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In That Moment of Suffering Prologue 2

I was passionate about writing this story and ended up finishing Prologue 2 first. I've also name the series if you haven't noticed. The next prologue is the last one before the main storyline. My self insert and main character makes her appearance in this one. :)

I apologize for the dark tone and rape within this prologue. (There is an option to skip the rape/torture part.) The theme of the story does not match what will be seen in later chapters, at least not with what's been planned so far.
Also!! I do not support real rape or torture. Please do not copy any of the cruelty seen here.
More of an author's note below again.

Prologue 2

Ariel is sent hurtling through space. Her original destination distorted because of Zaemezahr’s interference. She struggles to move, but pain wracks her body as Zaemezahr’s poison courses through her. Her surroundings brighten as she’s released from the spell. Bright green grass meets her vision and quickly closes in. She averts her head and narrowly avoids slamming into the ground head first. She hits the ground landing on her shoulders with full force. The impact rattles her body and mind causing her to black out.


At the mountain resort for a wealthy weapon magnate, the servants are scattering in every direction preparing the home for their master. A distance away from the villa stands a tall tower reaching four stories in height. A single wooden door faces the distant resort with only one window in the tower facing the same direction.

A girl that looks to be 18 years old sits with her arms supporting her head as she stares out the windowsill. Her hair is a unique snow white color with heterochromatic eyes, one sky blue and the other pale gray. She’s dressed in a simple yellow one piece that suits the appearance of a girl her age. An odd accessory can be seen on her neck, a thick black collar. Rather than an accessory, it is easily seen as a restraint because of the flickering red light on the collar. “He’s coming today for a week-long visit…” The girl mutters to herself.


The ground rumbles as a crash resounds throughout the area shaking the villa and tower. The servants in the villa cry out and take cover waiting for the earthquake to pass.

"Did something happen?! A landslide?!" The girl in the tower leans out the window looking farther up the mountain, but finds nothing important. She gives a sigh of relief as her gaze turns down to the ground. Her pupils dilate seeing the crater near the base of the tower. She sees the blonde haired girl lying unconscious at the center of the crater. The girl turns away from the window grabbing her shoes as she dashes down the tower.

“Why did this have to happen now?!” Senna cries out to herself sliding down the stair handrail. She doesn’t regulate her speed at all, only pushing herself faster as she descends the circular stairwell at her top speed. She bursts through the entrance door and dashes to the left away from the villa towards the crater. She reaches the crater and starts to descend to the center, but stops partway down.

“Shit!!! So close! Only a few more feet!” Senna yells and curses looking at the girl before her. Her legs remain still, standing partway down the crater.

“What are you doing?” A man’s gruff voice calls out behind Senna. Her body trembles as she awkwardly turns around. A guard dressed in a red uniform walks in her direction. The guard was sent to check on Senna after the quake, but heard her yell.

Senna doesn’t respond waiting for him to get closer. Her mind quickly runs through different scenarios determining the best course of action. When she saw the guard’s face, she relaxed slightly knowing this guard was a sympathizer to her situation. However, she didn’t know how far this man would go to actually help her. “No choice, but to gamble…” She mutters to herself biting her lip. She takes a deep breath as she ascends the crater.

“Please help me.” She pleads with him bowing her waist as low as possible.

“What happened?” The guard asks reaching Senna’s position. She motions to the crater. The guard peers over and sees Ariel in the center. His eyes widen staring at the spectacle before him. “That’s…”

“I know I’m just a lowly slave and I have no right to be making requests. But I’m hoping you can help me conceal her for a time. She hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve to be bound in the same position as me.” Senna appeals to the guard. He frowns as he looks between Senna and the angel. “I'm not asking for you to help me treat her or something like that. I just ask of you to move her here and not say anything for a time. I’m… at the boundary and can't do anything. Please!” A tear inadvertently runs down her cheek as she bows. Senna patiently waits for the guard’s response still bowing to him.

The guard grunts and goes down the crater. He lifts the angel up and carries her on his back. He checks if the coast is clear and climbs out of the crater. Senna extends her hands to accept Ariel, but the guard ignores it and motions to the tower. “Let's go. Make sure nothing falls down.”

Senna expression changes from shocked to ecstatic. “Thank you!” She bows and follows the guard. The two of them move quickly. Senna occasionally bends down to pick up loose feathers that fall from Ariel. They reach the tower without being spotted and head inside. Senna walks to the stairs, but the guard stops her and operates the elevator. The guard carries the angel into Senna's room. He starts to put the angel on the bed, but Senna stops him and directs him to the desk chair. He looks at her in confusion. “I don’t think she can lay down with those wings.”

“Ah.” He nods in agreement. Senna strips the sheet from the bed and covers the chair.

“Thank you. I can take it from here.” Senna replies looking at Ariel. The guard shakes his head and helps remove the armor from Ariel. Senna frowns at the unexpected response. “Is that okay? Don’t you need to get back to your job?”

“Consider it a favor for ignoring your situation.” The guard replies completely removing Ariel’s armor.

“I see… Thank you. I should take it from here though since I need to remove her clothes to check how badly she’s hurt.” (Senna)

“Fine. What are you going to do with her armor?” (Guard)

“Hide it. That’s the only thing I can do.” (Senna)

The guard grunts in affirmation and starts to leave the room. He stops at the doorway and turns his head towards her. “Tell me something. Do you know this angel?”

“No. I’ve never seen her before.” (Senna)

“Hmm… So you’ll go this far for someone you’ve never met.” (Guard)

“If I can do something, then I will. Especially in this situation, since I don’t want her to experience my fate.” (Senna)

“I see…” The guard replies with a hint of guilt. He leaves the room and hears a “Thank you” as he shuts the door. He takes the elevator down and leaves the tower locking the entrance before returning to his post.

Senna strips off the angel’s top. “Better hurry before someone else finds her.” She finds numerous cuts on Ariel’s arms, shoulders and neck. Senna runs her head down Ariel’s back. “No broken bones I think. Her legs seem okay. I don’t know how I can check for a concussion though...” She sighs, before refocusing on Ariel. “Better focus on the cuts and bruises.”

She opens the desk drawer and pulls out the plywood revealing a false bottom. Six jars of an ointment sit lined up in the drawer along with several rolls of bandages. “Good thing I’ve been saving up.” She grabs the first one and opens it as a medicinal smell spreads from the jar. Senna grans some of the ointment and begins smearing it over Ariel’s cuts. “Too bad there’s no disinfectant, but with all these wounds that’s not possible. *sigh* Just hope for the best I guess.” After applying the ointment, she unravels the rolled bandages before applying it.

Senna scratches her head after finishing the treatment. “I made her look like a mummy. Well it was to cover the wounds, so hopefully she won’t be too mad.” Ariel’s arms, legs, neck and body are wrapped extensively in bandages making her look like an actual mummy. Senna refrained from wrapping up her face at all to prevent a misunderstanding later.


“Not good! He’s early.” Senna curses to herself. She picks up Ariel gently and slides her under the bed. She grabs the armor and the bed sheet off the chair and jams it in the corner of her closet covering it with her other clothes. She wraps one of her wrists lightly with the rolled bandage before hiding all of the supplies closing the drawer. The sound of the elevator arriving reaches her ears. Senna quickly glances around the room checking for anything she missed. A fallen white feather catches her eye. She grabs it quickly, but the doorknob starts to shake. With a split second decision, she eats the feather swallowing it in one gulp.

The door slams open revealing a man in a gray tailcoat and two guards in their red uniforms. One of the guards is the one that helped her earlier.

“Ye-Yes? How can I help you?” Senna’s voice cracks slightly as she greets the butler in the center.

“The master will be here in a couple of hours. I hope you’re prepared to receive him.” (Butler)

“Of course I am. Master Rimmer is visiting and will be here for a week. I’m fully prepared.” (Senna)

“Good… What happened to your arm?” The butler glances at the wrapped bandage on her arm.

“I was surprised by that quake earlier. I bumped my arm when I fell.” Senna replies calmly to the probing question.

“Yes... I can smell the ointment in the air. Your injury won’t get in the way of tonight I trust.” (Butler)

“It’s a small bump. There’s no problem. Plus I think Master Rimmer would enjoy it more if I have an injury like this.” (Senna)

“Good point. Let’s worsen it then.” The butler takes out a blackjack
“Eh?” Senna questions as the butler grips Senna’s hand. He swings down the blackjack producing a sound crack breaking Senna’s wrist. The guards flinch at the harsh action, but refrain from saying anything. “Th-Thank you very much.” Senna bites her lip as the pain courses through her body. She barely restrains herself from crying out in pain.

“Good. Make sure to entertain the master.” The butler leaves along with the guards. They close the door with a large bang leaving the tower entirely. Senna breathes a sigh of relief seeing them head back to the villa.

“You’re awful calm for someone that just got their wrist broken.” A voice rings out from under the bed. Ariel awkwardly crawls out from under the bed.

“Ah! You’re awake. How do you feel?” Senna smiles at Ariel.

“That’s the first thing you say?” Ariel looks at her like a foreign creature.

“…You’re right. I’m sorry that was rude of me. Pleased to meet you Miss Angel. My name is Senna.” Senna bows to her with a bright smile.

“Not that! Shouldn’t you be crying out in pain right now?! Or asking about me?! It’s not every day you meet an Archangel.” Ariel points at herself with exasperation.

“Um……It’s not my place as a lowly slave to wonder about such matters.” Senna gives Ariel a bright smile.

“I can’t believe this…” Ariel sighs and shakes her head as she introduces herself. “Nevermind. My name is Ariel.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Senna bows again.

Ariel looks at the bandages covering her body. “You did a good job, even if it was a little excessive.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I only know how to treat simple wounds. I know I overdid it on the ointment, but I was worried about any internal injuries from that impact.” Senna bows repeatedly in apology.

“Wait…calm down. I’m not mad. I was just commenting on your skilled work.” (Ariel)

Senna breathes a sigh of relief. “Miss Ariel. I should warn you that if Master Rimmer were to see you. He will be sure to attempt to capture you to be his sex slave. I’ve done what I can to hide you, but you should consider getting out of here as soon as possible before the information leaks out.”

Ariel shakes her head. “That's not possible. My condition is better, but that demon’s magic is still interfering with my ability to use magic. It will take some time to fully recover.”

“I see.” Senna glances out the window and sees a particularly fat man walking towards the tower. “Then we need to find a place for you to hide. Master Rimmer is coming.”

“No need. I can still turn myself invisible, so that humans cannot detect me.” Ariel flickers before disappearing from sight. “I’m still here in this room though.

“That’s good. You might wish to go in the closet to avoid seeing or hearing anything. This won’t… exactly be pleasant.” Senna checks her appearance one last time before waiting in front of the door.

“I see. I’ll do that.” Ariel’s voice sounds out as the closet door slides open and shut.

“He might want me to dress up in costume, so please be careful if the closet is opened.” Senna whispers as she hears the elevator reach the top floor.

The door opens as an obese man walks in front followed by butler and same two guards walk into the room. The obese man is dressed in a gray suit specially tailored to meet his large body size. His head is completely bald with a large scar running down the side of his head to his damaged ear. His brown eyes are barely seen beneath his large scowl.

“Good evening Master Rimmer.” Senna bows to the obese man. As Senna returns to a standing position, she feels a strong impact on her cheek. Her body flies backwards crashing into the side of the bed. “Damn bitch. I heard you hurt yourself. Your body is mine, got that? Your only job is to make yourself pretty and spread your legs.” Rimmer starts to kick Senna in the stomach. Each kick makes the other three turn away seeing the force used on the unresisting Senna. A kick slides away from Senna’s stomach attacking her ribs. (Author’s note: *facepalm* How did I make such a disturbing scene... -_-) “Ow…” She mutters a faint cry of pain at the rattling attack. Rimmer’s face contorts as a pulsating vein appears above his forehead. He grabs Senna by her scalp and stomps down breaking her right hand. Fresh tears run down her face, but she restrains herself from saying anything more. “Leave.” The butler and guards bow to Rimmer and leave without a word. Rimmer proceeds to rape Senna and torture her without mercy. He worsens Senna’s broken hand and wrist inflicting more pain on her. Eventually, he brings out a knife stabbing into her broken right hand generating a loud yelp from Senna. Her cry gives him more reason to inflict more pain on her.

(Summary for those that skip: He beats her, rapes her taking pleasure in her pain and goes as far as stabbing her right hand with a knife.)

After satisfying himself, the guards are allowed to come in and bandage Senna’s hand and wounds. The butler forces medicine down Senna’s throat. The kind guard leaves behind a jar of ointment discreetly under the bed. After the treatment, the four of them exit the room leaving Senna to lie limply on the bed.

After the coast is clear, Ariel exits the closet with an unpleasant look on her face. “That was excessively brutal of him.”

“I apologize for making you watch that.” Senna looks at Ariel, sincerely apologizing to her.

“Why is that the first thing you say?!” Ariel screams out in anger.

“Because it happens all the time?” Senna looks at her with a purely confused look.

“That’s not something you should be used to!!” Ariel yells back at her. “Enough. We’re escaping right now.” Ariel pulls her uninjured arm, but Senna resists the pull.

“I can’t do that.” Senna immediately rejects her suggestion.

“Why not?! You can’t expect me to believe you enjoy being with such a madman?!” Ariel becomes more and more exasperated talking to Senna.

“Whether I enjoy it or not is a different issue. I am Master Rimmer’s slave. He is free to use and damage me as he pleases.” Senna replies matter of factly with a strong determination in her voice.

“You can’t be serious?!” Ariel cries out, but looking into Senna’s eyes shows that she isn’t joking.

“Besides…” Senna taps the collar on her throat. “I am bound to this tower. I have never been allowed to move around freely.” Senna turns her head looking out the window. “Even the center of the crater is just outside the boundary, I had to receive help bringing you here.”

“Ugh. You really are a prisoner.” Ariel mutters in disgust.

“I suppose.” (Senna)

“He’s quite cruel though. Why doesn’t he confine you to the room?” (Ariel)

“To use me outdoors.” Senna replies easily. Ariel clicks her tongue in disgust. “That’s enough about me, Miss Ariel. I was thinking. Is there some way you can use me to recover faster?”

“Huh?” Ariel’s expression changes back to a look of astonishment.

“I was wondering if using my blood or energy would help you recover faster? I don’t know anything about magic, so I don’t know what’s possible. The faster you recover, the faster you can escape.” (Senna)

“You…” Ariel’s face changes from surprise to anger with a bit of disgust. “…Are you trying to get me to leave so that your position as a slave isn’t compromised?”

Senna tilts her head at the unexpected question. “Why would I do that?”

Senna’s gaze is one of pure curiosity and innocence making Ariel turn away disgusted in herself. “Never mind. Stupid question.”

“Is there a way to help?” Sena asks again.

“……If I draw your life energy, it would help me recover much faster.” Ariel reluctantly answers Sena.

“Okay! What do I do?” (Senna)

“Let me finish! Draining your life energy will ultimately shorten your lifespan.” (Ariel)

“And…?” Senna asks with a stern expression. “I understand my place. Master Rimmer is not one to simply remove me from the premises when he’s bored of me.”

Ariel’s face flushes red in rage when she comprehends Senna’s fate. “…Fine. You just need to lay down and hold still.” Senna complies obediently. Ariel holds her hand over Senna’s chest. Ariel’s hand brightly glows as she extracts energy from Senna. “Why are you going so far to help me? Shouldn’t you be trying to capture me if you really wanted to please your master?”

“I don’t want to force my position on others. I know it isn’t a pleasant situation, but I’ve already accepted it long ago.” Senna answers calmly.

Ariel averts her gaze from Senna. “I have to get her out of here.” She silently resolves to break Senna out of this place, no matter how hard she protests. After some time, she finishes up stopping before she completely exhausts Senna. “That’s all I can take for now without endangering you.”

“Is it enough?” (Senna)

“No. It helps, but I need more time.” (Ariel)

“Then let’s continue this tomorrow?” (Senna)

“Yes, yes to…” Ariel freezes as she turns her gaze to Senna. “You’re fine with that?”

“Yes, of course.” Senna smiles at Ariel. Ariel looks at the bright smile and reluctantly agrees sensing that changing her mind is impossible. Senna immediately falls asleep to recover her energy.

For the next few days, Rimmer comes to abuse Senna. After a short rest, Senna allows Ariel to extract Senna’s energy, much to Ariel’s reluctance. After six nights of concealing Ariel, Ariel’s energy recovers significantly. When Senna wakes up, Ariel informs her that the next drain will give her sufficient power to return home. Rather than waiting until night, Senna insists on providing the energy right away.

“Yes, I think that’s enough.” Ariel gauges her power and judges it to be sufficient. The poison from Zaemezahr has been suppressed to the point that it won’t affect her performance.

“That’s good.” Senna replies lying exhausted on the bed.

“Yep. That’s good.” Ariel rests her hand on Senna’s forehead releasing a jolt of magic.

“Eh? Aaa…” The jolt shocks her, but her mind blackens before she can resist.

“Good. That went well.” Ariel smiles lifting Senna up pulling her close. Ariel’s body glows brightly as a white magic circle appears. White light fills the room as the magic surges and is released.

The villa residents notice the light and start approaching the tower. As the light reaches its peak, an explosion emanates from Senna’s room shattering the top floor. The entire tower starts to crack and collapses on itself in a matter of seconds. The white light fades leaving nothing but rubble in its wake. Rimmer orders the guards to search the tower remains, but finds no trace of Senna. 

Author's Note

Hello, Aquarilas here. Normally, I don't say much after the first announcement stuff, but for this I felt I had to. I apologize for the dark, nasty things happening in this chapter. Even writing it, I felt disgusted with the actions of Rimmer. I even shortened the rape scene I was originally planning to write because I was too disgusted and wanted to just move on. Funny I've read material much worse than this, but even though it doesn't compare I was still equally disturbed because it's something I created myself.

As mentioned, Senna is my self-insert character for this series. Similar appearance, but I chose not to name her Rose like I always do. For any new readers, my self-insert characters are the characters with the most similar bits of my actual personality. They are also the one I chose to cause the most suffering to as I imagine myself suffering in various ways in my mind. >_> Also, I know that Senna seems like an excessively distorted character. There's a reason for that that will be revealed soon.

I'm currently writing stuff with the inspiration I have which only spans a few main story chapters, mostly world building chapters so far.  Anything farther than that is still unplotted in my mind and needs lots of road mapping. Far different from my other two stories where 75% of the main plot is already built. This makes 'In That Moment of Suffering' a bit more unstable for the story, but I'm expecting to come up with something as I go along since it's more adventurish and I can pull out some inspiration from some Japanese Light Novel as I read.

Lastly, I'm thinking of putting this on Royalroadl. I'm uneasy since I did put Cursed White Rose on Japtem (though I was half assed about it), and it didn't go well. Even if it was more for the publicity side of things for the story. I'm still thinking about going with posting it on Royalroadl anyways and see how that goes. Hopefully, not all hate reviews.

P.S. Prologue 3 (the final one) will take a bit more time. I need to look up game like skills to acquire for the early part.



  1. Hmm I think you could do better on that rape scene. Also don't clump them together like that. Though this is just my personal opinion though.

    1. I went with the flow when I wrote it, but the stabbing part made it outside of my comfort zone. I kept it brief to just get it out of the way. If it's a more normal scene, I will definitely work harder on it.