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The Cursed White Rose Chapter 18 – Their Morning Off

Hi hi~ Here's chapter 18! The end of the business quarter rush is now over, so I'll be able to get home earlier and edit more regularly. Hopefully, I can release more on a 5-7 day time frame rather than 7-9. 

I just started playing the new mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper, so it might be tough with my addiction for gaming popping up here and there. Some friends recommended Dungeon Fighters Online, apparently the open beta started recently. I tried it and am tempted to play. The problem is that MMOs are such a massive time sink and I still want to continue writing. So the wisest thing to do will be to avoid Dungeon Fighters. The Final Fantasy game will be impossible to yank me away from though. XD

Anyways, I will be working on chapter 19 at a regular pace I hope. I'm actually having quite a bit of difficulty with it. I wrote enough to cover about 50-70% of a chapter post, before deciding I should progress the story more and decided to axe what I wrote. I might go back later and make what I wrote a Chapter 18b. But not until the next chapter or so is out. 18b would be more of a extra chapter with more detail about the mind set for parts in chapter 19. I shouldn't spoil it.

I'm talking too much and it's late. So I'm to sleep. Enjoy the chapter.

The next day, Sara pushes Rose's wheelchair as the two of them go shopping. Sara purchases various ingredients for lunch and extra to improve her cooking. On the way back, they catch sight of Yuki leaving a flower shop. She carries a simple bouquet of various colored daisies in her hands.

Sara & Rose: "Hi Yuki."

Yuki: "Ah! Sara, Rose-san. Good afternoon." The three of them start to walk together.

Sara: "What are the flowers for?"

Yuki: "My little brother. He had an accident yesterday and fell from the stairs. He hit his head and needs some stiches. The hospital is keeping him there for the next two days to make sure he's okay."

Sara glances at Rose. "…Is it okay if we come too?"

Yuki: "I don't mind, but is it okay? Don't you have training you need to do?"

Sara: "Rose won't train me today at all anyways. Plus Rose could heal your brother back to normal."

Yuki: "Eh? But...?" Yuki stares at Rose sitting on the wheelchair.

Rose: "If Master supplies the energy, there's no problem. Though, Slyph, you know healing magic too. I'm surprised you haven't fixed him already."

Yuki: "Really?" Yuki looks at her shoulder. The air distorts slightly, but Slyph doesn't reveal herself. Her voice discreetly resounds in their ears.

Slyph: "I wished to consult Rose-sama about that. There is a problem with normal healing magic."

Rose: "Okay. I'll take a look." The four of them arrive at the hospital after several minutes of walking.

Yuki: "Excuse me, I'm here to see Awai Takeru."

The nurse records Yuki’s information and looks through her records. "Let's see Awai Takeru is in room 303. Please take the elevator to the left and his room will be on the right."

Yuki: "Thank you." Yuki bows and leads the way. As they walk through the halls, many people stop and stare at the three girls. Many of their gazes are focused on Rose's beauty as well as her unnatural white hair. Many of the men stare with a lustful gaze, even several women stare with a heated gaze towards Rose. When they enter the elevator, their bodies relax escaping the stares. "Is it me or did we get a lot more stares than normal?"

Sara: "Yeah. We never get that many looks even at school when we pass by even more people."

Rose: "That's my fault. I can't visually redirect attention like I do normally, so I end up drawing people's attention instead. We can still talk normally though."

Yuki: "We should be careful then."

Sara: "Right."

They arrive and enter room 303. The room has eight hospital beds with six of occupied by patients. Yuki leads Sara and Rose to a bed in the very back. They see Yuki's grandmother by the side of the bed and an eight year old boy on the bed. Parts of his black hair are still covered in some bandages. He's dressed in pajamas over his body, but his left foot is covered a large cast.

Grandmother: "Yuki. You came."

Boy: "Nee-chan. Weren't you busy this weekend?"

Yuki: "I can spare time to visit my little brother at least. And don't be rude, my friends came. Sara, Rose, this is my little brother Awai Takeru."

Sara: "Hi. Nice to meet you Takeru-kun. I'm Akari Sara."

Rose: "I'm Akari Rose. It's a pleasure Takeru." Rose gives a brilliant smile making him flush a deep red in embarrassment.

Takeru: "N-n-n-nice to meet chu." He acts completely flustered biting on his tongue as he speaks. His eyes starts to tear up making him look even more pitiful.

Sara: "Haha. He's quite the cute little brother you have."

Yuki: "It's quite rare to see him flustered." Yuki notices the heated gaze that Takeru gives Rose. "You have quite the big effect on him."

Rose: "Haha. Maybe so."

Yuki's grandmother: "It looks like Takeru's not the only clumsy one. Are you alright?"

Rose: "Yes, of course." Rose brushes off her concern with a smile.

Sara: "Rose got hurt protecting me. She pushed herself really hard and got injured in my place."

Yuki's grandmother: "I'm sorry to hear that."

Rose: "It's fine. It's fine. We're not here about me anyways. How did Takeru-kun get hurt?"

Takeru: "Uhh...Ummmm... That is..."

Yuki's grathermother: "He fell off some stairs when he was playing. Broke his leg, and then hit his head when he fell. Clumsy boy."

Takeru: "Uuuuuu......" He groans in embarrassment looking at Rose. His grandmother just made him look even more pathetic in front of Rose. Asking to be cool in his state would be too much, but he wanted to make a good impression at least.

Yuki: "By the way, Rose..." Yuki looks around the corner to see if anyone is listening.

Rose: "No one is listening, don't worry. And Slyph was right to worry. Well it doesn't matter either way." The air around Yuki's shoulder distorts again, by Slyph continues to remain hidden because of their location.

Sara: "What's the problem?"

Yuki's grandmother: "What are you kids discussing?"

Rose: "I was asked to come and see if I could fix up Takeru-kun."

Yuki's grandmother: "Ohh. That's right. You could probably do something like that."

Takeru: "Eh? eh?" Takeru's gaze bounces back and forth between his grandmother and Rose.

Rose: "But he has a perfect anti-magic body. It is completely impossible for any form of magic to have an effect on him."

Yuki: “Eh?! Anti-magic? Then what happens if he’s exposed to magic.”

Rose: “Being around a magician is no problem. Casting any spell on him would be poisonous though.”

Yuki’s Grandma: “So he’ll just have to recover normally. That’s a shame.”

Takeru: “Nee-chan, Baa-chan, what the heck are you talking about?”

Yuki: "Ummm....What would be the best thing to call you?" She looks at Rose with a confused gaze. Rose falls under so many titles that the exact term is hard to say.

Rose: "I'm a witch, magic powers and all. These two are studying how to use magic too." Rose calmly explains. Takeru's eyes start to shine looking at the three of them. "Master, can you pull out C154 and C409? I'll tell you how."

Sara: "Okay." Sara pulls out her computer and begins typing according to Rose's instructions. Sara reaches into the dimensional pocket she received and extracts a small vial and jar. "Are these correct?" Sara moves them in front of Rose.

Rose: "Yes. They're labeled with their numbers too."

Takeru: "Cool!! You can really use magic!"

Yuki: "What are those for?"

Rose: "They're simple recovery medicine. If magic doesn't work, then use medicine. Master, give them to Yuki's grandmother. She can decide to use it or not." Sara hands them off per Rose's instructions.

Yuki's grandmother: Oh. Thank you. How do you use them?"

Rose: "Have him drink the vial. The jar contains some ointment, smear some on where he's bleeding. You can just smear some directly on the bandages. It will help cover the wound and recover faster. By the end of the day, you should asked to get the stitches removed so they don't get in the way. Tomorrow afternoon, the cast can be removed."

Yuki's grandmother uncorks the vial and gives it to Takeru to drink. He drinks it obediently. He cringes expecting a bitter taste, only to find it tastes like regular water. Yuki helps smears some of the ointment onto the area around the wound.

Takeru: "It smells weird." He grumbles smelling the ointment.

Yuki's grandmother: "There's still quite a bit left over." She hands it back to Rose.

Rose: "You can save it for future injuries." Rose shakes her head. She attempts to move her hand, but it only shakes slightly without moving.

Yuki's grandmother: "Thank you."

Yuki: "Thank you, Rose-san."

Takeru: "Thank you Rose onee-chan."

Rose: "Mmm. It's no problem. We should get out of your way."

Sara: "That's true. We need to get back home anyways."

Yuki: "I'll see you out."

Sara: "You don't have to. You should spend time with your brother."

Yuki: "I insist." Yuki escorts both of them out of the hospital. At the entrance, Yuki bows to both of them. "Thank you very much for helping my brother."

Rose: "It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it."

Sara: "We didn't do much."

Yuki: "It's important to me. So I'm really grateful. I'll see you later tonight for lessons."

Sara: "Shouldn't you stay with your brother?"

Yuki: "It's fine. I'm sure he will get tired of me doting on him in a while. I'll see you later~"

Slyph: "See you this afternoon."

Yuki and Slyph return inside the hospital. The sliding doors close behind them.

Rose: "Let's go."

Sara: "Unn. Let's go." Sara pushes Rose down the street as they walk back home. "I didn't expect to see Yuki while we were just shopping. I wonder if that means we'll see Tsubaki too."

Rose: "Rather than 'if', it's more we already did. Look to the right."

Sara: "Hmm?" Sara peeks around the corner and looks down the intersection. Erutie runs by at full speed, Tsubaki trails immediately behind her. They disappear quickly around the corner. "What are they doing?"

Rose: "Running exercise it seems. Guess they wanted to train no matter what."

Sara: "Wouldn't it have been better to practice at our home then? The training room has everything we need for that."

Rose: "Probably not to bother us since you're supposed to be resting today."

Sara: "I still don't feel like I should be resting."

Rose: "Well I'm giving you a lesson later. Just make do with that much. You should pick up a hobby. If you only focus on training, you'll burn yourself out."

Sara: "…Whatever..." Sara mumbles a blank response.

Rose: “Do you want to talk to them?” Rose asks looking around the corner where Tsubaki and Erutie passed by.

Sara: “Let’s watch for a few minutes, and then leave them to their running.”

Rose: “Okay.” Sara pushes Roses down the corner. After passing down the street, they see a park that Tsubaki and Erutie are running around. They run around the perimeter of the park at full speed drawing a lot of attention from people passing by.

Sara: “They’re sure passionate about physical training.”

Rose: “It’s good they’re training on their running ability. They’re burn themselves out if they don’t take a break though. Ah.” Rose’s gaze freezes on the intersection on the other side of the park.

Sara: “What’s wrong?” Sara follows Rose’s gaze only seeing a five year old boy in the distance playing with a ball on the sidewalk.

Rose: “He’s probably going to run into the street.” As Rose states her thoughts, the boy’s ball falls into the middle of the street and boy chases after it.

Sara: “Ah! We need to go help him.” Sara tightens the grip on Rose’s wheelchair getting ready to run with Rose. She forces herself to stop when she sees Rose staring up at her.

Rose: “Tsubaki’s already moving. Look.” Their attention returns to the boy and sees Tsubaki turning around and dashing towards the boy. In the distance, a pickup truck rounds the corner driving extremely fast. The driver is looking at his phone clearly distracted and has not noticed the boy.

Sara: “She might not make it. We need to do something.”

Rose: “With her speed, she can make it, but she’ll get hit by the car. You should cast a cushioning spell to deal with the impact?” Rose switches to using [Telepathy] to talk to Sara.

Sara nods taking out Rose’s book. “A wind spell right? Which one should I cast?

Rose: “[Air Cushion]. Please remember you have to supply the energy yourself.” Tsubaki leaps onto the road grabbing the boy and shielding him in her embrace. The car closes in on the two of them. The driver looks away from his phone, finally noticing the two of them in his path. He swerves the car, but the distance is too close to fully avoid them.

Sara extends her hand concentrating her magic. “Okay! [Air Cushion]!” She releases the spell targeting Tsubaki. A circular layer of air forms around Tsubaki and the boy.


The car hits the two of them. The [Air Cushion] compresses from the impact before reforming into its circular shape. It pushes back on both the car and Tsubaki making Tsubaki bounce back from the rebound. Tsubaki and the boy bounce back a meter rolling on the ground.

Rose: "Good. We made it."

Sara: "Hah." She lets out a sigh of relief at Rose's assurance. "My heart almost stopped when the car hit them."

Rose: "Eru's a good partner. She reacted fast enough to deal with the situation."

Sara: "Eru?" Sara's gaze moves to where Erutie was standing. Erutie waves her small hand as if dispelling a magic spell. "What did Eru do?"

Rose motions behind her having Sara push her to check on Tsubaki. "Eru casted [Magic Diversion] so that no one would notice if any magic spells were cast. I think she was going to follow up with creating an earth wall to have the car crash into them instead. But we interfered, so she assisted by changing the road into mud to slow the car down."

Sara looks at the road and sees a large pool of mud that the car is slightly submerged in. The mud gradually disappears returning to asphalt as Sara stares at it. "I see. That was lucky."

Sara, Rose, and Erutie reach Tsubaki's side as Tsubaki stands up brushes off the young boy’s clothes.

Tsubaki: "Next time don't go into the street like that. You almost got really hurt." Tsubaki scolds the boy.

Boy: "I'm sowwwwwyyyy!!!" The boy starts to wail loudly.

Tsubaki: "It's good you understand. Onee-chan is okay, so don't cry."

Sara: "Thankfully we made it in time."

Tsubaki: "Sara, Rose. So that was you. Thanks for the help."

Rose: "It's no problem. Rather than us, you should focus on the one behind you."

Tsubaki: "Behind?" Tsubaki turns around and sees Erutie stomping towards her. Erutie's face is a deep red with a large scowl on her face.

Erutie: "Tsubaki onee-chan!! You big idiot!! Why did you do that?!"

Tsubaki shrinks backwards from Erutie's yelling. "I-I was trying to help and I moved without really thinking."

Erutie: "That's no excuse!! Onee-chan should help without getting hurt!! Eru was already going to help the boy too!! Onee-chan should have left it to me!!"

Rose: "Okay. Stop there."

Erutie: "Rose onee-chan, why are you stopping Eru?! You got mad yesterday too!!"

Rose: "Time, Place, and Occasion. Too many people listening and we need to get off the road. Let's continue this later."

Erutie reluctantly stops speaking, but grinds her teeth barely holding herself back from another outburst.

Sara: "Go play somewhere safe okay?" Sara talks to the boy. He stopped crying when Erutie started yelling. He looks at Erutie and Tsubaki uneasily, but nods obediently when Sara talks to him. "What now though Rose? We're probably have to talk to the police now."

Rose: "I already sent a message to a friend of mine. They'll deal with the situation, so we can just get out of here."

Tsubaki: "Is that okay?"

Rose: "Yes. Let's move quickly."

The four of them quickly leave the area before stopping several blocks away.

Tsubaki: "I think that's far enough." Tsubaki looks at Erutie and sees her still enraged.

Sara: "We're going back home for lunch. Do you want to come over?"

Tsubaki: "N-no. My father is expecting my back home for lunch. I'll come by for the lessons later."

Sara: "Okay. See you later." Sara waves at the two of them and pushes Rose down the road.

Rose: "Go quick. Eru's going to burst." Rose calmly advises Sara. Sara increases her speed and by the time she reaches the next intersection Eru's muffled yelling reaches their ears.

Sara: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Eru get that mad.”

Rose: “It shows how much she cares about Tsubaki. Well we should let Eru vent this time.”

Sara: “Mmm… I suppose so.” Sara looks back towards where Tsubaki and Erutie were. The two of them had already turned the corner and disappeared from sight.

Rose: “Let’s head back? You need to cook your own lunch after all.”

Sara: “Ah right. Let’s go.” Sara looks back at Rose and begins to push her energetically.

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