Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In That Moment of Suffering Prologue 2

I was passionate about writing this story and ended up finishing Prologue 2 first. I've also name the series if you haven't noticed. The next prologue is the last one before the main storyline. My self insert and main character makes her appearance in this one. :)

I apologize for the dark tone and rape within this prologue. (There is an option to skip the rape/torture part.) The theme of the story does not match what will be seen in later chapters, at least not with what's been planned so far.
Also!! I do not support real rape or torture. Please do not copy any of the cruelty seen here.
More of an author's note below again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Story - In That Moment of Suffering Sypnosis, Tags

In That Moment of Suffering


Originally a slave, Senna experienced a never ending hell pleasing her cruel master. By sheer luck she assists an angel that arrives in her world by mistake. Their chance meeting breaks her away from her confinement and whisks her away to another world. Given unexpected freedom, Senna decides to live her life to the fullest and enjoy everything this new world of swords and magic has to offer her. Unfortunately, the scars of her past run very deep causing numerous problems for both Senna and the people around her.  

Tags: Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Transported to Another World, Game like elements, Mature content, Female MC, PTSD, Former Slave

*Will add more tags when I think them up and they apply 

In That Moment of Suffering Prologue 1

Prologue Part 1 of a new story. A prologue to a prologue in a sense. Title pending. This story is going to be more of a overused theme, but I felt like trying my hand using it.

Something simple to munch on for the time being. I'm still getting back into the writing groove. More detailed note after the chapter.

Warning: Haven't decided if this is a long term project or not. Will get all the prologue chapters out at least.