About This Site

Hi! This is my first time ever making a blog site and me seriously maintaining it. So you'll have to forgive me for any issues that come up. The main focus of this blog is for me to post the story I'm writing, or scenario as I like to call it. My scenario is by no means meant to be offensive to anyone and is completely fictional. It is merely the product of my daydreams.

My scenario (The Purchase) is one of my longest running daydream stories that I have ever come up with that did not end with me cutting it and moving on because I ran out of material or got bored with the story. I decided to write it down to preserve its memory back in August 2011. I thought long and hard about posting it on the internet where everyone can see it as I slowly wrote my story. I finally decided to bite the bullet and make a blog to post it, which is what you see here.

The whole basis of my story is no way meant to be offensive, or more specifically sexist. One of the main characters was originally meant to be a representation of myself. In my daydreams, I imagine myself majorly abused in many different ways to help cool off any anger I might have towards myself. By setting the character as female, it opened a lot more repertoire for me to set up different types of abuse to myself in my daydreams. The setting of my scenario gave me a setup I could use to further expand the story, which led to everything.

I'm glad I waited to make the blog because I recently went back to chapter one after hitting writer's block and revamped the whole story. It is much better and is more descriptive, so that the story is not 100% driven by the dialogue. As a result, everything on this site is Version 2 to my story. Also, I'm only planning to do a single read through and edit before I post a chapter, so I might miss some mistakes. I apologize in advance.

Writing takes a long time. I never realized it until I was writing my story. I can spend my entire weekend writing and only have so much written down. I work a full time job, so I can only have so much time to write. In addition, I'm a hard core video gamer and love reading manga. So occasionally I have major hiatuses since I really want to play games or read something. I will work hard to avoid being inactive for too long without making a post now that I've committed myself to making a website.

Also, please don't plagiarize my work. This writing project is something I started for fun and wanted to be able to share with my friends and many others.

I hope I covered everything I wanted to say in my intro. I hope you have fun reading my work.

Edit: Currently working on writing 'The Cursed White Rose'. I'm quite into how my story is developing, especially since my initial hype has died down and I'm heavily refining my rough draft to give much better character development. There's such a big difference between the rough and posted drafts that I can't help but be surprised.

'The Purchase' will be on hold for quite some time. I also have to figure out how to deal with the original plot I made since it's too centric on Rose, for that story, doing everything herself. Maybe I'll end up rewriting it, but not sure yet. Writing 'The Cursed White Rose' is giving me valuable experience for my writing style to improve on future stories/writing.



  1. Very nice, very nice. I love finding works by mistake. I clicked on your avatar on a blog (since I see you almost everywhere) and I read your Bio and decided to drop by your site and see what you have. So far, you've peaked my interest and when I catch up on a few things I'll read your novel. If you don't mind, can I post a link of your blog in my site? It'll be in the FanFic section of my site with a description of your story and a link to your site if they decide to read it.

    Also, I'm also a gamer. Mostly PS4 but sometimes PC when some of my friends want to play League or something with me.

  2. Welcome~ I don't mind if you decide to link this site. Feel free. Things have been stalled somce I've been busy lately and haven't had time to work on writing at all. I'm hoping to get into the groove of writing again soon.

  3. Interesting! I also have a "day dream" which has been running on for years now, and, I've been wondering whether I should write it down or not.. I look forward reading your story! ;) ...maybe I'll be able to learn from your courage haha !

    1. I hope you enjoy it! I would record it, if you ever want to recall how it started. It will be up to your choice if you want to share it with others.