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The Cursed White Rose Chapter 20 – Adventurer’s Preparations

Here's Chapter 20. Sorry for the delay.

I didn't think I would hate another chapter like I did with Chapter 19 so soon. This entire arc has been kind of unpleasant for me. I'm not sure if it's me being oversensitive or because I'm just overly moody right now. I half feel like I wasted time writing this chapter with excessive detail, but I'll just have to deal with it. Hopefully it's at least partly enjoyable to you guys and doesn't end up being a waste.

Argh! I really despise myself right now!! I need to get over this mood when I work on the next chapter.


Sara: “So what should we do first?”

Regis looks up and down at the girls. “You already have equipment to start taking jobs… Have you bought potions, ointments and other consumable items?”

Sara looks at the others before shaking her head. “We… normally rely on healing magic.”

Arlayna: “That’s a big mistake. If you run out of magic during a battle, you’ll die. It’s important to be well stocked.”

Regis: “Purchasing medicines it is. Let’s go.”

Regis and Arlayna lead the way with the girls following behind. The two of them talk about the town. The North area is the most dangerous area where the slums are formed. Many homeless and shady sorts live in that area. Some shops are found there, but it’s dangerous to be around and occasionally try to cheat you. The West is where the nobles reside. Most common people don’t go there because of the difference in status and there is little to find there. The South of town is where regular residents reside. The majority of the buildings are people’s homes. The general market resides in the center of town. General necessities are found here. The further East you go, the more specialized the shops become.

Sara: “Specialized?”

Arlayna: “The east of town is where adventurers live and also where the guild is. The closer to the east of town you go, the more specialized the shop’s inventories become. Poisons and monster bait, high tier potions are things normal citizens don’t need, but adventurers do.”

Sara: “I see. Thank you for explaining.”

Arlayna: “Mmm. We’re here.” The two of them stop in front of a shop with Apothecary displayed over the doorway.

Yuki: “Wah! It smells!!” Yuki and Slyph hold their nose at the pungent smell of medicine coming from the shop. Sara, Tsubaki and Erutie do the same when the smell reaches their nose.

Regis: “Hurry up. Let’s go in.”

Arlayna and Regis lead heading into the Apothecary shop. The girls reluctantly follow holding their noses as they enter. The shop is dimly lit by candlelight with a few areas lit by an oil lamp. They head directly to the counter where a middle aged man with gray hair is smoking a pipe. He overlooks a younger brown haired girl around their age using a mortar and pestle. The man stops to look at them as they approach.

Apothecary: “Oh. It’s you two. What do you need?” The assistant stops working and glances at them. The apothecary gives her a light whack on the head. “Get back to work.”

Regis: “We’re escorting some newbies. They need beginner’s medicine.”

Apothecary: “The stuff for beginners is on the right.”

Regis: “Oh. Thanks.”

They walk over to the beginner area and see stacks of boxes box of every type. Labels hang on the wall above them displaying the name of the medicine, its effect, and the price.

Sara: “Uhh…What do we buy?”

Arlayna: “Depends on how much you can afford. She said you’re paying for your own supplies right?” The girls nod. “You’re basic healing medicine to recover health, magic medicine to replenish magic, antidotes to poisons, and bandages are a must.”

Yuki: “How much should we buy?”

Regis: “That depends. What positions do you have?”

The girls look at one another in confusion. Erutie giggles slightly.

Sara: “Positions?”

Erutie: “Rose onee-chan asked before. Close or far away fighting.”

Yuki: “Oh! I stay far away using magic.”

Tsubaki: “Up close with my sword.”

Sara: “I run around using magic and fight close up if I have to.”

Arlayna: “Magician, swordswoman and magic fighter then. Ranged magicians should carry more magic potions than health, around a 5:2 ratio. Swordsmen and women should have a 2:4 ratio with more health potions. Magic fighters carry a 3:4 ratio with more health potions since they’re up close. Antidotes and bandages, each of you should get a few each since we have to teach you how to use them.”

Sara: “Okay! Then for the five of us…” Sara starts to calculate the number they need, but Slyph interrupts.

Slyph: “Eru and I don’t need those medicines. They were designed for people. Rose has already given us what’s needed.”

Sara: “Then… we need ten sets of each health and magic. And a few bottles of antidotes and bandages each.”

Tsubaki leans away from the others looking at Regis and Arlayna. “Medicines spoil correct?”

Regis: “Of course. Most last about two weeks before the quality start to drop. After a month, it completely loses its effectiveness.”

Sara: “Mmm…Rose, do things rot in the dimensional space?” Sara thinks about what to do, but decides to rely on Rose.

Rose: “No. I designed them to have no time flow. Nothing will rot or age while inside.

Sara: “Okay.” Sara looks at Tsubaki and Yuki. The two of them wait for Sara’s response since she can contact Rose. “No problems with aging.”

Tsubaki: “Good.”

Yuki: “Let’s figure out how much to get.”

The three of them talk amongst themselves debating the correct amount. After some debating, the three of them smile in agreement over their plan. Sara calls out to the Apothecary.

Sara: “Excuse me! We want to buy 100 of the basic health and magic potions. Also the same for mid-grade potions. Should we carry the boxes over to you?”

Regis: “Oii!!! What the hell?!”

Arlayna: “We just told you they lose effectiveness over time didn’t we?! What are you doing buying that much?!”

The Apothecary walk over to them while his apprentice keeps compounding medicine.

Yuki: “We know what we’re doing. Don’t worry~”

Regis: “Like hell you do?! Didn’t we establish you’re complete amateurs!?”

Sara: “We have a special storage to prevent things from aging. So it’s no problem.”

Regis: “Why would you have something like that?!”

Apothecary: “Are you serious about that order?”

Sara: “Yes sir!”

Regis and Arlayna sigh at their unreasonable decision. Erutie walks up to Regis and Arlayna and tugs on Regis’ pant leg.

Erutie: “Don’t  worry! Rose onee-chan always acts like what Sara onee-chan did.”

Arlayna: “Is that supposed to make us feel better!?”

Slyph: “Sort of. She’s the epitome of unreasonableness and excessiveness.” Slyph adds her thoughts to their conversation.

Regis: “What the hell…?” Regis and Arlayna both sigh feeling extremely tired. The thought of chaperoning three unreasonable girls for an entire week makes them feel extremely tired.

Slyph: “Relax. They will behave. Yuki and the others are good kids.”

Their conversation wraps up as Sara continues to talk with the apothecary.

Apothecary: “If you really have the money, then taking them directly from the box is fine. No need to carry it over there.”

Sara: “Okay! How much will it be for all of these?” Sara hands a sheet of paper to the apothecary listing all the potions and antidotes they plan to buy.

Apothecary: “Please give me a moment.” He walks back to the desk calculating the cost of the 4 types of potions and 30 antidotes listed. He returns with the list. “1 Gold, 73 Silver, 50 copper.”

Sara: “Here you go. 1 Gold and 74 Silver.”

Apothecary: “Thanks for the purchase. Go ahead and take what you purchased. We don’t have bulk packs for the beginner potions, but the mid-grade stuff has packs of 10.”

Sara: “Thank you!” The girls put their hands on some of the potions immediately storing them into their own dimensional spaces. Regis, Arlayna, and the Apothecary stare in shock as the potions disappear from the girls’ hands shortly after touching them.

After some time, the girls finish picking up their purchase splitting it between themselves. They thank the Apothecary and leave the store.

Regis: “You girls are really strange.”

Sara: “We just have a special storage. I don’t think we’re really anything special.”

Regis: “I doubt that.”

Yuki: “Um, where to now?”

Arlayna: “Have you signed up with the guild?” The girls shake their heads. “Then let’s get you signed up.” They lead the girls to the adventurer’s guild. The building they arrive at is extremely large spanning the size of three shops along the row of buildings. A large sign with Adventurer’s Guild is hunt over the top. On one end of the sign, a picture of a monster is drawn being stabbed by a sword.

As the seven of them enter the building, a large cheer erupts shocking them. Many men and several women are crowded around the entranceway.

Man A: “Oh those are the girls? They’re a pretty lot!”

Man B: “The lucky bastards get a huge reward now.”

Man C: “Let me have a taste of one of them!”

The girls hide behind Regis and Arlayna hearing their comments.

Regis: “Should’ve guessed.”

Arlayna: “How nosy. They should be finding doing their own jobs.”

Sara: “”What’s going on?”

Arlayna: “Rose-san’s request form got a LOT of attention.”

Sara: “Uuuu…Rose, seriously…” Sara mumbles a complaint to herself. They gradually clear through the crowd arriving in front of a receptionist.

Receptionist: “Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild. It’s nice to meet the infamous girls.” Sara and the girls blush heavily with all the attention they’re receiving. “What can I help you with?”

Regis: “We’re signing these 3 girls up with the guild.”

Receptionist: “Understood.” She pulls out three cards with a needle beside each card. The girls approach the counter and prick their fingers dripping their blood on the card.

Sara: “Um… I have to ask why are we so famous? Newbies don’t always get this kind of attention do they?”

Receptionist: “Because of the job request of course! Oh yes!” The receptionist runs into the back and quickly returns with crystal cube. “This needs to be returned to Rose-san.” The cube is larger than Sara’s hands. Sara picks up the cube examining it.

Sara: “What’s this?”

Receptionist: “The test item that she left behind for the request.” Sara gives a look of confusion at the response when Arlayna cuts in.

Arlayna: “You saw the job request right?” Sara nods at the question. “A lot of adventurers wanted to accept the job because of the high reward. The requirement to be accepted was to pour some magic into that cube and receive a pass.”

Receptionist: “The requirements were both strict and vague. Every adventurer in this guild branch applied over the course of the week, but only these two received a ‘Pass’. Many were bitter over failing for obscure reasons.”

Sara: “Ahahaha….” Sara laughs bitterly at the explanation. “I’m sorry for the trouble.”

Receptionist: “No. It’s fine. Seeing the guild so excited was an interesting spectacle all its own.”

The girls finish marking the cards with their blood. The cards change from silver to blue. Their names and ages are engraved on the card with their rank in the guild.

Receptionist: “Good. It looks like you’ve finished. If you’ll let me record the information, the registration will be finished.”

Sara: “Of course.” The receptionist starts copying their information down.

Receptionist: “Done! You’re now adventurers with the guild. You’ll be starting at the lowest Blue rank and the cards will change colors once you have successfully completed enough jobs to change ranks. Examinations must be done every other rank to confirm your status in the guild. The request board is to your left if you wish to take any requests. I wish you the best of luck.”

Girls: “Thank you!” A loud cheer from the male onlookers resounds behind them, but the girls force themselves to ignore the people behind them.

Arlayna: “Let’s choose your first job now.”

The crowd clear the way giving a clear view of the request board. The girls approach the board looking at all requests lined on the board. Several wooden boards hang evenly spaced apart separating the different ranked jobs. E ranked requests hang on the far left increasing in difficulty to B rank further into the guild building.

Tsubaki: “Aren’t there A rank job requests?”

Regis: “A rank requests are separated to prevent people from trying to steal the job.”

Yuki: “What would be a good request to take?”

Arlayna: “This one. It’s an easy job to do. A nearby monster habitat can be found nearby. You can gain some real practice that way.” She points to a request on the E rank list.


E Rank: Gather Healing Herbs

Requestor: Adventurer’s Guild

Bring any Healing Herbs you gather to the
guild’s reception.

Reward: 5 copper per bundle gathered.

No formal acceptance is required.
Sara: “The reward money is quite low though.”

Regis: “Err…The reward is very fair for a beginning. You only need about 10 copper for a complete meal, so it’s a manageable amount.”

Sara: “Is that so?” Sara tilts her head wondering about expenses here.

Yuki: “You would have to get more money to eat more than once though. Plus, enough money is also needed for a place to stay, so you can’t slack off too much. We have to work hard!”

Arlayna: “Looks like you get it. So you’ll take this job then.”

Sara: “Okay!”

Yuki: “Yes!”

Tsubaki: “Yes.”

The seven of them leave the guild followed by a large group of people closely behind them.

Sara: “Um…Isn’t it bad they’re following us?”

Arlayna spits out a sigh. “…Idiots have too much time on their hands.”

Rose: “I got it.” Rose’s book opens slightly. As they continue walking, the group behind them suddenly comes to a stop. They stand around for several seconds behind returning the way they came.

Regis: “They gave up? Already? What the hell?!” They stop to look at the dispersing crowd.

Sara: “Um…It’s better not to ask. Let’s focus on the request.” Sara pushes on Regis and Arlayna’s backs urging them forward.

After leaving town, they walk for some time towards the east stopping at the edge of the forest.

Arlayna motions them to stop.

Arlayna: “Five slimes straight ahead.”

They group crowds together as they peer ahead. Four green slime circle around a lone orange slime. The slimes have the shape of a semi-sphere with a circular nucleus in the center. The only difference between them is the coloring of the surrounding slime.

Sara/Yuki/Tsubaki: “[Scan]” They mutter the skill analyzing the enemy in front of them.

Green Slime
2 days
Magic Capacity
Magic Attack
Magic Resistance
Magic Control

Orange Slime
Orange Slime
4 days
Magic Capacity
Magic Attack
Magic Resistance
Magic Control

Regis: “A decent opponent for them. We should get rid of the orange one though.”

Arlayna: “We need them to get experience. It’s better to let them fight first and jump in if we need help.”

Regis: “If they get hurt, we risk our reward though.”

Regis and Arlayna start arguing about how to battle. Sara decides to cut in before they start shouting.

Sara: “Um…can we try fighting first? Also, Rose would want us to take risks to gather experience. We don’t want to be babied either.”

Arlayna: “Fine. Do you have a plan of how to fight?”

Sara: “Not yet.” She turns to face the others. “How should we do this?”

Slyph: “Sara-san should take the opening shot. Making a stronger shot for the orange one. Yuki and I can do a follow up spell on half of the green slimes and Tsubaki-san and Eru can take the other half. Does that sound fair?” They nod at Slyph’s plan. “Let’s get ready then.”

Sara stands with her hands poised in front of her. She starts focusing her magic preparing a spell. Tsubaki draws her katana while Erutie readies her hammer. Yuki and Slyph also gather magic to prepare a spell. Regis and Arlayna stand to the side watching their preparations. They hide their amazement at the girls’ determination. The job description made it seem like they were babysitting some spoilt girls for the entire week. Normally, they wouldn’t consider jobs from rich aristocrats, but the high reward heavily tempted them. Their motivation dropped to an all-time low in the Apothecary shop, but watching them prepare to fight gives them a better impression on the job.

Slyph: “We’re ready. Anytime you’re ready Sara-san.”

Sara: “Got it! [Light Shot]!” Sara immediately releases five sharpened needles of light. Four large needles reach 30 centimeters in length while the fifth needle in the center reaches an even larger 60 centimeters in length. Sara releases the spell without hesitation.

Regis: “O-oi!!” Regis stutters and cries out to Sara, but is too late in stopping her spell.

The [Light Shot] needles flies towards the slime. The green slimes are caught unaware and directly pierced by the needles. The needles dig through the slimes and stabbed into the nucleus of the slimes before cracking and shattering it.

The Orange slime catches sight of the attack and jumps out of the way, but is a moment too late. The needles stab into the edge of the slime barely piercing its body. Half a second after contact, the [Light Shot] needles burst releasing their contained energy. White light fills their vision as the explosion rocks Sara and the others off their feet. Regis and Arlayna are able to brace their footing because of their experience as adventurers the second they see the explosion.

As the light dies down, the group rubs their eyes trying to clear their vision. The slimes have completely disappeared being destroyed to the point that even a glob of slime cannot be seen. The grass was blasted away leaving a small crater of exposed earth about two meters wide and few centimeters deep. Two trees near the blast lie on their sides with their roots exposed. The seven of them look in shock at the damage done.

Sara: “W-w-wahhh!!! What did I do?!” Sara cries out unconsciously at the excessive damage before her. Her cry snaps the others out of their shock.

Regis: “Idiot! That was too much!!”

Arlayna: “What are you doing causing this much damage?!”

Sara: “Uuuu… I’m sorry! I didn’t think that would happen?!”

Regis: “Of course that would happen! It was a damn slime! That attack was completely overkill, no matter how you look at it!!”

Sara: “Rose! What do I do?! I messed up!!!” Sara’s mind spirals from both the trouble she caused and the lecture she’s receiving. She falls back on her most reliable person, Rose.

Rose: “I can’t cast it by myself. If you use your own magic, you should cast [Restoration]. I can do the tuning to fix the area.

Sara: “Okay!” Sara takes out Rose’s book from her belt case. “I’ll fix it now!” She runs over to the edge of the destruction. Sara gathers magic quickly and releases it on the devastated land. “[Restoration]!!”

Sara releases the spell scattering her magic in front of her. It spreads and scatters like mist clinging to the damages. The blown away earth is drawn back to the damaged ground fitting back into the hole. The toppled trees rise up rooting itself back into the ground. Within moments, the destruction from Sara’s spell is repaired as if it never happened.

Sara: “I did it!” Sara flashes a smile towards the others. Regis and Arlayna stare in shock at the sudden spell. The others give an approving nod and a “Good job!”

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