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In That Moment of Suffering Chapter 13 – Elementals

Chapter 13. I'm tired. XD Multiple releases are difficult. Author's note at the end~

Chapter 13 – Elementals

Senna wakes after recovering her magic power. She tries to convince Anahid to head back home first, but Anahid adamantly refuses to leave her alone. Senna uses her best puppy dog eyes to plead with Anahid, but Anahid remains adamant in staying with her. “I understand. Please keep quiet about this then. I would like to keep some trump cards in case something happens.”

“Fine.” Anahid sighs at her strange sister.

Senna sits down and looks through her skills. {First is Detection. Why did it fail to find all those Goblins?}

[Detection] Level 4
Able to detect all presences in a 30 meter range (at the same height as the user) with clear detail. Detection range above and below limited to one meter. Magic must be used in conjunction to increase the vertical range of the spell and to detect concealed presences.
Current Detection Skills: [Presence] Lv 6, [Magic] Lv 3, [Enemy] Lv 4, [Danger] Lv 4

{[Presence Detection] should have the highest range. But it still didn’t help much.}

 [Presence Detection] Level 6
Able to detect all presences in 200 meter range. Restrictions in [Detection] also apply. Due to the level difference between [Detection] and [Presence Detection], only general direction can be determined from organisms. Without focusing, it is difficult to detect presences without the supplement of other skills.

{That explains a lot. Is there something I missed for [Blood Manipulation]?}

Blood Manipulation
You have an almighty skill in manipulating blood. The flow of blood moves however you wish. A large amount of YOUR OWN blood can be controlled for a near negligible amount of MP. Consumption changes depending on the volume of blood and degree of intricate control desired.
Note: Controlling foreign blood consumes more MP compared to your own.

Senna smacks herself in the face. {Ahhh…… I’m an idiot. No wonder my magic drained so quickly during the battle. I thought I was just unskilled.}

“Are you okay?” Anahid patiently waits with Senna watching her surroundings.

“I’m fine.” Senna replies. {I can take the time to study the finer details for my [Skills] in my room. No point forcing Anahid to wait around when I’m just reading. Now for Tempest.}

Senna places a bag next to Anahid and fills it with Health and Magic potions. Anahid silently watches her sister wondering what she’s doing. Senna backs away after filling the bag.

“Remember. This is a secret.” Senna motions to Anahid to keep quiet.

“I know. What are you planning?” Anahid replies with a bit of irritation.

“Summoning? I guess?” Senna tilts her head unsure of her own response. “I was desperate last time, so hopefully it works again.”

“Summoning?” Anahid looks at Senna with some amazement.

“Yep. Please don’t interfere. I’ll ask for help if I need it.” (Senna)

“I find that hard to believe.” Anahid mutters quietly.

Senna gives a wry smile, but doesn’t respond as she clasps her hands together in a prayer. She takes a deep breath as she speaks as loud as possible. “Spirit of the Wind, please come forth! I wish to repay you for your previous assistance!” She releases her magical power from her body glowing a faint blue allowing the magic dissipates into the air.

“Spirit of the Wind? Sis…” Anahid looks at Senna with confusion. She has never heard of a spirit of Wind from any magician. The idea that Senna has some damage to her mental condition from the last incident forces Anahid to speak up. Before she can interrupt Senna, a strong gale appears forcing her to shut her eyes.

The gale winds collect in front of Senna. Senna is barely able to keep her eyes open as the wind stings her eyes. A small tornado forms in front of Senna. A human torso forms in the center of the tornado as the wind collects forming the arms and head of the spirit. Senna’s eyes widen seeing the naked upper body of the female Wind Spirit in front of her. Her long hair dances wildly in the center of the collected wind.

Senna stops herself from staring and bows to the spirit. “It’s nice to…” Before she can continue speaking, the ground starts to rumble disturbing her balance. Senna turns her gaze to the side where a large collection of magic begins to form. The ground cracks as earth and rock begin to float in the air. Senna tightens her fist as a large brown golem forms from the floating material. On the side, Anahid pulls out her daggers preparing for battle.

Earth Elemental
21540 years old
A collection of the <Earth> element that controls everything related to its element. He rarely reveals himself to other humans focusing on improving the land so that other organisms can thrive in their respective areas.

Wind Elemental
22170 years old
A collection of the <Wind> element that controls everything related to its element. Sibling to Quartz and the other Elementals. She rarely reveals herself to human beings, but has taken an interest in Senna. She spends her time controlling the air flow on Remia to prevent the air from stagnating.

Senna gives a sigh of relief seeing the name. She turns her attention back to Tempest. “Your friend?” Tempest nods. Senna bows to both of them. “It’s a pleasure to meet you both.” Senna motions to Anahid to relax. Anahid reluctantly lowers her daggers to her side, but continues to grip them by her side.

Senna faces Tempest again. “Well let me start from the top. My name is Senna Galstyan. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much for saving me during that battle.”

“It’s fine.” Tempest speaks with a mature feminine voice. “I helped you on a whim.”

“Nevertheless, I’m alive because of you. So thank you.” Senna bows deeply. “To be honest, I know nothing about calling spirits or elementals, such as yourself. I am unsure of what to do as payment for the summoning. Magic power?”

“No need.” Tempest asks.

“Something else then?” Senna suggests. Tempest shakes her head.

“The air is still ripe with your blood. With that display, payment is sufficient.” Tempest approaches Senna until they are face to face. Her body suddenly leans back as the base of her miniature tornado is aimed directly at Senna’s heart. With a thrust, her body pierces into Senna’s chest. Senna’s eyes widen at the attack, but doesn’t resist. She decides to let Tempest do as she pleases since Senna’s [Danger Detection] remains inactive despite concentrating her magic into it. Anahid panics seeing the attack and readies her dagger, but Quartz stands in between them.

“Damn you!” Anahid glares hatefully at Quartz ready to fight to the death. She pauses when she sees Senna waving her hand telling her to stop.

“Sis, I’m fine. Relax.” Senna calls out with a relaxed tone. Anahid reluctantly lowers her weapon again.

“Are you okay?” Anahid asks.

“Yes. It feels extremely weird, but it doesn’t hurt me at all.” Senna replies nonchalantly.

“…Fine. Tell me if something happens.” Anahid reluctantly relents.

“Okay~” Senna finishes talking with Anahid and focuses on Tempest’s actions. She shuts her eyes and follows its movement in her body.  She feels the tornado course through her body making its way to her magic core. Tempest pierces into Senna’s core injecting her own energy into Senna. She removes her body from Senna leaving behind a green colored tattoo in the shape of a breeze on  the interior of Senna’s core. Senna examines her body, but doesn’t find an external wound. “Um…”

“Finished.” Tempest mutters. A window pops up in time with her voice.

You have obtained the [Wind Elemental’s Blessing]. Tempest has taken a liking to your actions and conduct. Keep in mind that irritating Tempest will cause her to retract her Blessing.

Your ability to use <Wind Magic> requires a quarter of the normal MP cost. On rare occasions, Tempest may come herself to amplify your spell’s potency.

Senna tilts her head reading the message. She looks at the calmly floating Wind Elemental. “Um… Thank you for your blessing. Did I do something to earn it? I thought we were discussing payment for the initial summoning?”

“Your control of the wind was impressive. Payment has been fulfilled.” Tempest answers.

“…But I don’t remember repaying you in any way?” Senna answers with an uneasy look. “…And I think you can find magicians with far higher skills than me.”

“The blood you spilled earlier is sufficient for the payment. Your skill is only one factor. You interest me. That is the most important thing. I would not appear if you didn’t.” Tempest answers.

“……Okay… Then if you don’t mind me asking, where does your sibling come into play? I only remember calling you for repayment.” Senna looks at the idle Earth elemental standing near Anahid.

“I brought him here. Interesting humans are rare. I wish to see if you can earn his blessing.” Tempest answers.

“…I see. Um… It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Senna.” Senna bows to the large earth golem.

“I know.” Quartz grunts. “Hit me with your best spell.” He hits his chest full of confidence.

Senna looks at Tempest with mixed feelings. She nods back to Senna. “Understood. I only know <Earth Shot>, but here goes.” Senna calmly chants the incantation releasing a large amount of magic from her body. A small mountain of rock forms in the air above Senna.

“Wow.” Anahid blankly mutters staring at Senna’s magic.

Releasing even more magic power, Senna focuses on the spell compressing all the excess soil. Originally the size of a covered wagon, it continues to shrink down in size. Senna continues to release more magic compressing the soil hardening it to be as sturdy as steel. The compression ends once the soil forms a long spear. Gripping the specially created <Earth Shot> in her hand, Senna looks at Quartz. “Well here I go!” Quartz nods, his eyes filled with glee.

Senna pulls her hand back and twists her body. She steps forward throwing the spear with all her might. The spear rockets towards the idle Earth Elemental. He makes no attempt to dodge as the spear touches his body sinking into his skin. The spear is quickly absorbed as the force of the attack forms a hole through its body exiting with a loud boom, as if he was passing gas. Quartz’s body automatically closes the hole completely unfazed from the attack. “I guess I should have realized that would happen.” Senna mutters with a dry laugh.

“Good. Powerful.” Quartz laughs. “Now let’s play.”

“Play? In what sense?” Senna tilts her head asking. As she speaks, multiple vines shoot out of the ground coiling around Senna’s legs. The vines wrap around her entire body lifting her lower body up forcing her upper body to tilt down towards the ground. Both of her arms are bound over her head as several vines rip her clothes groping her modest chest. Senna calmly watches the vines bind her without resisting.

“Hahahah. How’s that? Embarrassed?” Quartz laughs as a vine enters Senna’s mouth and forces its way down her throat.

“Mmph pha furaps phis…” Senna tries to talk when but only sounds of gibberish come out.

“What?” Quartz retracts the vine from Senna’s mouth seeing her calm expression.

“Fua. I said are the vines part of your body or something? Isn’t it boring to just watch like that?” Senna replies calmly.

“Oi! Aren’t you embarrassed or something? You’re being defiled here.” Quartz asks with astonishment.

“Embarrassment?” Senna tilts her head. “Am I supposed to be? I can fake it if that’s what you want?” Quartz stares at her in astonishment.

“Pu…HAHAHAHAHA.” Senna turns her head to see Tempest clutching her stomach laughing. Behind her, Anahid is frantically cutting at a wall of wind trying to save Senna.

“And? Are you going to rape me? If so, I would like to tell my sister to stop trying to attack.” Senna calmly asks Quartz.

Quartz grinds its stony mouth shooting a glare at Tempest. “Fine! You’re right!” He yells at his sister before returning his attention to Senna. Manipulating the vines, they stop groping Senna in a perverted fashion. The vines completely release Senna’s upper body floating some distance away as if she was surrounded by a group of snakes. Stone spearheads form at the tip of each vine aiming directly at Senna’s chest. He grins with a triumphant look at Senna.

Senna stares at Quartz, but her [Danger Detection] remains inactive. {It’s a prank hopefully? Unless my skills are failing again.}  She glances at Tempest with a trace of worry, but relaxes seeing her calm gaze. Senna gives a simple sigh staring back at Quartz.

He grunts with annoyance directing the vines. They thrust forward piercing into Senna’s chest and back. Anahid frantically tries to break through the Wind barrier. Tears run down her face as she screams, but the barrier prevents her voice from being transmitted.

Senna feels the vines move towards her core marking the wall in the same fashion as Tempest. On her core is a yellow tattoo forms in the shape of a stone with a growing sprout.

You have obtained the [Earth Elemental’s Blessing]. Quartz has noticed you to be a giant spoil sport. Your actions and conduct have earned you this Blessing. Keep in mind, displeasing Quartz will cause it to retract its blessing.

Your ability to use <Earth Magic> requires a quarter of the normal MP cost. On rare occasions, Quartz may come himself to amplify your spell potency, provided you allow him to play with your body.

Senna looks at the [Status] screen with a bitter look. “Thank you.” She mutters. Quartz turns his head away with irritation. Senna turns to Tempest. “May I ask what things will end up displeasing the two of you?”

““Arrogance.”” The two elementals answer simultaneously.

“My personality or not offering magic to the elements?” Senna asks.

““Both.”” They answer again.

“I see. If I only pretend to be arrogant in front of some people, is that okay?” Senna continues to ask. They both nod. “Then I’ll do my best to be careful about irritating you. Another question, for the blessing, do you have to pierce my chest like that?”

“Because we need to reach your core.” Tempest asks.

“Can’t you do it discreetly though?” (Senna)

““It’s no fun that way.”” They answer again in synchronization. Senna desperately holds herself back from facepalming.

“The groping part is?” Senna meekly asks.

“Because he’s perverted that way.” Tempest asks.

“Of course.” She rolls her eyes.

“Since you’re near the sea, you should greet our sister for her blessing.” Tempest points to the seaside.

“After I recover first. Today’s been too taxing.” Senna replies.

Tempest nods allowing her body to disperse in the wind. Quartz does the same returning to the earth. They disappear quickly and quietly without leaving a trace. Anahid runs overs when the wind barrier finally breaks down.

“Sis!! Are you okay?!” Anahid grabs Senna in a large bear hug.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. I just have to change my clothes again since they got destroyed.” Senna pats her sister on the back.

“Is that really true?! You were stabbed so many times!!” Anahid looks at Senna with tears running down her face.

“I’m fine. They… just have a weird sense of humor so they’re pranks went a bit too far.” (Senna)

“What were those things?” (Anahid)

“Intelligent magical beings? That’s probably the closest explanation to what they are.” Senna separates from the hug leading Anahid back to town. She tries to console Anahid as she continues to be barrage with questions from her worried sister.



A black haired human male, with a large red cloak over his body, enters the <Glade Forest>. “I wonder if they will conquer the city soon. Once they reproduce, I’ll have my army at my grasp and show them who’s best. HAHAHAHA!!!” The man laughs evilly. He chants an incantation as he goes deeper into the forest. “<Shadow Transformation>” His shadow forms multiple black hands as they twists around his body. His body becomes wrapped in darkness as the shape reforms. The spell reshapes the man’s body increasing his height and stature. Emerging from the darkness is a black skinned Ogre with thick muscles wielding a large great sword. He stomps his feet as he walks as if announcing his presence to every organism in the vicinity.

He involuntarily freezes when he enters the clearing of the former Goblin Village. “WHERE IS THE VILLAGE?!”

The ogre searches throughout the clearing for a trace of the Goblin Village, but all traces have long been removed after the previous incident. He yells several times in anger, but finds no trace of the Goblins. In his rage, he topples down several trees in the process.

Resting on a broken tree trunk, he eventually calms down. “Calm down. They must have taken over the town already. Yeah. That’s right. What am I worrying about? I trained those Goblins to be hardened warriors. Some pathetic adventurers wouldn’t be able to take them down that easily.”

The man leave the forest still maintaining his Ogre disguise. Walking towards <Timberharbor>, he encounters several Goblins that scatter upon encountering him. He stops when he sees <Timberharbor> in the distance. {Why are there people?!} He restrains the urge to yell at the top of his lungs.

Dispelling his magic, he returns to his normal appearance. He casually enters town without making a ruckus. As he walks through the town, he grinds his teeth seeing the cheery atmosphere. Asking for directions, he enters the tavern next to the Adventurer’s Guild. He ignores the rowdy customers and sits down at the counter.

“What will you have?” The barkeep asks him.

“Ale.” The man mutters. The barkeep nods and returns in a few moments with his drink. The man calmly drinks his liquor. When he finishes half of his drink, he speaks up. “Barkeep, tell me has anything odd happened in the forest nearby?”

“There are multiple forests nearby. You’ll have to be more specific.” The barkeep answers.

“The one with Goblins and Horned Rabbits.” (Man)

“The <Glade Forest>? Mmm… nope. Nothing significant.” The barkeep responds. The man clenches his cup tightly.

“Oi, barkeep. I think he wants to know about the Goblin Village.” A male adventurer at the counter yells out next to him.

His attention peaks. He turns to the adventurer. “Goblin Village? Tell me.”

“Oh. Hahaha.” The adventurer pauses from the man’s heated response giving a short chuckle. “A year ago, a Goblin Village with Ogres and Hobgoblins was discovered.” The man’s eyes glittered listening to the adventurer. “The Guild gathered a large group to subjugate village.” The man secretly scoffs knowing the strength of the Goblins. “Before we could leave town, the head of the <Pact of Ambition> came back and told us the entire village had been slaughtered by the <White Angel>. Hahaha.”

The man’s jaw drops listening to the adventurer’s talk. “Wait! Wait! Who are the <Pact of Ambition> and this <White Angel>?” He grips the Adventurer’s clothes demanding answers.

“Oh. You from out of town? Let go of me first.” The Adventurer pushes away the excessively close man. “The <Pact of Ambition> is the strongest clan in the town. They’re frequently taking on high rank missions and protecting the town. The <White Angel> is one of their members and easily the oddest one in town. A girl with long white hair. She loves cooking and cleaning resembling a housekeeper more than anything. She went to forest to forage some herbs and encountered the Goblins in the village. In the end, she annihilated every single one of them. BUHAHAHA!”

The adventurer bursts out laughing as he tells the story, but the man becomes increasingly irritated. “Oi, that’s not fair to the Goblins. They never had a chance.” The barkeep interrupts the adventurer’s laughter.

“HAHA!! That’s true!” The man slaps the countertop. “The <White Angel> could wipe the floor with thousands of Goblins without breaking a sweat.” He continues to laugh boisterously, not noticing the man glaring daggers at him. Unable to restrain himself, the man pounces on the adventurer. His eyes are bloodshot as he strangles the adventurer.

“OI!!!” The barkeep and several customers jump out of their seat and jump on the man. They attempt to pull him away from the adventurer, but are unable to break his grip. A wooden mug flies through the air, crashing into the man’s face. The man’s grip is broken as they hurriedly pull the adventurer away from him.

“What the hell are you guys doing?!” A female voice yells. Some of the men turns towards the voice and see a pregnant Anahid entering the bar with Davor, Rache, and Bernard in tow.

“HAHAHA!!!” The man gives a mad laugh restrained by the people in the bar. His bloodshot eyes and disheveled look adds to his madness. “This isn’t the last time you see me. I’ll make sure everyone of you die a terrible death!! Especially that damn <WHITE ANGEL>!!! I’LL MAKE SURE SHE DIES A MISERABLE DEATH FOR KILLING MY PRECIOUS GOBLINS!!!” Black fog bursts out from the man’s robe.

Rache reacts quickly and uses <Wind Magic> to sweep away the black fog. But by the time the fog disperses, the man has completely disappeared.

“What the hell…?” Anahid mutters. She looks at the others, but everyone in the tavern is equally baffled by the turn of events.

Author's Note
This chapter is excessively random and meant to be with the previous chapter, but I couldn't stop myself from justifying the groping part in some way. The influence of my inner pervert.

Anyways, this chapter marks the end of the Goblin Village event. The SS event is for much further down the line. When it fully comes into play is still undecided on my end.

Also, minor spoiler for interested parties.

Before Senna leaves Timberharbor: 1/3 events complete~


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