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In That Moment of Suffering Chapter 22 - Dealing with Innar

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Chapter 22 – Dealing with Innar

After dinner, Oller approaches Senna. “Senna…what…” Oller mumbles his question unsure of what to ask.

“You want a hint for the second reason to hate Innar?” Senna smiles anticipating the question. Oller nods. “Like I said. It wouldn’t be appropriate to talk about other people’s problems.” Senna motions to Helen.

“Helen?” Oller looks at Senna with confusion.

“Yep. You don’t know. And it’s not my place to say. If you want to know, you should properly speak to her.” Oller has a reluctant look as he moves his gaze back and forth between Helen and Senna. His curiosity gets the better of him as he walks over to Helen. Senna returns to washing her dishes.

“H-Helen.” Oller stutters standing in front of Helen.

“Yes?” Helen looks up at Oller.

His heart goes aflutter looking at the red haired girl in front of him. His mind blanks out looking at her upturned gaze. “……Um……” His face turns beet red as he stands awkwardly in front of her. Helen tilts her head wondering what’s wrong. “S-Senna…”

“Ah. Does Senna need me? Okay. I’ll go talk to her.” Helen stands up and starts to walk away.

“W-wait.” Oller grabs Helen’s hand. His face turns crimson as he hurriedly lets go.

“Yes?” Helen looks at Oller confused.

“S-Senna said to talk to you…About me… hating Innar.” He forces out the sentence feeling overwhelmed in her presence.

“Why you should hate him?” Helen goes silent thinking about possible reasons. Eventually she shakes her head coming up with nothing new. “Sorry, I have no idea… Other than trying to kill us. I can’t think of anything.”

“Oh?” An equally confused look appears on Oller’s face.

“I’ll go speak to her.” Helen walks over to Senna. “Senna.”

Senna shows a bitter look as she stops what she’s doing. “Are you really that innocent? You really don’t get it?”

“No? What do I have to do with Oller hating Inner?” Helen can only reply with a blank look.

Senna sighs. “It’s simple. You hate Innar for doing that, right? It doesn’t have to be detailed, but mention it to Oller.”

“Why would I do that?!” Helen yells out inadvertently.

Senna shakes her head. “Because it’s significant. If you don’t want to tell him, then ask him to drop it.”

“I don’t understand why telling him that would be important…” Helen replies.

Senna shakes her head. “Your relationship with him is not something for me to speak about. It’s personal information that should come from the related parties.”

“Relationship?” Helen asks. In the silence, her face heats up as she realizes the meaning. “H-H-He’s not. I-I’m not.”

“Like I said. It’s not my business. I have already stuck my head too much into your business. Anymore would be a breach of etiquette.” Senna replies. She puts away the last of her dishes and walks away leaving the two of them alone.

“……” Helen walks back to Oller hanging her head.

“What h-happened?” Oller asks.

“I’m sorry. Give me a minute.” Helen shakes her head. Her face is flushed red as she looks Oller.

“O-Ok.” Oller patiently waits for Helen to speak.

“Senna… wanted me to tell you… about when… Innar hurt me……” Helen hangs her head afraid of looking Oller in the eye.

“…What?” Oller’s brow furrows as he sternly stares at Helen. “When?! Are you okay?!” He grips onto Helen’s shoulders shaking her.

“I-I’m fine! Please stop shaking me!” Helen head bobs up and down as she yells out. Oller snaps out of his rage and lets go of Helen. “Haaa…” Brushing the hair from her mouth, she looks again at Oller. His face filled with worry. “I’m fine… It was a while ago… But I don’t want to talk about it.”

“…Are you sure?” Oller asks.

“Yes. I’m fine. It was just traumatic. I would rather not remember.” Helen replies. “Senna could probably be more specific.”

“Mnn. I’ll do that.” Oller replies. He walks away from the campsite to go look for Senna. He quickly finds Senna waiting for him.

“Hi~ Do you really not know what happened?” Senna greets him with a carefree tone.

“She told you about Innar forcing himself on her?” Oller replies.

“So you do know! It looks like you’re not as innocent as her. Though, you’re equally as dense if you couldn’t pick up on it until it was mentioned. With that idiot’s behavior, it’s really obvious what can happen.” Senna replies annoyed at the inner workings of their group.

“He promised not to…” Oller mumbles to himself.

“Ahhh… Is that why you were so oblivious? I mentioned it earlier didn’t I? He looks out for himself and his desires first and foremost. Why would he consider keeping his word when he thinks that he’s so superior over everybody else?” Senna looks at Oller with a stern expression. {Though I had help from my [Analysis] skill, Innar is one tracked enough that his behavior is really obvious.} “Well I only mentioned this entire thing so you can reevaluate your friendship with him. He only cares about himself and expects you to die for him without any benefit from his end. Surely you realize how unfair that is?”

“…” Oller grimaces listening to Senna’s lecture.

Senna sighs seeing his silent gaze. “I’m not saying you have to do anything. Just think about what you’ve done with your life and how he has treated you. And ask yourself ‘is it really worth it to keep going like this?’” She slaps his back. “Okay. Let’s go back to camp. It isn’t safe to randomly wander.” The two of them walk back to camp. Oller walks in a daze heavily in thought. Senna rests against the tree and quickly falls asleep. Oller and Helen keep watch heavily in thought.

During the night, Oller wanders over to where the unconscious Innar lays. Still wearing his steel glove, he swings his fist down onto Innar’s face. A hand intercepts his fist stopping his swing. He turns at sees Senna smiling as she grips his hand. “I get that you’re mad. But I think his parents deserve the first strike.”

He silently stares at Senna. She stares at him back with a simple smile. “……Fine.” He reluctantly sighs. Senna releases his hand.

“I’ll take over the watch. Go ahead and sleep.” Senna comments. He stumbles into his tent, still heavy in thought.

The next morning, Senna sees the Oller and Helen sporting large bags under their eyes. Senna creates three platforms this time, one for the unconscious siblings, one for Oller and one for Helen. She hands them pillows since they obviously had not slept. They set up traveling quickly by Senna’s spell. The exhaustion gets the better of them as Oller and Helen sleep during the ride. By the time, the sun has reached its peak. They spot the city in the horizon.

Ending the spell, they walk the last leg of the trip to avoid drawing too much attention. Oller graciously accepts carrying the unconscious siblings. They head towards the west side of town with Senna leading the way.

“Senna, aren’t we going the wrong way? The noble’s district is on the east side of town. This area is closer to the slums.” Helen asks.

“Nope. Fallen noble remember?” Senna stops in front of a simple, poor looking home. The roof is rotting in several places, while the door is broken in on the top and bottom.

After knocking on the door, a blonde haired woman opens the door. “Yes?”

“Hello. I’m looking for Mr. Eves. Is this his home?” Senna smiles and bows to the woman.

“Yes. My husband is here. Just one second. Dear!” The woman calls out into the home.

A grizzled blonde haired man appears. He gives off an intimidating aura with his scowling, scarred face. “Yes?”

“Hello Mr. Eves. My name is Senna. I recently went on an expedition with your children and his friends. I wanted to give a detailed account of all the trouble he has caused.” Senna puts on a sincere business smile as she points out the unconscious siblings.

Mr. Eves’ frown deepens as he looks at his children. “Come in.” The three of them step into the room and see the home to be far more broken down than the exterior. The floor and walls are heavily rotting, while the furniture is considerably worn down. Mr. and Mrs. Eves sit down at the table. Senna takes the siblings from Oller and dumps them roughly on the ground. As Senna takes a seat, the floor breaks under the siblings’ weight, kicking up a cloud of dust. An awkward silence fills the room as the dust clears staring at the unconscious two stuck into the hole in the floor. Helen and Oller sit down reluctantly. “What did they do?” Mr. Eves asks immediately.

“In regards to myself, I have two complaints. First, they tried to kill their friends to obtain treasure that was out of their reach. Second, they nearly angered a particularly powerful being that could have killed us all.” Senna answers. The Eves’ expressions become grimmer listening to Senna talk.

Helen tugs on Senna’s sleeve whispering to her ear. “…Senna aren’t you forgetting one?”

“Hmm? …You mean attempting to rape me. That’s not really an issue since I made him suffer from various poisons multiple times. But it would be a serious issue if he attempts to rape other women.” Senna speaks loud enough for the Eves to hear every word. Helen panics trying to cover Senna’s mouth, but fails when Senna restrains her hand.

““We apologize for their behavior.”” Mr. and Mrs. Eves solemnly apologize.

“I was lucky to defuse the situation, but I think you should focus your apologies on these two that almost died.” Senna points to Helen and Oller.

““We’re very sorry.”” They apologize again to Helen and Oller. “When you said other women, did you mean?” Mr. Eves looks at Helen and directs a question at Senna.

“…Yes. He threatened to have my house burned down if I didn’t cooperate.” Helen reluctantly admits.

“I’m so very, very sorry!” Mrs. Eves profusely apologizes.

“I’m sorry to you too. You’ve been a good friend to Innar.” Mr. Eves comments.

“Mnph.” Oller mumbles a grunt.

“By the way, I’ve noticed something odd. Their attire and equipment compared to your home is quite different.” Senna interrupts their apologies.

“Yes. They picked up the worst of their grandfather’s pride and occasionally sell some of their great-grandfather’s heirlooms.” Mrs. Eves replies.

“Is that really all?” Senna raises her eyebrow looking at them. “I asked a regular at the restaurant I worked at to investigate their funds.” Senna flicks a folded sheet of paper across the table. “It’s quite amazing.”

21st day of 4th Month, Year XXXX – Borrowed 100,000 Triton

28st day of 4th Month, Year XXXX – Borrowed 50,000 Triton

5th day of 5th Month, Year XXXX – Paid 75,000 Triton

6th day of 5th Month, Year XXXX – Borrowed 100,000 Triton

10th day of 5th Month, Year XXXX – Paid 50,000 Triton

11st day of 5th Month, Year XXXX – Borrowed 300,000 Triton

17th day of 5th Month, Year XXXX – Borrowed 550,000 Triton

21st day of 5th Month, Year XXXX – Borrowed 750,000 Triton

Total Owed: 1,725,000 Triton
Full Payment due 10th day of 6th Month, Year XXXX.

Mr. And Mrs. Eves pale at the contents of the paper. In barely one month’s worth of time, Innar and Kristel somehow managed to spend enough money for a single person to live leisurely for 172 years. Mr. Eves catches his wife as she faints. Seeing such extreme spending happen behind his back, Mr. Eves feels like passing out from the sheer thought of the money owed.

Senna waits silently for some time before speaking up. “I’m sorry for pushing you in this type of time.” Mr. Eves is pulled from his thoughts as he looks at Senna. Senna motions to Oller and Helen. “I promised the two of them a chance to beat up your children to clear their grievances. But I figured you needed to go first.”

“Ah…” Mr. Eves waves his hand lifelessly. “Go ahead.”

“Then enjoy.” Senna smiles urging Helen and Oller.

They both shake their heads. “I can’t do that! It’s too awkward.” Helen glances at Mr. and Mrs. Eves with an uneasy look. Helen looks at Senna and speaks up on impulse. “Then Senna! You do it!”

“…Are you sure?” Senna asks. Helen nods firmly. “Well I don’t mind, but I’m not planning to really be merciful.” Helen nods again.

Senna stands and condenses magic in the form of ropes. She hangs Innar’s hands above his head and ties his legs to the ground. “Well if there are no objections, I plan to painfully castrate him.” She glances at Mr. Eves to see if she objects. Mr. Eves has a bitter look as he tries to decide if he should interfere, but he ultimately sighs and looks away. “Okay then.”

Senna rips off part of Innar’s sleeve and jams it in his mouth. She confirms that he cannot accidentally bite his tongue and end his torment early. She pulls down his pants to his knees. Grabbing some rope, she ties the bottom of his cloth underwear. Senna opens a vial of <Blood Aconite> and pours a small amount into a larger bottle before diluting it with water. Stretching Innar’s underwear, she dumps the mixture directly inside. Satisfied, she puts the bottle away and sits down.

“…Is that it?” Mr. Eves blurts out after watching Senna.

“It starts now.” Senna points to Innar. Muffled groans come from Innar as he shakes his hips around. He occasionally thrusts his hips back and forth making it an odd spectacle. “I gave these two a brief description already when we were travelling. The poison will slowly dissolve his manhood until it’s a pool of blood. Normally, it wouldn’t take even a half a minute to dissolve, but I decided it would be more interesting to weaken it to about an hour. I’ll be sure to clean it off when it’s done, so there’s no harm to his life.”

They quietly listen to Senna, but Oller and Mr. Eves shiver at the maliciously calm tone in Senna’s voice.

“Regarding your daughter, I’m not planning to do anything.” Senna takes a quick glance at Helen before continuing, but Helen does not raise any objections. “I’m not sure what you plan to do about their debt. Whether it’s working them to the bone or even selling them, it would best I avoid leaving any lasting damage and create any problems for you. Though I’m going this far with him…” Senna points to Innar’s lower body. “…Purely because the world would be better off without numerous spoiled little Innars running about in the future.”

Mr. Eves mumbles a grunt as he looks at Innar. Innar squirms in pain moving his hips in every direction. He still remains unconscious because of Senna’s potent sleeping medicine, but gradually shifts from moaning to screaming in pain. The group silently watches Innar squirm, but only Senna remains completely calm ignoring his actions as she reads a book. The others are expectedly uncomfortable watching the scene as Innar’s pain becomes more apparent and step outside the home to escape from the noise.

After the hour passes, Senna unties Innar’s underwear letting the blood and <Blood Aconite> poison spill to the ground. She pours water down his pants clearing away the remaining poison. Finishing her work, she dispels the magic ropes and tosses Innar back on top of the unconscious Kristel.

“I’m done. We should take our leave now.” Senna says calmly. She motions for Helen and Oller to leave.

“Right……” Mr. Eve mutters unable to meet Senna’s gaze.

“Oh right. They’ll be asleep for another full day, so you have time to think your current situation. Also, you might want to question them about how they paid back some of that money. Selling off some heirlooms should not get them that much money.” Senna adds as she stands in front of the door.

“……” Mr. Eves pales at the thought.

“Unfortunately, I cannot help you pay back such a large amount. However, I can ask my acquaintance to focus on getting the money from those two and avoid bothering you. You and your wife already have a difficult enough of a life from what I’ve seen.”

“…I would be very grateful.” Mr. Eves lowers his head to Senna. The three of them depart from the Eves home. Mr. Eves gives a long sigh before shutting the door.

Senna and Helen go off to handle repaying Helen’s loan. On Senna’s insistence, she has the loan transferred to her. She pays off Helen’s loan using a portion of the money she earned in the restaurant. Even paying 100,000 Tritons, Senna barely uses 10% of her total assets. Afterwards, they speak for some time to arrange a schedule for Helen to gradually repay the money Senna spent. Senna acts very casually about the repayment to allow Helen to care for her ill mother. Helen argues back wanting to repay Senna quickly, but is forced to relent when Senna brings up food and supplies to survive.  They part after finalizing an agreement and head home to rest.

The next day, Senna finishes giving a detailed report to the Guildmaster about what happened. Both Vermer and Maria were extremely uneasy listening to Senna talk about such a powerful being living nearby. They both give a large sigh of relief hearing that the Lich King had left with no signs of returning.

“AHHHHH!!! THERE YOU ARE!!! YOU BITCH!!!” After exiting the Guildmaster’s office, Senna looks up and sees a blade aimed directly at her head. Catching the blade, she snaps it at the hilt.

Gripping the broken blade, Senna looks at the frenzied Innar. “Did you need something? We no longer need to associate you know?”

“It’s your fault!!! It’s your fault we’re stuck with this debt!!! It’s your fault we have to work!!! I’s your fault I’ve lost my MANHOOD!!!” Innar yells. Everyone in the guild stops to stare at the open and brazen attack. Some men look between Innar and Senna when the word ‘manhood’ is spoken.

“My fault? You’re the one that freely spent borrowed money like water. I didn’t use a single Triton of your ‘money’.” Senna tilts her head. “As for your…’manhood’” Senna sneers at him infuriating him further. “…I think you completely deserve it.”

Innar punches at Senna’s face, but she catches it effortlessly. She twists his arm behind his back and performs a sweep kick knocking him off his feet. Senna calmly sits on his back while still restraining his arm. “It’s your fault!!! You monopolized all the treasure!!! You couldn’t accept a man as great as my great self!!! Everything is YOUR FAULT!!!”

Senna sighs. “Let’s get things straight.” She talks loud enough for everyone to hear her. “You, an E-ranked adventurer with barely one week of combat experience, decided to pick a fight with two B ranked monster. What amazes me is that you decide to backstab and try to kill two of your four party members mid-battle. And they are your only reason for turning the battle in your favor, while your skills are purely reckless.”

“Keh! I can beat those trashy monsters by myself!!! I don’t need anyone else!! And get off me you trashy BITCH!!!” Innar continues to exude pure arrogance despite the situation.

“That’s the thing. You can’t. Your level isn’t even in the high 10’s, and you think you can pick a fight with two monsters three times your level?” Senna declares. A few adventurers laugh loudly listening to Senna. Many are whispering, while openly showing their disgust towards Innar. “Without even ending the battle, you alone try to pick a fight with a monster that could annihilate the entire <Pact of Ambition> with a single attack. If I didn’t interfere and bring all of you away, you wouldn’t even be alive right now.” A collective gasp is heard from every spectator.

“Heh. You are just trash if a monster like that makes you run away. It should just bow before my feet!!!” Innar yells out. He does not even notice everyone’s disgusted gaze towards him.

“So you’re saying that you’re better than an entire group of A ranked adventurers.” Senna scoffs at his unrestrained arrogance. {It’s a wonder he’s even alive this long.}

“Of course!! Everyone here is just trash!!! They should just grovel at my feet!!!” Innar yells looking at all the spectating adventurers. In response, several adventurers break cups and chairs in anger.

Ignoring them, Senna continues. “As for your ‘manhood’, I think it’s far better for everyone that you lost it. Your pride is a bit too high, especially if you are raping women with borrowed money and authority.”

“Don’t you dare slander me you BITCH!!! My family’s far greater than yours!!! You women deserve to spread their legs before me!!!” Innar yells. Numerous chairs are knocked over as many female adventurers stand up.

Numerous adventurers stand up and walk over to the two of them. “Oi. <White Angel> let me get a hit in.” One of the adventurers asks Senna.

“Sure. No killing though. I don’t want to waste that much magic on him.” Senna responds letting go of Innar. Stepping to the side, Innar jumps up and is immediately slammed down by an adventurer. Several of them begin to punch and kick Innar without restraint. A line of adventurers form waiting to beat up Innar. The line quickly extends outside the Guild drawing attention from people passing by.

“Punk. You think it’s that easy being an adventurer!”

“You’re just a spoiled brat!”

“Flaunting your money thinking your better than us.”

“I’ll show you who’s worthless!”

“Don’t insult my future wife?!”

“How dare you assault the [White Angel]?!”

“I’ll show you who should spread their legs!”

 “<Heal>” Senna throws in a healing spell occasionally as new adventurers take their turn beating Innar up. Adventurers come and go beating Innar up until they’re satisfied. Innar struggled for the first few minutes, but quickly lost consciousness from the pain. After an hour, Senna interrupts the adventurers. “Sorry to interrupt, but we need to return him.” Senna motions to Mr. Eves standing at the entrance. “His family has the biggest problems with him.”

The adventurers surrounding Innar give him a last hit before dispersing. Mr. Eves approaches Senna. “I’m really sorry for letting him escape.”

Senna shrugs healing Innar and hands him to Mr. Eves. “I tricked him into publicly destroying his reputation. It was a good show. So I won’t complain.” Mr. Eves thanks her again before leaving. {Now I don’t have to worry about the idiot since he will be under lock and key to pay off all that money. Finally, all the cleanup is done. I can focus on my own priorities now.}


  1. Thanks for the chapter. Also Innar probably deserved worse but now that his reputation is destroyed hes probably going to have bad things happen for if not the whole rest of his life, a good portion of it. Anyways Looking forward to more as always and since we got this chapter I assume there wont be another one this weekend? anyways have a fun Christmas or whatever December holiday you celebrate :D

    1. Thanks for reading! I do plan to do another chapter for the weekend. I kept the punishment pretty simple since I focused on the aspect that he'll have to suffer to pay off his debt.

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