Sunday, May 22, 2016

Over 90,000 views in one day! O_O

I logged in today to make some quick edits and found out the site got 50,363 over the course of 05/21/2016. Honestly, no clue what happened there. I released Chapter 38, and made a reddit post for 37 and 38. Then bam 50k. Normal traffic is around 100-200 visitors and around 700 people (give or take) on days I make a post on Reddit. So this is a really weird turn of events.

I have a bit of doubt that more people are suddenly visiting though. The 50,000 views are all concentrated on Chapters 36, 37, 38. Only 38 people used the Reddit link I posted to visit the site. So it looks like through someone's browser, it constantly refresh 17k times on each of those 3 chapters. A bot maybe?


Whatever makes them happy I suppose. In other news, the site passed 100k views because of the abnormal spike. Closing in on 200k views too. Sadly, I have no presents for this milestone. I can only say

"Thanks for visiting my site and supporting my work!"

Aquarilas, over and out.

Edit: Wow. Whoever set up a bot is sure during a number on the site's page views. Final page count for 05/21 was 92,604 page views. Looks like the bot is still going since there's already 1,500 page views in the last hour. I'm a noob to site management stuff, so I have no clue how I should deal with the bots. Might take down the site counter in the meantime since page views is kinda worthless with the bots presence. If anyone has a simple guide to dealing with bots, that would be helpful.