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In That Moment of Suffering - Prologue 3

Here's Prologue 3. The last of the Prologue chapters for the story. I've been in the hype for this story and tapping away at the keyboard nonstop. I'm just going to ride the wave for now since I'm really into this story at the moment. So sadly, I won't be touching The Cursed White Rose right away. Apologies.

This chapter was much longer than my normal chapter lengths, probably cause of all the tables for the statuses. >_> I'm thinking of randomizing my chapter lengths for the main story based on when scenes are complete. So I expect they will be shorter than even the Cursed White Rose chapters (~10 pages in Microsoft word with the Print view).

I took the plunge and decided to try posting it on Royalroadl, Here's hoping I don't get a bunch of reviews telling me they hate it.

Anyways, Enjoy!

Edit: I added a description of Senna's chosen skills after the last table in the chapter. Marked with an * if you want to search for it. I kept the description to be a cheap game style to make it simpler. Though it's a tad repetitive. XD

In That Moment of Suffering Prologue 3

In a large white hall, various angels are running around in a fluster.

“Have you still not found her?!”

“We’ve looked all over, but there aren’t any traces of Archangel Ariel since the fight concluded.”

“There has to be something!! She couldn’t have just disappeared off of Remia that easily!!”

At the entrace, white light gathers creating a large flash as Ariel and Senna appear in the room. All the angels stop working at the sudden appearance.

“I have a human here that needs treatment!! Get me an Arch Healer right away!” Ariel’s yell spreads through the silent room. All of the younger angels scatter to find a healer. Several angels approach Ariel with a look of relief on their faces.

“Archangel Ariel, it’s a great relief that you’re alright. We have been searching everywhere for you.” (Head Angel)

“Please let us take care of this human. Your mother has been extremely concerned about your well-being.” (Angel)

“No. Get this girl treatment first. I owe her my life, so this is of the highest priority.” Ariel refuses the help and carries Senna to an infirmary placing her on one of the beds. A female angel with four wings and flowing aqua blue hair walks into the room. Ariel stands up quickly and salutes the angel. “Cherubim Sabrael?! What can I help you with?”

“No. I was called here. You needed help with a human?” Sabrael’s gaze moves from Ariel to Senna lying on the bed.

“I’m really sorry. I had no idea they would bother you with my problems.” Ariel apologizes in a fluster.

Sabrael holds up her hand. “Stand down. It’s fine. I volunteered to come here after hearing the situation. What happened?”

“Um…” Ariel swallows her nervousness and explains the situation.

“I see. I understand the situation now. You should go report to your mother though. She’s been concerned about your safety.” (Sabrael)

“I will. But I wish to confirm this girl’s condition before I do.” (Ariel)

“Fine.” Sabrael sits at Senna’s bedside.

“Stop!” A voice rings out. The door bursts open. A tall woman with long flowing golden hair enters the room.

Ariel and Sabrael stop and kneel in from the woman. “Lord Remilia.” Sabrael greets the woman keeping her head lowered while kneeling.

“Mother. I’m back.” Ariel greets the woman in front of her without raising her head.

“Stand. Stand…I’m glad you’re back dear. I was worried you were lost for good.” Remilia orders Ariel to stand and hugs Ariel.

“I’m sorry Mother. I…” Ariel begins to cry in her mother’s embrace.

“No need. I heard everything already.” (Remilia)

“Mother, this girl desperately needs treatment. She…” Ariel breaks away from Remilia’s embrace.

“No.” Remilia firmly rejects her. She walks over to the bedside and taps on Senna’s collar. The collar disintegrates without leaving a trace. She taps on Senna’s forehead releasing a bit of magic.

“Uuunn…” Senna groans as her eyes flicker open. She sits up and looks around the room. Her mind jolts awake and tries to stand up, but Remilia wordlessly forces her to stay in bed. “Umm…I’m very sorry for the late greeting. This lowly slave’s name is Senna. I belong to Master Rimmer.”

“No need to stand on airs Miss Senna. Your master and home isn’t here.” Remilia replies.

“Huh?” Senna notices the missing feeling on her neck and feels around for the familiar sensation of her collar. Her face goes pale. “No, that’s no good. I’m Master Rimmer’s and shouldn’t be out on my own.”

“You’re still saying that? This place is another world. It’s impossible for him to come here and also impossible for you to go to him.” (Ariel)

“Th-th-th-that’s no good! Wh-wh-what should I do?” Senna starts to look around the room in complete panic. Her face starts to turn blue as she hyperventilates.

“Oh dear. Our talk won’t be able to progress like this… There’s no helping it.” Remilia snaps her fingers making Senna go into a stupor. Senna’s eyes glaze over as her hands fall weakly on the bed. Her body shines slightly before her expression returns to normal. Senna looks around the room and at the others. “How do you feel, Miss Senna?”

“……O-okay, I think… Am I really away from Master Rimmer?” Senna replies quickly with some disbelief in her voice.

“Yes.” (Remilia)

“I-I see. I’m really away. Uuu…*hic*…thank…you…” Tears stream down Senna’s face quickly soaking the bed. She tries to thank them, but her voice cracks. Her tears flow down her face like a broken faucet. She attempts to wipe her face, but tears endlessly stream down soaking her hands.

“Um…Mother. What happened?” (Ariel)

“Her mind was altered in many ways to fulfill the desires of the man named Rimmer. The most dangerous one is to have her mind completely breakdown if she somehow escaped from the side of Rimmer. I’ve repaired that part of her mind for the time being.” (Remilia)

“Lord Remilia, there’s no need to go to the trouble of healing her. I could easily do the same.” (Sabrael)

“Yes, of course I know that Sabrael. I’m interfering because she is a rather odd child. It would be best to wait until she asks for a full recovery rather than perform it against her wishes.” (Remilia)

“Mother, she has been damaged in many ways. It would be best to heal her to the best condition.” (Ariel)

“It wouldn’t hurt to wait until she calms down. Sabrael, I expect this will take some time. Why don’t you join Nanael in overseeing while I handle this?” (Remilia)

“It would be my honor.” Sabrael bows and leaves the room with a skip in her step. After several more minutes, Senna composes herself enough to stop crying.

“I’m very sorry for wasting your time with that embarrassing display.” Senna bows repeatedly in apology.

“It’s fine. It was very hard on you. You’re very strong to not completely break given the circumstances.” Remilia pats Senna’s hand cause her face to flush a bright red.

“N-no. I was just controlled to the point I did not know what was around me nor understand my circumstances.” Senna awkwardly replies.

“It was still very admirable considering you did what others could not.” (Remilia)

“Thank you…um… I’m sorry. I don’t know your name yet.” (Senna)

“Oh yes. Where are my manners? It’s a pleasure to meet you Senna. I’m Remilia, the Goddess of Creation for the world Remia. This is my daughter Ariel, a young genius that has already reached the realm of an Archangel.” Remilia introduces herself and Ariel lightly, but Senna’s face becomes sleet white hearing Remilia’s identity.

“I-I’m very sorry for my rudeness.” Senna tries to get out of the bed to prostrate on the ground, but Remilia prevents her from leaving the bed.

“Now none of that. You should be resting. Also, I do not mind speaking informally to my daughter’s savior.” (Remilia)

“Y-Yes! Thank you!” (Senna)

“If you’ve composed yourself, let’s have a discussion about your circumstances.” (Remilia)

“Yes!” (Senna)

“Because of my daughter’s impetuousness... It is not possible to return you back to your own world without great efforts.” (Remilia)

“I’m sorry...” Ariel apologizes at her mother’s scolding.

“I see……” Senna takes a moment to compose her thoughts before continuing. “I think… that is fine. Do you mind if I ask a couple of questions?”

“Go ahead.” (Remilia)

“Since you seem to know of my circumstances, I wonder if you know if my family is still alive?” (Senna)

“I did ask. They were killed when you were taken by that Rimmer.” Remilia bluntly breaks the news to her. Ariel’s eyes widen in shock as she turns to Senna.

“…I see. Thank you for telling me. I wonder if I can make some requests about my home world. Ah! But you’re the goddess for Remia, so that may not be possible.” Senna replies with an apathetic tone as she changes the topic.

“That’s it?! You were just told your parents are dead and that’s all you have to say?!” Ariel screams at Senna looking at her with disgust. Before Senna can respond, Remilia cuts in giving Ariel a light pat on the head.

“Dear, you shouldn’t say that. It’s not Senna’s fault.” (Remilia)

“What do you mean?”(Ariel)

“Senna here has suffered from many things because of this Rimmer man. Her mind was completely remodeled and every single memory before meeting Rimmer was completely erased.” As Remilia states the changes to Senna’s body, Ariel stares at Senna with increasing shock. Her eyes bulge more and more hearing of the atrocities performed to Senna.

“I see… That explains why I can’t remember them.” (Senna)

“The basic knowledge you have from your education was left intact, but personal memories were thoroughly erased.” (Remilia)

“Then I guess I have no connection with my home world. There’s not much point in making requests then?” (Senna)

“If they’re reasonable, I will contact the god of that world and request the favor for you. That shouldn’t be a problem, but it depends on the request.” (Remilia)

“I have two requests. The first is to destroy the knowledge of all the remodeling that Master Rimmer had performed on me. The body adjustment, mind erasure, mind adjustment. I do not wish for other girls to suffer the same fate as me.” (Senna)

“That was already planned without your request, so there is no problem with that. And the second?” Remilia smiles granting Senna’s request easily.

“The second is to raise Master Rimmer’s karma up a suitable degree so that he has a higher chance of receiving divine punishment for his sins.” (Senna)

“That’s it?!” Ariel cries out again. Senna calmly gives a nod.

“You’re not going to ask for him to be killed.” (Remilia)

“I do not think I can request such a thing with how I’m programmed. Even if he is a terrible person, I still think of him as my master.” (Senna)

“We should fix that for you.” Remilia comments.

Senna shakes her head. “It’s fine. I still call and think of him as such. But I’m sure I could resist Master Rimmer’s commands if he attempted to control me again.”

“Even so, we should adjust it to a more acceptable degree.” Remilia comments before releasing some magic towards Senna. “Do you still want to only request those two things?”

“Yes.” Senna replies with little change to her tone or gaze.

“Did the change have no effect?” Remilia frowns slightly at the lack of change.

“I think I can drop the Master when talking about him now? But we’re done with the topic anyways so there’s no need?” (Senna)

“Well that’s fine… Let’s change the topic.” Remilia agrees with a bit of surprise in her voice.

“Then…please tell me about Remia and what the world is like.” (Senna)

“It will be a vastly different world than the one you’re used to.” (Remilia)

“I only remember my time stuck in the tower. Even my old world would be a place I barely know anything about.” (Senna)

“You have a point. Remia is a world of swords and magic. Carrying weapons and performing magic are normal occurrences. As a result, the science side of things is much lower compared to your old world.” (Remilia)

“There are many different races existing through the world. Some examples you would know are beastmen that are a mix of animal and people, elves, and even…devils and demons.” Ariel enthusiastically explains before spitting out the final part.

“Devils and demons…? …And Angels… Um… You wouldn’t be asking me to fight the devils and demons would you?” Senna nervously asks.

“No, I’m just going to introduce you to my world and so you can enjoy your life as much as possible. You’re not obligated to fight unless you wish to.” (Remilia)

“I see. That’s good. I’m not sure I would be helpful in a fight.” (Senna)

“There is much more danger is Remia, so you will need to fight.” (Remilia)

“I expected as much from the description. But I’m not really strong.” (Senna)

“Your status will be improved and you will be given skills before we send you there. I wouldn’t want my daughter’s savior to suffer the second you arrive.” Remilia explains the details to Senna.

Senna breathes a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

“Before we consider your skills and status. We first have to repair your condition. I plan to heal your lifespan that was taken to heal Ariel. Your physical condition and also the adjustments that were made to your mind. From what I understand, you might not want to be fixed to the best condition?”

"That's true. I would rather fix myself up through my own power. Ariel's already repaid me by taking me away from Mas...R-Rimmer." (Senna)

"I don't think I repaid you at all! You were willing to sacrifice your life to help me!" Ariel protests at Senna's comment.

"That's true. There's a difference in abilities between you two. Ariel has more power, so it's natural she helps you. You did something far above your own ability." (Remilia)

"Mmm... I guess I can't convince you to call it even?" Senna frowns at the gratitude.

""No!!"" Ariel and Remilia answer. Senna sticks out her tongue playfully.

"And what do you wish to do?" (Remilia)

"Mmm... Ah! A question first. Am I... pregnant from... him?" Senna nervously asks holding her stomach?

"No. You're not." Remilia replies quickly. Senna gives a sigh of relief. "Your womb has been damaged by him, so it's currently not possible for you to have a child." Both Senna and Ariel freeze up at her explanation.

Senna sighs heavily. "I see..."

"Um..." Ariel tries to console Senna, but Senna keeps talking not noticing Ariel's attempt at comfort.

"...For my body's condition, please leave the scars and only fix the irreparable and life threatening damage that I would never be able to repair even if I fully master healing magic." (Senna)

Remilia and Ariel's eyes widen as they look at Senna. "Do you understand what you're asking? The most difficult wounds would have to wait tens of years, if even that, until you completely master that branch of healing magic for the wounds to fade."

"Yes. I know. For the time being, I want to keep the scars to remind myself of how weak I am. I wish to become strong enough that I can eventually restore my body to normal. Even if I don't make it, I know I'll have progressed from my current self." Senna states her goals with pride.

"You realize that to other people, you sound completely crazy?!" Ariel shrieks.

"I know... But I would like the scars to mark the changes in my life. Even if it's odd, I simply want to do it." Senna smiles stating her reasons. Ariel groans looking at the adamant Senna burying her face in her hands.

"It doesn't look like you will budge from your decision. Even if I don't agree to it, I suppose I will have to comply with your wishes." Remilia sighs before waving her hand. Senna's body glows with a white light. Senna checks her body and sees the scars are still littering her body.

"Thank you." Senna replies with a bright smile.

"Are you going to use the same reasoning for the alterations to your mind? Your emotions were heavily altered so that your fear and acceptance of everything was amplified while every other emotion was repressed. It stabilized to the point that these levels were engraved in your soul. That kind of thing is not normal." (Remilia)

"If it can be fixed eventually and isn't affecting my ability to live and survive, then I don't really don't mind leaving it as is." (Senna)


A snapping sound is heard from Ariel as she pounces on Senna. "Why don't you just accept the treatment?! You're not even in a sane state to even say such things?!" Ariel grips Senna's shoulders shaking her heavily in all directions. "Mother!! Just heal her back to normal without listening to her nonsense!"

Remilia looks at them with a bitter smile. "I can't..."

"Why not?!" Ariel's shrill shriek echoes through the room. "Mother is the greatest!! You could easily do something like restore her to her original condition!!!"

"It looks like Senna is instinctively aware that fixing her condition is not that simple. Rewriting her soul is a difficult endeavor, but keeping her memories intact makes it that much more time consuming. The span of her soul is sure to wane during the process. Without her explicit permission, I cannot dive into such a complicated endeavor because the risk of complications is amplified many times over." (Remilia)

"Ugh..." Ariel is forced to let go of Senna.

"You overestimate me. I simply do not wish to be a burden to you. As long as I can live on, I'll just adjust to the situation." (Senna)

"At the very least, I'll make minor adjustments so you can live properly as asked." Remilia wryly smiles. Senna's body glows with various colors due to her influence. "Though minor I brought your emotions closer to a balance, but it's still far from normal. Your survival instincts were raised slightly too."

"I understand. Thank you... Oh. Is it possible to regress my body’s age a bit?” (Senna)

“Easily done.” With a wave of Remilia’s hand, Senna’s body shrinks slightly. “I regressed you back to your appearance as a 14 years old. Is that sufficient?”

Senna looks at her body and takes a glance at a mirror. “Yes! Thank you.”

“Why would you want to be younger? It’s more dangerous that way.” (Ariel)

“I’m going to take some time to adjust to things in Remia. Plus… I just wanted to get back some lost time.” Senna smiles happily.

Remilia sighs looking at Senna's pure smile in contrast to her train of thought. "Let's talk about the gifts to your status for living in Remia. I was thinking about presenting you with this type of status."

14 years old
Katana Lv. Max
Dagger Lv. Max
Trap Lv. Max
Martial Arts Lv. Max
All Elemental Proficiency Lv. Max
-       Fire
-       Water
-       Wind
-       Earth
-       Lightning
-       Light
-       Dark
-       Null
Magic Spell Proficiency Lv. Max
Magic Power Lv. Max
Magic Manipulation Lv. Max
Detection Skills Lv. Max
-       Presence
-       Magic
-       Enemy
-       Danger
Tactics Lv. Max
3 Dimensional Movement Lv. Max
Parry Lv. Max
Identification Lv. Max
Self Recovery Lv. Max
Disguise Lv. Max
Keen Sight Lv. Max
Hawk Eyes Lv. Max
All Resistance Skills Lv. Max
-       Fire
-       Water
-       Wind
-       Earth
-       Lightning
-       Light
-       Dark
-       Poison
-       Mind
-       Disease
-       Pain
-       Magic Damage
-       Paralysis
-       Petrification
Storage Lv. Max
Reading Lv. Max
Persuasion Lv. Max
Bartering Lv. Max
Appraisal Lv. Max
Arithmetic Lv. Max
Language Translation Lv. Max
Poker Face Lv. Max
Etiquette Lv. Max
Survival Lv. Max
Cooking Lv. Max
Craft Skills Lv. Max
Blacksmith Lv. Max
Tailoring Lv. Max
Enchantment Lv. Max
Enhanced Health Lv. Max
Enhanced Magic Power Lv. Max
Enhanced Strength Lv. Max
Enhanced Endunrance Lv. Max
Enhanced Agility Lv. Max
Enhanced Dexterity Lv. Max
Enhanced Intelligence Lv. Max
Enhanced Wisdom Lv. Max
Enhanced Luck Lv. Max

“This is way too much.” Senna comments as she scrolls through the status list.

“Of course. It’s a special service, so that you never have any worries in the future.” (Remilia)

“I’m sorry, but I have to refuse this status. It’s too excessive no matter what. I would like to start off slowly and gain strength over time.” (Senna)

“As expected… I won’t allow you to leave easily if you don’t have a way to protect yourself. It would be an embarrassment to me if my daughter’s savior died easily after being dropped in my world.” Remilia sternly scolds Senna.

Senna scratches her head with an awkward look. “If I take a last resort type skill and max it while leaving my other abilities low, then that would help the issue wouldn’t it?”

“Like what?” (Remilia)

“I don’t know.  I would have to see my options first. But I would rather have a skill as a last resort rather than rely on it all the time. Can I see how the status for a beginner warrior and a master warrior?” (Senna)

“Are you thinking of becoming a warrior?” (Remilia)

“Nothing of that level. I just want a reference to how their skills look like.” (Senna)

Sword Lv. 1
Sword Lv. 6
Enhanced Strength Lv. 4
Self Recovery Lv. 2
Pain Resistance Lv. 2
Survival Lv. 3
Danger Detection Lv. 4

“Wow. There’s such a difference.” Senna gasps comparing her offered status to the generic information given to her.

“Normally people wouldn’t complain to such extravagant gifts.” Ariel complains to herself.

“I know. But I feel it’s more of an achievement to develop the skills myself.” (Senna)

“Choose something suitable then.” (Remilia)

Senna takes the time to search through the list of abilities.

“I think this is good.” (Senna)

14 years old

Dagger Lv. 1
Magic Power Lv. 1
Identification Lv. 2
Poison Resistance Lv. 5
Mind Resistance Lv. 5
Storage Lv. Max
Arithmetic Lv. Max
Experimentation Lv. Max
Language Comprehension Lv. 1
Etiquette Lv. Max
Blood Manipulation Lv. Max
Last Stand Lv. Max

*[Dagger] Lv. 1 – You can use Daggers.
[Magic Power] Lv. 1 – You can weakly release magic.
[Identification] Lv. 2 – You can identify objects at a basic level.
[Poison Resistance] Lv. 5 – You can fully resist intermediate grade poisons and some advanced poisons.
[Mind Resistance] Lv. 5 – You can fully resist intermediate grade spells that affect the mind and has a chance to resist advanced grade spells.
[Storage] Lv. Max – You have access to an alternate space to store any object you desire. Your use of [Storage] is at an almighty level and has no limitations to space. Time does not flow inside of your storage and will be kept in the condition that the object was stored.
[Arithmetic] Lv. Max – You are an almighty mathematician and can instantly calculate numbers.
[Experimentation] Lv. Max – You have an almighty skill in experiments. Experiments will instantly lead to the desired result. Blind experiments will automatically eliminate unfavorable results during the process.
[Language Comprehension] Lv. 1 – You can slowly understand other languages after a long period of time.
[Etiquette] Lv. Max – You have an almighty skill in etiquette. You can instantly pick up mannerisms of different areas to avoid offending the other party.
[Blood Manipulation] Lv. Max – You have an almighty skill in manipulating blood. The flow of blood moves however you wish. A large amount of blood can be controlled for a near negligible amount of MP.
[Last Stand] Lv. Max – Near the edge of death, your abilities multiply ten times over.

“So low!!” Ariel cries out looking at the status.

“You really wish to act as a common person.” (Remilia)

“Yes. I wanted to take out more, but I compromised. I only looked quickly through the skills, but there were some I couldn’t find.” (Senna)

“What type of skills did you want?” (Remilia)

“Is there anything like Drug Resistance or Alcohol Resistance?” (Senna)

“That falls under Poison Resistance.” (Remilia)

“Is that so? Then is there a skill to engrave what I learned into my body or something similar?” (Senna)

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand what you mean.” (Remilia)

“Because magic exists, I’m afraid I might be captured at some point and have all the experiences and skills I’ve acquired to be erased.” (Senna)

“I don’t believe you have to worry since you have a strong Mind Resistance.” (Remilia)

“Possibly. But I want to cover every option since I do not understand many things in that new world.” (Senna)

“Fine. Learning [Soul Engraving] would be best. It would engrave your abilities into your soul and prevent you from losing anything.”  (Remilia)

“Thank you. And am I covered to learn the common knowledge there quickly?” (Senna)

“Yes. It looks like you’ve covered both areas.” (Remilia)

“Also, I wanted to decrease some of the skills like Etiquitte and Arithmatic, but they wouldn’t decrease. Why is that?” (Senna)

“They’re skills you learned already in your home world. Your status screen is simply displaying these acquired skills.” (Remilia)

“Hmm. Is that so? Then are there any skills I need to hide from the public? Like the [Storage] skill? Or [Identification]?”

“Your [Storage] skill is a bit different from the magic spell version because has no item limit. Other than that, letting others know you can use both of those skills will make you a convenient asset for groups.” Remilia explains.

“Good then I think that’s all I have to ask.” Senna smiles brilliantly.

“I’ll leave a notebook in your [Storage] explaining your skills. You can refer to it if you need it. Then I will provide you with some of the local currency in the area.” (Remilia)

“Can I say no? It will be more interesting to acquire things on my own.” (Senna)

“That’s no good!” Ariel yells at Senna unable to hold herself back. “You need money for food and a place to live. How can you say ‘no’?!”

“Is it really impossible?” Senna puts on a depressed face as she questions Remilia.

Remilia sighs. “How about this?” She takes out a necklace and bracelet. Both pieces have a large sapphire set in the center with smaller rubies set on either side. “When you feel like you need money, trade these two pieces in for money. At least you wouldn’t need to worry about money then. Each piece should go for about 3 Gold coins, which in total should cover you for two weeks’ worth of expenses. Satisfied?” Ariel looks at her mother with a weird look, but doesn’t say anything.

“That will work. Thank you!” Senna nods.

“I’ll put these inside your [Storage]. Take them out when you need them.” The jewelry disappears from Remilia’s hand. “That should be it. I’ll send you off now. Dear, if you have something you want to say, then you should say it now before it’s too late.”

“Thank you again for saving me.” Ariel bows to Senna.

“Thank you too for saving me.” Senna smiles and bows to her.

With a wave of Remilia’s hand, Senna disappears from the bed. “Well that’s done with. What a stubborn girl.” Remilia sighs with an awkward smile.

“Mother, about those pieces of jewelry, isn’t gold coins worth much more than two weeks of expenses?” (Ariel)

“Yes, but she doesn’t know that.” Remilia smiles mischievously.

“Also, how can you let her go with barely any skills? She resembles a common person now.” (Ariel)

“Well, we never would have gotten anywhere otherwise. Don’t worry I have a plan while still ‘complying’ with her wishes.” Remilia chuckles. “It’s rare to see a child. Even distorted, she hasn’t been stained with any greed. She passed that test wonderfully.”

“Was that really a test? I only saw that as her being stupidly stubborn.” (Ariel)

“Yes. It’s because your constitution is different, so you obviously wouldn’t notice. A human wouldn’t be able to take on that many skills at once. In addition to having every skill maxed out, both her mind and soul would overload from all the information.” Remilia pats Ariel when she makes an unpleasant face. “You shouldn’t worry though. I have it perfectly under control.”

“That’s good.” Ariel nods satisfied that her mother has control of the situation.

“Now let’s get you treated. You went through a lot, and you still need to report on everything that happened.” (Remilia)

“Yes!” Ariel bows to Remilia as she leaves the room.



  1. The scene where Senna wokes up... uhh... how to say this... it's like she knew what's happening already even with her still unconcious. But if plot says that she's been altered then I guess I'll leave it a that.

    The part where she asked about healing her wounds and leaving her scars? Yeah that part is strangly mature of her. I mean she's 8 years old in her mind but THAT is not how an 8 year old girl thinks. Also if ur gonna say that it's because of plot then you can settle it with that and I don't know about others but I'm a tad bit not convinced with it.

    Also what happened to the feather she swallowed? Does it make her evolved or grew wings on her back or something? Just curious though if it's plot then don't answer if u want to.

    1. For when Senna first wakes up, it's more of a immediately greet your superior when you see them. She's supposed to be incredibly servile, so it's incredibly ingrained in her that not following the rules means being severely punished. Greet first, small talk, AND then ask questions if the person doesn't beat her up by that point.

      Uh. Sorry, guess I made it confusing. Beginning of the chapter, she's 18. Senna lived as a slave for 8 years. By request, Remilia turns her age back 4 years to make up for some of her lost time, making her body 14 years old by the end of the chapter. No changes to her mental age.

      If you got the 8 year old part from 'her body’s age was adjusted by 8 years', then I apologize for that. I'm taking it out since I can't remember what I was going for with that. Will save that leak for the future.

      The feather I didn't have anything special planned for it. It was just a minor detail I added, but now that I remember it, maybe I can add something. XD