Why not stay as a human?”

Rose: “…” Rose frowns as she wrestles with her thoughts. Reluctantly, she bows to Sara. “I’m sorry, Master. I can’t answer that. It’s too early to tell you.”

Sara: “Too early?”

Rose: “Right. I can’t tell you unless one of you three reaches A rank.” Sara and the others look at each other.

Sara: “…Fine. I’ll wait.” Sara reluctantly replies.

Rose: “Do you want to ask a different follow up question?”  Sara shakes her head in response. They look at Slyph and Erutie.

Slyph: “Then I’ll ask next. Rose-san, during the encounter with that Treant, why did you only use the C rank spell [Flame Pillar]? Shouldn’t you have used a stronger spell?”

Rose: “Because I have to conserve my power.” Rose points at Sara. “I can only spend a certain amount of power in between when Sara refills my energy, so I have to make sure I use it well. If I used an A rank spell like [Wildfire], I would have ran out of energy before the battle ended. So I used a lower rank spell and prepared some special items to compensate for the lack of power I used.”

Slyph: “With your level, wouldn’t Rose-san be able to specially cast a spell that can easily defeat that monster without using too much magic?”

Rose: “That’s true. I have a couple of special abilities that can be considered my own special moves. But that’s why I save them for a trump card. I’m not going to display all my power since attacks like that are becoming frequent. Something like that treant is easily dealt with as long as I carefully prepare.”

Erutie: “Special moves?! What kind of special moves?!” Erutie’s eyes glitter as she questions Rose.

Sara: “Ah! Eru!” Sara cries out at the unplanned question Erutie asked.

Erutie: “Ah! Eru messed up.”

Rose: “I’ll still be taking that as the question.” Rose smiles evilly making the girls sigh. “I have several personal special moves that only I can do, but right now I can only use one of them. My ability is too low for the others. I call it [Elemental Fusion]. It’s the easiest spell I can do, but also the strongest if the conditions are just right.”

Erutie: “Can Rose onee-chan show us the spell?!” Erutie is completely ecstatic at seeing Rose’s special spell.

Rose: “I’m out of magic, so doing it normally is a bit hard… But we’re in the training room, so I can do it.”

Erutie: “Yay!!”

Sara: “What does being here, have to do with anything?” The girls look at Rose in confusion.

Rose: “I’ll explain that as an extra after this.” Rose opens her computer and taps away at the keyboard. The basement disappears as a large empty field appears before them with a mountain about fifty meters away. “[Flame shot] [Water shot]”

Rose forms an orb of fire the size of a fingernail on the palm of one hand and an orb of water in the other. She claps her hands together smashing the orbs into one another. Her hands begin to glow brightly with a violet light as her hands begin to heavily shake as they attempt to contain the spell. Rose thrusts her hands forward releasing the spell. “[Double Elemental Shot]” The spell shoots towards the mountain.


As the spell hits the mountain, a resounding explosion occurs as violet colored light fills their vision. The ground and air rumble violently making the girls crouch to the ground covering their ears. When the shaking abates and the light fades, they see the mountain completely disintegrated. Despite the mountain reaching 3km into the air, only a crater remains with rock and rubble lie strewn before them.

The girls stare blankly at the destruction before looking at Rose.

Rose: “This is my personal spell. I fuse two elemental spells together to the highest level and release them creating a strong explosion because of the resulting mixture. Oh right, None of you are allowed to try this spell.” Rose sternly declares the restriction making the five of them shiver. “It requires S rank in control at the minimum. If you try it and mess up, the failure is sure to kill you like it did that mountain.”

Sara: “O-o-okay.” The girls pale at the thought of Rose’s warning.

Rose: “Even if you are able to use the spell, you have to cast multiple barriers around the target so you don’t destroy everything in the area. It’s too complicated for most people since they have to cast up to 10 [Barrier] spells while still controlling the [Elemental Shot].”

Slyph: “How do you even control it that well?”

Rose: “It’s pretty hard especially in my current condition. That’s why I can’t use it well. It wastes too much energy protecting the area from the damages. Anyways, I promised to explain about this basement.”

Rose has the scenery disappear making it return to the normal white basement. “This basement is a specially constructed room meant for training. The location isn’t actually in the house, but a dimensional space similar to my storage area. The connection is always left open to the house since it’s our current home. Landscape and objects can be freely created to reflect what’s needed. Everything is fake, but when you activate them it acts just like the real thing.”

Yuki: “Ah!! Then the snakes that chase us during our running exercise.”

Rose: “Right, it’s fake.” The girls give Rose a look of disdain that she has been cheating them all this time. Rose ignores them and continues talking. “Like I said, this room makes things real. Even if it is fake, you can still feel pain. If you were to die in a training sequence here, you can die for real because of the shock and pain.”

The girls pale at the thought of death. One of them gulps loudly.

Rose: “But that depends on how you set up the training. No pain, some pain, half pain, or completely realistic pain can be freely adjusted in this room. With the right set up, magic usage even when casting spells can be simulated even when you’re out of magic just like the one I did now.”

Slyph: “That’s really convenient for training then. You can practice longer than normal.”

Rose: “There are limits though. Since it is incredibly realistic, you still will accumulate fatigue and exhaustion as if you did regular training… Anyways, I’m at my limit. I’m going back to sleep.” Rose disappears once again into her book.

Tsubaki: “We finally learned about Rose, but there’s still a lot she didn’t say.”

Erutie: “Eru is sorry. Eru messed up.” Tsubaki rubs Erutie’s head.

Tsubaki: “It’s okay. There are too many things to ask anyways. One question won’t change much. And we did get to see Rose use powerful magic.”

Slyph: “Speaking of which, do you know how to use this room for training?”

The girls shake their head since Rose hasn’t done any training with them yet. Slyph sighs realizing they have to wait.

Sara: “Let’s get some rest. Rose is probably going to train us until we pass out anyways. We should sleep while we can.”

Yuki and Tsubaki nod in agreement. Sara leads the four of them to the guest bedrooms. They split up as they all go to bed. Sara enters her bedroom and looks at Rose’s book.

Sara: “Rose, do you need me to fulfill your energy?”

Rose appears in front of her.

Sara: “Yes please.”

Rose leads a blushing Sara to the bed. Afterwards, Sara attempts to feign sleep waiting for Rose to move. Rose gives Sara a flick to the forehead.

Rose: “Why are you faking sleep? I’m not going anywhere you know?”

Sara: “Mmm…” Sara rubs her forehead. “You’ve been pretending to sleep. I wanted to know where you go when I sleep.”

Rose: “Hahh……You just had to ask.” Rose sighs at Sara’s plan.

Sara: “But…you said only one question earlier.” Sara mumbles her response uneasily.

Rose: “You can overrule that, you know. Master’s words are absolute.”

Sara: “…”

Rose: “I go to do extra training at night. But I’m too tired today. Happy?”

Sara: “Why hide it though?”

Rose: “I didn’t want you getting ideas. Just rest okay. I’m not going anywhere today. I used up too much energy.”

Sara: “Okay.” Sara hugs Rose tightly falling asleep in Rose’s embrace. Rose does the same quickly falling asleep.

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