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In That Moment of Suffering Prologue 1

Prologue Part 1 of a new story. A prologue to a prologue in a sense. Title pending. This story is going to be more of a overused theme, but I felt like trying my hand using it.

Something simple to munch on for the time being. I'm still getting back into the writing groove. More detailed note after the chapter.

Warning: Haven't decided if this is a long term project or not. Will get all the prologue chapters out at least.


In That Moment of Suffering - Prologue 1 

A barren wasteland spans as far as the eye can see. Cragged and broken rock tower into the sky, sand floods the ground. The area is completely devoid of life. In the sky, a large blood red moon shines giving everything a dim red glow. A darkened castle quietly rules over the area.  



White and black light burst as a part of the castle wall collapses. A streaking white light bursts from the hole followed by a dark light.  

“Die! You demon! [Holy Cross]!!” A feminine voice cries out as white light gathers at the end of the white streak and shoots towards the encroaching black streak in the form of a cross. Within the white streak, a blonde hair girl shoots through the air. The girl is easily different from normal humans with the bright white angel wings on her back. She is dressed in silver armor lined with a golden trim. On her waist rests a sleek longsword with a golden handle and white sheathe.  

MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Stupid angel, do you think that’s enough to take me down?! [Absolute Negation]!!” Within the black streak, a large male cackles. His face resembles a large ant with horns protruding from his head. Dressed in black armor, he pursues the angel. He pursues her equipped with nothing but the claws in his hand. He gathers dark energy as he fires a black orb towards the [Holy Cross]. The black orb and white cross clash. Both spells fight for dominance, but the white cross starts to weaken. The orb begins pulling the cross into its pitch lack core eventually swallowing the spell. The black orb continues flying towards the angel. 

Wha?! You dirty demon how dare you?!” The orb closes in on the angel despite making several abrupt turns. 

Die you filthy angel!!” The demon flicks two fingers upwards causing the orb to shoot up from beneath her. 

“No you won’t!! [Lightbringer]!!” The angel unsheathes the sword at her waist and swings downward cutting the black orb in half. The angel crosses her arms in front of her and rapidly flaps her wings back as the black orb explodes. She is blasted back and breaks through several mountains before crashing into a mountain and leaving a large imprint.  

Ughh…” The angel crawls out of the mountain. Her blonde hair is in disarray and a bit of blood runs down the corner of her mouth.  

MWHAHAHA!! You puny angel! That’s what you get for looking down on Demon Lord Zaemezahr!! Lord of the demonic wastelands!! 

“That’s you think, you damn demon!! Take this! [Judgement Rain]!!!” The angel raises her hand high into the air. In response to her cry, an enormous magic circle forms under the two of them. A pillar of light erupts from the center of the circle. 

Zaemezahr easily dodges the pillar. "How pathetic!!! Do you think something like that can hit the great ZAEMEZAHR?" 

The angel keeps silent as she swings her arm down. The sky brightens as the pillar of light bursts. Large asteroids, made of light, rain down from the sky enveloping the two of them and the surrounding area in the blast. The rock mountains crash to the ground as dust clouds float back down to the ground.  

The angel flies out of the dust and hovers over the ground. "Hmph. That's what you get for looking down on the Archangel Ariel." Ariel starts to fly off, but falters when an impact strikes her back. She turns her head to see a black nail piercing through her wing and into her back. Several white angel feathers float to the ground. Some stained with a touch of black color. 

"That's what I should be saying, you puny angel!" Zaemezahr cackles as he emerges from the dust unharmed. 

Ariel condenses magic in her hand and rips the nail out of her back as she turns to look at him. "Wha?! Unharmed?!" She notices the glove armor starts to corrode forcing her to discard it. *Tch* Ariel clicks her tongue as she gathers her magic in her hands again. Her hands glow white, but fades as the magic disperses. “What?! Why?!” She tries gathering her magic again, but it disperses at an even faster rate. 

MWHAHAHA!!! How do you like it you stupid angel? Zaemezahr’s magic disruption poison! You won’t be able to use magic now!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!” 

Ariel pales at his words. She clenches her free left hand. Ariel quickly grabs and thin metal canister from her belt. She depresses the button on top and throws the canister at Zaemezahr. 

“HAHAHAHA!!! Is that your last struggle, pathetic angel?” Zaemezahr swings his arm attempting to knock the canister away. As soon as his hand makes contact, the canister explodes with a brillant white light. Zaemezahr squints his eyes at the flash and sees a faint figure moving away.[Dark Maelstrom]!!” After gathering magical energy, a dark hurricane forms quickly moving towards Ariel. 

Ariel flies away with her distraction. Her right wing moves awkwardly from the attack. Several feathers are stained black. Ariel’s altitude continues to drop after traversing several feet. She pulls out a case and opens it revealing several vials. She extracts a vial filled with holy medicine and opens it. Her focus concentrates too heavily on recovering that she barely notices Zaemezahr’s spell. Ariel flaps her wings to escape the hurricane, but her damage wing inhibits her ability to escape.  

Ariel is drawn into the hurricane and spun heavily around as arcs of wind and debris scratches her armor and cuts into her uncovered skin. A large rock crashes into her causing the medicine and case to slip from her hand. They fall to the ground without the least bit of resistance. Ariel forcibly shifts her position intending to dive down, but a gust of wind blasts her higher up into the tornado. The case and vials make contact with the earth. Every tube of medicine shatters on impact, the medicine seeps into the ground mixing with the sandy earth. 

FUHAHAHAHA!! Do you think I’ll let you recover that easily?” Zaemezahr catches Ariel by the throat. The winds from the [Dark Maelstrom] spell continue to cut in her armor and skin. Ariel grabs his arm attempting to break his grip, but his arm remains still like an unmovable rock as it tightens on her throat. Ariel presses her hand against his stomach. “FUHAHAHA!! What do you think you can do… ARGHHH!!!” He cries out as throws Ariel away from him. A gold handled dagger with a pure silver-white blade protrudes from his abdomen. 

*Cough* *Cough* “…Got you.” Ariel rubs her throat as she weakly flies backwards. She mutters a weak comeback as pulls out a small box at her waist and tosses it further behind her. The box explodes in the air releasing a bright white mist. A magic circle forms hovering in the air. Ariel turns and moves as quickly as possible towards the circle. 

Zaemezahr reaction is delayed from the pain of the dagger. He tries to rip it out, but the light from the blade shines brighter as his hand approaches. He's forcing to ignore the dagger looking at Ariel with deep hatred. “YOU BITCH!!! How dare you defile the great Zaemezahr with your puny light?!!! Do you think I’ll let you ESCAPE?!!!!” He quickly releases a mass of dark energy without casting a spell 

Ariel  reaches the circle as Zaemezahr retaliates. The light from the circle shines as her body starts to disappear. “Come on! Hurry!!” She urges the circle to move faster as she sees the energy mass fly towards her. Her body becomes fully corporeal allowing the energy mass passes through her, but the energy makes an abrupt turn as it collides with the magic circle. The dark energy explodes clashing with the light magic forming the circle causing both to mutually shatter. 

"Wha...? T-This can't be?!" Ariel's body flickers as dark and light mix enveloping her in the explosion. Zaemezahr approaches as the explosion dies down. Ariel is no where to be seen. Zaemezahr looks around for a trace of her, but is forced to give up. 

"ARGHHHH!!! THAT DAMN ANGELLLL!!" Zaemezahr forms a large mass of dark energy and throws it down to the ground. A gigantic pillar of sand and debris flies into the air forming a mushroom cloud when the energy explodes. Zaemezahr flies back to his castle in a huff, the dagger no long embedded within his body. "Just wait. I'll pay you back next time." 

The dust settles after some time. A faint silver-white glimmer shines within the sand revealing a buried metal blade.


Author's Note
Apologies for lack of an update. Just been swamped with work and unable to get any writing motivation up. I recently thought up this new story and got a lot more motivation to write it than the Cursed White Rose. I'm probably going to write the next chapter of White Rose before putting that away for a while while I work on this new story. I haven't thought out how the story will go yet past the prologue and about 3-5 chapters worth of content, so it's still a new idea. Whether the idea pans out or crashes and burn after a few chapters is still up in the air for me. Title and synopsis still need to be created once I decide the direction of the story (after the prologue at the earliest). I'll make a post with some of the story tags in the meantime.

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