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In That Moment of Suffering Chapter 27 – Those Left Behind

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Back in <Timberharbor>, the town had calmed from the initial panic. Everyone was on high alert waiting for the demons to arrive. The guildmaster received the report from the scouting group with an especially grim look. “You’re absolutely certain it was her.” Vermer asks again.

“Yes sir. The nonsensical use of magic and the shining white hair makes her hard to miss.” One of the scouts from the <Pact of Ambition> replies.

“Fuck! That stupid idiot! What the hell is she doing engaging that many demons by herself?!” Vermer slams his fist down cracking his desk.

“With all due respect sir. I believe it was for the best.” The scout replies.

“What was that?!” Vermer yells at the scout.

“The demons retreated after capturing her. I think we should be lucky that they let us off by taking her. It’s better for everyone that they took that monster disguised as a human.” The scout explains. Vermer’s face flushes red listening to the scout talk.

“Moreover, that monster had trouble fighting against the demons. We wouldn’t have fared as well if we were to fight them. It’s only appropriate that that monster sacrificed herself to save us the trouble.” Vermer stands up unable to repress his anger any longer. He punches the scout directly in the face.

The scout had let his guard down talking to Vermer and took the full force of the blow. He stumbles back a few steps tripping over a chair behind him. Falling to the ground, he slams his head against the floor.

“Bastard! Is that how you talk about someone who sacrificed herself?!” Vermer yells at the unconscious scout.

Maria and Ellen run into the room. “Guildmaster! Is everything alright?”

“It’s fine. Ellen get this idiot out of here. Maria stay back a moment.” Vermer replies.

““Yes sir.”” The two reply. Ellen drags the scout out of the room shutting the door. Maria picks up the knocked over chair and sits down.

“You wanted to speak to me sir?” Maria asks waiting.

“Gather the paperwork to raise Senna’s rank to S rank.” Vermer sighs.

“Eh? Is that okay? She is only at mid-B rank and has not even reached A rank yet.” Maria questions.

“Yes. It will be for an honorary memorial for protecting the town.” Vermer answers.

“Yes sir.” Maria rises from her seat.

“One more thing. Send a messenger to the Galstyan family and inform them of Senna’s death.” Vermer adds on.

“…Eh?” Maria weakly mutters. Her legs weaken and she falls back into her chair. “Death? A-Are you s-sure?”

“Yes. I just received a report that she received severe injuries fighting the demon threat by herself. They took her corpse and left after that. It’s possible that they got what they wanted.” Vermer explains grimly.

Tears start streaming down Maria’s face. “Please…t-tell me you are j-joking…I-I-It’s not funny…” Vermer is slightly surprised by Maria’s reaction, but says nothing. Maria begins to cry even harder. “Nooo!!!” She buries her face in her hands letting out a muffled cry.

Vermer waits until she calms down before he attempts to comforts her. “If you need it, then take the rest of the day off after dealing with what I asked.”

“No. I can at least do what you asked.” Maria replies wiping her tears. Maria gathers the paperwork within a few minutes and gives them to Vermer. “Guildmaster, I want to go inform to Senna’s family of their loss by myself.”

“Alright. Here.” Vermer hands her two sheets of paper.

“This is?” Maria glances through the message.

“Senna’s message. I had to hand copy one page after the contents disappeared.” Vermer replies.

“Yes sir.” Maria nods. Maria turns to leave, but stops at the door. “Guildmaster…” She turns around to face Vermer. “Could there have been another way?”

“If her message was correct, then we got off easily with only one death. The entire town would be burnt to the ground like every other town before it. If the capital had sent enough soldiers to combat the demons, then we would have fared better. But we’re too far out for a fast response.” Vermer ponders thinking about the possibilities.

“But Senna fought them alone!” Maria refutes.

“Yes she did. The report is unclear because of the distance, but it seems she struck down some of the weaker ones and angered the leaders. A large fire started after that preventing them from seeing the battle properly. However, they confirmed that she received severe injuries from one of the leaders… and fell.”Vermer replies stoically relaying the details.

“Uuuu…” Maria whimpers trying to repress her tears. “I understand. I’ll go speak to them.”

“Even if she did not survive the ordeal, she still did a great service by weakening their forces.” Vermer adds.

Maria weakly nods and leaves the guild. At the Galstyan home, wails of sorrow resound through the neighborhood. After the initial group of demons was repelled, Leah and Russell were ordered to bring their daughter home and restrain her from running after Senna. Like Anahid, they have long since accepted Senna as their daughter. Despite her reserved nature, they consider her an irreplaceable part of the family. They instinctively knew something had happened, but could not do anything. Senna and Anahid had long surpassed their own abilities. They would only be a burden if they charged into something that their daughters couldn’t handle. Yet, this did not stop them from worrying and wanting to charge directly in to help their children nonetheless.

When Maria had passed on the news, Leah fainted from the shock. Russell caught his wife suppressing his emotions to be strong for his wife. On the other hand, Anahid… “WHY?!!!!” Anahid was tightly gripping Maria’s arm crying and screaming at Maria. Maria winced in pain as Anahid tightens the grip on her arm. “WHY?! WHY DID SHE DIE?!”

“I’m sorry…” Maria mutters.

“SORRY?! What do you know?! It’s your fault she died!!” Anahid screams Hitting Maria.

“Anahid!!” Russell leans Leah against the chair and restrains Anahid.

“Let me go!!” Anahid fiercely flails about kicking Russell in the process. Russell struggles to keep her restrained because of the difference in their strength. Without any other choice, he hits Anahid on the neck knocking her out.

Russell lets out a sigh. “Sorry. Are you okay?” Russell asks Maria as he picks up Anahid.

“*Cough* *Cough* I-I’m okay.” Maria clutches her chest. She wants to say she’s already, but her chest feels like it will collapse with the amount of force Anahid used on her.

“There’s a potion over there if you need it.” Russell motions to a cabinet. “I’ll be right back.” Russell takes Anahid upstairs and places her in bed.

Maria opens the cabinet and finds a large number of labeled potion bottles. She drinks one labeled <Basic Health Potion>. The potion takes effect quickly as the pain fades away. “This must be Senna’s work.” She wryly smiles tasting the fruit flavor. A normal potion would have a bitter, bland flavor with a strong scent of herbs. The overall effects would normally be far more gradual compared to Senna’s version.

When Russell returns, Maria relays everything all the information she has. Russell barely restrains himself from smashing the table to bits and waking Leah. “Damn it! Why didn’t she ask for help?”

“I don’t know. I wish I did… I wish I could have sent some people to help her fight.” Maria replies staring at the table.

“……………No. I know why. I just wish she relied on us.” Russell answers with a bitter look.

“What do you mean?” Maria looks up asking Russell.

“She likes to help people, but she’s very isolated at the same time. She doesn’t rely on others for her own problems. We’ve lived with her for almost a year, but she never talks about herself in detail. She has suffered a lot in the past, but she never tells us exactly what happened.” Russell explains thinking about Senna.

“…I’ve noticed the looks she occasionally gives me. A look of fear and caution because she’s worried about how I will react. She represses it so well that I frequently miss it because it never shows in her expression. If I hadn’t been looking directly in her eyes, I would have never noticed. I was waiting for her to talk about it herself… But now it’s too late...” Maria tries to repress the tears welling up.

“…We lost a wonderful girl…” Russell mutters. They sit silently for some time before Maria takes her leave.

In the coming days, news spread of Senna’s death by the demons eliciting a variety of reactions. People that knew her mourned over the loss. A few people like Ellen and the scout were happy to be rid of Senna, viewing her as a ticking time bomb before she killed everyone. Many people that tasted her cooking were extremely distraught at the loss of unique cooking that Senna provided them.

The worst response was in the Galstyan home. Everyone was visibly depressed at Senna’s disappearance. Russell quietly did work to support the family as they worked through their feelings. Leah frequently broke down into tears whenever something reminded her of Senna. Stopping whatever she was doing, she dropped down into a chair covering her face and crying.

Anahid was easily the worst off of the family. She shut herself in her room the entire time unable to gather the energy to do anything. She lifelessly lie on the bed wrapped up in her blanket. She blankly stared at the wall without end. Leah brought Anahid her meal every day and forced fed her to prevent her from starving.

On the first floor, Russell and Leah were discussing what to do.

“How was it?” Russell asks. Leah shakes her head. She had tried many times to convince Anahid to leave her room to no avail. “She’s been locked up for over a week! We need to get her out of the room!”

“Dear. You can’t really blame her. Anahid was really close to her.” Leah starts to tear up thinking about Senna again.

“I know that…” Russell weakly responds. “…But we can’t leave her like this.”

“I…know…” Leah wipes away her tears. “…I asked for some help.”

“Help?” As if in response to Russell’s question, someone knocks on the front door.

Leah opens the door. “Davor. Thank you for coming.”

“Hello Leah, Russell. How is she?” Davor asks stepping into the house. Instead of wearing armor, he’s dressed in a leather tunic and cloth pants. His brown hair and blue eyes are in full view without his helmet equipped. Leah shakes her head. “…I see.”

“Please do whatever you can to help her.” Leah pleads.

“I’ll try my best.” Davor nods heading upstairs.

Leah watches Davor ascend the stairs. “I hope this works.” Russell mumbles a grunt with an uneasy look at Davor’s disappearing figure. “You can’t interrupt them okay?”

“……” Russell silently looks at his wife, but doesn’t respond. Facing her stern glare, he is forced to back down.

Davor knocks on Anahid’s door. “Anahid? Open up its Davor.” He waits for a response, but hears no movement. He knocks again waiting. Still receiving no response, he sighs and opens the door. Stepping into the darkened room, he squints his eyes and finds the curled up bundle on the bed. Walking over, he sits on the edge of the bed and shakes Anahid. “Anahid.”

“……Go away…” Anahid shifts her body moving away from his touch.

“Anahid. You can’t do this.” Davor sighs.

“…None of your business…” Anahid mumbles crawling further away from him.

“…Senna wouldn’t want her sister to be holed up like this.” Davor adds.

Anahid shivers momentarily. She throws off the blanket off the bed and glares at Davor. Even in the darkened room, Davor can see the dark bags under her eyes. Her face is puffed up from crying day and night, and her hair is completely disheveled. “Senna’s dead! It doesn’t matter now!” She throws the blanket back over her before curling into a ball and crying.

Davor tries to calm her down stroking her back. “You know she was doing it to protect you?”

“I know! She likes to protect people! She gets scared of what people think of her! But she could have asked me for help! I would have come right away!” Anahid sits back up throwing the blanket away. She screams at Davor, tears streaming down her face.

“That’s impossible. She wouldn’t ask anyone for help in something like this.” Davor replies sternly.

“What do you know?!” Anahid punches Davor’s chest. She retracts her arm and punches him again. After the second punch, Davor grabs both of her arms restraining her.

“Bernard got the report from the Guildmaster and showed it to me. We all agree. Even if the entire town fought against the demons, we would all die. I don’t know how Senna did it, but she protected everyone by sacrificing herself.” Davor replies.

“I don’t care about that!! It isn’t worth it if she dies!!!” Anahid starts bawling, while struggling to break free from Davor’s grip. She struggles for some time, but ends up lying limply against Davor’s chest.

Davor reluctantly sighs. He silently releases Anahid’s hands now that she is no longer struggling. Hardening his resolve, he holds Anahid’s face in his hands. “Anahid.”

“What?” Anahid blankly looks back at him wondering why he is staring so hard at her. She quickly receives her answer as he tilts his body forward. She feels the warmth of his lips pressing against hers. Her mind freezes up at the unexpected act. Mentally, she wants to break free from his grip, but the blissful touch of the man she loves makes her continue to cling to him.

Davor moves his mouth lightly suckling on Anahid’s lips. When he decides to be more assertive, he slips his tongue forward.

When she feels the touch of his tongue passing through her hips, Anahid is shaken from her blissful stupor and pushes him away. “W-W-Wh-What are you doing?!”

“Isn’t it obvious? Kissing.” Davor leans forward, but Anahid strongly pushes him back again.

“I know you’re kissing me! Why are you kissing me?!” Anahid retorts.

“You’re thinking about your sister too much. I’m going to make you only look at me.” Davor replies. 
He grabs Anahid’s arm and pushes her forward. Overpowering her, he knocks Anahid down onto the bed. Anahid lets out a whimper as Davor presses down on her body. Davor leans forward and forcefully kisses her again. Anahid freezes up again at the touch of his lips.

In the heat of the moment, Davor forces his tongue in between her lips. Anahid tries to struggle, but can’t find the strength to resist him. Their tongues intertwine as Davor moves his lips with a ravenous desire. Anahid unconsciously reciprocates enjoying the kiss. As they kiss, Anahid’s attention is drawn away from Davor’s lips and down to the hard item pressing against her leg. Her eyes jump over when she realizes what it is and pushes Davor away breaking their kiss. “Wahhh!!”


Downstairs, Russell slams the table when he hears the Anahid’s cry. Leah glares at him, silently reprimanding him for being noisy. Russell backs down slightly when a moan reaches his ears. He noisily stands up. “I’m going out!” Storming out, he slams the door behind him. Leah gives a short sigh before leaving the house too.


“Shhh…” Davor kisses her again sealing her lips. She tries to push him away, but Davor strongly clings to her. She can only press weakly against his chest. One of Davor’s hands presses against Anahid’s modest chest kneading it with his fingers. The other hand dives under her pants touching her precious spot.

“AHHHHHNNNN!!” Anahid screams at the unexpected touch, but her body quickly becomes coated in pleasure. The surge of warmth spreads through her body making her pant heavily. “Please stop. Mom and Dad are right downstairs.”

Davor smiles mischievously seeing her resistance wane. “No. I can’t stop when I’ve gotten this far.” Anahid lets out a weak whimper. The sight of the strong Anahid looking at him with pleading, upturned eyes makes his heart nearly jump out of his mouth. He scraps his original plan to take his time teasing her. He decides to ease her mind before he passes out from a nosebleed. “Your mom has already promised to help give us time alone.”

“W-Why?” Anahid asks weakly.

“You should know why.” Davor presses his lips against hers. Her hips jump as he presses his fingers in between her legs. Their kiss becomes more passionate with each passing moment. The sweet taste of their saliva intoxicates them drawing their bodies closer. They lose track of time in each other’s embrace until the rising pressure in Davor’s groin forces him to break away.

“A-ahh…” Anahid meekly cries unwilling to stop the kiss. Davor strongly gulps trying to maintain his reasoning. He quickly strips off his and Anahid’s clothes.

His reasoning continues to crumble seeing the sight of Anahid’s body. The smooth curves of her hips, her toned muscles, and her meek appearance as she covers her modest breasts causes Davor to drool involuntarily.

“Don’t stare!” Anahid weakly kicks Davor’s leg.

“Ah sorry. You’re just…so beautiful.” Davor apologizes making Anahid blush furiously.

“I-Idiot…” Anahid averts her eyes unable to make eye contact with Davor. He presses his erect member against her lower body. Anahid stares in fixation at the size of his member. She gulps in fear worrying if such a thing will really fit inside her. Davor coats his partner in Anahid’s honey rubbing against her private spot in the process. “Ahn!” She covers her mouth after letting out an involuntary cry. Grabbing her pillow in embarrassment, she covers her face suppressing her voice.

Finished with his preparation, he presses his lower body against hers. “Anahid, I’m going.” Anahid peeks from beneath the pillow. Her body tenses feeling the heat from his firm genital, but does not reject him.

Davor moves forward inserting his member into her. Anahid lets out a muffled cry clutching the pillow tighter. He gradually moves forward trying not to strain her body, but is forced to stop when he feels some resistance. A silly smile breaks out on his face realizing he’s taking her first time. He quickly represses it before Anahid can scold him. He leans forward hugging her. “Anahid, look at me.” Anahid peeks from the pillow before Davor grabs it and tosses it to the side. He leans forward as they kiss once again. Anahid gradually eases under his touch completely relaxing her body. “I’m going to move okay?”

Before she can respond, Davor thrusts his lower body. He pierces through her hymen in a stroke. Anahid bites her lower lip as she endures the pain. Davor pulls her close reinitiating the kiss. Her body rejects the penetration at first, but she quickly melts feeling the overwhelming warmth from his body. The pain from her hymen fades as her body accepts the connection with Davor. “I’m going to move, okay?” She gives a weak nod to his question. Their tongues intertwine as Davor pulls his hips back before thrusting again.

All traces of pain fades from Anahid’s body with each thrust, in its place passion, love, and security blossoms in her heart. Her body becomes intoxicated with pleasure as her mind goes white.

Davor’s body tenses up as his reaches his limit. Before he can say anything, his seed explodes from his member filling up Anahid. The flowing warmth of his seed surprises Anahid as it flows into the depths of her body. Flowing into her womb, it triggers her own climax. “Ah…” Surprised by the chain of events, she clings to Davor strongly. Her nails dig into Davor’s back as their lips separate. She bites down on her lower lip suppressing her voice, accidentally drawing some blood.

The pleasure of her orgasm washes over her body. Her back arches into the air before she drops back down onto the bed. Davor lies atop Anahid resting from his own climax. They pant heavily basking in the feeling of bliss. The two look at one another, kissing and holding each other tightly.


Later, Anahid lies against Davor’s chest enjoying the feel of his body and his warmth.

“Hey.” Anahid speaks.

“Yes?” Davor replies.

“Why did you…when you like sis…?” Anahid reluctantly asks the burning question on her mind.

“It’s because of her that I did.” Davor sits up and starts looking through his clothes.

“What do you mean?” Anahid sits up too looking at Davor.

“A friend of hers passed me a letter. It was supposed to be delivered to me later when she decided to start traveling… But that happened, so she delivered it the other day. Your mom asked me to help you, so I decided to make my move. Ah here it is.” Davor explains. He hands the letter to Anahid. She hesitates at first, but grabs the letter. Her jaw drops as she reads the contents of the letter.

Hi Davor,

If you’re reading this, then I’ve secretly slipped out of town to go traveling by myself. I’ll be back eventually, but I’m not sure when.

I’m writing this letter to talk about Anahid. I expect she will get impatient at some point and go after me. I’m hoping you can keep her busy to distract her from my departure. Can you help me with that? Honestly, I’m sure you’re completely capable of pushing her down and having your way with her. Maybe if things go well, you’ll get her pregnant quickly and restrict her from traveling for some time.

Thank you and good luck~


Anahid rips up the letter to shreds in a bout of anger. “Senna! What the hell are you doing?! AAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH!!!” She screams blankly. After screaming, she turns to glare at Davor. “And you! What are you doing taking advantage of me just because Senna said so?!”

“Calm down.” Davor replies.

“Calm?! How am I supposed to keep calm?!” Anahid throws a pillow at him. “I just found out you took advantage of me on Senna’s orders!!”

“You’re wrong. That’s not why I did it.” Davor explains.

“How is it wrong?!” Anahid tosses another pillow at Davor.

Davor grabs both of Anahid’s arms to stop her from throwing anything else. He forcefully kisses her again. Anahid struggles from the kiss, but starts to calm down feeling the warmth of Davor’s lips. “Calmed down?” He asks after ending the kiss.

“…Not really.” Anahid mutters weakly.

“Good. Listen, I did slept with you because I love you.” Davor replies.

“That’s a lie!” Anahid yells at him. “You like Senna! You even confessed to her!”

“Because you rejected me! If you weren’t going to accept me, I didn’t have much choice other to get over it!” Davor yells in return.

Anahid’s jaw drops. She silently recalls the past, but ends up shaking her head. “That’s a lie! That never happened!”

“I did! I can’t believe you don’t remember!!” Davor retorts feeling exasperated.

“When?! I can’t remember anything like that at all!” Anahid questions. Rejecting him did not seem possible considering how long she’s secretly held feelings for him.

“Twice! When I was three years old and eight years old.” Davor answers immediately. (AN: Current age: Davor (25), Anahid (27))

 Anahid jaw drops in response. She falls back down on the bed in shock. “I asked you to spend the rest of my life with you and you told me that ‘I was a silly little brother.’”

Anahid gropes around the bed, but finds no other pillows. Left with no other choice, she balls up her blanket and chucks it at him. “You idiot! How long ago was that?! Couldn’t it have been more recent?!”

“It was important to me!” Davor argues back catching the blanket.

“Idiot! …And… Anything else I should know about?” Anahid sits back up in a huff.

“…And… Senna’s letter made me realize that if I don’t do something, you’ll leave my life forever. I had to try again, so I wouldn’t regret it for the rest of my life.” Davor explains. His face is flushed with embarrassment admitting how he feels for Anahid.

“So you took my first time just like that you idiot!” Anahid jumps off the bed and starts punching his chest.

Davor wraps his arms around her pulling her close. “Because you were in such a terrible state… I didn’t want to lose you.” He leans forward and kisses her. “I know you miss her, but don’t abandon me. I need you here.”

“…Idiot…” Anahid’s face becomes a bright tomato red as she leans her head against his chest.

Author's Note
XD  With recent website birthdays for some sites I follow, I randomly decided to check out the creation date for my site. Surprisingly, or maybe embarrassingly, I missed my website's 2 year creation date by about two weeks. Lol! Coincidentally, around 1 year and 1 week ago, a user named flurburt promoted my site on the Batoto forums and my works got on listed on the Original works listed there increasing my sites views from about 10 page views a month to a couple hundred each month. An expected result since I never actively promoted my site at all during those early days. 

I want to give a 'Thank you' to flurburt for promoting my site and giving me the courage to start publicizing my work. And a big 'Thank you!' to everyone that follows my work. Your support really makes me happy. :)

Onto to the chapter talk! Probably not the chapter you wanted to see I expect. I honestly this expect to end up writing an entire chapter about what happened. The same with the erotic moment. Speaking of which, as with most of my writing, the sex scene was written on a whim and with little research (as is most of my work). This makes it comprised of my imagination and memories, which ends up being near nonexistent for the novel erotica scene. So apologies for the awkward writing. 

Sadly, a large wrench was thrown into my plans called Saturday work. Less free time to game or write this weekend. It won't affect next week's chapter release though. 


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