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The Cursed White Rose Chapter 17 - Examination Results

Hello! I've finished with Chapter 17. The business quarter ends next week, so things should calm down after that. I can return to release chapter every 5-7 days instead of the recent 7-8 days because of work. Anyways enjoy the chapter!

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Rose’s book suddenly opens near the end. The page glows as text fills the page. Several of the blackened pages straighten out returning to their vellum color. Many of the other blackened pages remain the same. The entire book begins to glow as a clump of light shoots out. Sara’s body reforms from the light as she crashes to the floor.

Girls: "Sara!!" Yuki, Tsubaki, Slyph, and Erutie rush up and check Sara for injuries. When the girls calm down, Sara stands up.

Mary: "It went well?"

Sara nods. "Yes. I..." Sara falls to the ground all her strength in her body fades. "Wh...?" She lands flat on her back unable to even remain sitting up.

Mary: "Your exhaustion from the tests is hitting you all at once. You probably used too much magic. Just sleep for now." Sara blacks out before she can even articulate a response. They move Sara to the couch in the room. Mary casts a recovery spell on Sara as sleeps.

After two hours, Sara finally rouses from her sleep. She sits up and blankly looks around the room.

Sara: “…Where am I?” She rubs her eyes with a dazed look.

Tsubaki: “This is the arena office. You had the E rank exam and did 2 tests to release parts of Rose’s seal, remember?”

Sara: “Ahh…AHH!!! How’s Rose?! Is she okay?!” Sara sits up quickly, but starts to feel dizzy.

Mary: “Okay, okay. Sit back down and rest. You’re not stable yet.” Mary pushes Sara back down on the couch and forces her to lie down.

Yuki: “Rose isn’t awake yet. We’ve been waiting for a response, but nothing’s happened yet. We’ve just been talking about what happened to the people that attacked you during the ranking exam.”

Sara: “Ah I see. What happened with them?”

The people that participated in the attack comprised of ten members mixed within the audience, guards, and arena workers. Their goal was to eliminate Sara and obtain Rose for their own purposes. Five of them were A rank, while the rest were S rank. Three of them cast the spell for the field, while the rest acted as the battery to prevent the field from breaking easily by another S rank. The ten of them were captured by Rose’s item though one was already captured by the other guards for the preemptive attack.

Perry: “Ah! Run!!”

Perry cries out when Rose’s book starts to glow. Perry, Mary, and Melody evacuate the room at top speed leaving the girls alone. Rose’s book opens and light flows out of the book, but Rose herself does not appear.

Sara: “D-did something go wrong?”

Rose: “No, I just adjusted the exit point a bit.”

Girls: “Wah!!” The girls cry out and turn around following Rose’s voice.

They turn around and their eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. Rose sits in front of them in a wheelchair. Her long white hair is draped over the seat near her legs nearly touching the floor. Instead of her normal white dress, she wears a modest sky blue dress without the normally large and excessive frills.

Sara: “W-w-why?”

Rose: “Because I need it. I can’t move anything except my neck and face.”

Sara: “B-b-but…”

Rose: “I just need time to recover. I didn’t die after that, so I’m not going to complain. For that matter, you idiots quit hiding!” Melody cautiously peers into the room from the doorway. The curtains shift slightly as Mary and Perry look through from outside the window. "Idiots! Get back in here already." They reluctantly reenter the room, carefully approaching Rose while still keeping their distance.

Sara: "Rose, they..."

Rose: "Yes, yes. I know. I can't use magic at all right now, so I won't do anything, as much as I want to."

Melody: "You can't? Is your condition that bad?" Melody’s eyes widen to the point of bulging out.

Rose: "Yes."

Sara: "Then...I will..."

Rose: "Find another? Don't even think about it. You got lucky that they went easy on you. The remaining tests are a rank higher, S rank even. It won't be that easy."

Sara: "Uuuu... That was easy? I thought it was a joke."

Rose: "Frankly yes. They went easy on you." Sara has a bitter look as she thinks about the tests.

Yuki: "Um... what happened it the tests? We haven't heard what exactly happened."

Rose directs Sara to use her computer to replay the entire tests. The girls look in shock as the video plays revealing the shocking difficulty of the tests. The first one to comment isn't the girls, but Melody.

Melody: "The first one looks fair for an A rank test. That test proctor didn’t even attack Sara making it easier for her. But the second one was more of an S rank test. Shouldn't both be A rank exams?"

Rose: No, they were more scaled to be treated as a B and B+ rank tests because Sara exploited using my interference to help her pass."

Sara: "I know I could have done better, but I wasn't sure what else to do."

Rose: "A water type [Acid] spell would have worked well to break that wall quickly. For dealing with magic sealing techniques, your computer has [Dispel] magic built in. Activating those would have had a better effect."

Sara: "Ugh..." Sara hang her heads at the solutions to those problems.

Slyph: "Rose-san, I think Sara did very well for someone that just passed the E rank exam."

Rose: "I know. I think so too. I'm just teasing her because she did something so reckless." Sara's expression brightens as she hugs Rose.

Sara: "Sorry. I just didn't want to lose you."

Rose: "I know..." Rose tells Sara to break the hug and looks at Mary and Perry. "Shouldn't you tell her about the exam results? You have them in already right?"

Mary: "Huh? Oh right!!"

Perry: "Right, the exam. Sara-san demonstrated more than acceptable abilities to be an E ranked individual. In fact, because of our negligence and her ability demonstrated during the battle with the Cyclops. Sara-san will be awarded with a D rank certification."

Girls: "Huh?! D rank?!"

Perry: "Correct. In all honesty, we were considering giving a C rank because of your battle skills. But your experience is too lacking, so the compromise was a D rank." Perry hands her a blue card as proof of her rank.

Sara: "W-wow..." Sara blankly accepts it and drips some blood on it. The card disintegrates as her ID card opens updating her rank.

16 years old
Cursed Tome of the White Rose
Magic Capacity
Magic Attack
Magic Resistance
Magic Control
Light, Wind, Water, Dark, Fire (m), Earth (m)

Mary: "I've already given you the seal fragments as a gift, but i would like to give you something as an apology for putting you in danger by sealing Rose."

Sara: "No, that's okay. It wasn't your fault that happened."

Mary: "I still contributed to it by accident. So I would still like to prepare something...though knowing Rose's ability. I'm not sure what would be appropriate. Most material items are easily covered by her." Rose motions for Mary to come over and whispers into Mary’s ear. “Is that really enough? …Okay. That much is no problem, I’ll wait until you’re ready to do so then.”

Sara: “What did you ask for?”

Rose smiles. “Let’s leave it for a surprise in the future. It’s more interesting that way.”

Sara: “I see…Okay... Um, is it okay if we head home now?”

Rose: “Yep. We’re done here.” Rose looks at the doorway. “Iris, thanks again for the help.” Everyone else turns to look at the doorway, but no response is given. Rose returns her attention to the others.

Melody: “I’ll help take you back. Rose isn’t in a condition to do so right now. [Teleport]” Melody teleports the six of them back to the human world.

Back at home in the training room, Sara’s computer opens displaying a message.

“Please take care of Onee-chan. Unsealing her is extremely long and difficult, but I feel you can do it. Good luck.” –Iris

“Yes. Please leave it to me. I will definitely unseal her.” –Sara

Sara sends a reassuring response in return. Melody finishes dropping the girls off before returning to work.

Yuki: “We’re home!! Let’s take a good break!”

The girls manipulate the room with their computers and create several beds. The five of them jump into the beds enjoying the comfort leaving Rose smiling wryly.

Rose: “Sorry to interrupt while you’re trying to relax. Master, there’s something important I should tell you.”

Sara sits up from the bed. “Hmm? Ah, right! You can’t move! Sorry! I’ll put you on the bed too.” Sara jumps off the bed walking towards Rose.

Rose: “Not that. I wanted to summarize my current condition.” Sara stops in front of Rose and nods waiting. “I can’t move physically, and can’t cast most skills because I lack my normal magical energy. If you want to cast any of my spells, you’ll have to supply the magic for now instead of paying one-tenth of the spell cost while I supply the rest.”

Sara: “You were using that much?”

Rose: “Yes. I am able to use a portion of my special skills, so I’m not a complete invalid right now.”

Slyph: “So Rose-san will still protect Sara-san from assassins even in that condition?”

Rose: “That’s pretty much what I mean.”

Sara: “Rose, I can…”

Rose: “It’s okay. That’s my job, but I will be telling you when I engage someone since I’m much weaker. Either way, the attacks will decrease significantly from now on.”

Sara: “…Eh? Why?”

Rose: “Iris. She’s probably rampaging around destroying various groups because of today.”

Sara: “Ahahah…” Sara awkwardly laughs. The girls shiver trying to image the destruction she can cause.

Rose: “Regardless, I will still be devoting myself to protecting you. So I will not be able to perform much of my normal routine as a result.”

Sara: “Okay.” Sara nods readily, but Rose hangs her at Sara’s response.

Rose: “Haaaah…” Rose lets out a sigh before continuing. “In other words, I cannot cook food in my current condition. You will have to cook your own meals."

Sara: "Ah!" Rose nods satisfied that her point has gotten through. "What do I do?! I don't know how to cook?!"

Rose: "I can teach you at the very least since it's normally supposed to be my job."

Tsubaki: "Rose, a question. Wouldn't someone as prepared as you have food prepared for an emergency stock?"

Rose: "Well that's true. I have emergency food if you want to eat it. But they're mostly dried food or food pills. I have little food that's fresh and meant to be tasty."

Slyph: "Isn't Rose's point to learn how to cook in case Rose is further incapacitated?" At Slyph's question, Rose smiles clearly without a response.

Sara: "Then I'll learn how to cook starting today!"

Yuki: "I know how to cook a bit, so I'll help."

Tsubaki: "..."

Erutie: "Tsubaki onee-chan isn't going to help?"

Tsubaki: "I'm bad at cooking. The food doesn't come out right."

Yuki: "Tsubaki doesn't need to help. Her cooking is ... amazing... would be the best thing to say."

Tsubaki: "I know, I know. I'm terrible. Please don't rub it in."

Rose: "Before cooking, I can teach Master a new special skill. It's very easy so there's no need to worry."

Sara: "What skill?!" Sara's expression shines at the thought of learning a new technique.

Rose: "[Telepathy]. It's a feature of our contract. I waited until you became an E rank before teaching you this skill. You can talk to me with just your mind when I'm within ten kilometers. Though it's not really an issue since my book is always attached to you."

Sara: "Wow! How do I do it?"

Rose: "Just concentrate on sending a thought to me." Rose's voice rings in Sara's mind. "Just like this."

Sara's excitement rises even more as she focuses her thoughts on Rose. "AM I DOING IT RIGHT?!"

Rose covers her ears in pain. "Too loud. You don't need to focus that hard."

Sara: "Sorry. Like this?"

Rose: "Better." Rose turns to the others. "Yuki and Tsubaki should wait until after you complete your E rank exams before trying to do it."

Yuki & Tsubaki: "Okay."

Sara: "Ah! Rose, a question. When everyone passes E rank, can we all talk to one another through [Telepathy]?"

Rose: "You can already talk to one another using your computers or phone. So it's probably not needed. But to talk to someone that isn't your partner, raising your magic abilities to D rank as a minimum is necessary. Even then, your magic would only last a minute at best. C rank in your magic capacity and control would be needed for longer conversations."

Sara: "Okay! I'll work hard!"

Rose: "Good."

The six of them head upstairs. Sara carries Rose up the stairs while Tsubaki carries the wheelchair. Rose directs Sara and Yuki on how to cook the meal. The meal was successfully creating despite it being Sara’s first attempt at cooking. Yuki, in particular, was extremely interested in Rose’s recipe and asked for future cooking lessons. Rose agreed easily. After the meal, the six of them rested in the living room.

Sara: “Rose, can I start training for battles now?”

Rose: “Master, you just completed several difficult exams and you want to start training already?”

Sara: “No, I meant can we include training for battles in the regular routine for training?”

Rose: “That can be easily done. Or rather I was planning to do that anyways. But there’s something we have to do beforehand.”

Sara: “And that would be?”

Rose: “We’ll discuss it tomorrow. No point worrying about it now.” Rose sternly turns away the topic from training.

Tsubaki: “Rose, I know we watched the tests Sara did already, but how was Sara able to complete such high level exams?”

Yuki: “I want to know too!”

Rose: “…Well it’s mostly because of two reasons. One is that they made the tests easier for her as a special favor."

Sara: "I wouldn't call that easier..." Sara replies with a bitter look.

Rose: "Maybe not for you. But in general standards, it is quite easy compared to a normal a rank exam. The second reason would be calling me to interfere with the exam. Normally in such a case, the test would be scaled harder, so that even with interference the test would still count as an A rank."

Yuki: "So for the future tests, they will be much harder in comparison."

Rose: "Yes. Since the remaining exams are S ranked or higher."

Slyph: "So Sara-san should expect the difficulty to jump at least five times compared to a normal A rank exam." Sara, Yuki, and Tsubaki all groan hearing the number.

Rose: "Right. However, it also depends on who is performing the exam. Some test proctors can increase the level higher than normal to try and have Master fail." Sara groans even more hearing this.

Erutie: "Why would they want her to fail?"

Rose: "To devour her soul I expect." Rose replies with an innocent smile.

Sara: "Ugh. Then please show me how to get stronger starting tomorrow."

Rose: "No. Tomorrow is a rest day. After that experience, you should properly let your body rest."

Sara: "Why?!"

Sara starts to insist on doing training tomorrow, but Rose insists on resting. The argument goes in circles until Rose compromises with a lecture on necessities for future battle training. But the lecture wouldn't begin until the afternoon to let the girls rest. They decide turn in for the night when Erutie remembers the Sara's exam.

Erutie: "Ah! Sara onee-chan, didn't you promise the tigerman some present?"

Sara: "Hmm? Ahhh.... I forgot about that…" Sara looks at Rose's condition. "I should tell him Rose can't do it."

Rose: "That guy? Just forget about it. He's probably hospitalized now anyways."

Sara: "…Hehh? W-why?"

Rose: "He helped with the attack. He was paid to stall you as long as possible on the practical. By now Iris has probably given him a good thrashing. There's no fiancé based on my investigations either. So there's no point being concerned about him."

Sara: "Ugh. Then it's all my fault that everything happened." She holds her head in her despondent mood.

Rose: "For reference, they had three other back up plans to stall you. So either way, I believe you would have been late."

Sara: "Mmmm... So much trouble." Sara's mood improves slightly with Rose’s assurance.

Rose: "Do you want to void our contract then?"

Sara: "No! Of course not!" Sara jumps to her feet towering over Rose. "Don't say such things!"

Rose smiles. "Then don't worry about it too much."

Sara is forced to back down in front of Rose's smile. "Sorry."

Rose: "Good. Let's get some rest." Sara nods as they head upstairs for the night. Yuki and the others return home for the night.

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