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In That Moment of Suffering Chapter 51.5 – Broken Restraint (+18)

Chapter's out. I'm not totally pleased with my work, but it probably can't be improved much more without a massive overhaul which I'm too lazy to do.

Chapter 51.5 – Broken Restraint

Iris continues to straddle Senna, but instantly runs into a predicament. She has no idea what she's supposed to do after exposing her body. She knows some bits and pieces about sex, but only to the extent that the clothes are stripped off and the man's something goes in the woman's body somewhere… When she realizes that, she becomes even more confused because both of them are girls making her vague knowledge even more unusable. She starts muttering to herself as she tries to figure out what to do.

Senna sighs seeing Iris slowly become overwhelmed by her own thoughts. She picks up Iris by the armpits and lifts her up. Senna uses the chance to sit up setting Iris on her lap. "You don't have to go that far you know?"

"I DO! You don't understand how I feel about you at all!" Iris cries out. Her frustration with Senna is near her peak after Senna’s continued resistance.

"Of course I know." Senna rolls her eyes. "It's been painfully obvious how you feel."

"!!!" Iris' eyes bulge out at the revelation that Senna knew and how obvious her own actions have been to Senna and anyone else watching. Her shock ends up feeding her frustration as she angrily retorts at Senna. "Then why didn't you say anything?!"

"Putting aside the blood contract, it's obviously because I'm damaged goods." Senna wryly smiles.

"You're not damaged! You're beautiful!" Iris refutes.

"I'm thankful for the sympathy, but I'm being serious." Senna scoffs. She stores away her clothes in an instant giving Iris a clear view of everything. "A normal person would not want to be romantically involved with someone like me."

Iris unconsciously shakes at the direct view of Senna's body. The taste of bile fills her mouth as she tries to repress the urge to throw up. She previously saw Senna’s back, but seeing the front really stresses how marred Senna’s body is. Unable to maintain eye contact, she turns away trying to calm herself down.

"See. You shouldn't force yourself." Senna pats Iris' head with a kind smile.

Iris grabs Senna's arm and presses it to her chest. "I'm ok! I can handle this much!"

"You're clearly pushing yourself." Senna has a bitter smile looking at Iris' determined face. "You don't have to prove anything you know?"

"I do! You won't believe me otherwise!" Iris continues to press Senna's hand against her breast to let Senna freely grope her. "I was just surprised at how badly you've been hurt! I'm not going to waver from this much!" Iris continues to show her determination, but Senna catches the trace of a tear forming in the corner of Iris' eye.

"Haaahhhh......." Senna lets out a long sigh as she rests her head on Iris' shoulder. "If you keep this up, then I'm going to end up making you mine." She quietly whispers.

"That's what I want you to do." Iris whispers back into Senna's ear.

".......................................................................................hah.......................................You win..." Senna finally responds after a long silence.

"Eh? ...Wah!" Iris tilts her head closer trying to make out what Senna said. However, her vision abruptly shifts as Senna grabs her shoulder.  She feels her body twist with a brief moment of weightlessness before feeling the soft bed on her back. Looking up, she sees Senna looking down at her from up close.

"Don't regret this okay?" Senna mutters with a stern, yet kind tone. Bringing her head down, Senna takes Iris' lips before she can respond.

Iris feels indescribable warmth from Senna's lips that could never match her own clumsy kiss. As she revels in the feeling of the kiss, a firm, wet heat fills her mouth as something snakes into her mouth. Surprised, her eyes snap open focusing on Senna above her. Iris tries to break the kiss and push Senna away to determine the unknown object wriggling about in her mouth. However, she finds her head firmly locked in place forcing her to maintain the kiss. Mentally fighting the stupor, Iris feels the firm grip of Senna’s hand holding onto the back of her head.

Confused and surprised, Iris taps Senna's side telling her to let go, to which Senna completely ignores. The initial surprise from the feeling of Senna's tongue starts to wane as the pleasure from the kiss overrides her shock. Iris finds herself reciprocating to the feel of Senna's kiss. Pleasure and passion well up in her mind as the twirling of their tongues brings about a sweet bliss. Her arms wrap around Senna's torso feeling the sensation of a soft cloth.

A haze fills Iris' mind as they kiss for an unknown length of time. It abruptly comes to an end when the connection ends. Iris has a delayed reaction when she can no longer feel the touch of Senna's lips or tongue. "Auuuu...M-more..." She weakly pleads with Senna to continue their kiss.

Senna chuckles seeing her cute pleading. "Clothes come off first." She tugs on Iris' nightgown quickly stripping her nude. Iris unconsciously covers her breasts under Senna's heated stare. "Don't cover yourself. You're the one that wanted this after all." Senna mischievously smiles pulling Iris' hands away.

"...Right...Mmph..." Iris responds, only to get cut off by another kiss from Senna. She starts to enjoy the kiss and grips Senna's shoulder only to feel the distinct texture of cloth. She opens her eyes and looks down only to see Senna's body fully clothed. Iris turns her head breaking the kiss. "Senna...ahhhnn..." She lets out a short moan as Senna starts kneading her breasts. "Uuu...Senna's why are you dressed?" Iris quickly squeezes out her question as Senna continues to play with her body.

"It's your first time. I'm trying to make it enjoyable for you without my ugly body in the way. Don't worry about it." Senna explains in between her kisses. She starts moving down kissing and suckling on Iris' neck and upper body.

"But, AHHH!!" Iris tries to protest, but Senna leaves no room for negotiation. At that moment, Senna suckles on one of Iris' breasts, while her hand lightly twists the nipple of the other. Iris' mind blanks out from the stimulus, unable to keep up with the increasingly powerful surges of pleasure coming from her body. Yet, despite feeling the overwhelming pleasure, her lower body throbs with an unfulfilled desire.

Her pleasure abruptly comes to a halt when she feels her legs being spread apart. She looks down in bewilderment to see Senna sport a wide grin as she leans downward.

"Wah! Wait! Ahhnn!" Iris leans forward trying to stop Senna, but loses strength as she feels the warmth of Senna's tongue brush across her private place. "Senna, s-stapp..." Iris gives a weak cry as her words start to distort.

Senna continues to persist without letting Iris a break. Her tongue happily laps up Iris' nectar savoring the faint sweetness. In response, Iris squirms in place attempting to endure the waves of pleasure assaulting her. Her arms are crossed beneath her breasts unconsciously drawing Senna's lustful gaze to her moderate chest. Senna slips her tongue into Iris' honeypot stimulating her even further.

In between the overwhelming waves of pleasure, Iris greatly enjoys the fact that the originator of all this pleasure is the person she feels such deep affection for. Despite that, Iris makes several attempts to stop Senna, so that they can switch places. These attempts largely collapse under Senna's relentless assault. Senna increases the intensity of the stimulation every time Iris tries to sit up causing Iris to collapse back onto the bed. It becomes increasingly difficult for Iris to protest as her strength wanes with each passing moment.

The heat within Iris reaches an all time peak as a strong pressure wells up in her lower half. Senna notices the the changes as the walls of Iris' insides constricts her tongue. Senna faintly chuckles as she gives Iris an even stronger stimulation. She moves her lips closer suckling on Iris' clitoris.

A powerful stimulation bursts through Iris’ body as if a bomb went off. Her entire vision is blanketed in a white light. "Ahh..." A muffled moan escapes her lips as her back arches upwards. Her mind grinds to a halt as the pleasure takes over.

As her orgasm wanes, Iris roughly crashes back down onto the bed. She stares blankly at the ceiling when Senna suddenly appears in her vision. Senna exchanges a wet kiss, which Iris unconsciously reciprocates. After the kiss, Senna lays down next to her. "Have fun?"

Iris hazily looks at Senna and stretches out her arms. "Senna~, m-more~" Iris pleadingly cries out.

"Oh? You want to keep going? You look overwhelmed as it is." Senna gives a slightly surprised look at Iris' plea. Iris weakly shakes her head spreading her arms out with a silent plea. "Fine then. I did promise to mark you as mine." Senna pushes Iris back down onto the bed reinitiating their kiss.

Iris ardently enjoys the taste of Senna's lips as their tongue twirls about. Her body jolts when Senna begins kneading her breasts again. She unconsciously jumps every time Senna's hands tug on her nipples.

Iris greatly enjoys the affectionate exchange from Senna, the passionate kiss, and warmth of her body. The slight feel of Senna's breasts hidden beneath her clothes also brings about some enjoyment to Iris. However, her lower half also desires to enjoy the same stimulation as before. A swelling itch causes Iris to twist about silently asking for Senna to work her magic. Little did she know that she would receive her wish in an unexpected way.

A strange, but warm flowing sensation begins to enter her vagina. Iris' eyes snap open at the unknown sensation. Her mind quickly pieces together the oddity as the stimulation increases. Senna's lips are still firmly locked with her own, and Senna's hands are ardently groping her breasts. The brief idea of Senna using her feet appear and is quickly discarded on sheer absurdity.

Senna stops the kiss when Iris stops reciprocating. She smiles seeing Iris' confused face. "That's my magic. I wanted to experiment with things and I did promise to mark you. It's just a bit of water magic, so relax~ It's thin and flexible, so it won't hurt at all."

"...But what about you?" Iris weakly asks. She blushes after enjoying Senna's caress, but she feels extremely guilty that she has not done anything to please Senna.

"Don't worry about it~ We can feel each other's enjoyment, so I'm feeling enough pleasure." Senna kisses her briefly before continuing. "Besides, I can see your cute expressions as I play with you. I'm plenty satisfied as it is~ Now then..."

Senna goes back to passionately kissing Iris despite the fierce blush on her face. At that moment, Iris bucks her hips feeling the slippery sensation delve deeper into her body. Despite it being her first time having intercourse, Iris feels no pain as the warm tentacle slides into her body.

Senna takes special care manipulating the tentacle to slide in without penetrating Iris' hymen. She focuses on creating a malleable form that can cover every inch of Iris' vagina without damaging anything. Despite everything that's happened, Senna still tries to avoid any lasting damage just in case Iris does end up change her mind and wants to sever their connection.

Iris tries to focus on Senna's kiss to distract herself from the unknown appendage slithering through her. However, her body reacts more strongly with each passing moment. The touch of Senna's lips and slight tug from Senna's hands only serves to amplify her desire.

She barely registers a soft snap. The effects greatly surprise Iris as the watery tentacle loses its shape. "Mmmnnnmmn..." She lets out a muffled cry, but Senna presses even harder to keep the kiss going. Iris is filled with the awkward sensation of water flowing into the depths of her body. Iris feels even more awkward that the odd sensation is intensifying her lust. Each splash of water rubs against the walls of her vagina stimulating her.

Iris jerks her hips when the watery form strikes against her womb. She looks at Senna who finally breaks the kiss. Senna has a bright, impish smile looking at Iris. "I'm entering, okay?"

"Wha...HYAAA!!" Iris jumps as Senna's magically controlled water drips into her womb. The water expands spreading open her womb allowing even more water to flood inside. The new sensation of the water splashing in her womb causes her body to peak and reach her second orgasm.

Unfortunately, Senna gives Iris no time to rest. Under Senna's control, the water reforms into its tentacle like appendage. It begins to retract and thrust with piston like movements striking the inside of the womb. A thin tendril protrudes from the tip of the tentacle flailing about with each thrust. The tendril acts like a small tongue randomly moving about stroking the walls of her womb.

Iris quickly becomes short of breath as her body twists and turns with each thrust. Her mind is completely focused on the movements inside of her and unable to focus on her surroundings or even any stray thoughts for that matter. She fails to notice that her body has risen from the bed and is now sitting on Senna's lap.

Their breasts press against one another as Iris instinctively leans on Senna's body. Senna quickly places one hand over the location of Iris' magic core causing a stream of magic to flow into Iris' body. Senna's magic avoids Iris' heart and invades her core.

Iris' magic core is vastly different from Senna's core. Instead of a sphere the size of a fist like Senna's, Iris' core had a size and shape like a bean. A blood red human shape lies engraved on one of the inner walls of Iris' core signifying their blood contract. Senna's magic delves into the core and floods the engraving. The human shape acquires a white outline as a resonance forms. The engraving pulses as the extra magic is devoured and uses it on Iris' core. Her core expands like a balloon correcting the deformity and becoming a sphere five times its original size. With the newly formed corrections, Iris' magic will become vastly more powerful.

Iris remains oblivious to the changes in her body after experiencing a sensory overload from Senna’s repeated assaults.  Seeing Iris starting to get overwhelmed, Senna decides to skip any additional teasing and finish things up. The tentacle speeds up its thrusting with Senna's command. Iris' body begins to tense as she reaches her limit. Senna gives the last command causing the tentacle to rupture and spray water in every direction.

"HYAAAAHHH!!!" Iris lets out a cry as she climaxes from the sudden pressure. The force of the break caused the walls of her insides to be pressed back from the force. Her womb experiences a particularly strong stimulation as every inch is marked with Senna's magically infused water. The new stimulation to her womb as well as the pressure to her G-spot allows Iris to experience her strongest orgasm yet. Senna pushes her back down onto the bed for support as Iris' body convulses losing all control.

Senna trembles with a light smile as she reaches a light orgasm herself. Despite the light stimulation that she experienced through her newly formed connection, Senna has a particularly bright smile after playing her fill. The desire to be on the receiving end is mostly nonexistent and required. Iris will have to train to close their connection when the two of them are intimate. The stimulation of feeling both her own orgasm as well as Senna's would probably be too much for her inexperienced body. {It's best if she never learns what a painful orgasm can feel like.}

Iris passes out after her fatigue catches up. Senna tucks Iris in and stores her clothes before slipping under the covers herself. She flips through a book to pass a bit of time before sleeping. After some time, Iris sidles up to Senna clinging to her. "Iris?" Senna puts away her book thinking she still wants to continue. After a quick check, she finds Iris' steadily breathing." Well that's fine too." She lightly chuckles. She lies down and quickly falls asleep.

Author's Note
Finished this chapter off. These erotic chapters always have a natural conflict for me. My desire to write one clashes with my poor ability to write one. It’s not a great piece of work, so sorry for that. It’s a messy thing, but it’s the best I can do considering my freeform style.

I didn’t mention it at all in the chapter because I didn’t want to disrupt the flow of the scene. But please take it that Mika went out before Iris even came in and is conveniently giving the two of them space. :P

The chapter focused on Iris getting most of the action and Senna taking on the seme role. I find it to be a bit of a stretch that Senna can climax just from messing with Iris, but it should be possible… Though what do I know. Lol! XD

Thanksgiving’s coming up this week, but I’m aiming to get the next chapter up next week all the same. It's really late, so I'm posting this and passing out.


  1. Well if the shared feelings across are enough for climactic transfer I wonder what Mika felt about the influx of sensations completely without physical origins.

    1. XD Probably taught to keep connections closed unless something comes up.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Don't worry about the sex-scenes. I think they are pretty good.

    I really liked, that they talked about Senna’s body and that Senna becomes more active and that she takes the control back.

    It will be interesting to see, if Iris will pleasure Senna at a later point without feelings of revulsion.

    Because if Iris accepts Sennas body, then Senna will really know that Iris loves her (right now she still has some doubts, otherwise she would have penetrated her hymen).

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it~
      With her self esteem, Senna would have doubts regardless of the condition of her body. XD

  3. Thanks for the chapter! btw, My editors just introduced me to Discord, so now I'm wondering, do you also have an account?

    I'm slowly figuring out how to use it...

    1. Thanks for reading~ I have an account. I'm not part of any groups, so I'm just casually using it. Lots of stuff I don't know still.

  4. uhm you might wanna edit some parts relating to female anatomy a bit.
    you see the cervix which connects the vagina to the womb/uterus is normally tightly closed as in can't even let a pinky in not to mention anything bigger than that through and only opens for a short period just before ovulation it opens to let sperm in. (in operations where u need to get an instrument into the uterus the cervix needs to be carefully and slowly loosened to fit in something the width of a small finger.) so basically the only things that have to do with intercourse itself are the vagina itself and the cervix if the penetration goes that deep. just google womb side view for pictures to find labeled pictures if you want more details and see what i'm talking about.
    that's just something i felt the need to point out though

    1. Haha. I read a lot of ero doujins, some of which involve penetration all the way into the womb.
      And yeah, I know it's normally closed. That's why I went to the trouble of writing that the tentacle broke down into water to spread the cervix (something I should fix) to enter the womb.
      Thanks for reading!