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In That Moment of Suffering Chapter 5 - Shopping for Supplies First Part

I somehow got Chapter 5 up after the Bluescreen fiasco. Thankfully my computer seems to be up and normal again now. Enjoy!

Edit: Sorry my table making skills are off today. Remade the 3rd table for the 4th time. That should be the last one I hope. :X Apologies to the 3 readers that saw the chapter already.

Chapter 5 – Shopping for Supplies First Part

“W-where should we go first?” Davor continues to stutter in Senna’s presence.

Senna giggles. “You don’t have to be so nervous. I won’t bite.”

“…Sorry.” Davor replies simply.

“Good! I’m new and don’t know where I’m going. I need to sell a piece of jewelry first to get some money. Then…let’s see…if I’m going to be an adventurer, I need a weapon, armor, medicine, books to read, a place to learn about magic, and… I think that’s good for today.” Senna quickly lists off her thoughts as she looks at the sky. She turns to Davor and smiles. “If you can at the very least tell me where to go, I’d be very grateful.”

“I have time. I’ll take you to each one.” Davor replies quickly blushing again seeing Senna’s smile.

“Thank you.” Senna’s smile brightens even more. “Then please lead the way.”

“Okay.” Davor takes the lead as he explains the town to her. The north part of town is where the piers and major merchant organizations reside. The east part of town has all the nobles and upper class residents. In contrast, the west side of town has lower class homes, the slums, and the red light district. The slums are not terrible to go around, but some black market deals often causes various conflicts between groups. The center of town has the majority of the shops and the adventurers’ guild. The south side of town holds most of the middle class homes.

The two of them head to north side of town and enter a large building called <Windfield Company>. With Davor’s connections, the two of them are escorted to a private room. They wait patiently in a private business room. A pudgy man dressed in fancy clothing enters the room. Davor stands up greeting the man. “Claus! Looks like business is as good as ever.”

“Obviously!” The man, Claus, gives a nice potbellied laugh as he pats his belly. “And I see you’re still alive with no worse for the wear.”

“Of course! Our clan is the best.” Davor laughs shaking hands with him.

“And who’s this beautiful young lady?” Claus glances at Senna.

Senna bows before shaking his hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Senna.”

“Claus Windfield. The head of the Windfield Company. It’s a pleasure.” Claus shakes her hand and prompts the two of them to sit down. “Now what can I do for you?”

“Senna wanted to sell some jewelry and I figured you would give the best price to her.” (Davor)

“Hoho. Well if she has some nice items, I don’t mind giving a good price.” Claus rubs his beard.

“You must have a good friendship to be so generous. Even going as far as to privately meet us.” Senna comments from the side.

“Of course! The [Pact of Ambition] has helped our company numerous times. They’re one of the best clans operating in the area.” Claus asserts their friendship. “Especially Davor here. He’s gotten us out of many tough situations and helped me personally many times.”

“In return, Claus has helped us acquire many useful materials that we’ve needed.” (Davor)

“I see. That makes sense.” (Senna)

“Now that’s enough about that. Show me what you want to sell.” (Claus)

Senna nods. She discretely removes the necklace and bracelet from her [Storage] by pretending to remove it from her pocket. She lifts her hand from her side and places them delicately on the table in front of her. Claus stares in rapture at the pieces. “I wanted to sell these two pieces. I heard…” Senna silently activates [Identify] and [Appraisal], but the description is far different from what she expects.

Necklace of the Angel
A necklace fashioned out of pure gold and the highest quality gemstones to worship the divine. No special effects given, designed purely as a token as an effigy to the angel race.

Selling Price: 420,000 Triton

Bracelet of the Angel
A bracelet fashioned out of pure gold and the highest quality gemstones to worship the divine. No special effects given, designed purely as a token as an effigy to the angel race.

Selling Price: 625,000 Triton

{Again!! How many times are they going to trick me?! How are these worth 3 gold?! } Senna screams in her mind seeing the extravagant prices for the items.

“Th-Th-These are AMAZING!!!” Claus takes out a loupe examining both pieces closer. “The purity of the gold is extremely high. Even with normal gold, you can’t get this kind of quality. The gems are enormous and without a speck of impurity. Amazing, amazing what a work of art!” Claus revels over the jewelry examining every detail. He doesn’t break from his excitement until Senna intentionally coughs to break his attention. “Ahem. Sorry, I lost myself for a moment there.”

“No, it’s fine. I’ve had them stored away for so long that I forgot how beautiful they looked too.” Senna awkwardly smiles.

“Where did you get such fine pieces? Are there more?!” Claus stands up leaning close to Senna’s face.

Senna backs away inadvertently. “A-ahh. I’m sorry I have no idea. I got these as a gift from a stranger for helping them out. I don’t know where they got it and doubt I could meet them again to ask.”

Claus plops back into his seat sadly, but recovers his mood quickly. “Ahem. Let’s talk about the sales of these pieces then. I’m willing to give you 400,000 for the necklace and 600,000 Triton for the bracelet.”

“Wow. That’s an amazing amount.” Davor comments.

Senna looks blankly at Claus and sighs. “Is the price not satisfactory? Then I’ll increase the price to 425,000 and 625,000 for them.” Claus offers an increase seeing Senna’s reaction. He is secretly worried about losing the chance to obtain these exquisite accessories.

“I’m grateful for that. I only just got into the city the other day, so Triton is still new to me.” Senna turns to Davor. “As a beginner, how much would I spend buying equipment and supplies? How much would a normal person spend in a year?”

“That depends on what you’re buying, but you will probably only use around 2,000 Triton or 20 Silver to purchase good equipment. An average person would use around 1 or 2 Gold coins in a year. So what you’re selling will last you the rest of your life if used frugally.”

“Thank you. I understand things better now. I probably should just hold onto the bracelet. I think my sense of money might go weird if I have so much.” Senna reaches over and grabs the bracelet.

As she pulls her hand back, Claus grabs her arm with a frenzied expression. “Wait! Please sell both of them to me! I must have them!”

“Um…Well…” Senna hesitates looking at his expression while thinking about the money she’d receive.

“I’ll give you 1,150,000 Triton for both pieces!!” Claus offers with bloodshot eyes.

“Didn’t I just say that all the extra money is making me reconsider? Why are you increasing the price?!” Senna cries out.

“Senna, can you accept his offer?” Davor interjects between the two of them. “As a favor to me? I’ve never seen Claus act so desperate.”

“But…” Senna’s gaze darts between the two of them.

“If you’re worried about having too much money, just practice restraint.” Davor suggests.

“You make it sound so easy.” Senna grumbles. “Fine. I’ll sell them.”

“Excellent! I’ll go get your money.” Claus runs out of the room rushing to hasten the exchange before Senna changes her mind.

Senna sighs leaning back on the chair. {I hope I’m not making a mistake.}

“Thanks Senna.” (Davor)

“Mmm.” Senna blankly mutters waiting for Claus to return.

After a short while, Claus returns with a bag gold coins as well as an employee to act as a witness. Senna exchanges the jewelry with the money after asking for some silver coins in the payment. Claus escorts them up after they conclude their business.

“Boss, is it okay that you spent so much for those accessories?” The employee asks.

“Of course. These items are worth the cost. Once I show them to some nobles, I can earn triple what we paid in the auction.” Claus grins tightly gripping the box he set the accessories in.

“You’re not worried that they are fake?” (Employee)

“I checked them and they definitely are not fake. I highly doubt the [Pact of Ambition] would try and cheat me after everything I’ve done for them.” Claus replies.

“I wonder where they came from? The maker should be well known, but there is no insignia.” (Employee)

“I don’t know. I wish I could get my hands on the information, but it looked like she honestly doesn’t know how to find them again.” Claus replies begrudgingly. The two of them return into their store shutting it behind them.


“Thank you for helping me earn so much money.” Senna bows to Davor shortly after leaving the store.

“No, it’s fine. You’re quite rich to earn so much in under an hour.” (Davor)

“Hahahaha….” Senna awkwardly laughs without any further retort. “Where to now?”

“The weapon shop is first.” (Davor)

“Okay!” Senna happily assents as they head back to the center of town. They reach a shop with a sword and mace on its signboard and enter the shop.

“This place is higher end than a beginning shop, but the quality is assured here.” Davor explains.

“Welcome.” A gruff older man with gray hair greets them from behind the counter.

Senna tilts her head looking at the man. “You remind me of the appraiser in the guild?”

“Yep. That’s my brother. You recognized me quite fast even though we look different.” (Shopkeeper)

“You give off the same atmosphere. Strong, but stern.” Senna comments.

“HAHAHA!! Impressive! I like your eye, Miss. What can I do for ya?” The man laughs heartily.

“I’m a newbie adventurer and wanted to get something durable to use.” (Senna)

“All of my weapons are durable. You’ll have to narrow it down more than that.” (Shopkeeper)

“A dagger and a katana, if you have it. Is it okay if I just look around though?” (Senna)

“No problem. That’s what they’re there for. Daggers are over there and I only have a few katanas nearby the two handed swords. Be careful of what you touch. Some are quite dangerous.” The shopkeeper points to the right further in the store.

“Of course.” Senna smiles and walks off looking around. Davor stays behind to chat with the shopkeeper.

“Nice job. Looks like you’re earning a lot of points with her.” (Shopkeeper)

“It’s not like that, old man.” Davor refutes him blushing.

“Hehe. Sure it isn’t.” The shopkeeper sports a big grin.

“Damn old man…” Davor mutters. The two of them chat for a while.

Senna returns with a simple steel dagger. “I picked this out. Do you think they’re good to start off with?”

Steel Dagger
+10 Strength, +2 Dexterity
A dagger made from steel
Value: 700 Triton

“It’s good.” Davor comments.

“For a beginner, you picked out a nice weapon. It’s simple to use and durable. The problem is that you don’t have much range. You should consider getting a sword too.” The shopkeeper replies looking at the sword.

“Well it’s not like I didn’t consider it.” Senna stares at a weapon further in the store.

“So there is one. Haha. Show me.” The shopkeeper laughs looking at Senna’s distracted gaze.

Senna leads the two of them over and points to a katana hung up high on the wall. “I’m sorely tempted to consider buying it.” The katana in question has a silver hilt wrapped in fine leather with a dark navy blue sheath.

Severing Wind
+40 Strength, +15 Agility, +5 Dexterity
A refined katana made from magically infused steel and enchanted with wind magic.
Value: 40,000 Triton

“Ah. That’s an expensive piece, 40,000 Triton. There are few buyers for it though, so I could give a small discount for it if you want it.” The shopkeeper replies stroking his chin.

“Why not buy it? You can afford it?” Davor questions Senna’s hesitation.

“I know that.” Senna replies with a pout. “But I have to still buy other stuff. Some armor and material to learn magic. If I buy something so expensive for my first purchase, what will stop me from buying other stuff later and wasting all my money? …Even if I really want it…”

“Haha. You’re quite level headed, Miss. How about this? I’ll bring it down first, so you can try it. You can’t just buy weapons without testing it yourself.” (Shopkeeper)

“That would be really helpful, but is it okay? That weapon is quite expensive.” (Senna)

“But of course! It’s a shame for such an exquisite weapon to hang on a shelf only to rust away.” The shopkeeper insists grabbing a ladder and handing <Severing Wind> to Senna. “There’s a space over there with a target if you wish to try it out.”

“Unn…” Senna nods. Her gaze is fixated on the katana in her hand. She walks over to the open practice area ignoring the stuffed target and carefully unsheathes <Severing Wind>. Senna holds the katana straight up admiring the blade. “Pretty…”

She holds the blade up high and swings it straight down. Her movements are awkward at first, but gradually become more graceful. Davor stares blankly at her movements. Senna lowers <Severing Wind> to her hip and steps forward with all her weight. She makes a clean horizontal cut just short of reaching the stuffed target. Senna sheathes Severing Windand smiles happily. “That was fun. Thank you very much.” Senna hands Severing Windback to the shopkeeper.

“Are you done? You can cut up the dummy all you want. You’re a paying customer after all.” The Shopkeeper laughs.

Senna shakes her head. “I’ve never cut anything before. I don’t want to damage the blade.”

“Well, are you satisfied?” (Shopkeeper)

“Very!... Is it possible to have you hold onto this for a while? I want to come and buy it when I get settled into town.” (Senna)

“Sure, sure. There are no other buyers for this one anyways.” The Shopkeeper accepts  <Severing Wind> from Senna and stores it behind the front desk. Senna pays for the steel dagger.

“Thank you very much!” Senna gives a quick bow and leaves the shop.

Davor stays behind for a talk with the shopkeeper. “Haha. You should buy this sword for her since she wants it so badly.”

“Quiet old man.” Davor blushes. He glances the front door making sure it’s completely shut. “…I’ll drop by tomorrow with the money for it.”

“HAHA! Nice answer!” The shopkeeper laughs giving Davor a strong pat on the back. Later that day, as the shopkeeper cleans up his shop, he notices a small, barely noticeable cut on the chest of the stuffed doll . “Hmm? This is brand new. How did it get cut? The only one that used it was…no, no. I clearly saw she didn’t reach the chest… But if she really cut it…”


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