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In That Moment of Suffering Chapter 11 - Waking Up and Her Report

 Here's Chapter 11. Author Note at the end.

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Chapter 11 - Waking Up and Her Report

The bright sunlight shines on her eyes. Senna groans as she shifts her body away from the sun craving more sleep. She grips her pillow tightly. {Mmm… How soft……Soft? …Why? I’m supposed to be in a forest.} Senna reluctantly opens her eyes and sees her bedroom. “I’m home?”

Senna sits up looking around the room. As she moves, a dull ache in her abdomen makes her flinch. {At least it is bearable.} The scent of soup and baked bread wafts into the room stimulating Senna’s stomach. {Mom’s cooking food. I guess I am home.} Senna falls back down onto bed with relief. {I made it.} She covers her face as tears well up in her eyes. {I didn’t die… I thought I wouldn’t make it…} Senna silently cries to herself in her room. When she calms down, she reluctantly decides to open her [Status].

28 (+24)
14 years old
3610 (+3000)
2875 (+2500)
350 (+275)
445 (+370)
344 (+272)
360 (+285)
480 (+405)
467 (+385)
320 (+240)


Katana Lv. 4 (+3)
Dagger Lv. 2 (+1)
Martial Arts Lv. 4
Throwing Lv. 1 (New)
All Elemental Proficiency Lv. 3 (+2)
- Fire Lv. 3 (+2)
- Water Lv. 3 (+2)
- Wind Lv. 4 (+3)
- Earth Lv. 4 (+3)
- Lightning Lv. 3 (+2)
- Light Lv. 3 (+2)
- Dark Lv. 3 (+2)
- Null Lv. 3 (+2)
Magic Spell Proficiency Lv. 4 (+3)
Magic Power Lv. 4 (+2)
Magic Manipulation Lv. 4 (+2)
Magic Body Lv. 2 (New)
Magic Attunement Lv. 3 (New)
Detection Skills Lv. 4 (+3)
-Presence Lv. 6 (+2)
-Magic Lv. 3 (+1)
-Enemy Lv. 4 (+1)
-Danger Lv. 4 (+1)
Tactics Lv. 4 (+1)
Retreat Lv. 1 (New)
3 Dimensional Movement Lv. 2 (+1)
Parry Lv. 1
Identification Lv. 6 (+1)
Self-Recovery Lv. 4 (+1)
Disguise Lv. 1
Keen Sight Lv. 5 (+1)
Hawk Eyes Lv. 5 (+1)
Poison Resistance Lv. 7
Mind Resistance Lv. 7
Disease Resistance Lv. 5 (+2)
Paralysis Resistance Lv. 4 (+1)
Petrification Resistance Lv. 4
Storage Lv. Max
Reading Lv. 8 (+3)
Improved Memory Lv. 6 (+1)
Persuasion Lv. 5 (+2)
Bartering Lv. 5 (+2)
Appraisal Lv. Max
Arithmetic Lv. Max
Experimentation Lv. Max
Language Comprehension Lv. Max
Poker Face Lv. 6 (+1)
Etiquette Lv. Max
Survival Lv. 6 (+1)
Cooking Lv. 4 (+3)
Apothecary Lv. 4 (New)
Specialized Growth Lv. 6 (+1)
Blood Manipulation Lv. Max
Last Stand Lv. Max
Soul Engraving Lv. Max
Concealed Status Lv. 6 (+1)
Skill Development Lv. 6 (+1)


The ridiculous boost to her stats leaves her completely stunned. {……I almost died, so I shouldn’t complain. This will help me survive…} She looks through her skills and notices the increase across the board. {Even though I only used some elements once, it increased as much as my month long magic training.} She sighs at the weird disparity in growth. Looking at her bed, she remembers her nightmares. {I’ve gotten used to the bed, but I still make a commotion every month. I have to research physical sealing techniques now.}

Senna sighs remembering when she destroyed the bed in one of her nightmares. Her Strength back then was high enough that the constant thrashing destroyed the bed frame. When Senna learned magic, her nighttime thrashing also included an unconscious release of magic nearly destroying the house. Luckily, she woke up in time to disperse the flames and temporarily patch her room. After that Senna found out how to temporarily disable her skills and magic temporarily. She also acquired some cursed accessories to reduce her Intelligence and Wisdom stats and magically woven ropes to prevent her from moving around in the night.

As Senna starts to sit up, a mail symbol appears in the corner of her vision. {It’s a little early to get mail from Ariel. I still don’t understand why she would want to maintain contact with a lowly human like me through these monthly messages?} She opens the Mail feature that was pushed onto her by Ariel.

Hello Senna,

Are you okay? That battle with the Goblins had me really worried. I was clinging to the edge of my cloud the entire battle. I wanted to jump in earlier, but was forbidden from interfering. You did an amazing job surviving that battle. I'm very impressed.

After you killed the last Ogre, I stepped in to help. Everything you killed was placed in your [Storage] including the Stone Ogre that was about to crush you. I was a bit worried if I would make it in time to save you. Thankfully the axe didn't fall in your direction, so I had enough time to open your [Storage] forcefully. I expect this will help you with expenses for some time. You should consider getting more experience, so that you don't suffer as much in the future.

I also fully healed your body. You were lucky you to survive with all the internal injuries you had. Your stomach and lungs were completely ripped open!! Please be more careful in the future. I don't want anything to happen to you.

Take care of yourself,

{I owe her again for saving my life.} Senna reads the message with a wry smile. "Thank you very much." She murmurs to herself. As Senna moves her hand, she realizes there's another line she missed.

P.S. Why didn't you just dig a tunnel to escape?

Senna stares at the postscript as her mind completely blanks out. After staring at it for several minutes, she covers her face and starts rolling back and forth on the bed. {Why didn't I think of that?! I'm so embarrassed!! ………………Embarrassed?} Senna touches her face. "To think she really did it?" She remembers the previous message. Ariel asserted that she would get Remilia to fix her distorted emotions as soon as possible. {Even if it’s been changed. I don’t want to change myself that much.}

Senna sits up and decides to get dressed. As she slides to the edge of the bed, Leah opens the door. The two of them freeze when they see one another. An awkward silence forms as they look at one another. Senna decides to break the silence. “Hi Mom.”

Tears form in Leah’s eyes when she sees Senna fully conscious. She rushes at Senna with amazing speed. “SENNA!!! You’re awake!!” Leah wraps her arms around Senna burying Senna’s face in her chest as she gives Senna a large bear hug. Senna tries to struggle from her grip, but is unable to break from her abnormally powerful hug. Leah swings her body left and right pulling Senna along with her.

The sound of stomping echoes into the room as Anahid and Russell rush into the room. ““Senna!!!”” They rush into the room, but stop when they see the spectacle. Senna’s limbs weakly hang at her sides as she’s swung around. ““Ah…”” Leah continues to hug Senna oblivious to the situation.

Anahid shakes Leah. “Mom! Let her go she can’t breathe!”

Leah snaps out of her excitement and looks at Senna. She hurriedly lets her go. “I’m sorry dear. I got overexcited.”

Senna chokes as she tries to catch her breath. “I’m okay.” {Just barely. I thought I was going to die.} Senna stands up somewhat weakly. “I know I worried you, but let me get dressed first.” They reluctantly leave the room as Senna gets dressed. When Senna heads downstairs, she sees several others waiting beside her family. Davor and Arnost sit at the kitchen table besides three others that she has never met before. “Hello. My name is Senna. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She introduces herself on reflex. She activates [Identification] while attempting to adjust the information that appears.

Vermer Truelsen

{That’s… too little information. I don’t need the Skills and Stats right now.} Senna tries to alter her [Identification] again.

Vermer Truelsen
A former S ranked adventurer and Guildmaster for the Timberharbor Adventuerer’s Guild branch. He specializes in protecting the town from disaster, whether it is from stormy weather or giant aquatic monsters. Despite the extensive deskwork, he still trains his body to keep his body and level from declining with his old age.

“Oh. You’re a polite young lady. Vermer Truelsen. Head of the Timberharbor Adventurer’s Guild.” The middle-aged man with graying brown hair waves to Senna.

Senna quietly thinks to herself seeing some of his [Status]. {There we go. That should be enough information for general interaction. It looks like he has the highest level in the town.}

Bernard Truelsen
The leader of the <Pact of Ambition>. He is normally calm, but in battle, he charges to the front leading his companions to victory. His Berserker-like charges create many injuries that constantly cause Rache to worry about his well-being.

“Bernard Truelsen. <Pact of Ambition> Clan leader.” The unknown younger man greets Senna.

“I can see the resemblance.” Senna replies looking at their hair color, eye color, and faces. Bernard grunts in affirmation.

Rache Truelsen
Wife and childhood friend of Bernard. She’s the strongest mage in the clan and specializes in <Wind Magic>. Shy and a bit taciturn, but becomes extremely talkative in aspects of magic.

“Rache. Wife. Husband.” The girl with dirty blonde hair introduces herself. She points at herself and then at Bernard to emphasize their relationship.

Senna gives a quick nod. “Understood. Nice to meet you.” Inwardly, she giggles to herself seeing Rache act protective despite the lack of expression on his face.

“Same.” Rache nods.

“Senna, are you okay?” Davor speaks up.

“Yes. I’m perfectly fine as you can see.” Senna waves her arms slightly. “Why do you ask?”

“There was a reported Goblin Village yesterday. We went to rescue you, but found you drenched in a lake of blood in that village.” (Davor)

“A-ahh…” Senna averts her gaze away from Davor. {I forgot to check my [Storage], but I guess Ariel only collected the bodies, but not the blood.} Senna bows to everyone. “I’m very sorry for worrying everyone.”

“It’s good. You’re okay. You had us really worried.” Arnost replies.

“Is everyone here gathered here just to check my condition?” Senna replies glancing at Vermer and Bernard.

“They want to know about what happened. Everyone here is waiting.” Anahid explains pulling out a chair for Senna to sit on.

“Okay.” Senna obediently sits down and starts recounting what happened. She describes the initial appearance of the Ogres. The oddly coordinated Archery skills of the Goblins forced her to run towards their village. The panic she felt when she was surrounded on all sides due to the Hobgoblin King’s plan. Senna narrates the details truthfully at first, but starts to alter the details. She avoids talking about the Wind elemental that helped her, emphasizing that it was based on luck that she avoided the arrows. The details about her [Blood Manipulation] skill are altered to be attributed to her potion and poison crafting skills. Senna’s use of <Wind> and <Earth> magic are also added to make the story more believable.

Leah clutches Senna’s hand tightly when she hears about the Ogres. An awkward atmosphere forms confirming the unnatural coordination of the Goblin Archers. Senna is met with disbelief when she talks about the poisons and explosives she used. Arnost confirms her ability as an Apothecary creating nothing but <Master grade> poisons and potions. A glint appears in Bernard’s eyes hearing that bit of information. A wave of awe goes through the room when Senna talks about force feeding the Stone Ogre an explosive.

After Senna finishes talking, she gets herself a drink of water. “That’s about it.” Senna waits for their response.

“Where did all the Goblins go? The report said only blood was found and no bodies.” Vermer asks unsure if he should believe her story.

Senna takes a quick glance through her [Storage] and closes it when she sees all the Goblin and Ogre corpses. “I’m carrying it now. I have an item carrying skill to temporarily hold onto to things. The blood rushed to my head after the battle and I unconsciously put everything away."

"Let's see it then." Vermer replies.

"Here?" Senna tilts her head looking at Leah. "Ah!" She pulls out a metal wash basin placing in on the ground. The corpse of the Hobgoblin King drops into the basin after that. Everyone cautiously gathers around the Hobgoblin King examining it. When they confirm its dead, they take a closer look.

"Dear, how did you kill this? Its arms and legs are completely broken." Leah examines the arms and legs of the Hobgoblin.

Senna laughs awkwardly. "I blinded the Stone Ogre and tricked it. I drew its attention towards the King taunting the Ogre. It didn't go exactly as planned, but the Ogre ended up grabbing the King and crushed it to death."

"That shouldn't happen. Once it yelled, it would be exposed that it missed." Anahid retorts to Senna's claim.

"Normally, yes. But if I used <Wind Magic> to block any noise from coming out of its mouth. I pretended to scream too, so it fell for it." Senna shrugged giving her reasons.

"Difficult." Rache answers.

"Blocking out the sound?" Senna receives a nod to her question. "Mmm. I know, but i was desperate. The Hobgoblin King was the highest level one there. It directed the archers making the battle that much harder. I had to make sure it died or else I would be killed." Senna shivers with the end of her thought. Her family hugs her emotionally. Senna flinches at first, but relaxes in the hug.

Uncomfortable with the atmosphere, Vermer gives another demand. "Bring out the Ogre too."

"You still don't believe Senna?" Anahid asks with some irritation.

"Hobgobling and Ogres are two different things." Vermer replies bluntly. Anahid glares at him in response.

"It would be a problem to take it out here. We need to move to a different place." Senna replies separating from the group hug.

"Fine." Vermer nods. Everyone stands up preparing to follow along.

"Ah." Senna pauses and looks back to the group. "Before that, can we have the official story be that Sis' clan destroyed the Goblin Village? I'd rather not have the attention."

A wry smile forms on everyone's face. Anahid places consoling hand on Senna's shoulder. "Give up."

"Heh?" Senna directs an inquisitive look at Anahid.

"Bernard's already told everyone in town." Anahid explains in a calm tone. Senna's face goes blank at she looks Bernard. Bernard and Rache avert their eyes from Senna. Senna turns to the others praying that it's just a joke. Her hopes are shot when she sees Arnost and Davor nodding.

"Bernard talked about it greatly when he was drinking. He declared that you were the newest member of the clan in front of everybody." Davor talks about the loud commotion in the town’s largest Tavern situated next to the Guild.

Senna's face pales listening to the talk. Her legs give out when she hears the rumors about how her strength. She slumps on all fours, but descends even further. Her head touches the ground as her arms wrap over her head making her looks like a pill as she pulls her body closer together.

Everyone gives her an incredulous look. Instead of flaunting her strength and fame, Senna goes into complete despair. Her reaction confused every single one of them. Anahid crouches down and pats Senna's back. "Why are you unhappy? You will get a lot of respect from other adventurers this way. It's better than the 'White Cleaning Maid' title they use now."

"…on't want…" Senna's muffled voice comes out as she remains in her position. "I already get too much attention because of how I look. I would rather keep my strength a secret."

They look at each other unsure of what to say. Senna's thinking is the complete opposite of theirs. If they have an incredible skill, they would brag and flaunt it in front of their peers. As the family thinks about what to say, Bernard speaks up first. He gives her a strong smack on the back while laughing. "Too late." Senna groans unable to retort.

Anahid has conflicted look. Unable to console Senna, she decides to be honest with Senna. "He's right. You can't really hide it at this point. You will have to make the most of it."

"You draw attention regardless. It just changes from a mocking one to a more respectful one." Davor adds. Anahid glares at his lack of tact.

“Uuuu…” Senna moans at their talk. She stays curled up for several minutes despite the others cajoling her. Reluctantly standing up, she cleans herself off as everyone leaves the house.

Author's Note
Originally, I had planned on Chapter 11 being the last chapter for the Goblin Incident, buttt I got a little too into Senna acting silly. XD

The Status Table is a bit weird with the Show Skills button outside of the table, but it doesn't accept it being inside of the table. So I'm stuck leaving it as is.

If I'm lucky, I can finish writing Chapter 12 quickly and finish up this event. I can't personally call it an arc since it seems way too short for that. Take care~


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