Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 18 – Their Morning Off

Hi hi~ Here's chapter 18! The end of the business quarter rush is now over, so I'll be able to get home earlier and edit more regularly. Hopefully, I can release more on a 5-7 day time frame rather than 7-9. 

I just started playing the new mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper, so it might be tough with my addiction for gaming popping up here and there. Some friends recommended Dungeon Fighters Online, apparently the open beta started recently. I tried it and am tempted to play. The problem is that MMOs are such a massive time sink and I still want to continue writing. So the wisest thing to do will be to avoid Dungeon Fighters. The Final Fantasy game will be impossible to yank me away from though. XD

Anyways, I will be working on chapter 19 at a regular pace I hope. I'm actually having quite a bit of difficulty with it. I wrote enough to cover about 50-70% of a chapter post, before deciding I should progress the story more and decided to axe what I wrote. I might go back later and make what I wrote a Chapter 18b. But not until the next chapter or so is out. 18b would be more of a extra chapter with more detail about the mind set for parts in chapter 19. I shouldn't spoil it.

I'm talking too much and it's late. So I'm to sleep. Enjoy the chapter.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 17 - Examination Results

Hello! I've finished with Chapter 17. The business quarter ends next week, so things should calm down after that. I can return to release chapter every 5-7 days instead of the recent 7-8 days because of work. Anyways enjoy the chapter!

P.S. If anyone has Playstation systems, the Playstation store is having a flash sale until 3/23/15 9AM Pacific Standard Time. Around 77 games are on sale for under $1. I bought 5 games I never played, 4 of them from PS1 days. XD

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 16 – Rose’s Crisis and Her Seal

Hello! Sorry for the delay. March is a busy month at work, so I only end up having time to edit on the weekends. Probably the next two weekends for March will be confined to only weekend releases. Unless some family events come up >_>. Apologies for those waiting for the next chapter.

Hope you enjoy Chapter 16 - Rose’s Crisis and Her Seal

Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 15 - E Rank Exam Practical

Hello. Finished Chapter 15! Apologies for taking so long. Picked up another new Light Novel series, Stellar Transformations by I Eat Tomatoes. Currently up to Book 11 translation so I was reading at full speed Monday through Thursday. XD I finished the read through and got this chapter out. So enjoy!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Cursed White Rose Chapter 14 – Elements, Contracts, and the E Rank Exam Part One

 Hi! Sorry it took so long. I got sick and was unable to write for three days. I was quite out of it most of the week. Thankfully, I had a head start on this chapter so I was able to get it out at a reasonable time.

Anyways, enjoy Chapter 14!

Edit: Made a small addition to describe Sara's clothes for the test. I put an * to quickly find it.